A Lesson in Social Media

I think people might want to take a lesson in social media here. Just because things are freely shown and shared does not give you the right to take it. You can’t “alter it” and make things suddenly your own. I have even heard the excuse “well I thought of the idea… but it was already taken!” THEN DON’T TAKE IT! THAT IS STEALING!

I had a co-worker who had some artwork picked up by some company for something called the “Suicide Sisters” I think? Apparently it was pretty popular and her Instagram suddenly had trolls stealing her images and altering them left and right… and then selling them! It IS expected, but it still sucks and it still feels like being bent over. Literally. I mean you put so much time and effort into something and then another moron does a ten minute edit job and tries to claim it. Yes, that sucks.

Let this be a lesson in social media and if this lesson shown here in the past 24 hours is enough for you to part ways I wish you well. I do not bend over for anyone, I don’t care what blogger you are or what company you belong to. What I did here was light, but it was driven by being highly annoyed at how blatant the action was. You often read about social media being used against companies or in retaliation. What I choose to do was only post three times, but I then pumped my blog numbers in three sets. This allowed over a thousand people to read each article and if you do the math against my subscription number it is fair to say “someone” got some emails. That was being nice.

I won’t be nice in the future. Yes, this is a threat to anyone that dares to steal my words and further is STUPID enough to post it on WordPress. I will use every ounce of social media power I have to ruin your blogger name if you take my words on purpose, alter them, and then write it as your own like this. If it is a genuine mistake I am a forgiving person, this has happened to me in the past, and it wasn’t a huge deal. But don’t be like this last guy… don’t make me an asshole. Because I will be one.

Note: The blogger that stole my article has asked me to remove my articles. I will not and I am offended you would even dare ask me to.

-Opinionated Man


[Adult Language] I am going to vent

I thought about it for a few hours… and I am still mad. But I am not angry for the reason most would think. I am actually more frustrated that someone would come to my website and steal my highest viewed article, but never read my articles on blogging. If they did that they would know that article wasn’t why it got views. I am why that article got those views. See that is something a lazyass like you wouldn’t comprehend. It is hard work. I would give you the benefit of the doubt in this whole thing, but you actually altered my article just enough to try and “make it yours!” Seriously… Leila?

I write freely and I know people will steal my stuff. It has happened before, but this time was different. The sloppy as shit edit job you did on my article is actually insulting! Especially compared to your other “work” which has such great English… By the time I am done with this beer I will be done with this topic. Enjoy the article dick.

I’ll be taking a break for a bit. Be back soon WordPress.

-Opinionated Man

Dear Followers

Opinionated Man:

What an awesome list and a great way to connect with other bloggers! Thanks for taking the time and for the nice mention!
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Happy Monday fellow bloggers/followers! I wanted to say once again THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I absolutely LOVE hearing from you. I LOVE when people come up to me at random, or text me, message me, instagram me and tell me that they can relate to a blog post or that they enjoyed what they read. It means the world to me to have what I have written inspire you. Or make you laugh. Or to make you think “Lord have mercy I am glad I’m not that girl” Whatever it may be, thank you for taking the time to read what I have to say. I realized I didn’t know much about my followers on my blog, so I followed almost everyone back and read through your blogs over the last few days. I am so glad I did this! I was so pleasantly surprised and…

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I hate you

What stands the test of time like hate? Love comes and goes, sadness is coffee’s companion, and yet hate is enjoyed at all hours of the day. What is more liberating than hate? Free of constraint and obligation, I freely spread the flames of my fury without hindrance. In my need to destroy I will often burn the unsuspecting. The guiltless will look on in bemusement as the guilty are stabbed by the spear of aggression. Do I need permission to wield this mace of vengeance simply for the sake of spite? Who dares stay my hand with words of law or an overwhelming feeling of “wrong?”

There is one that dares. Might I not hate “him” the most for that very reason?


Signs Your Wife Is Trying To Kill You

She announces one night you are both going “Vegan.” That can’t be healthy… she must be trying to kill you. Get a $5 foot long at Subway.

You walk by your wife as she is stirring soup and say “Hey Honey what is for dinner?” She doesn’t even look up while smiling and murmuring “Ooooo Nothing…” I hear Campbells Soup is now microwaveable!

Your wife keeps forgetting to set your place at the dinner table. She then mutters “he is still here?” each time you remind her…

CSI, I Almost Got Away With It, and House Hunters International are suddenly her favorite shows. Maybe we really should start paying attention to what they watch men?

You catch your wife doing the “weighing motion” for no reason… several times a day. When you ask her what she is doing she shrugs and says “weighing these melons obviously!”

You get ready for bed and suddenly she is sleeping in your spot. She then looks confused for a minute as to why you are asking her to move…

Your wife removes all the good things in life (sports, beer, sports…) and replaces them with the un-fun things in life (Ballet, The Oxygen Channel, Ballet…).

Your wife suddenly disappears for hours and claims she is going to Pilates. Pilates is a myth… she is plotting.

-Opinionated Man

Who would mark that down?

I seriously want to know this and will not flame you if we totally disagree. Because it baffles me. Who in the world would actually take the time and energy to “mark down” a post asking for prayers for a country? Especially for a tragedy? Was it a mistake? I am not asking for a specific post (although obviously a post sparked this), but even an atheist wouldn’t take the time to do that. Because it is a none factor to them. I know, I have a lot of friends that believe in all sorts of things. But who goes around marking down honest posts about tragedies? A troll? A dick?


Challenge – Most Influential “Writing Moment”

Opinionated Man:

Thanks for taking part in the challenge. The funny thing for me is that essay writing only became easy later in life. For two reasons. Confidence and the invention of the home computer. Typing is definitely in my bag. ;)
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Challenge – Most Influential “Writing Moment”

— April 17, 2014 by Opinionated Man

Do you have a moment that you consider the most influential on your writing? If so care to share? If you write a post and send me the link I will reblog.

sunset from pier gulls

photo taken off the pier in the neighborhood


I don’t particularly remember a moment of influence like a teacher saying ‘great job you could be a writer’ or anything like that.   All I remember was that for me, writing didn’t come with furrowed brows and beads of sweat like it did for my counterparts.

In school, essay questions were my forte. Where others panicked on the lack of multiple choice questions, I saw it as an opportunity to hover, circle and land in the spot I needed to be to answer the question. I was biding time till the light-bulb flicked…

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What Truth?

Your truth is not my truth unless I accept it. And like a picky eater I will choose what I like and discard the rest. I see absolutes in the morning and different shades of right in the Fall. But come Spring I may again only consider the black and white of the world, which is my right.
I challenge the man who will force his views upon me to come and try. I do not dance, but our feet shall surely tango. I need no forceful aggression in this duel of wills, only a single phrase.

You don’t exist to me.


Random Women Topics – Not Worth Reading

I love my current blog hopping that I get to do each day. I have been reading a lot of your blogs and I have a couple observations I just want to voice. Not really to anyone in particular… just a conversation between the wall and me.

I often read posts under the tags “love and relationships” where a woman is complaining about continuously being asked out. Granted… often times this post is not accompanied by a picture (cough, cough bullshit), but in the spirit of this post OK you are a drop dead gorgeous dame that gets hit on all the time. I would like to point out that I have never in my life said “drop dead gorgeous dame,” but I was trying to think of what a misogynist would say. Surprisingly enough it actually doesn’t just “come to me.” Imagine that…

So in the most recent post I read a woman complained about how men are predators when they learn a lady is newly single. She ranted on how sad that is and how men are ignorant for adopting this attitude of “well you are available now” when it comes to approaching relationships. Personally I agree. I mean what an asshole right? He waited until you were single and then dared to ask you out? What a fucking moron, we should probably castrate that horn dog. What an audacious bastard to think that just because you are single you might want to allow this guy to buy YOU dinner. What is wrong with the world?

How about what is WRONG WITH YOU! Do you know how many people never get asked out? Sounds funny to you right super hotness? Guess what? Not everyone is so lucky as to get asked out and even more importantly not everyone has the opportunity to be picky. That guy that asked you out that you so disdain probably sat around figuring out how to approach you. He probably practiced it in his head. He should have inserted your mockery into the mental picture huh? You live a rough life unnamed woman.

People need to stop and consider the other side of the court. Such selfishness in this world, everything is me, me, me. What ever happened to just being nice because of the principle of it? No, instead we belittle people and then take out our anger on them as if they are the cause. Take a strong look in the mirror before you define someone as the cause of your issues. Most cases you are the creator of what is bothering you. Not some poor chap that is simply gathering up the balls to ask a girl out on a date. Women can be such assholes.

-Opinionated Man

A World of Absolutes

You need not hate me world for the truths that I speak. For they need not be your reality, but they can still be mine. I guarantee you the sun will still come tomorrow and the night will follow. Our differences of opinion will cast no shadow unless the will of man creates the need for strife. Then of course we come to a crossroad of conviction. But why must conviction now be associated with forceful aggression? When did it change from simply being silent, strong, and sure of one’s beliefs? Instead we must cross swords at every turn until our Shakespearian conflict eventually occurs. Are we simply King Lear in this tragedy of life? Or can we instead, as a world, open our eyes and walk with purpose.

-Opinionated Man

Drunken Blogging Lesson: 101

I am going to try because I can’t believe this isn’t known. People keep writing these articles to “use unique tags.” Do you know what that really does? Let me explain…

Of course if you use a “unique” tag your post will be technically visible longer. That is because no one else is going to use that same tag and flood you out. The only problem is… a blogger actually has to “think” of that tag to find your article. Duh! And there is the problem with unique tagging. I keep seeing people using these ridiculously long tags. Stop doing that… your article will not be seen.

Free tip. Tags are like categories, exactly like that actually and so the most obvious ones are the subjects most frequently written about or posted on. For example “WordPress, blog, writing, life, art, and Opinionated Man” those subjects used frequently. You get my point.

Here is the part about unique tags I wish to speak on. So you are an artists and all you do is follow the “art” tag right? Wrong! Look for other tags that are associated and most importantly don’t overlook the basics. Don’t artists have a life, love, and might they not also eat food? As I have said, just because someone posts under a certain subjects doesn’t confine their interests only to that topic. By allowing others to see your materiel you may discover a similar mind very easily.


It still amuses me

I saw another article in which the writer was obviously thinking about me. He was bashing powerbloggers and how we simply “click everyone” in hopes of a following. His argument was of course that we do this to feel important. He is absolutely correct. I hope in fact to build a voting base here and in turn run for Supreme Ruler of the Galaxy. You were expecting the world? No… according to the articles of “some” I am a sociopath and that means we don’t want normal. Or do we just want normal now… there is an interesting thought.

Doing these contracts affords me a lot more reading time. I am actually reading most of your blogs, I see your avatars of course. I am the ultimate peeper right now. Just peeking into your websites… and then sneaking away. Well now you know that you all have silent readers. Including you, unnamed nemesis of mine. You still amuse me.


The most worked Organ in the body (THE HEART)

Opinionated Man:

A very nice referral post and I am always glad to help those that feel they have something for the world to hear. -OM
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Originally posted on Spirit Sunshine's Blog:



I write because I love (My Heart) to write, I love (My Heart) to imagine the many smiles and silly giggles that may comes across someones face when they read a post from me. Interested in what I have to say. I love (My Heart) knowing that there is someone out there that will read my inspiration and have courage to live their best life today.

I love (My Heart) connecting with people! For me the connection speaks volumes “Hello, I see your work and I love it”  “It’s really nice to meet you” ” Your photography inspires me” “Your poetry literally transports me into a divine spiritual essence”  “Your writing is a stress relief for me and helps answers my questions” “Oh wow, I thought I was the only one that felt that way” and the list goes on and on.

The above quote beginning this post comes…

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Murals on Balmy Street, San Francisco

Opinionated Man:

Reminds me of the Air Force. Memories…
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Originally posted on Laura Macky:

We went to The City yesterday to enjoy a one-man play called ‘The Scion’ by Brian Copeland at The Marsh theater in the Mission District.  If you’re in the area, I highly suggest this play and I think it runs for another couple weeks.   It was incredibly good!   Prior to the play we ate at a really great Mexican restaurant…umm yes, one of probably hundreds in the neighborhood, lol, and then walked around a bit.

We found an area called Balmy Alley where there were lots of murals on the walls and we noticed that there were tour guides explaining the murals to visitors.  I decided to put a gallery together containing some of the murals just because they are so vibrant and fun!

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Ode to a Back Deck

Opinionated Man:

I really like this photo. -OM
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Originally posted on Laura Macky:

Yes I couldn’t resist trying to squeeze in a post before our move lol.

We’ve lived here awhile and I’ve always loved looking out our back deck.  We rarely sat out there though.  Despite the compliments I’ve received on my photos from our back deck, you all probably don’t realize that there are many buildings around us and below us.  I frame things quite carefully to exclude the structures in my shots, but I’ve never cloned anything out.

It seemed fitting on this last post from our current location and the very last shot from the back deck that I share with you how through the magic of framing a shot, you can present only what you want the viewers to see.

Will I miss the back deck?  Hmm…probably not.  While I won’t say where we are headed, it’s not very far away and you will certainly see shots from…

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Just Sayin’

Opinionated Man:

Nice bike! I am jealous… my wife won’t let me ride. I suck.
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Originally posted on Petals Unfolding:

No one has any right to tell you how to live your life. No one. If you do not live your life for you the way you want, you will live to regret it. If you live your life according to someone else’s wants, you will be miserable.

Regardless of what anyone says, or does, stay true to your dreams. If others don’t like how you live your life as you are striving for those dreams, too bad. You heard me. Too bad. That is their problem not yours.

For those of you who tell me I am being selfish for loving what I do, as in my photography and here at Petals Unfolding, I tell all of you, this is MY LIFE and you have NO RIGHT to tell me what YOU want me to do. Period. End of discussion.


(Photo taken in 2006)

Biker Amy 2

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Good vs. Evil (or Ode to Loki)

Opinionated Man:

My wife likes the new movies. That was a cool read. -OM
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Originally posted on Musings from a Tangled Mind:

On paper it all seems so simple. The good guy wins. The bad guy loses. That’s the way it’s supposed to go, right? I think there’s nothing wrong with that if you buy into the premise of a villain that only exists to be a malevolent force, which is pretty silly when you think about it. I think that everyone believes they are a good person and what they’re doing is for the betterment of society/earth/family/etc. People aren’t just born and decide “I know what I’m doing is wrong but I really want to bring about destruction just for the sake of destruction.” This just doesn’t hold true. At least, not with characters who are fleshed out.

Take Loki for example. On the outside he’s a terrible deceiver, a trickster, a plague to all the citizens of Asgard, a poison to contain and destroy. Okay, okay I realize that’s harsh…

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