10 Things I Hate To Hear

1. “Let’s agree to disagree shall we?” How about no? Instead let’s just agree that I am right and you are horribly fucking wrong.

2. “Could you do me a quick favor?” NO! Because the favor that follows is never “quick,” I see two damn feet attached to your own damn body, and I have actually been meaning to tell you I really hate you. And I slept with your sister. Still want that favor?

3. “All good things come to those that wait.” Well I’ve been sitting at this damn bus stop forever. How long do I have to wait?

4. “True love transcends all!” Well money must be pretty thick because it bounces “love” around like a tennis ball.

5. “Men just don’t…” Wanna tell me more about what men do and don’t do?

6. “Tom Brady is the best…” Unless you are about to say demonic overlord next… I’m not buying it.

7. “What are you doing in there?” Come in and find out if you are really that curious. Can a guy poop in privacy?!? Christ!

8. “Snow is so pretty.” Yea… pretty freaking lame! I hate snow. I hate it. Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate it!

9. “Sorry Sir we are out of French fries today!” You are out of happiness? What? Your sign has French fries on the fucking picture! No I am not upset, I am furious! I want my damn French fries!

10. “I think you might have an alcohol problem.” I think you might have a problem with not being able to mind your own fucking business.



Guest Post – Ten Lessons In Case I Die

1. Don’t marry someone like your mother. Choose a woman who wakes smiling.

2. Use your strength for those who’re weak.

3. Follow your gut.

4. Try it again. Better or differently.

5. People don’t care if you’re right, especially when it means they’re wrong.

6. Keep singing.

7. Whatever you do, put your stamp on it. Without trying.

8. Give without expecting.

9. Move on when people let you down. There is so much more to live for.

10. Things can be worse. Remember that you’ve had a mother who’s loved you beyond her ability.

Wayfarer on A Holistic Journey




Opinionated Man:

Yes the explanation really does help heh. I imagine without it you would get some questionable comments and possible some accusations from certain people. :) -OM
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I wield my words viciously

Like a knife

I slash at her

As I rape her

Hold her down and penetrate her

Blood showers from my blade

As I overwhelm her

But slowly my ravishes

Thrust after thrust

Turn into love

And I wonder

What have I done?

A little explanation on this one.  It was written about a year and a half ago after a particularly vicious fight with my my wife. As most married people know, it is easier sometimes to hurt the one you love the most and know the best.

You know how it is; you know all of their triggers and weak spots. I am not normally a cruel person nor is my wife ,but in this instance, I started throwing low blows while we were going at it. Immediately , I regretted it because I could see that I had deeply hurt her and…

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Opinionated Man:

“I carry my fears in my hands.” Very nice. I like that word string a lot. I hope you don’t mind the reboot! -OM
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I had wished not for a day like this
Where decisions would before me bare,
Where the weight of the truth, avoided, comes flashing through
I carry my fears in my hands,
Drifting into a state of half sleep and half wakefulness
Expecting a morning to come baring ‘reality check’
She’s taking the life off me with her seemingly consistent silence though
Too strong,I swallow my ego flush
But the truth be told this really hurts
In a state of pandemonium, I usher in bravely the expectations of ‘the man’
Constantly and consistently asking myself
Are the best things in life not free?

Left with rhetorics and fright,
I have had tears for this in the past
Not now man!
Not now!
Then I stumbled around
Trying too hard to remember the person she was
Life with her happened hurriedly
Now I tried creating in her absent
A life expected

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You are my Cinderella. My everything. I comfort troubled waters in hopes of keeping you from pain. Accepting the burning brand of obligation, I wear it like a scarlet letter. Target me as the man I should be. Like the man I want to be. The man you chose to marry. The man I will one day be.