Challenge – Most Influential “Writing Moment”

Do you have a moment that you consider the most influential on your writing? If so care to share? If you write a post and send me the link I will reblog. I’ll leave this as a sticky for the weekend.


Writer Jealousy

Do you ever experience writer jealousy? Ever read something and instead of appreciating it you thought “man I could have written that!” What are you more envious of a person that writes in your same genre better than you or someone that is able to create something you cannot?

I have a mixture of feelings when I read literature of any type. With poetry I am pretty snobbish. Even though I don’t write great poetry myself or even what I consider “poems” I still think highly of my ability to pen my mind poetically. Sounds a bit ignorant I am sure, but what person has not claimed they could scale a mountain having never climbed a foot?

I believe I grade myself fairly. On a scale of academics my writing is a solid 6 out of 10. That might be a little generous, but I am not taking into account my horrible grammar and punctuation. My poetry is a different score and the reason I give myself multiple progression levels is because I love to push myself. I strive to write what I can’t and I disdain things already written. I can’t stand to read about the same topic by multiple bloggers and it still all sounds regurgitated.

For me it is about pride. Taking pride in trying to accomplish something someone else hasn’t. Everything about my blog and how I blog is geared towards that goal. If you read a post here that sounds like anything else… I have failed. It might seem like I treat my blog with very little care sometimes, I can see why people might think that. The topics I choose, my level of interaction or lack thereof, and the often blunt nature in which I generalize throws people off. It makes people uncomfortable in this world made up of “politically correct responses” to hear someone say absolutes without fear. Does it really matter if I truly believe it or not? No… sadly not really.

So why do I blog the way I do? I can’t honestly think my “personal blog” is that unique can I? Actually I do. I feel this blog is very unique and that is why I rarely get “writer jealousy.” I have simply not run into many people that write with my same style. Do you feel the same way about your own writing?




How many reblogs can we get on this? Is anyone else fed up with the porn that is starting to really infest the WordPress feeds and readers? If you want to view porn go to a porn site!

  • Reblog this if you are also annoyed by the random porn.
  • Report websites posting pornographic images.
  • There is a huge difference between art and porn.
  • If you need to post nudity for views… you suck at blogging.

(I like porn just not on WordPress.)

Jason Cushman

-Opinionated Man

Stuck at 35,000…

I am tired of being stuck at 35,000. After I complete a couple current contracts I’ll take a break and pump HR to 40,000. That will make me feel better. Please be patient if you are commenting on old articles, my responses are slower because my new phone doesn’t show me who any of you are actually talking to… so I have to go to the actual post. Doesn’t seem like a very useful WP App to me or maybe I am missing something. Wouldn’t surprise me, light I am tired…


What Truth?

Your truth is not my truth unless I accept it. And like a picky eater I will choose what I like and discard the rest. I see absolutes in the morning and different shades of right in the Fall. But come Spring I may again only consider the black and white of the world, which is my right.
I challenge the man who will force his views upon me to come and try. I do not dance, but our feet shall surely tango. I need no forceful aggression in this duel of wills, only a single phrase.

You don’t exist to me.


Blood Moon

Tribute paid, I almost didn’t bother. For what more accolades do you need on a night where humans howl your name. What must we give to understand the sensation that we feel, as bruised surface reflects like twins in our eyes. A shame to repeat the words of him or her, nay… instead I’ll whisper my own tune beneath breathes of Chardonnay. For you would never criticize me. We are brothers.


Random Women Topics – Not Worth Reading

I love my current blog hopping that I get to do each day. I have been reading a lot of your blogs and I have a couple observations I just want to voice. Not really to anyone in particular… just a conversation between the wall and me.

I often read posts under the tags “love and relationships” where a woman is complaining about continuously being asked out. Granted… often times this post is not accompanied by a picture (cough, cough bullshit), but in the spirit of this post OK you are a drop dead gorgeous dame that gets hit on all the time. I would like to point out that I have never in my life said “drop dead gorgeous dame,” but I was trying to think of what a misogynist would say. Surprisingly enough it actually doesn’t just “come to me.” Imagine that…

So in the most recent post I read a woman complained about how men are predators when they learn a lady is newly single. She ranted on how sad that is and how men are ignorant for adopting this attitude of “well you are available now” when it comes to approaching relationships. Personally I agree. I mean what an asshole right? He waited until you were single and then dared to ask you out? What a fucking moron, we should probably castrate that horn dog. What an audacious bastard to think that just because you are single you might want to allow this guy to buy YOU dinner. What is wrong with the world?

How about what is WRONG WITH YOU! Do you know how many people never get asked out? Sounds funny to you right super hotness? Guess what? Not everyone is so lucky as to get asked out and even more importantly not everyone has the opportunity to be picky. That guy that asked you out that you so disdain probably sat around figuring out how to approach you. He probably practiced it in his head. He should have inserted your mockery into the mental picture huh? You live a rough life unnamed woman.

People need to stop and consider the other side of the court. Such selfishness in this world, everything is me, me, me. What ever happened to just being nice because of the principle of it? No, instead we belittle people and then take out our anger on them as if they are the cause. Take a strong look in the mirror before you define someone as the cause of your issues. Most cases you are the creator of what is bothering you. Not some poor chap that is simply gathering up the balls to ask a girl out on a date. Women can be such assholes.

-Opinionated Man

Settle Down Feminists…

I am not going to ask what is… or why I am being mentioned in a feminist forum. You take three days off and suddenly someone finds an article. I should write more…


Cough Syrup

One tablespoon of nasty. Who invented you? Was it some shunned scientist who is taking his revenge on humankind one vile bottle at a time? Why do you torture me with this stuff? What happened to that spoon full of sugar crap?


Business Update

I am pleased with the first two weeks of my new business. There are some things I am a little apprehensive about, particularly the part where I hire a CPA and lawyer, but there are very exciting things coming I believe. As of today I have completed 16 contracts and all have been satisfied I believe. That says something I think when you consider that most new startups normally have at least one complaint along the way. I try to be as straight forward as possible with what I am offering… namely that my service is a subscriber increase and that is it.

Starting this coming week I am increasing my prices for future customers. That seems quick, but the cost to labor ratio is a little off. This will hopefully fix that. If you are serious about promoting your WordPress based blog I can help you. I am also going to offer a few slots to people looking for larger contracts. I have a couple medium ranged ones right now, but if anyone is interested in a larger subscriber base for their book, project, business, or venture let me know.

If you look at my REFERRALS link you can see that the blogs I have helped so far have all been different. The important part here is that the only thing I touch is the reader on most of these blogs. A couple of clients had me change their template, but it is THEIR work that is attracting the following. I am not writing, commenting, or posting anything on these blogs and I am not offering reblogs into any kind of deal. These bloggers write on all different subject matters as well. I have already helped an artist, photography, writer, a few very strong Christians with a message, and an animal rights activist.

Every blog has something to offer, but it is finding the right people that want to view it, read it, and see it that is the hard part. That “work” is the portion I am willing to do. Or you can just write your heart away and let it drop into the ocean that is the WordPress reader. That isn’t the way to get noticed. I know many people look down on the methods I use, even some of my current clients did at one point, but what they now realize and what those other people don’t is that it IS all about the “single view.” Who that viewer is or whether they like what they read, it is about pushing for that view. That is why we write on social media instead of a notebook or journal. We are trying to see if anyone likes our work and our “work ethic” will often get in our own way when it comes to establishing ourselves in the very area we wish to be in. Don’t let it.

I see posts by bloggers that read “I get views, but no comments. I hate fake views” What are you doing to draw in the comments? Are you putting yourself out there or are you simply pressing publish and sending up a prayer that someone cares to look at that topic the minute you submitted your article. You can guarantee people see your work by going and finding your audience, even around a particular article. It does work, people that say it doesn’t do not know what they are talking about. Those same bloggers will then have a post a few down complaining about stats, spammers, and how google doesn’t send them traffic. Stop complaining bloggers and go find your own traffic. It really is that simple. 16/16, my record really speaks for itself.

Thank you to all the reblogs and my apologies to any comments I have missed. It has been a busy couple weeks!

Jason Cushman

-Opinionated Man

A World of Absolutes

You need not hate me world for the truths that I speak. For they need not be your reality, but they can still be mine. I guarantee you the sun will still come tomorrow and the night will follow. Our differences of opinion will cast no shadow unless the will of man creates the need for strife. Then of course we come to a crossroad of conviction. But why must conviction now be associated with forceful aggression? When did it change from simply being silent, strong, and sure of one’s beliefs? Instead we must cross swords at every turn until our Shakespearian conflict eventually occurs. Are we simply King Lear in this tragedy of life? Or can we instead, as a world, open our eyes and walk with purpose.

-Opinionated Man

Who Did I Offend This Time???

Do you ever worry about who you might have offended when you see… particular country flags on your stats page? No? Well, I am human. Sometimes I ponder what I might have said (I am far too lazy to actually go look and see what I wrote when I was drunk) or who I might have poked fun at.

But then I remember I have a Liger named Fluffy, a Dragon named Fluffy, and two daughters that are around “semi-killer ninja level.” So bring it…


When the Candle becomes the Sun

I promise you the sun and instead offer a candle as light. The force of my will alone seems to strengthen the light shining from it. Bright as the sun, the stars they weep in envy. I take pride. I take pride in the joy I have brought you, not in the deed that has been done. For what strength of one cannot be accomplished by many? Ah, but there is one. It comes to mind as the sun hides his eyes and scurries away from his chasing mistress. She beams down with pride upon our accomplishment. For you see the candle is not feeding off me alone. No my dear… together we empower this flame and our mirrored smiles will turn to greet the moon as our candle becomes the sun.


A Whole Heap of Gratitude for You Dude

Opinionated Man:

Thank you for the great referral post! I really appreciate you taking the time! -OM
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Originally posted on 20/20 Hines Sight:

This is also part of the of the Blogging A to Z Challenge  and yepper today’s Letter is ‘G’. This post is about Gratitudeand I have a bunch of it to give.

Very rarely do I have an opportunity and/or a need to express my gratitude toward someone, especially a stranger. But not really a stranger. A fellow blogger Opinionate Man (OM) over at HarsH ReaLiTy is offering to help fellow bloggers build their blogging audience. I didn’t jump on the offer. However when I did seek his help, I was pleasantly surprised.

OM took great care in finding bloggers, I would follow myself. I was excited to start reading posts from my new followers and literally spent the weekend reading their blogs (not doing homework) and the more I read the more excited I got because it was as though he was in my head. I have a wide range of interests and he honed right in…

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I Once Saw a Woman Die

I once saw a woman die. There were no clouds that parted. I looked in her eyes and saw no glimmer of understanding and even to the end that did not change. I watched for the coming of something… and saw nothing from it. Instead what I witnessed was the passing of time. And time stopped for just a moment, she turned and took that woman’s hand and they drifted away.

That was the image of death, when I once saw a woman die.

-Opinionated Man

Prompts: Why I Write

Because every time I draw something people say “Your four year old is really talented!”

Because the last time I went downtown and started to mime people called the men in the white jackets…

Because the last time I tried to juggle fire we actually got to witness how long it took the fire department to arrive. That was almost as depressing as the burning home.

Because I found out I actually can’t dodge bullets.

Because talking requires more muscles.

Because people say I sound like a funeral home director when I speak.

Because everything I cook tastes the same. Everything…

Because I can’t claim cleaning is a talent.

Because the last time I grabbed a fake microphone and stepped in front of a live reporter the police came and no one understood I was just following a dream.

Because I finally found out you have to actually be born in America to be President…

-Opinionated Man

Are you looking for me?

If you are currently google searching for a Jason Cushman that is a Bronxville eagle scout… that would definitely not be me. Camping to me is a Holiday Inn. I don’t even really like to get that “dangerous” so you definitely won’t find me out in the woods with all those creatures. Last time I went in the woods some bears tried to hump me…


Drunken Blogging Lesson: 101

I am going to try because I can’t believe this isn’t known. People keep writing these articles to “use unique tags.” Do you know what that really does? Let me explain…

Of course if you use a “unique” tag your post will be technically visible longer. That is because no one else is going to use that same tag and flood you out. The only problem is… a blogger actually has to “think” of that tag to find your article. Duh! And there is the problem with unique tagging. I keep seeing people using these ridiculously long tags. Stop doing that… your article will not be seen.

Free tip. Tags are like categories, exactly like that actually and so the most obvious ones are the subjects most frequently written about or posted on. For example “WordPress, blog, writing, life, art, and Opinionated Man” those subjects used frequently. You get my point.

Here is the part about unique tags I wish to speak on. So you are an artists and all you do is follow the “art” tag right? Wrong! Look for other tags that are associated and most importantly don’t overlook the basics. Don’t artists have a life, love, and might they not also eat food? As I have said, just because someone posts under a certain subjects doesn’t confine their interests only to that topic. By allowing others to see your materiel you may discover a similar mind very easily.


Six Reasons Why Santa Claus Isn’t Real

  1. On my fourth Christmas I did not get the Super Soaker 2000.
  2. On my fifth Christmas my brother did not turn into a donkey.
  3. On my sixth Christmas no magic beans arrived. I am pretty sure one single bean would have worked Santa.
  4. On my seventh Christmas I saw him drinking beer in an alley. He did not look very Santa like.
  5. On my eighth Christmas, the last year I “believed,” I was given a set of Encyclopedias. What kind of Santa Claus would do that to a child?
  6. The sixth “Christmas” I finally figured out if you celebrate all the holidays… you keep getting presents.