The Daily Opinion – Sexism

There is a trending topic going on called “What if women cat called men.” I am not sure what planet these “women” live on that are pushing this subject, but I know for a fact women cat call men. So what the hell is this “what if” bullshit?

Men – Have you ever been cat called?

Women – Have you ever cat called a man?

When I walk down the street it sounds like a freaking zoo, but that is the price of being hot. You see me complaining about it? Some women will moan about anything I swear. The funny part is they are so busy pointing fingers at men they don’t recognize WOMEN DO IT TOO!

What if indeed…

Women – Don’t Get Me Stabbed

I request that people email me if they have questions or wish to reach out to me. I don’t Facebook message, I don’t private Twitter message, I don’t LinkedIn message, and I avoid uncomfortable situations. Those situations would include the following.

1. I receive an email from an admirer and they inadvertently say “I love you.” My wife finds said email and lovingly places a knife in me. Now while that story holds a lot of love, I would rather not get stabbed… ever.

2. Person A messages me on Facebook and my wife gets on Facebook, but doesn’t realize she is on my account. She decides to message her best friend Helga and then notices that the message button on Facebook is flashing. She obviously clicks on it, because women are clickers, and behold it is a message asking me what I am wearing. Well my wife, since she doesn’t read my blog, has no clue that my previous post was “Guess what I am wearing?” She then grabs a knife and we revert back to the ending from the previous scenario. Again, stabbing not good.

3. Woman B sends me a message through LinkedIn in which she proclaims what an inspiration I am. My wife happens upon this message on my phone, but because women see only what they wish to see she replaces the words “inspiring” with “sexing.” By the time she is done reading the email hell is blazing from her eyes. And hell makes you pay…

4. Blogger C emails me and asks if their new profile photo is a good idea for their blog bio. My wife, because she doesn’t blog, thinks the bio is from an online dating site. The photo happens to be of you in a Halloween costume, which ironically is a Korean school girl. My wife hates Korean school girls. Stabbing and death are the end of this story as well.

I could really go on and as much as you may be laughing this is a serious matter. The above reasons really underline why I don’t “converse” much through social media. Feel free and email me WordPress, but let’s keep the messaging to a minimal. It is never ok to text me either… and honestly that is a bit creepy.


Writing for Response

The balance between caring and not caring, of seeking a response and yelling at the wind. We writers of blogs struggle with this balance daily as we strive to fulfill our personal goals. Writing for response is different from simply pollenating the internet with your thoughts. There is real technique that must be used when not only gauging your potential audience, but also realistically assessing your current one. Often writers feel above the need to cater themselves to the possibility of a relationship with their reader. Those writers mistakenly feel that their way with words should by itself garner the interest of an audience. That just isn’t the case.

What is your goal for the post you are about to write? Is it to gain hundreds of comments or to only provoke a thought which the reader can then carry on with them through their daily life? Writers write for different reasons and we share those reasons through how we present our writing on our blogs. The “tone” in which we approach our fictitious audience is important because that “possibility of a connection” becomes a reality when another blogger actually reads our posts. Do you know how you sound or the affect your writing style has on someone that reads your words? Some people never take the time to actually analyze this and then they wonder why no one gives feedback.

Do you allow room for interaction back? Often I will read very well constructed blog posts that cover everything there is to know about a subject down to the current updates minutes ago. While people love reading informed articles, we also read blogs to seek out personal opinion and daily fault. If you act like an expert it can benefit you while establishing your basis of viewpoint, but it might also drive away the very people you are hoping to garner responses from. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it all depends on a bloggers goals. If you seek interaction allow room for that interaction to take place by allowing your reader room to not only breathe, but also to think. Leaving well placed open ended statements and not answering all your own questions within the same text helps to provoke the reader.

Links are great but don’t “link” me to death or even provide me too many golden roads away from your blog. I may never make it back to Oz! While displaying appropriate links to sources and citing the right websites may help back your article up, it can also provide far too easily lifelines to carry your potential reader to another website… perhaps even a better one. Provide what you wish on a topic, but be hesitant in making third party information overly accessible. If people want further sources on a subject they can google it. Don’t always do the “work” for them.

How do you draw a response from your readers? Are there tricks you use or techniques that you have found helpful?


“Jason is a white person’s name… you can’t be Asian!”

I have heard it all. I had a recruiter look at me hard for a full three minutes and say “are you sure you are Jason Cushman?” I of course looked down at my hand like I was reading something and then looked up and said “yep, it is still Jason Cushman.” Honestly I like my name. It really doesn’t get much whiter than Jason Chandler Cushman though, but recently I did have cause to celebrate. I have worked hard at my Google SEO and finally gotten my website linked to the top search for the name “Jason Cushman.” Now considering there is Cushman and Wakefield, Cushman golf carts, and apparently a Jason Cushman that is a drug dealer in prison… it took some time to gain that top spot. I did a happy dance.

I’ve had liquor store clerks take their thumb and rub the corner of my license to see if it is fake. Because obviously an Asian running around with the name Jason Cushman has to be the stupidest fake ID holder in the world right? I sure hope no one is counting how many times I name drop… because I am going to do that a ton in this post on purpose.

I have my father to thank for my name. My father is Dr. William Cushman and he is one of the top research physicians in the study of hypertension in the world. He is also a priest, a loving husband, and a caring father who has given everything to his family. I am not ashamed of my family or my name and you can feel free to google us. We have nothing to hide and are an “average” family that likes to drink together, laugh together, and live. My mother is Susan Cushman and she is an author, iconographer, and writer. She inspires me to want to be better.

I have begun to share more of who I am. I do this partially because I want to, but also because this blog needs to always be connected to the author. It has to be. I hope by showing a little of my life people realize a real guy writes the crap they read each day. A person with feelings, emotions, good and bad days, and obviously opinions on every little thing he encounters on a daily basis. It is easy to forget that a “human” is on the other side of the screen. I hope that people that choose to read this blog always keep that in mind.

I have become attached to the name Opinionated Man. It started as a joke… I mean “opinionated man” isn’t exactly original. And yet being opinionated is what “we” all are as people right? I do find a small sense of satisfaction that some here have begun to call me by my real name. I don’t normally get called “Jason” by friends though, so that is a bit strange. But we will roll with it and you may all call me whatever you wish. I don’t know about “OP” though… that one feels strange, but at least you aren’t looking at me and questioning if I am “sure I am that guy” or not. Small victories people… small victories.

-Opinionated Man