Shatter Me

Shatter me with your passion and send my soul into the wind. That I may fly towards another and share your words. Cradle me against the torrent of humanity, the tears of anger and sadness of others wash over me. I close my eyes to the pain of the world for a second, a second just to myself… Laying down the boulders of others, I take up my own cross and begin to climb The Hill. Inadvertently I follow the footsteps of others, but I do not share their trials or their story. The mud from their tears provides a fresh pavement for my own footsteps to leave their impression. A trail of humanity for the next.


10 Annoying Things People Say

1. “I hope you don’t get offended by this but…” You are about to say something that is going to make me want to punch you in the face right? I never understood why people feel the need to say this. It must be due to a weak backbone because they normally follow this phrase with something highly offensive. “I hope you don’t get offended by this but… have you gained weight?” Why yes I have and thank you! I am not offended at all!

2. “When I was young.” I seriously think you have to be holding a cane to say this. I actually had a boss once say this to me and when I asked him his age he was younger than I was. Dude… shut your mouth, when you were young indeed.

3. “I’m the type of guy/girl that…” Why don’t you just show me instead of telling me? Honestly if you need to tell people “the type of person you are” you must not be living the real you or they would ALREADY KNOW. And if you are telling this to a new acquaintance just know it is annoying as shit unless you are famous and even if you are famous you better be Anthony Bourdain interesting. Half the time the people actually will do that thing anyways…

4. “How’s it going?” I don’t know why people say “how’s it going” when you pass them in the hall at work. I feel like a jerk if I don’t say a “same shit different day” phrase or something more than “hey!” Maybe I am just anti-social.

5. “You wouldn’t understand.” Is it because I am Korean? I am stupid? I am male? I am tall? I am skinny? I am looking in the wrong direction? God didn’t love me? Why? Why???

6. “I am really good at Starcraft.” LIES! YOU AREN’T KOREAN! I am offended.

7. “I am so tired. I never get any sleep.” Unless you have kids, work two to three jobs to make ends meet, or are in Law/Medical/Architecture school you don’t know tired. Even if you never have kids I still think this is a stupid statement, ask a parent with a couple children how tired they are pumpkin.

8. “Tom Brady is the best quarterback in the NFL.” I hate you.

9. “I am sooo offensive!” You see I never claim to be offensive and in fact I think the whole world should love me. People that say this statement are generally as mild as the yellow packet of sauce from Taco Bell.

10. “America thinks they need to police the world and stick their nose in everyone’s business.” Yea, but you guys sure love to ask us for loans right? How are my tax dollars working out for you? I wonder if our Presidents get slapped in the face before or after we hand out these checks. When is it going to end America? Let the world kill itself.



Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter


She comes into your life and brings nature’s blessing. And with her entrance comes a curse of wanton passion. The grass is still alive as it blazes in the sun. The chorus of our laughter floats gently in the Spring breeze. We are the definition of love and our hands are linked as we dance amongst the growing and the grown alike. We enjoy timeless sunsets on picturesque settings creating canvases waiting to be painted at each moment. We love.

Time works wonders and bonds grow firm. We resolve to walk quietly into the night together. Hands held tightly against the shadows we once faced alone. We pick each other up in the heat of the Summer, against the blazing sun and humanity’s punishment. We turn as one, in unison with one another’s needs. I am your need and you are mine. And like an oak tree we grow together.

The rain has come and we have weathered storms. We still touch… but sometimes our hands Fall like leaves from our tired limbs. The chatter of children running around our base keeps us united, we are still united with finger painted signs and chalk figures. But some nights are cold and the moon shines two shadows upon the ground.

It snows here in Denver. The Winter seems to be most of the year… at least lately. But even with the constant ice, it does melt with the strength of will. A will we share each morning and return to each night. The seasons form a timeless ring that hardens into a golden promise. They touch each time our hands unite with infused emotion. Regardless of what emotion that is the presence of feelings means that we still care.

Jason Cushman

-Opinionated Man


The Daily Opinion – The Death Penalty


So who here feels sympathy for this guy?

Guest Post – I Don’t Mean To Annoy You . . .

I hope this doesn’t offend you, but do I look as though I have gained weight . . . I am almost as big as you. For jimminy sake my friend, I thought we were friends, why you want to start off by calling us fat?

You know when I was young I never put on weight like this. Come to think of it, isn’t it common for us to grow out a little as we grow older?

You know I am the type of guy that is easily influenced by the opinion of others. Yeah right, everybody’s opinion matters . . .

So, how’s it going? Before you respond with that, “Same shit, different day” line, you do realize that by asking that question I really do not give a crap about how you are actually doing, I just had to say something and didn’t have anything reasonable to say to you.

Of course I would not understand. I am old, you are young. Nothing in the years I have lived has prepared me for the problems you may face during your life. Just wait until you are older and realize you could have come to me to resolve your little drama issue, because I have already “been there, done that.’ No, I am not Korean. I am just old.

But wait! I really am good at StarCraft and I am not Korean!

I realize you are really tired. But, let’s establish what the reasons for your diminished alertness is not. You are not tired form working a 10 to 16 hour day to put food on the table, washing the dishes, doing the laundry, walking the dog, feeding the cat, taking out the garbage. doing the shopping, flushing the toilet, picking up the litter you leave in the yard every time you come home. or answering the ringing telephone. But, I do understand how much energy you use in whining and sniffling every time I ask you to do something. Take your lazy tired ass to bed, you need a nap I guess.Oh by the way, your buddy called. He wants to know if you want to go . . . I’ll call him and let him know you are too tired to go . . .

Wait just a minute! Isn’t Tom Brady an Architect? Wasn’t he the father in that show from the 70’s about marrying a gal who had a bunch of kids and so did he? They had a maid named Alice, I think.

Maybe you believe you are an offensive person. Maybe there are others that agree with you. But you cannot be anywhere near as offensive as you believe, because I let you talk to me.

Yes, America is the world’s policeman, because every time your little piss pot country does something stupid, you cry to us for help. For once, handle your own crap and leave us out of it. We are your ally, not your mother. Damn!

( OKay, so I could not help it. OM put it out there and I had to play with it for a minute. I hope I don’t offend you . . . Wait, already been there . . .

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Blogger Etiquette

I am all about self-promotion and understand the importance obviously since I preach it. I would like to point out yet again that it is pretty lame to plaster your links all over my board when I have a specific thread created for this. If you are so desperate for followers visit this THREAD, there are literally over 300 bloggers waiting to connect with people. Do us both a favor and stop being a lazy ass, just go to that post and paste all the links you want. You might even think about VISITING those bloggers, I know shocking right? Most of the people doing this are legit bloggers, but they aren’t here to really “read” my website. That is cool and I wish you the best 5 seconds of your life while on HarsH ReaLiTy…


Guest Post – Did I Have A Brush With Death Today?

No, nothing so dramatic or notable as an auto accident or a shooting. But, what would you call losing a few hours out of your day without the aid of alcohol or drugs?

I woke up around 6:00 PM, feeling as though I was lucky to even be alive this evening, and spent the next 10 minutes crying like a baby. Nobody noticed. Nobody cared. So, am I truly lucky to be alive today? Allow me to explain.

Today was an extremely hot day. Temperatures easily reached over 100 degrees and the sun showed no mercy as it beat down upon the people below. For a living, I do physical labor for the most part. I am up and down ladders a couple hundred times a day, carry loads of extreme weight and/or size, and try to put out 100% of myself accomplishing my tasks. But, this is what is expected of a man in today’s society if he wants to draw a minimum wage. The problem however is; I am a 57 year old overweight smoker.Today I believe I learned the significance of being such.

By noon today I was a puddle of sweat, was having difficulty breathing, my mind had gone foggy, and there was no escape. When lunch time came, I could not eat. I had spent the morning trying to survive the heat by consuming so much water that I “sloshed” when I walked. Shortly after lunch I told the boss I needed to go to the hospital. I felt as if I was going to vomit and was borderline passing out. Instead of going to the hospital I had the boss take me to my motorcycle which was at the company shop. My intention was to ride my bike to the hospital so I would have a ride there when released. I was barely coherent when I fired up my motorcycle to head to the hospital. I never made it there, ending up at home instead. Now mind you, I was headed for the hospital and made no conscious decision otherwise. Regardless, I ended up at home. It was likely about 1:00 to 1:30 PM at the time but I do not recall ever arriving home.

The next thing I am aware of, is it is around 6:00PM and I feel like hell. And, I do not recall ever coming home. Then the implications of my day registered to my mind and tears filled my eyes. For the first time in my life, I know fear. Not just the feeling of being afraid of something you can avoid, but the fear of realizing that today could have been my last. For about 10 minutes I sobbed like a friggin baby. Even the people in the room with me didn’t notice. Not that I would want them to. I just noted that they didn’t, thus saving me the un-necessary embarrassment. Frankly, losing a few hours of my day scares the hell out of me. This is the first time in my life that I have no recollection of what I have done, where I have been, or how I got to and fro.

My neighbor just hollered at me, asking how I felt. When I approached him just now he told me that I didn’t look like myself. He told me he saw me when I came in earlier. It seems I was white as a ghost, sweating bullets, and like I was about to Fall out.” But, I was still able to be courteous enough to stop and allow some children to pass across my driveway before I drove in. Well even as bad off as I was, I was still a gentlemen. That puts it all in perspective, maybe I won’t act like a damn fool on the way out. I guess I should not be concerned about this, they can rebuild me.

Of course, I am going to make light of this. Yes, we have the technology. They can rebuild me. They can fix what I have broke, then rebuild me. They can make me faster, stronger, and even better looking. Why doesn’t that make me feel any better. I think I should stay home from work tomorrow, perhaps find my way to the hospital/doctor’s office and let them give me a diagnostic followed by a tune up and oil change, I hope. . . . They gave ma an appointment in August and told me to come into Emergency if I had further difficulties

Most of us have one thing in common, we abuse our body. We drink, smoke, dope, work, work harder, and play vigorously. All at a cost to our body. Sure some of these things can be good for your body, but not in excess. And, many of us tend to do too much without regard for the consequences. My advice after 57 years in this life . . . Smoking is stupid, booze and dope maybe in moderation, and a healthy diet is an absolute necessity. Heed my words on this, you will be glad you did.

Do you wonder what happens to you after death? Is there an afterlife? Is there a heaven? Is there a hell? Or, do we just become worm food and that is the end of it. Is this the point when even atheists pray to God? I have led a full life, I guess. No I haven’t. I have led a “shit” life, full of bullshit and waste. I have loved and been loved, yet nothing had permanence. In my younger years I was at the top of my game, in everything. Only to lose it all once I became older. I have not yet made my mark upon this world. Will I be given a chance in the next life? Is there a next life? Oh Lord, please tell me there is another after this one . . .

Guest Post – Drugs: Is We For Em, or Agin Em?

Allow me to start this article with a little disclaimer: I do not recommend, suggest use of, or otherwise support the use of drugs. Even your local Doctor cannot guarantee that drugs prescribed by him will not kill you, so why would anyone support their usage?
Are you aware that prescribed drugs kill more people per year than illegal drugs?
This is true. Doctor prescribed medications are responsible for more deaths and addictions than illegal drugs. This is not to say that many doctor prescribed drugs have not proved beneficial to the patients served. Prescribed drugs in the hands of children not intended for attribute to an alarming rate of addictions and other issues involving children, including death.

Are you aware that about 70 billion dollars per year are spent from our tax dollars on the War On Drugs?
70 billion dollars is a lot of money. How is it spent? Who is it paid to? Is the money serving it’s intended purpose? The War On Drugs has failed to achieve any true success, why do we keep doing the same thing, year after year, for over 40 years now?

Are you also aware that the War On Drugs has not proved itself in any way a benefit to any country involved?
Drug Cartels and Street Gangs are the only beneficiary of the War On Drugs. Cartels and Gangs are the direct result of the War On Drugs.

Do you know how many young adults lives have been ruined due to our prohibition of drugs?
In our attempt to curb drug usage in America, we have created victims out of our own young that likely would have matured to become valued members of their community and some may have become even more had they not have been caught up in the laws that reduced their contribution to society to that of a convicted felon.

How many people have lost their right to vote due to the prohibition of drugs?
When you consider the impact of Black people prosecuted for drug related offenses vs. white people for the same offenses, our prohibition of drugs may have been instrumental in determining voting during the past 40 years, allowing our political structure to have become not the making of the voter, but by those manipulating who could or could not vote.

Have you ever wondered how many deaths can be attributed to the prohibition of drugs in America?
There have been many people killed by police, many police killed by people, and many innocent people caught in the middle due to our prohibition of drugs. Do you realize that America is responsible for the deaths of people along our southern borders due to drug cartel violence. It is our prohibition of drugs that creates the incidents causing the deaths. Nobody is getting killed down there because they want drugs. They are getting killed because we want drugs.

Have you considered how much commerce is generated “tax free” from sales of drugs in America?
The illegal drug trade produces about 420 billion dollars in sales per year. That is a lot of unpaid taxation. Why are we allowing Criminals to profit from the sale of drugs, plus not have to pay a penny in taxes while we work our selves damn near to death to reach poverty level, and still have to pay taxes?

Do you really think if drugs were made legal in America today, that everybody in America would become drug addicts?
It is doubtful that drug usage and/or users will dramatically increase. Prohibition makes it cool to do drugs. Prohibition is more responsible for drug addiction based on the “cool” factor alone. Legalization would easily make drug usage less cool.

Do you understand that for over 40 years America has fought the War On Drugs, the same way, over and over again with no positive result?
After 40 years of making the same damn mistake, isn’t it time that we take a different approach to how to handle drugs in America?

While I do not support drug usage in any shape, form, or fashion . . . I support criminals getting rich while we spend billions of dollars allowing them to do so, even less. Prohibition has never worked in America. So why are we allowing prohibition to control our nation. Legalize, Tax, and Educate may be the most beneficial acts for the future of America. Consider it!

Random House

Our rooms are painted with emotion as we live our life within them. We play our parts well under sun and stars. No script is needed as our hearts spar daily with one another. So passionate is the act our shadows join in the dance. They smile maniacally back at us as they observe the scene of the day. Random House… you present both ends of the essence of feeling and tie our humanity in a knot. Our hands meet and pause while we consider the mood of the moment. Moments spun together presenting life, the life found within the Random House.

Goodnight WP,

Guest Post – Of Festivities and Farewell

Now that you are relaxing (hopefully with that  beer in your hand), let me show case another well known aspect of my place.

India is a place of various festivals (we got so many holidays for various festivals related to various religions especially during the second part of the year that I cannot wait for August to start). Sometimes they are too many to handle, but they are so varied in nature, it is fun. Here are couple of them which we celebrate with lights and hope.
Karthigai Deepam – Mostly celebrated by Tamilians, is an ancient festival of lights celebrated by Tamil Hindus on the full moon day of November/December.


Deepavali, celebrated by the whole of India, is always accompanied by lamps, lights and fireworks.


Well, after all the fun and festivity , it is now time to say Good bye.


(That is the Tamil scripture of ‘OM’). Thank you OM for giving me the platform to showcase not only my photographs but also a part of my culture and my land. And hope you all enjoyed the short journey with me.

Take care & நன்றி ( pronounced as ‘Nandri’ i.e. thank you)


Guest Post – Love on top

As promised, I am gonna take you to a place near Bangalore (India). Do you love the mountains ? Is trekking your thing ? Do you enjoy the greenery all around ?

If yes, then you should definitely visit Wayanad, which is in Kerala (a neighboring state which is also called as ‘God’s own country’ and they call it for nothing) is a beautiful district covered with hills, lakes and wild reserves. When we went for a three day trip to this place I did my first and only trek to Chembara Peak. Being there was like being in heaven. I leave you with two pictures of a specific point in Chembara Peak (a trek of 4+ hours to and fro) which is the highlight of that place.


The heart shaped lake at the top of the hills.

The heart shaped lake at the top (2100 mtrs high)
Wanna come visit ?


Guest Post – In house models

வணக்கம் (that’s Hello in Tamil and pronounced ‘Vanakkam’). This is KG (a pseudonym) here from the southern parts of India. And before I say anything else, I am so glad (and slightly nervous) to be a guest author here at HarsH ReaLiTy. Thank you OM.

I dabble a bit in Photography as my hobby (apart from reading a ton of books and listening to music all day through) and as a way to record my travels too. I blog at Books, Music, Photography & Movies , where I pen my views on all of said things and some more and also at Memoirs of my Travels , where I try and chronicle my travel to various places I have had the pleasure of visiting. As part of my guest posts, I will try to show you some part of my land through my photographs. Hope you enjoy the short journey with me as much as I do.

As part of the first guest post I would like to introduce you to my models that help me in my photography within the confines of my home. Ever since I have started to play with my DSLR I found the idols I own to be amazing models. I also like to play with the light (or lack of it) and how I can make them (idols) look all mysterious with my photographs. So without further delay, here are some of my photographs of them.

I would like to introduce you to Annapurna Devi, the god of food and nourishment, holding an utensil used to serve food.


And this is Vishnu, who is deemed the protector and is the Supreme God of Vaishanvism.


I always enjoy working with them. They are my silent supporters in more ways than one.


I should have gone to law school

One of my recommendations for law school that never got used. Kind of sad actually…

University of Colorado Law School

Wolf Law Building

401 UCB

Boulder, CO 80309-0401

Dear Admissions Office:

I am very pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Mr. Jason Cushman who aspires to extend the great work he has accomplished at Colorado State University-Global Campus into the field of law for the benefit of the citizens of Colorado. As business owner and professor, I have had the pleasure of interacting and working with Jason as he has diligently studied and searched for ways to integrate business knowledge toward practical, real world applications. I have found Jason to be a most creative, dedicated, personable, and hardworking student who naturally succeeds in interfacing with material and articulating his understanding.

Jason has a balanced approach toward problems and issues related to strategic business environments, and he will excel at transmitting this skill as a 1L. He is pragmatic in execution. He is able to simultaneously process a variety of facts and scenarios without losing his composure. He also attempts to ethically resolve details without a distain for outside assistance or expert tutelage. He wants to participate in the discussions “that matter,” and he has a drive that assures excellent performance more often than is expected.

During the time I have known Jason, he has broadened his independent research, and enjoys the life of reading, analysis, writing and debate. I heartily recommend him for your law program. Please do not hesitate to call me with any questions you may have regarding Jason’s qualifications.



Old Dreams…

This just makes me laugh now.

1/14/11 7/13/11 2 – 15 – 17 – 33 – 35 8 2 0 $30,000,000 view   1/11/11 7/10/11 1 – 4 – 11 – 16 – 45 37 4 0 $20,000,000 view   1/7/11 7/6/11 4 – 22 – 42 – 46 – 53 20 2 0 $12,000,000 view   1/4/11 7/3/11 4 – 8 – 15 – 25 – 47 42 4 2 $355,000,000 view

12/31/10 6/29/11 10 – 12 – 13 – 35 – 56 9 4 0 $242,000,000 view   12/28/10 6/26/11 6 – 18 – 36 – 40 – 49 7 4 0 $200,000,000 view   12/24/10 6/22/11 15 – 16 – 27 – 40 – 52 16 4 0 $168,000,000 view   12/21/10 6/19/11 8 – 11 – 12 – 31 – 32 29 4 0 $145,000,000 view   12/17/10 6/15/11 11 – 20 – 26 – 46 – 53 12 4 0 $123,000,000 view   12/14/10 6/12/11 18 – 22 – 25 – 31 – 38 29 3 0 $104,000,000 view   12/10/10 6/8/11 23 – 27 – 33 – 44 – 46 36 4 0 $88,000,000 view   12/7/10 6/5/11 4 – 38 – 45 – 53 – 54 9 4 0 $74,000,000 view   12/3/10 6/1/11 6 – 11 – 12 – 18 – 56 12 3 0 $62,000,000 view

11/30/10 5/29/11 11 – 16 – 19 – 47 – 53 2 4 0 $52,000,000 view   11/26/10 5/25/11 5 – 9 – 34 – 43 – 47 8 2 0 $42,000,000 view   11/23/10 5/22/11 2 – 6 – 12 – 34 – 35 33 4 0 $34,000,000 view   11/19/10 5/18/11 7 – 14 – 31 – 51 – 54 35 2 0 $25,000,000 view   11/16/10 5/15/11 1 – 26 – 27 – 39 – 46 21 3 0 $16,000,000 view   11/12/10 5/11/11 9 – 26 – 28 – 35 – 38 10 4 0 $12,000,000 view   11/9/10 5/8/11 8 – 26 – 28 – 33 – 53 11 4 1 $25,000,000 view   11/5/10 5/4/11 19 – 25 – 34 – 46 – 53 15 4 0 $16,000,000 view   11/2/10 5/1/11 1 – 3 – 12 – 16 – 54 46 2 0 $12,000,000 view

10/29/10 4/27/11 4 – 19 – 26 – 28 – 39 14 4 1 $140,000,000 view   10/26/10 4/24/11 15 – 21 – 30 – 31 – 32 26 4 0 $118,000,000 view   10/22/10 4/20/11 2 – 7 – 18 – 32 – 53 18 4 0 $101,000,000 view   10/19/10 4/17/11 2 – 9 – 14 – 37 – 42 41 4 0 $86,000,000 view   10/15/10 4/13/11 9 – 10 – 13 – 31 – 50 10 4 0 $72,000,000 view   10/12/10 4/10/11 10 – 31 – 36 – 37 – 43 15 4 0 $61,000,000 view   10/8/10 4/6/11 24 – 29 – 37 – 48 – 50 19 4 0 $51,000,000 view   10/5/10 4/3/11 10 – 19 – 24 – 37 – 44 27 4 0 $41,000,000 view   10/1/10 3/30/11 3 – 8 – 21 – 28 – 52 43 4 0 $32,000,000 view

9/28/10 3/27/11 2 – 10 – 13 – 36 – 38 18 3 0 $23,000,000 view   9/24/10 3/23/11 2 – 28 – 38 – 42 – 55 25 4 0 $16,000,000 view   9/21/10 3/20/11 3 – 20 – 43 – 47 – 52 26 4 0 $12,000,000 view   9/17/10 3/16/11 3 – 4 – 14 – 18 – 27 13 3 1 $54,000,000 view   9/14/10 3/13/11 6 – 14 – 50 – 55 – 56 1 4 0 $44,000,000 view   9/10/10 3/9/11 11 – 12 – 17 – 21 – 23 20 3 0 $34,000,000 view   9/7/10 3/6/11 8 – 18 – 22 – 24 – 38 23 4 0 $25,000,000 view   9/3/10 3/2/11 10 – 13 – 20 – 28 – 36 9 4 0 $16,000,000 view

8/31/10 2/27/11 10 – 20 – 29 – 47 – 48 38 3 0 $12,000,000 view   8/27/10 2/23/11 4 – 10 – 26 – 32 – 41 31 4 1 $133,000,000 view   8/24/10 2/20/11 4 – 23 – 24 – 28 – 32 31 3 0 $115,000,000 view   8/20/10 2/16/11 4 – 13 – 20 – 29 – 48 36 4 0 $100,000,000 view   8/17/10 2/13/11 11 – 19 – 40 – 43 – 44 33 4 0 $86,000,000 view   8/13/10 2/9/11 6 – 17 – 24 – 43 – 55 36 4 0 $75,000,000 view   8/10/10 2/6/11 2 – 14 – 26 – 50 – 56 12 2 0 $64,000,000 view   8/6/10 2/2/11 7 – 13 – 30 – 33 – 54 30 3 0 $53,000,000 view   8/3/10 1/30/11 4 – 13 – 20 – 22 – 56 32 2 0 $42,000,000 view

For Men Only – 10 Ways to Lie… but Not “Really Lie” to a Woman

  1. The easiest way is to cross your fingers. This still counts… I don’t know what idiot told everyone this stops working when you are a kid. I use it all the time!
  2. It isn’t really a lie if there is an ounce of truth. Kind of like a pool of water that has a drop of holy water dropped in it is suddenly pure right? Makes sense. So just make sure you put “enough truth” to make it “good enough.” You don’t have to feel guilty about getting caught over “good enough” fellas.
  3. Don’t look her in the eyes. Anything said while not looking a woman in the eyes is questionable and this can be proven in current court records. It will work. Be firm men.
  4. If you kind of trail off at the end of sentences then “technically” more words “might” have been there. This counts as the “loose ends” rule of covering your ass. Use this only as a last resort and when we say “last resort” this is like backing out quickly with guns blazing “last resort.”
  5. If you say that a friend did it this will work, but only a couple times a year. If you are using this all the time it gets old and you deserve to get caught. “Aw honey I am sorry I was late… Bob got drunk and threw up everywhere. I had to follow and make sure he got home ok… I am such a good friend.” If you imagine a halo above your head I hear this sometimes actually occurs. If it does, Youtube that and share with all the other men in the world please.
  6. If you are late say you had to “find the right outfit.” No woman in the world should ever be able to contest this excuse from a man. Ever.
  7. You are allowed to use the excuse “I was saving a kitten from a burning building” once in your life. It helps to photoshop some stuff and maybe not look like the chess club president. That is just hard to believe…
  8. If you are frequently out late and can’t answer your phone and your girlfriend (this won’t work with a wife) asks why you can tell her you are a part-time super hero. I have told all the women in my life this and they all believed me. I am so cool.
  9. If a woman catches you in a lie, code-red alert backup plan Z is breaking down in tears and claiming someone died. You may want to pick someone believable since women have a nasty habit of remembering everything a man says. Everything. So if Uncle Bob is suddenly resurrected at the next family reunion you never thought “she” would make it till… well you better think of a way to resurrect yourself.
  10. Claiming you are allergic to dust and cleaning products works as an excuse out of housework. It will help to perhaps faint a few times and look really ill when in the supermarket cleaning aisle as well.


HarsH ReaLiTy – New Policy

I have decided that I am changing two of my blogging habits. The first is that I will now “freely” reblog and discuss posts that are directed at me. That is my right as a human and WordPress allows the reblogging of posts that provide the button. There is no rule against it just so you all know. If you don’t want that to happen, stop writing about me and get a new hobby.

The second policy is that I will now censor people that 100% hate me as a person. I don’t care if people hate this website or what I write about, but if you hate me directly you need a reality check. It is the internet, hate someone in real life for a change and stay the fuck off my blog.

To those questioning my new censorship policies I will say this to you. First, I know most people that have called me out for “censorship” are actually people that dislike my website or how I write and are merely trying to make me look bad. I have decided I don’t give a shit anymore what you think about this blog WordPress. I will keep doing what I do and you can go do what you “do” over there. I will not sit by while people wish death on me or attack my character. If people do this because they feel I in turn blog this way then put your big boy pants on and be ready.

I got nothing to hide and honestly I have plenty of hate to go around for the whole world and I am tired of being nice. I also have plenty of happiness as well. So if you continue to visit and enjoy my articles then I thank you, but if you are one of those coming here for trouble seek it somewhere else. Don’t make me be the asshole I can be ok?

This is my one and only warning.

-Opinionated Man

Everyone needs to calm down and chive…

I am sending virtual hugs to the person that posted this and all those that are reading it. Virtual hugs for all!


The Daily Opinion – Most Hated Post?

Do you have a “most hated post?” My most hated post actually wasn’t the Women are crazy article. It was a daily opinion on Coke vs Pepsi and “some” bloggers hated I got tons of comments on it. “Really? He can write a dumb question about Coca-Cola and people actually respond? How stupid.”

Do you have a post that has caught some heat from other bloggers?

Don’t hate me because I am Beautiful

Don’t hate me because I am beautiful. So beautiful. I think I might even make you a little uglier. Now don’t get upset. I said uglier, not that you are ugly… just not as pretty as me. I am so pretty.

Sellout – What is the Point?

He types in the job search phrases and presses [Enter]… 35,169 choices come up.

“SEO Expert Needed! Programmer skills required.” Well… I can program my microwave does that count?

“Web marketing associate needed. Driven individuals, willing to work long hours at $22.50 an hour, and a degree in related field is required.” The sad part is… I would take this job. The reason this is sad is because I strongly feel that a job such as this is beneath my skill set, but because my skills don’t include development most companies won’t agree. They would place me on the floor with a bunch of sales associates/marketing SEO consultants and have me making cold calls all day. I would then have to give up my personal website goals. Sounds like a plan…

What is the point? I get the frustration, I share it with many of you, you are either underqualified or overqualified for something. I am underqualified for most “webpage management positions” because I am not a developer. I have some web building knowledge, online traffic management skills, and some SEO knowledge but I wouldn’t consider myself an expert in any of those fields. I also am not a professional writer so I don’t fit the bill on either the technical or artistic side of things.

Frustration and the meaning of being frustrated to me currently is centered around my future. Unsure about what to do… have you ever created something you thought was awesome and been so proud of it you didn’t want anyone else to touch it because they may then in turn claim some ownership? Even the implication that another person had a hand in the creation of HarsH ReaLiTy would probably bother me. It surely would. Pride… the hubris of man or is it instead the one thing we can confidently claim as our own.

I guess I will still keep looking, halfheartedly, since my heart is not fully into it. Would I sellout? Maybe, but that doesn’t mean I would be smiling about it. You have to have an opportunity to sellout first and that ship has yet to find my harbor.

-Opinionated Man

I Once Saw a Woman Die

I once saw a woman die. There were no clouds that parted. I looked in her eyes and saw no glimmer of understanding and even to the end that did not change. I watched for the coming of something… and saw nothing from it. Instead what I witnessed was the passing of time. And time stopped for just a moment, she turned and took that woman’s hand and they drifted away.

That was the image of death, when I once saw a woman die.

-Opinionated Man

You are a Poor Writer

I was told in the 11th grade by a teacher that I was a “poor writer and I should consider finding something else to be good at.” It angered me because this termagant had no clue of my love for reading and the written word. Just because I didn’t see her “images” of Thoreau suddenly I was inferior? I did what I do anytime I am in that situation. I set out to prove that bitch wrong.

I have a huge amount of appreciation for good teachers. Teachers that build relationships with their students and don’t see them as simply “this year” are becoming a rarity though. Now there are lines not to be crossed and social boundaries preventing students from really bonding with some of the most important people in their lives. This is truly tragic for what better examples are there for students to be around?

In the 12th grade I surprised everyone by making it into AP English. I had the most amazing teacher ever, Mrs. Campbell. I remember her kindness to this day and that really says something considering how much has happened in my life since that year. The confidence that awesome woman gave me is evident today. I would probably not be writing this post, this blog, or any blog if it had not been for her. She pretty much redeemed me from the pitiful state the previous teacher had left me in. Confidence is such a precious thing that is often taken for granted. It is a trait that is built slowly and lost rapidly.

I passed the AP exam and got my college credits (I wasn’t surprised, I actually slept for thirty minutes because I was done before everyone else). I beat the scores of most of the straight A students, I was definitely not one of those people. I proved something and the important part is not what I proved. It was who I proved it to. I showed myself that year that the opinion of others doesn’t mean shit in the long run. All that matters is what you are willing to do in the moment. Do you allow someone else to create your moments or do you say “fuck you this is my life.” Give me my moment back.


The Face of Adoption


The face of adoption is not one face, one story, or one view. I hate reading adoption articles because the writer almost always pushes their views as those of “adoptees in general.” I have found that adoptees are normally courteous to each other, but at the same time we often avoid one another. It is a reminder of who we are, when we see another adoptee, and although we need not be ashamed of our lives… still we know our life is different than it was supposed to be. The face of adoption is not black, white, yellow, or any color. It can only be seen in the mirror through the eyes of the one that owns it.

Jason Cushman

-Opinionated Man

I see your eyes still

I see your eyes still, even though parted we have been. They look back at me while bouncing against ice cubes, caught in the turbulence of the alcohol of my choice. Choices, they line before me like pawns. Only these pawns do not look so small while standing on the chessboard of life. Who the hell upgraded them to badass knights? Is that the Queen standing yonder? What symbol adorns that banner there, I know it not. But her eyes I do know. They are the eyes of my mother.