Guest Post – How To Blog..

Pour yourself a glass of wine.

Kick the crap under the sofa so you have somewhere to sit.

Spend ten minutes trying to remember where you put the wine you just poured.

Realize it is Johnny Depp’s birthday and he is one fine looking 52. Send him an email. Spend 20 minutes pouring over pirate pictures.

Yell at the cat who won’t stop walking across your keyboard.

Stop trying to remember where you left your first glass of wine and just pour yourself another. Leave it sitting on the counter.

Get into an argument with some lunkhead on facebook who couldn’t find a brain cell with two hands and flashlight.

Read your favorite blogs and say nice things to people. Find a troll and stalk him across the internet for while, mocking him relentlessly.

Decide you’d really like a glass of wine, so go pour yourself one.

Open a blog post and stare at the page until you break out in a cold sweat. Write something, anything, keeping in mind that somebody’s probably going to hate it. This is okay, just remember hatred is the flip side of love.

It’s people’s indifference that we writers really fear.

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White feathers

A single black feather floats in a sea of white. An overwhelming white that attempts to suffocate the unique. It becomes a fleck that steals an ounce of beauty from the whole. We hate it for the freedom that it represents. There can be no imperfection here. No difference among the different.



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