Why the World Now Fears Bloggers

Do you remember the good old days when a company could give shitty service to a customer and then when they complained the corporation could laughingly place them into a caller queue to be redirected to death? When was the first time you heard or read of a story where someone used social media to fight back? Did it inspire you or make you curious?

The World fears us bloggers. We are unbridled, unprofessional peons with keyboards. We are supposed to know our place in this consumer enslaved world. We go to work, we make our pennies, and then we spend our money right back on the companies we work for. That is how the circle of life is painted in most portraits that sit behind current CEO desks.

The day that the average chump decided that they weren’t going to be just another customer was the day the Corporate World learned fear. Suddenly the guy wearing a hoody at register eight might very well be a social media giant that won’t put up with bullshit customer service. He won’t put up with rude servers or pompous managers. What is his weapon of choice? It is held by a holster or in his pocket… a simple cell phone with internet ability and a WordPress Ap.

That hoody is suddenly a fucking cape.



Trolls will attack your family

My troll is now threatening to contact DCS in an attempt to have my children taken from me. This is no longer just “trolling,” but a clear case of cyber harassment. I have over 50 “pending” comments from this person and emails from him as well, including countless pingbacks showing willing interaction with my website. I will present all this evidence to authorities and have filed cyber harassment complaints as well. Fortunately we live in a country where the government has policies and won’t simply take a “random email or phone call” as gospel (even if you call a hundred times a day like you probably will). I am willing to comply with any investigation and am not afraid of any inquiry.

This is the extent trolls will go to have your blog shut down when they disagree with your words. When they can’t beat you they will attack your family, your job, and you personally. The whole time they will claim YOU are the bully. This isn’t right and people like this need serious help. They are obviously unhappy and want to make you equally so.

I will not apologize for doing nothing wrong. I will not be afraid of some random troll that has decided to make me their prime target and reason for life. Send your emails and make your phone calls. I will answer to any authority that knocks on my door. I have done nothing wrong and will not live in fear of you.

-Opinionated Man

Jason C. Cushman



WordPress – A Site of Fences

Browsing WordPress is much like walking down a fenced in sidewalk these days. Everywhere I look there are walls, protective measures, and anxious eyes watching my every move. Some bloggers are “waiting” for visitors to grace their pages, others are worried about predators and thieves stealing their work and still other writers are busy creating masterpieces that they then quickly erect gigantic walls around to ensure no one ever sees them. This all culminates into the saddest image of blogging to me.

I once had a follower email me and ask “what do you do about protecting your writing? Aren’t you afraid someone will steal your words since you put all you’re writing out there for free?” I quickly replied to this email that there is no way possible to ensure that someone doesn’t steal your words. It will happen, it is happening, and it can’t be stopped. I also pointed out that it is impossible to recognize the “dollar amount” that you are losing due to someone taking and sharing your writing without permission. This is merely to say that the “stress” associated with such cares is generally not worth the anxiety.

I have never been worried about people re-blogging, sharing, or reposting my articles. I do like to ask/demand that people credit the author and the website, but humans will do as they please. In an “open forum” website like WordPress it is basically impossible to regulate such things and I also think that the more eyes that see your articles the better. And for those worried that “someone else is making money off you” stop worrying about that complexity because guess what? WORDPRESS makes money off you currently. Still bothered? Every time you log into your WordPress account, or any website or account, you ARE paying someone, just in case anyone was really that naïve…

Everyone is so quick to erect fences. Don’t you know that is the fastest way to get splinters? I really hate splinters, they are so damn hard to get out, and thus I stay away from arduous woodwork. I will admit I get a bit sad and possibly annoyed when I visit a blog and I read something amazing. I then glance over at the follower count and view numbers and I say to myself “what a shame.” Like a rose behind a wall, a princess locked inside a tower, these are all the same images that define a deprived world. A world that will never be given the ultimate gift, an original thought written by you… that to me is the true tragedy of what blogging is becoming.



Why I Hate Opinionated Man

Opinionated Man:

Hahahaha! The hate is welcome! ;) -OM
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Originally posted on drhashtagbaby:

1.  He clearly meditates too much and has mutant powers.  Like his name is Ommmmm ffs.
2.  His writing is sometimes better than mine. It fucking pisses me off.
3. He didn’t post my guest blog.
4.  He has a YouTube channel.  I never watched it.
5.  His trolley robots on his website…well….I won’t give away the secret.
6.  He blogs too much and gets too many comments
7.  He took my job.
8.  He doesn’t tag his posts with my name anymore.
9.  I have a better cellphone than him (#Randoms6PromoOps)
10.  I dunno. I just really want to hate someone so I picked him.



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Trolls – Just ignore him

I have a troll that has begun to attack those that support this website in any way and might make posts about you. I encourage you all not to engage this sad individual. There are some haters that throw random comments your direction… and then there are “bloggers” like this guy who will attack you, your family, your job, your platform, and all the hard work you have done because they are jealous. They will spend their time writing multiple posts about you a day and they will make wild claims. They will say they are top this or that on a platform, but when they tweet or post they get very few shares. Of course they will holler about data, seo , and impressions but where is the proof? Post something or say something of value and show me people commenting and responding to it. Don’t “claim” millions read you each day and have no way of proving it. Lame.

People like this want to scare you and intimidate you. Even now he keeps saying “apologize” because it will empower him to have me bow down. They find some person or popular group on a social media site and they attack them and try to hamstring them. If you look at this guy’s site that is all he does. Every post is an attack on some online celebrity or social media advocate group. They are relentless in their attack such as posting your home address and telephone number from the internet register and innocently claiming “what I’m just sharing open information.” Then they claim YOU make vague threats. The thing is people none of that bothers me. I have shared where I live for a reason. Colorado has a nice “make my day” type law for personal property. I didn’t only work on generators in the military. I advise anyone that wishes harm against me or those I love to not step foot on my property. I will not hesitate.

The saddest part is that this individual keeps trying to comment on my posts. I have all these comments in pending and will save them along with the emails to me and my mother that he wrote (yes he told on me to my mother…). Any inquiry from any law office may reach out to me for any evidence. Any social media platform that tries to shut down my accounts will also get this evidence. Honestly some people’s kids…

This is the last post I’ll make on this topic unless really necessary. Be careful out there bloggers. :)

-Opinionated Man

Jason C. Cushman