I still hate you

I don’t know why I can’t stop hating you. I don’t know why I only hate you. I know there is a father out there, fuck him too. But you get most of the anger… because I know for a fact you rejected me. Are you happy with your life? Do you ever think about me? Have you told my sister I came searching for you both? Did you tell her about 2003? I was so close I could feel you both there… and that is what made the rejection that much harder. Would it have killed you to simply speak to me? Couldn’t you have at least let me hear your damn voice? To know the tone of your mother… that is the RIGHT of any child. Fuck your pride, fuck Korean culture, and fuck you. I will be who I was meant to be. I don’t need your acceptance. And although you own my anger you don’t own me. You will never own a part of me. Birth mother? That is only a phrase. You are nothing. Fuck you.

Jason Chandler Cushman

Ahn Soo fucking Jin

Blogging – Writing Shorts

I write shorts on this blog. There are three bloggers I follow that I consider examples of “purest bloggers.” They are Linda@ http://lindaghill.wordpress.com/, HW@ http://holisticwayfarer.com/, and Doobster@ http://mindfuldigressions.com/. I do not mean the term purest blogger in a derogatory way, in fact I consider it the ultimate compliment. These three bloggers write well written posts, grammatically as well as aesthetically, and one need only read a single article to know they “care” about their writing. They most likely edit and reedit their posts several times and their writing form shows evidence of this. In most ways they far surpass my small skill in relaying mental thought because they are far better technical writers than I.

I am a writer of shorts mainly due to a “writer’s block” that isn’t all that uncommon. After a certain word count I begin to lose both focus and quite honestly interest. I could blame the ADHD or any number of other things, but the truth is writing isn’t my only focus in blogging and I enjoy the short write. Because of that my articles do suffer and it shows when I reread my own posts. This has a lot to do with why I don’t feel “overly” attached to anything I write, even though I of course care about what I am doing here on WordPress. I do not seek perfection in a post. The speed to which I write and publish proves this, I try to capture a thought before it escapes me. I also only do a single edit on almost all posts. I normally don’t miss many spelling errors, but I will obviously mess up grammar and punctuation in some. I accept that though because I am not a perfectionist in that way.

Purest bloggers allow their audience to find them and these three have great readerships because their writing is admired. I admire it. I say all this not to embarrass them or to denigrate my own website, but rather to show a difference in styles of blogging and how everyone is seeking their own goal. There is no singular path with blogging, we are all here simply to share what we wish to share be it art, photography, fashion, food, writing, or even just random thoughts. Take what advice you can find that suits your needs and leave the rest for the birds. As long as you are happy doing what you love to do that is all that should really matter. We are all bloggers here, finding our way without much help. That doesn’t mean we can’t accept support and encouragement from one another when we find it.

-Opinionated Man


Opinionated Man:

Aren’t reliving memories fun? Thanks for taking part in the post and for sharing the link with me! -OM
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Bon-Fires… Oh my! This is a precious memory of when I was a child. We lived in the country and my parents loved to stay home with us girls and build big huge bonfires!! The memory is wonderful and every time I smell a woodsy smoke smell I am taken back to the best years and fondest memories with my family.

Happy Meals- another great one! My mother loved stopping at McDonalds to get us happy meals after school. I remember her saying, “eat all your happy meal and you’ll get the toy.” Let’s just say I always ate my happy meal so I usually got the toy right away. God I miss this.

Married with Children and Roseanne- our favorite tv shows when I was a child. There was nothing like coming home from school and sitting with my parents and watching these shows. We laughed, we cried, and…

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Memories 1… 2… 3…

{I do these often and think they are fun. If you want to accept this as a writing prompt and send me yours I’ll reblog if I like it.}

Streets with no sidewalks – Every time I see a street with no sidewalk it reminds me of Jackson, Mississippi. I grew up there as a kid and there were older neighborhoods with no sidewalks and when I moved to Memphis, Tennessee there were sidewalks. Jackson thus became associated with no sidewalks and it always takes me back to my childhood days of racing bikes and trips to the 7-11 to get candy.

Captain Morgan Rum – I am not a big rum drinker and for good reason. I think I honest to God turn into a pirate when I drink rum. This one time in college my best friend Rallee and I decided it was a good idea to play Chess for shots. He liked Vodka and I liked Captain so we made it a shot a piece and three shots for the loser. I four moved him on the first game and he was quickly a little drunk. The second game got played out and my friends that were watching left to get beers. When they returned all they told us was that we were trying to kill each other… literally. I am sure I had a good reason. The Captain didn’t make too many mistakes.

Eating – Some girl in college said she liked the way I ate… as if I “enjoyed my food.” Whatever that means… but forever I wondered whether I looked like I was enjoying my food… damn her!

Cell phones – When I was a kid I found a cell phone. This thing was old, like the cell phone Zack Morris used in “Saved by the Bell.” If you don’t know what that is I can’t help you in life. Anyways, I couldn’t crack the four digit pin so I gave it to my sister… who did it in twenty minutes. I think I tried calling China… to order Chinese food. Kids right… hehehe….

That was immature – What I just wrote.