Memories lost

They will remember a shadow when you are gone. A shade of dust and light. Colored by their imagination, they will picture you as they wish. As they need to. I shatter a dream to realize reality, the reality that dreams do not exist. Reality sits like half empty cups of vodka. Forgotten for a moment, in the moment it takes to contemplate loss. Do we watch hope walk out the door only to sigh at the realization she was never ours. Simply another man’s mistress. How sweet the song is when sung through whiskey breath. I sing it now as I close my eyes to slowly die. A whisper in the night.


Write Without Fear

Some days I post and I can watch my subscriber number fall like a dying human’s heartbeat. It would actually be alarming to a lot of other bloggers, but for me it is business as usual. I do not “write for offense,” I simply write without fear.

The world wants obedient humans living on it. Society wants subservient robots working in it. Blogs are our voice to the world that we are not all alike. We are not labels, we are not “groups,” we are not races, we are in fact people with daily lives and growing opinions. When we write without fear and share our thoughts with the world we practice a form of liberty that should be celebrated daily. That should never be lost.

You may have read some blog posts or articles on how “blogging gives journalism” a bad name due to the unprofessionalism of most bloggers. Here is what many journalists don’t get, bloggers don’t write to be professional. We write to share and to show we care and that process does not require the technical stages that journalism does. Should we still strive to put out good material? Absolutely, but a personal opinion should never be silenced in the blogosphere for failing to meet the technical requirements of others. We are not all professional writers here, but we still write.

I post about things I care about. I harp on subjects that really interest me just like anyone else. That is what makes a blog authentic and your readers will know whether or not you truly mean your words in most cases. Speak plainly and loudly without fear or shame of your opinions. They are what make us individuals.


Three people who deserve my thanks

Opinionated Man:

A “thank you” is never wasted! I appreciate you taking the time and thanks for the kind mention! -OM
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Three vastly different people have turned out to be the best things to happen to this blog, and in the spirit of Thanksgiving, they deserve credit and thanks for their positive influence, so here goes.

1. Opinionated Man.

OM’s blog (Harsh Reality), as most of us know, is a godsend to new bloggers hoping to get more visibility and learn the ropes of blogging. He follows new blogs and offers encouragement, advice (that actually works!), and support to newbies and veteran bloggers alike. He also answers all questions posed to him on his blog, no small feat for someone who is so prolific and has so many followers. He also answers them quickly.

In my case (as I’m sure in many others), OM reblogged an early post of mine, which gave my blog a huge boost in visibility and gained me a smallish but loyal following. That in…

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Illegal Immigration – Why is it such a big deal?

Illegal immigration is a big deal ALL OVER THE WORLD! The only reason people love to point at America on it is because of our history, how this nation was formed, and our willingness to trumpet a banner of “freedom.” Those reasons make us a target when it comes to dealing with the subject, but how fair is that really?

The largest group of illegal immigrants in the United States is from Mexico because of how close that country is and they number almost 50% of the illegal population here. What happens to an illegal America in Mexico? Does anyone know? Well that depends on who you speak to, but most assuredly you will be jailed and deported. You will also most likely be robbed of any cash you have on hand because the Mexican “police force” is a corrupt entity because it really isn’t an entity at all. How is it that we only harp on how illegals are deported from America and never once does anyone research what happens to illegals in other nations? Do you honestly believe they are treated better in other countries?

What people don’t realize is what happens when a large group of illegal immigrants moves to your city, county, or even your neighborhood. Suddenly your child’s school fills up months earlier and the classrooms are packed with children and an overwhelmed teacher. Now if you are rich and go to a private school you might never witness this. You may never see a single effect of illegal immigration and GOOD FOR YOU if you can afford to avoid it. Illegal immigration directly affects the lower and middle classes and that is why so many people care. That is why so many people are against it.

There was an old argument that “illegals do the jobs people don’t want to do,” and in some cases that reasoning may be valid. That doesn’t excuse the fact that they are here illegally though and we might want to edit those views according to current day struggles. There are many Americans doing jobs they thought they would never do, that they never had to do previously. As many people that say “well Americans won’t pick vegetables,” I can point out large groups that now will because they are struggling. We also have a lot of people that won’t do contract killing… does that suddenly make it right for contract killers to live in America?

I once had an argument with someone over illegal immigration and I said simply that “people should wait their turn in line.” I then explained that I too had to wait my turn to be naturalized and I was left on the street when I was a child before being adopted. I understand why people want to come to America, but that doesn’t make it right to skip those in line that have been waiting their turn. The commenter made note to me that “being in need as an adult is a lot different than as a child and that there are plenty of homeless kids running around Asia.” So I suppose that was intended to make me and the other Asian orphans feel better… “don’t worry there are tons of you hungry at the same time! Bond over that!” I am really glad I have the blogosphere to educate me on being “needy” and showing me that their “needs” are greater and that is why their rights matter more than mine.

With Obama’s “pardon” of around 5 million illegals, and yes it was a PARDON since you were all criminals for being here to begin with, he has shown another example of how American politicians will bend the law as they wish. And I mean all politicians so don’t start in on “Republican this and Democrat that.” This is just another example of the “hide and seek” nation we have created since we have a history of “pardoning people” if they are able to hide for long enough here. Hell we even granted that for harsher crimes than illegal immigration when we allowed criminals a pardon for essentially the same thing, being able to hide. Sounds like the building blocks of a great nation to me.

This country is struggling. Oh sure on the outside we all look like we are doing well still. There is McDonalds and happy people on the television and the world considers “American Life” still as a staple of happiness. That façade is quickly eroding as our money runs out, wars carry on, and our money goes to fund things no one in this nation cares about but a select few. Illegal immigration and the acceptance of 5 million illegals that were “good at hiding” is just another example. This country will break itself before anyone else does.

-Opinionated Man

Why Feminism Sucks

One Example to Rule Them All!

If I were to sneak into a feminist meeting I have a feeling I would see a banner that sounds similar to that. Feminism sucks because they strive to push all men into the same category. That is why most men hate feminism and the aggressive nature it produces. I am sure within an hour of posting this there will be at least one man that feels the need to chime in with “I am a feminist and I am a male.” Good for you, I am sure your wife or girlfriend appreciates it.

Feminism sucks because regardless what type of feminist you are you are guilty of labeling all men in some way. If it isn’t the frequent man hate that the “neo feminists” love to blog about, they are doing it right now go check the tags “feminism and feminists,” then it is the feminists that love men but still push unfair stereotypes onto us. They still use percentages to try and make us all feel guilty over things that men should not feel guilty of. Not all men at least.

Why do feminist hate the phrase “not all men” so much? That is a simple answer, they hate not being able to group us all into an easily attackable bunch. They hate that when they say “well this percentage of bosses are men in this patriarchal society” and we respond with… “I am a man and have never been a boss or a manager. I have never had a secretary and I don’t drive around in a Ferrari” it goads them into finding a reason we are all still misogynist bastards. For example these current youtube videos where a woman walks through a BAD NEIGHBORHOOD and gets catcalled and hit on. Why can’t we see what happens when a woman walks through a good neighborhood or on wall street? Because men won’t follow the stereotype you are looking for?

If you want to find bad humans you can find them amongst men and women. I could do some youtube videos of my own of women cat calling and making obscene remarks, but because no one makes a video of it we are suppose to assume it doesn’t happen right? I’ve even seen a few “parody” videos of women showing “what it would be like if women acted like men.” Those women that make these videos really need to get outside their bubble… there are truly women that act that way daily. Making fun of it as if it doesn’t happen isn’t fooling me ladies, sorry.

“Don’t you know how privileged you are? Don’t you know feminism stands for equal rights?” For starters no I don’t know how privileged I am. Please explain to me all the perks this adopted Korean with a white name has enjoyed his whole life? I didn’t even qualify for an “Asian Scholarship” to UT Knoxville due to not being the “right Asian.” So please tell me what types of privilege you are referring to? That I pee standing up? I find many women throw that statement around because they don’t have real “facts.” They heard the line and it sounds nice so they use it. In fact those “privileged males” are so small in number they equal the SAME STATISTIC as the rich, upper class. Interesting how that correlates isn’t it?

Feminists love to hijack terms. You can’t be for “equal rights” unless you are a feminist now. I can’t count how many arguments I have had over this. You do realize that “equal rights” and the fight for such movements has been around FAR BEFORE anyone even farted about the idea of feminism right? Does that make you angry feminists? Is that why your eyes light up because you wish to subservient anyone that is for “certain movements” under your own agenda and you force them to carry your banner? You can’t be for equal rights unless you are a feminist! That is such an invalid statement and yet it is held and praised by everyone including Emma Watson. It just goes to show that intelligence doesn’t necessary mean you are smart.

“Well we are just for equal opportunity.” Well so am I! I am all for equality and work hard towards it. “Well why don’t you stand for feminism then?” Why don’t you all stand for minority or Korean rights? I missed your banners at the last meeting… you must have all been in the back around the snickers bars. It is funny how feminists will attack and persecute others for “not being true to a movement” when they themselves fail at their own movement everyday. If you are truly for equal opportunity and equal rights why not pick up a few more banners? Why not spread your support for real things, such as minority rights? No, instead you want to walk around showing your tits to make some lame statement that “if you are looking at me now you are evil.” Well if you are walking around shirtless trying to make that statement you aren’t evil, you are just ignorant.

-Opinionated Man