BLOGGING 101: Commenting Boldly

Opinionated Man:

I appreciate the pingback and mention! Thanks for taking the time to come give my site a read and for boldly making that comment. I wish you well with your blogging and I think it is awesome you are taking part in blogging 101! -OM
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I am not politically motivated in any way.  I do love my homeland and often worry about the turn our government is taking, but I generally keep my opinions to myself.  My head is not in the sand. The nearest I have ever come to making a public statement about my political preferences was on MULIEBRAL VIEWPOINT last year and the only two comments under the article were sage.

Opinionated Man had some good advice today about controlling the comments on his blog—Harsh Reality.   These two suggestions, plus the comments that follow show what every new blogger should know. I dared to comment on his previous article about feminists—hoping nobody I actually know reads what I said.

Hoof Beats and Foot Prints had a great article, “Worth the Wait.” about a cat watching the bird feeder. The actual point of the article was that the photographer and the cat were both watching…

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I wouldn’t want to argue with me either

I bet some of you wonder why I don’t debate much with people. The reason is simple, I am a monstrous asshole when it comes to argument. I hate to lose, I do not lose, I will not lose to you. In my world of blog I am perfect. In my world every word I say is golden and if it isn’t golden it at least looks like fools gold. I pick and choose what debates I enter into and I refuse to repeat myself. What many people might miss is that often a thread will consist of multiple conversations that sound exactly alike. Since I am not in the habit of copying and pasting my responses, no matter how generic I may sound, I find it tedious to enter into twenty of the same arguments in the exact same post! I mean honestly how annoying is that shit?

I wouldn’t want to argue with me either. My wife says I am impossible to argue with because I am insanely stubborn and an ass. I take that as a compliment and I find most online attacks amusing actually. The most entertaining is when a person starts to attack your intelligence because they can’t draw you further into the debate. That doesn’t faze me because as I have said I live on a cloud above men thereby giving me a great vantage point to look down on all humans. People lack flare when insulting online and that is tragic. It tells me you don’t really care to be better at things.

Passion causes a person to lose focus. Separating passion from action is the first step in winning any online argument. Given enough responses most people will slip up eventually and then you got them! Once you win one small point take that gold belt and run! Because the only person that doesn’t stay a champion is the fool that keeps playing.

(Note: First time ever I actually laughed while writing something. My ego knows no bounds.)


Why I will never be a Feminist

I have joked about this subject and also written a few posts I feel outline my issues with this movement. I regularly browse the feminist tags because I just know at least one article will make me say “What The Fuck.” It never fails and has become a weekly routine of mine. I can’t but admire the passion on some posts, but I still feel put off by most.

“Men need to, men need to, men need to” if it isn’t man hate it is telling men what they need to do. “You need to join this movement because…” because why? Because you women tell us to? Isn’t that in step with what your group supposedly hates about our current society? That you have felt forced to live a certain way? But in this new world of equality that feminists preach about men are now “forced” to feel like they must join a movement that MOST of us can’t relate to. Oh… but this movement is about equality and humanity right? Wrong, this movement is just like any other movement and has an agenda.

There are so many hot topics right now that are meant to shame men into feeling sorry for women. Slut shaming, cat calling, this patriarchy that women always rant about, bras, shaving legs, and other issues I see ranted upon. Who exactly are you women so angry at? Is this like our collective anger at the economy and we are all really angry at a small percentage of wealthy people? The rich or those in control? Why is a group so set on equality not more interested in minority issues? I rarely see talk about those unless the woman happens to be a minority and they then connect it by default.

Recently I read two articles I found amusing as shit. One was an article by a supposed feminist who stated that Western society no longer really struggles with issues of feminism. The “real” struggle is in the middle east and it is an injustice by women of Western culture not to focus more on that area of the world. Ok, so I get that women are severely oppressed in many middle eastern countries and even Asian countries as well. I get that, but how does it benefit feminism when you knock down other feminists because “they aren’t focused” in the direction you think they should be? How does it benefit feminism to knock a celebrity that donates money she DOES NOT HAVE TO because you feel that money should be sent to a different country? Humans love to preach to and AT people. We love to say “you are doing it wrong” without lifting a finger of our own. How pathetic is that?

I don’t need feminism because I have my own issues and they aren’t currently on the feminist agenda. Should I set aside my own struggles due to race and position in society to go march in a parade for people that honestly don’t appreciate us? Oh sure women say “men can be feminist,” but there is an instant addition to that. Men can only be a feminist if they act a certain way, say the right things, and don’t act in other ways. How come society continues to tell the individual that they are not this or that? Do we really need another entity making us feel less men? How many men actually feel like they are empowered and rule this world? I dare say most of us don’t feel that way and we struggle daily just like women. Men just don’t blame women for our struggle.

I have had people say to me “well I think you hate women.” That honestly can’t be further from the truth. I LOVE women. As a father, as a husband, and as an adopted son to a great woman I recognize there are women in this world I admire. There are also a great deal of women, men, and semi-humans I could give a shit less about. Most of those are the whiney asses that want everyone else to drop their agendas and take up their cross instead. How about you prove to me our goals align and then maybe I’ll join in your cause? In this day though simple hesitation means that you are an enemy and that is a sad trend of our current society.

I once had someone say to me “if you don’t support a person or a group then that is the same as saying you hate them.” I still get shocked by this statement because of the utter stupidity of the words. I know not everyone relates to Asian struggles or the struggles of the working father. Does that mean I think the world hates us? No, they are simply busy with their own points of focus. That is reality women, we don’t all need to be on your bandwagon. Just because a person doesn’t loudly proclaim the feminist pledge, if there even is a pledge, doesn’t mean we don’t believe in equality. We just don’t believe in forming an equal society through your steps, we have our own.

I will never be a feminist no matter how many celebrities get on stage and tell me I MUST be one. I honestly wouldn’t have a clue what you all stand for other than the basic answer of “equality and humanism.” When does a movement no longer become based on what it was purported to be founded on? How large of a percentage must split off before a group realizes that more than one group exists? There is not a feminist movement, there are multiple movements going on and they aren’t marching in the same direction. You have the man haters that habitually tag their posts with “feminist and feminism” and rant daily on how awful men are. What scum bags we are and how sexist we act. Based on your life and the men YOU CHOSE to associate with that is the profile men as a group receive right? Makes a ton of sense.

You then have the college feminists who honestly are some of the most annoying out there. Why? Because they rant endlessly on the “hot topics” that many haven’t even experienced and that they grabbed on “The work place is so unfair and women don’t receive equal treatment in the workforce” is constantly repeated and I do mean repeated. The problem is that most of these women haven’t even had a job yet, much less been in the workforce so what the hell do they know? But because some “other feminist” wrote about it you take that banner and run right? That is exactly why feminists in college or even younger are annoying as shit. Live a little, see the world and then come tell us what is wrong. Don’t tell me what is wrong when you haven’t even experienced a single minute of what you are preaching about you simply “heard” about it.

I also can’t stand the bandwagon feminist. You know the “I saw Emma Watson’s speech and let me just say I have ALWAYS been a feminist!” Sure you have, which is why you were just posting jokes about other women last week right? But you are SOOO gung-ho now apparently. It is like the kid that has a new hobby every month. If we simply wait a week most of those wagons will “become lost.” It is human nature.

I think bad thoughts all the time, but I don’t always verbalize them. I’ve been told by Christians that this is equal to doing the action. I’ve been told by feminism that if I think it I am as bad as a misogynist male that says those things. So apparently thinking “why is she wearing that in public” is slut shaming these days. Guilty. So apparently saying women running around naked is stupid is the same as being a sexist. Guilty. Well here is your equality, men running around naked is ALSO stupid. Fair enough? I am sure it isn’t, but hey at least I tried. I just can’t fathom how running around with your breasts showing is gaining you any respect and if my daughters were doing that they would get an ear full. If anything it makes you look foolish and both men and women that are watching you are THINKING that. The girl with her shirt still on, but that is clapping and cheering you on still has her shirt on because deep down inside she is thinking… “these women are fucking crazy.” Because they are.

I am so tired of people telling me their problems are more important than mine. Their values are more important than mine. Their movement is more important than mine. How about all of you stick to your own damn two feet and let us walk our own path. You speak of shaming? How about not trying to shame the world into falling behind a movement that isn’t about the world. Because it isn’t, it is about a feminist agenda that I will never be a part of.

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-Opinionated Man

An Open Letter to “Feminist” Taylor Swift

Opinionated Man:

Want to know why people hate feminism? Because of posts like this where you point fingers and try to say “you are doing it wrong” to people that actually SUPPORT your group. This is a great example of why no one has any idea what feminism stands for because feminists can’t even agree. They also willingly attack those trying to help because “they aren’t helping the right people or in the right way.” I love when people try to shame celebrities and tell them what they should do with their hard earned money. This is pathetic in my book, go make your own money and help yourself. -OM
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Originally posted on Elementary Politics:

Taylor, Taylor, Taylor. Look, I like your music. I’m going to continue liking your music for a very long time, I have no doubt. However, you are not impressing me with this new facet of your personality. You know, the one where you have decided to embrace this shallow modern “feminism” that your friends Lena Dunham and Emma Watson have impressed upon you.

You’ve bought their rhetoric, you believe that feminism is about equality. Okay, I can let you have that point. You want to care about equality for women? That’s great.

Only Lena Dunham and Emma Watson, from all the evidence I can see, have a very narrow and shallow view of what the most urgent issues of equality are and where we need to address them.

I think you can do better.

You give a lot of money to charity. Maybe you should start with sending some of that…

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Mehl the Anti-Blogger

Opinionated Man:

I thought this was a great introduction and I really liked those last two lines. I follow the same logic to never allow other people to make me doubt myself. Well said and welcome to WordPress! -OM
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Originally posted on Arrows Aimed:

In a day and age where the thought “I want to start a blog,” crosses the mind of all the 20-somethings out there, I am here to say–My name is Mehl and I am starting a blog. Shocker, right?

Like any college student avoiding 10-page papers and responsibility I love blogs. I have read them for years to help me feel inspired and motivated to do more than eating chicken Ramen while watching Harry Potter. Don’t get me wrong–chicken Ramen and Harry Potter is where it’s at. But that isn’t the point.

Writing has always been a passion and blogging has been an interest I felt I was suppose to pursue for awhile. But like anyone who feels they are being asked to be vulnerable, I denied this any chance I got. I never thought I would or could fit the mold of what I thought a blogger was.

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