Why I do what I do

People speculate. Speculation gets as old as ramyun noodles every day. People ask why I do what I do and I try to explain. Most never “get it” and often they leave muttering under their breath about what an idiot I am. They might just be right.

I am not always sure why I do what I do. I suppose one could easily say I do it because I can… because it feels good to help people randomly. Humans have become such selfish creatures and are hesitant to do anything if there is no personal gain. I view that with a tragic eye, but I get it. Our lives are measured in seconds and those seconds are precious because they are ours and only ours. We could easily bleed ourselves dry for a society that does not care about us, but then what would we have to show for it? What would be the reason behind dying for a nameless cause?

When I first began using my blog to promote others I will admit I was fueled by phantom smiles that I never personally witnessed. I simply hoped they existed on the other side of the screen, perhaps even half smiles as people awoke to surprisingly full inboxes. What better way to show support to the community I care about than to support that very community.

I may never write a “real” book and I am ok with that. So many talented authors are gathered on WordPress that are only missing one thing – connection. That elusive microphone or line to the outside world that is ever present and yet so hard to pinpoint. I get the struggle even if it appears I do not struggle. We are all in the same race and yet we need not be opponents. We can raise others up with our own banner if we choose to. Rarely do people care to put in that much effort though especially for a stranger.

I am not a wealthy man. I earn my dollars by an hourly wage much like everyone else and I work 40 hours a week just like most of you. I have dreams and goals that are beyond this blog. I see you all everyday chasing your dreams and truthfully it inspires me. Maybe one day I will create something or write something to be truly proud of as many of you have. Until that day I will keep doing what I do. Helping to help because I can. Because why the hell not.

Do not ask me why I do what I do. If it isn’t obvious you aren’t looking in the right spot with the right state of mind.



To Be Free or Not To Be Free

Opinionated Man:

Now THAT is blogging. What an honest view. -OM

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About 9 years ago I divorced my husband (now ex-husband) because of many reasons. At the time my son was 7. My thought process was that I needed to meet people that were in a similar situation as us and maybe meet “The One” who would rock my world and be my forever partner.

About 6 1/2 years ago, I got out of a bad relationship and immediately got into another relationship. The new man I met had a son a couple years younger than my son and needed a lot of help. I decided I was just the nurturer that was going to fix him and his family. I stepped in and built his ego as much as possible.  I fell in love with little things about him and fell out of love with other things. Almost 4 years ago, I gave birth to our baby. Things became very clear…

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Nameless but Important

I believe you are as important as you want to be. When I come to work I don’t get handshakes and head nods from the people that work during the day. All they see is a shadow, a nameless, hoody wearing shadow that as far as they are concerned as long as “he” is wearing a badge he is accepted in the building. No one calls me “Sir” during the day, nobody except maybe the cleaning crew and they only say that because janitors are possibly the most polite and hardest working people in corporate America.

I am not an important man. I wear no white coat to work, people do not pay me to lay down on my couch and have me examine their issues. I have never won a national award, my grades were not straight A’s, and I have never dated a supermodel. I am not even an author and did not study journalism or marketing in school. I have absolutely no qualifications that would warrant people listening to me on WordPress.

I am nameless… but I am still important. I feel like my words, written or verbally expressed, are worth listening to. If I didn’t feel that way I wouldn’t be wasting my damn time typing them out. Blogging is an awesome tool, a fantastic platform, because it provides your “average Joe” the opportunity to be heard.

I have been asked and I often see posts in which the writer or blogger is literally arguing with themselves over the validity of their own words. Why do you need to validate yourself before expressing your opinions? If people are looking for “facts” they can go straight to the source or they can look up Merriam-Webster, they don’t immediately browse Wikipedia… not if they want a passing grade. Much the same could be said of blogging. Depending on your blogging subjects there really is no reason to spend so much time backing up your words with links and factual tidbits. Not unless you are secretly writing for Nasa.gov or for school.

I write like I am a star. Like every word I say is worth the space of white paper that it fills. I don’t worry if this person or that person will enjoy my work. I don’t worry if my subscribers are going to take the time to read it and comment. I write and press publish confident that this nameless blogger, this nobody, is perfectly capable of writing something that might change the world.



Beware of the “Wannabe Preacher”

I know for a fact every religion has these. Often times these people mean well and are actually devoutly faithful themselves. It is their “zeal” for their religion that causes them to overstep in my opinion. These are the “Wannabe Preachers” that plague every church and religion on this planet. You will often see the type “gathering” listeners at their homes or in their circle during coffee hour. They will many times sound correct in their line of thought and they may even add just enough lines from that Sunday’s homily to back up their own words.

My religion is not well known in America. Growing up as an Antiochian Orthodox Christian, I was able to avoid many of these self-proclaimed worshipers… but not always. There are these types in my faith as well. Mainly I would encounter the wannabe preachers in college though. I attended the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and because we were in the “bible belt” I was given the opportunity to observe people “spreading their faith” on many different occasions. These included anyone from the campus crusade to the friendly Asians that wanted me to come on Saturday night to their bible study. I would always laugh when I learned that the bible study was being led by some 18 year old kid who was being called a “student youth minister.” I would often wonder what resume these individuals could present to validate their words and knowledge on the faith and on God. Who did they study with? Where did they go? Did they JUST read the bible and come up with their own interpretation? That is how new religions are formed.

I look down on the practice of being too free with your expressions on religion unless you are doing so to a willing audience and are qualified. Too often people will lead others astray from their own religious beliefs and teachings and many times this is inadvertent and not done from malicious intent. I once said in a post “if you couldn’t interpret “The Grapes of Wrath” what makes you think you can translate the word of God?” I was not being funny. I truly believe this and please don’t get me started on “divine inspiration.” Where was such inspiration when those people were trying to pass Basic English Composition?