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Yea… my major was in business and religion. Definitely not English or Literature. Thanks for the share! -OM
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Why do I like to write? hmmm….

It’s obvious I enjoy writing. This is a fact I must accept. Especially after keeping this little blog for a year.

I think it all started when my sister, Katie, won a poetry contest here at Clemson. I was 7 at the time, and all the contest probably wasn’t that big a deal, I thought it was the coolest thing ever! After that, Katie started training me in the art of poetry writing. Together we wrote a poem entitled “Unfortunate Deoderant”… I think Katie did the naming honors. After that I kept a “Ruthie Poetry Folder” of sorts. I thought I was the best poet, and I knowed it. There was a poem dedicated to each one of my cats, and even one about socks! I happened to stumble upon this little folder last summer while I was cleaning out my room for…

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What Am I Selling?

I am not selling magic. Although if I could sell magic that would be pretty cool. I am selling myself basically. The hard work I do for my website, I will do for yours for a price. The result will be an increase in your subscriber list, from there it is really up to you what you do with your new readers. I am not “selling my readers” as some people might think. I am finding other wordpress bloggers that “might” be interested in your website. The result will be views and an increase in your subscriber list. From there it is up to you, as the owner of the blog, to create relationships or continue the same practice. I will “teach” some methods, but if you are wanting a tutorial on my blogging scheme you will either need to take the time to read the articles in my blogging folder HERE or pay me to take the time to write all that out by email. It is all about time people and trying to make money.

Why am I do this? Well I will continue to write blogs and posts, but right now I am trying to form a business. We will see what happens, but I will at least die knowing I gave it a chance. We all have dreams, mine has always been to work for myself. I finally found something I am good at, so why not trying to make money using that skill for others?

If this interests you please contact me at

Again, thanks for the reblogs and I hope some authors, photographers, or simply bloggers that are looking for a larger audience might take me up on this business offer. I am offering to do the leg work in exchange for a fee.


-Opinionated Man


Sometimes I hate you OM. This fake persona that I have created, that takes up my time. You are my creation, I get that, but you also were something of an afterthought.

An afterthought, ouch, I have never been called that before.

Is it odd that I can now safely call myself that? We are no longer talking between just you and I are we? Wasn’t it better when we screamed in the dark? Who opened the door… it was you OM.

But we are the same, are we not?

We are the same but you speak what should not be spoken. You say what should be left unsaid. And yet that was what we discussed was it not?

It was, we agreed in blood. Blood not spilled, since we share the same heart.

I am beginning to wonder if you have a heart. You seem to dislike the world, is that true? Or are you being unfairly judged?

We are all being judged, it just isn’t always spoken. I revel in judgment.

I don’t, I thought we were supposed to revel in anonymity that was provided through our creation? When did we change our plans?

We have always had this plan. You created me… and now I create you.


My Adoption Story: Part 3

Seoul never sleeps. It is still the Summer of 2000, but we are waiting to depart back home to the United States. I called my mom and she said a few of my friends wanted to meet me at our house after I arrived if that was ok. They were hesitant, the grape vine of information must have let them know something possibly traumatic had happened to their friend while in Korea. Suspicions should not be hindered from the fantastic, I was obviously a North Korean spy now.

We are sitting in my dining room. My family and a few of my friends are here, I hand out a few gifts. I don’t really remember too much from this period, it is kind of like a dream that someone told me about that I then feel like is my own. I probably could remember more, I probably don’t really want to. I do know that while in Korea I developed a love for the spirits. In Korea you just need to be able to crawl to the bar and say “Soju!” and the God of soju appears. I was eighteen at the time, took first grade twice to learn English for those counting, so drinking sounded like a remarkably great idea. I recall guzzling a pint of rum, post finding out my big news, then proceeding to spread my breakfast, lunch, and dinner all over Pusan. Yes, drinking was definitely for me. Now let’s go to college…


Dear WordAds

I really appreciate that WordPress created WordAds for those trying to find a “little” income off their blog. That being said, I will need to make a decision about my participation with hosting these Ads. I can remove them at any point and I just might. Some of these new Ads are ridiculously loud and now they have new ones that FLASH and even do “pop-ups.” I want you to all know that these Ads are not “created” by me and that I too find them annoying…. and it is my own damn website.

I will make a decision this weekend.



This really isn’t an article on google or I am writing this because I can and I want to test something. I wonder how strong the connection is between my search and the searches that find my website. If I google “opinionated man” I own most of that first page and I have made a little progress on the name “Harsh ReaLiTy.”I also see the SEO relationship, so please don’t hit me with book offers. I get it, it isn’t that hard to figure out. But what I wonder, and unless you work for you really can’t know, is how high in the rank you need to be to have the word association value. I don’t think  it matters really, but it is based on traffic. But if that were the case, then when I publish this article and go search on for “google” I should be no where near the first page. Wonder what rank my article will be at on just a basic search with no advanced setting.

I am bored… sue me.


The Novel of the Year is finally here!

(For the original post concerning the release, click here.)

Yes, folks – I know bloggers are generally too busy blogging to write anything (else) deep, insightful, or ground-breaking (let ALONE massively entertaining!), but the Emperor has finally finished his Magnum Opus… and it is sweeeeeeeet.

For those of you who are visually stimulated, take a gander at the cover…

The best novel you'll read this year... until the sequel comes out, that is!  ^_^

The best novel you’ll read this year… until the sequel comes out, that is! ^_^

It is now available in Kindle eBook format as well as trade Paperback.

If you get it now, you’ll beat the “mainstream” and can say you were a fan before the books got super awesome-balls famous… as I’m sure this series will be.  And yes, I said “series”.  This is the very first edition of the TEN-book set (which I have invented the portmanteau “dectilogy” to describe)!

Hurry and be the first on your block, in your office, on your bus, or on your subway commute to have this amazing literary work of excellence.  You’re going to love it!!

And, as always – THANKS FOR READING!!

Emperor Lu Bu

WTF Google+ I????

What the fuck was that Google? I just added my new google plus account and suddenly it hyjacks my posting name and my posts are under my Google+ name? Did I miss a button or something? That was freaking lame. You just lost me on that one guys.


The Writer

He struggles; internally his emotions are a tangle as he sorts through the labyrinth of his own mind. On the outside he is calm, a placid lake. He chews his pen and contemplates his next piece. Like the artist, with their visual minds, a writer can see their finished work. It is sometimes a distant horizon, an unsure future over a faraway hill, and yet the writer knows it is there. Much like a blind man can still feel the warmth of the sunlight on his face, so too can the author feel something important is about to climax.

His pen moves like a paintbrush, painting the canvas of the reader’s mind with tales and stories never seen or heard before. It is this foreign invasion of ideas and dreams that draw people to reading. It is why the writer is. The pen may just be mightier than the sword, for daily it conjures up whole armies of men with passion, demonic adversaries, and stories of triumph. What sword has ever lived through as many painful lives, joyous memories, and future aspirations as a pen does for any with the strength of arm to wield it.

The writer remains motionless, but if you could peel back his skull and see the gears turning it would inspire even the oldest clock maker to find his passion again. Beautiful to behold, and yet it is at the same time scary to imagine what such a mind might do if trapped or tormented forever. The words that might erupt from such a mountain, astonishing anger could certainly come from this same source. The writer simply smiles at these notions; to the writer his body represents a beacon channeling thought onto paper, parchment, or even dirt. To record our past is to ensure our future learns and becomes better from it. Well, we can hope this is true. Such notions are for scholars, the writer just writes.


Don’t Email Me World

Really, by all means email me if you like. But don’t email me for the following reasons.

Begging for self-promotion – yes, I realize I wrote a nice long post about how self-promotion is a good thing. There is a difference between begging and self-promotion though. If you are unclear how something sounds simply reread your email in an Oliver Twist voice. Be sure and ask at the end “for another bowl of soup Sir, please!”

Long emails about how you are unfollowing me – Look I get it! I AM A TERRIBLE PERSON! I am glad we got that straight. Please don’t email me with fucking bullet points as to why you have decided not to visit my website. I am sure we will BOTH live… seriously. Holy shit…

Email invites to rehab – Unless your rehab has happy hour, I am not coming. I refuse!!! Bring your white coated men, I am not afraid of you!

Email invites to Africa – As nice as Africa sounds I really highly doubt Koreans are welcome there. I feel no need to elaborate.

Emails about your cause – I can’t count how many emails I get about someone else’s CAUSE! I am glad you are passionate about something, truly, but coming to me is doing what exactly? Right… you want a reblog. [insert eye roll]

Email subscription lists – I have not signed up to be on any email lists. If I am on yours, you put me there.

Yes, I am annoyed.


I give up on Spam!

I give up on spam. I am not going to sift through my spam folder anymore for “legit comments.” If your comments are being automatically blocked as spam please email Akismet to have your name removed from the spamblock list for WordPress. If I don’t respond to your comment that is probably what is happening. This is just a general announcement to my commenters.



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See the right sidebar for my new Twitter and Facebook accounts or the below links. If you use these to follow me that is fine as well. I don’t talk on Facebook though. Thanks to anyone that follows and likes!


This Website is Pure WordPress

This site will no longer be connected to any other websites. No Facebook, Twitter, Instawhatever, or LinkedIn will be used. If you wish to follow this website I appreciate it. My email is posted but I would ask that you only use that for emergency reasons. Thank you to those that followed me on Twitter, I actually will miss my drunken 140 character rants…