Don’t Email Me World

Really, by all means email me if you like. But don’t email me for the following reasons.

Begging for self-promotion – yes, I realize I wrote a nice long post about how self-promotion is a good thing. There is a difference between begging and self-promotion though. If you are unclear how something sounds simply reread your email in an Oliver Twist voice. Be sure and ask at the end “for another bowl of soup Sir, please!”

Long emails about how you are unfollowing me – Look I get it! I AM A TERRIBLE PERSON! I am glad we got that straight. Please don’t email me with fucking bullet points as to why you have decided not to visit my website. I am sure we will BOTH live… seriously. Holy shit…

Email invites to rehab – Unless your rehab has happy hour, I am not coming. I refuse!!! Bring your white coated men, I am not afraid of you!

Email invites to Africa – As nice as Africa sounds I really highly doubt Koreans are welcome there. I feel no need to elaborate.

Emails about your cause – I can’t count how many emails I get about someone else’s CAUSE! I am glad you are passionate about something, truly, but coming to me is doing what exactly? Right… you want a reblog. [insert eye roll]

Email subscription lists – I have not signed up to be on any email lists. If I am on yours, you put me there.

Yes, I am annoyed.


This Website is Pure WordPress

This site will no longer be connected to any other websites. No Facebook, Twitter, Instawhatever, or LinkedIn will be used. If you wish to follow this website I appreciate it. My email is posted but I would ask that you only use that for emergency reasons. Thank you to those that followed me on Twitter, I actually will miss my drunken 140 character rants…