Asians have NO sense of humor

Asians have no sense of humor. If you even see their teeth a little bit it means they thought it was funny… they just couldn’t crack their stoic nature to give you a full smile. I meet Asians constantly in Denver it seems and it is a new process for me. I generally don’t befriend many of my “kind” back home… because they don’t exist back home. Maybe I need to either work on my humor or come up with new jokes.

The past few times I have met another Asian it has happened to be a Chinese or Hmong person. There are a lot of Hmong in Denver and the Chinese seem to be under your foot every time you turn around lately. The conversations are really short too it seems…

Me: “Hey, my name is Jason WhiteName nice to meet you!”

Random Asian: [Looks me up and down at the mention of my last name] “Hey… my name is Random Asian nice to meet you as well… where are you from?”

Me: “Oh, well I am from Memphis, TN, but I was born in Korea.”

Random Asian: “Well I am Chinese.”

Me: “That’s ok… no one is perfect. We can still be friends.” [insert friendly smile]

Random Asian: “Heh… well nice to meet you…”

Me: “You as well!”

And of course the next time we are at the office watering hole we normally give each other awkward glances and pretend like we don’t know one another. My life as an Asian generally rocks!


Write it like you Mean It!

No one wants to read an opinionated article with no opinion. No one cares how your day went if you won’t tell us why it was good or bad. No one wants to hear about the guy that cut you off in his stupid ass BMW if you won’t tell us what a snob he looked like and how you want to murder his soul.

Give us passion. Can you take me to the next line. That is your goal as a writer, I don’t care what you write. If you can’t carry me through the line, through the paragraph, and all the way till the end of the story I don’t want to read it. I won’t read it.

I am a reader. I am speaking as a reader. Stop writing boring shit.

Goodnight WordPress,


Observing Death

I once watched a sparrow die. She fluttered in the wind and fought against the inevitable. It was inspiring to watch the struggle of life. Why is it that it flares so bright right before it is snuffed out before your eyes? Why must we wait for motivation to come from some sort of sacrifice or lose? Still, I accept the moment for the moment. I observed death with a stare and did not blink before his approach.


Half of you are Full of Shit

I think half of you are full of shit that tell me long lists of what you would do if you had a successful platform. I love how easily people parade the good deeds they “WOULD DO” in front of the world and loudly herald what a great person they are without ever having to prove it. How about you do that? Prove it!

Build a successful blog and then take the time and energy from your day to promote other bloggers. See how rewarding it is, seriously. Then come back here and dare to bitch at me about my blogging ethics. Come and say things like “at least you are finally promoting other people.” How about you bloggers take a look before you judge me. I promote more bloggers on this website than ANY non-Wordpress affiliated site I know of. That includes larger powerblogs I follow who couldn’t care less about the success of others.

People can call me selfish all they want, that is their right as a human. But don’t come at me with bullshit about what a good person YOU are and how much YOU would do if you were in my shoes. Stop creating hypotheticals and do it! Don’t be a lazy ass, prove it instead and don’t just talk the talk.

Note: I will keep scheduling guest authors through this week, but may be away tomorrow. Please be patient as I go through the list.


Blogger Review – HarsH ReaLiTy | HarsH ReaLiTy

Opinionated Man:

Thanks for doing the review Rich! And I laughed a little too hard for 7 am at “who is a White Korean” hahaha. Awesome! -OM
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When I was a young man I learned that the man that had the most integrity is the man that speaks his mind, the man most honest the one that admits his own wrong, and the man most your friend is the one that will tell you when you have a booger hanging out your nose.

Blogger Review – HarsH ReaLiTy | HarsH ReaLiTy

My review of HarsH ReaLiTy . . .

I read a lot of the Internet, a whole lot. I also tend to share my opinion on many of the topics I read. You will find me on many major news provider sites ranting about a wide variety of topics as though I know what I am talking about. Why am I telling you this? Because I feel it necessary to qualify myself as competent to make a review of HarsH ReaLiTy a wordpress blog site that…

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