You People Don’t Know Offensive

I get a real kick out of people that think they offend me with their comments. No one has yet said a single thing on my blog that has offended me I am sorry to say. Hate to kill some of your dreams here, but WordPress is a soft website that houses a bunch of nice people. Genuinely nice. Honestly you can save some finger energy by just not writing “I hope this doesn’t offend you,” because chances are you will either get a smile or an eye roll from me when I read your comment.

I seriously wonder sometimes where some of you live. They must be very nice places. You want to know offensive? Try being Asian and going to a 85% black school your whole life. The shit I have had said to me throughout my life trumps anything said to me on WordPress thus far. You want to know offensive? Try being an adopted Korean with a white name and having every Asian you meet call you a banana and white-washed and THEN they laugh at their own joke and expect you to laugh as well. You want to know offensive? Try being a minority in the United States Air Force and being stationed in Cheyenne, Wyoming for a couple years. Or have a blogger write posts about you for two weeks straight and when you finally do a retaliation post (less than 100 words) they file federal charges against you. Try getting some blogger emails saying they hope you die, you should move from Colorado, or that they want you to burn in hell.

Kiddie punches are thrown here people and I laugh when people say on other blogs that all I do here is “rant.” I actually have yet to really post a RANT on this blog in my opinion. When you see a 5,000 or more words post come up with a big “FUCK YOU” in the title, then you will all know it is on like donkey kong. Until then nothing you can say about me is going to phase me… but feel free to keep trying. Telling me to burn in hell eternally makes my day and gets me to chuckle in real life. If people want to see what real “attacks” are like go troll the CNN or Yahoo boards for a bit. I was a commenter and a commenter for years (got perm banned from CNN actually) so… I have some experience with both trolls and aggressive comments. Online poker tables are notorious for trolls as well and I saw my fair share of those playing poker for many years.

Just know that I write and share what I wish. I expect “attacks” and nothing any of you can say will offend me. Now… talking about my daughters is a different story. I moderate only two things here, comments directed at my family and also hateful people that claim they want me to die and still visit my blog. I just don’t see the point in A) acknowledging their existence and B) allowing their names to be highlighted on my blog that I work hard on. Disagree with me or even send me a hateful comment, that won’t make me mod you. Come on people… you don’t know offensive.

-Opinionated Man

Gaming Glitches, and Bugs, COME ON NOW

Opinionated Man:

I agree about the glitches. I hated the freeze that would happen in two different parts of Skyrim one was in a chamber and the other was fighting that dragon (I think you actually are showing the SS of it). Yea those were annoying, but still it was a great game! -OM
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I started gaming when I was around three, a long time ago for me. I started out with Pong, which was short lived, I quickly moved on to the NES. First game that ever got me hooked was Super Mario Bros. Since then I’ve moved, to tried to move along with each generation, at best I could. Even sticking with PC gaming as well, not just consoles.

In this time, I have found myself getting caught in worlds, full of glitches, bugs, most aren’t bad. Sometimes I find that what happens is downright funny. Other times though, I find myself getting frustrated, mad, even putting down the game, to never pick it up again. For the most part, developers pour out their heart and soul to makes these games. Many fans will look past it, or make excuses for the developer.

For the most part, I look past them as…

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“I like your blog!”

This past month I have had a first for me. Believe it or not I rarely have anyone in my “everyday life” approach me about my blog. That is probably a good thing if you ask me, but regardless I have been a little tickled by the fact that a few people have approached me and said “I like your blog!” Who would have ever guessed I would have that said to my face? I normally stammer for a second for a response. I don’t like talking to humans for the most part.

I never guessed at any point I would have to justify or physically talk about my blog when I created it last year. This was merely to be a forum to present my opinions and I expected nothing in return. That outlook has changed/adapted since then, but I am still astonished when people I know read my writing. There are so many blogs, websites, news outlets, and other “things” to do online that for anyone to take the time to visit my website is thrilling. I still get thrilled by it.

There is no shame in taking joy in the knowledge your work is appreciated. We, as writers or bloggers, take those acts of kindness and use them as motivation. It helps us to press on when we feel liking quitting. It inspires us to write our thoughts when we think no one is listening. We blog to be heard.


Tagging – Spreading the love

I know everyone by now has read a post on tagging. I have read many of them and I find that sometimes people leave out some key pieces of info. I thought I would share some of the points I think people leave out.

Yes, we know by now that you are allowed up to 15 tags per post. These tags will then “filter” your post into the appropriate category and they will then enter the overall WordPress reader. Categories count as a tag so if you add a post to one or more categories you must then remove some of the additional tags or your post will go “p00f!”

Here is the part that people miss. Humans are creatures of habit and that flows over into blogging. Often people will habitually use the exact same tags over and over and that is a huge mistake. For starters if you are only using the overall general tags of WP, such as blog, blogging, wordpress, writing, life, love, sex, relationships, food, photography,  and art, then your posts are only visible real time. They get flooded out. Some people will suggest that you use “unique tags” to make your post stand out. That is true BUT to get noticed someone actually has to think of looking for that tag. So if you use a tag like “my cute red socks” your post will never be found off that tag search. Generally people only search for a single or a double word phrase.

I follow a lot of blogs, obviously, but I ALSO read a ton of blogs. I am a silent reader for the most part unless I feel prompted to comment, but one thing I always look at is how people are tagging. What is trending and what are people using these days. Tags and titles ARE the SEO of WordPress. Not of google. The truth is you don’t need “general SEO” to grow an audience if your blog is on WordPress. Your audience is already here and all they are waiting for is an invitation to come to your site.

Tags are almost as important as titles because both serve the same purpose. If you truly want your articles read you need to understand “how” to get them read. Understanding tagging is a good start.


Blogs are like homes. Don’t fart in my home.

I am constantly amazed at how unaware people are of their surroundings. This would explain how a person is actually able to walk into a lake following Google maps… and then get mad about it and try to sue. That is a true story by the way.

One of the first things I noticed about blogging is how quickly people can build loyalties online. It doesn’t seem to matter whether they are self-proclaimed introverts (has anyone noticed how trendy it has become to call yourself an introvert these days?) or people that were probably Mr. and Mrs. Popular in High School. We all seem to rub shoulders equally on the blogosphere and that is what makes blogging fun for many of us. Half the time we, or perhaps this is just me, don’t care what your avatar or picture looks like. Besides… most of those are fake anyways or they are the “REALLY FAR AWAY SHOT” that might as well just show a landscape or the sun.

As with anything you will bond and find groups you wish to be a part of. Communities thrive online and are especially important for writers seeking motivation to keep going. Daily. This is also not a bad thing, but here is the part that gets me. When I walk into a party where I know absolutely no one I don’t immediately show my ass and let out a big fart. Instead I feel out the atmosphere of the place, get comfortable, and then I let it out… silently…

Many first time visitors to my blog are surprised by the fact that a response to their comment actually doesn’t come from me. I am shocked sometimes as well at how quickly others respond because I am pretty fast about it myself. Am I going to apologize for having gathered bloggers here that feel comfortable enough to tell a newbie what they think I will say? No, I won’t. We are all adults here, at least we are supposed to be, and I leave people to fend for themselves for the most part in the comments section. There are arguments still going on in threads that are months old on this blog and that is what makes this blog unique compared to most.

I have stepped in a few times and that is normally when I feel that someone is intentionally picking on another blogger on HR. I hold that right because everyone that visits here has the right to safely read and comment without fear. Understand that sharing opinions freely is different from being combative with your comments. I have always had a soft spot for people I see as falling victim to those that consider themselves to be of greater intelligence. I don’t understand the need of educated people to display their knowledge by knocking others down. As much as I may consider myself intelligent (possibly the smartest Korean in the world), I am fully aware there is always a brighter pebble out there… on some planet…


Social Media – My Biggest Mistake

I have built some perspectives on social media platforms through the years. My entrance into the “internet” was actually not like most other kids. My parents were very religious and hesitant about the internet and the content we might find on it. I got a late start, but quickly connected with people through different platforms such as mIRC, ICQ, MSN, AIM, Trillian, avidgamers, and a lot of gaming sites at the end of high school and through college. People might not realize how “geeky” gamers can get, but I think that most gamers were the first to begin social media connection purely for the sake of video games. I built forums, created webpages, slayed some dragons, and enjoyed learning about social media during those years.

My biggest mistake when creating was not making mirror platforms on Facebook and Twitter (@smokendust) sooner. It just wasn’t important to me at the time and I also hated Facebook. I am now rushing to try and catch those numbers up and it is simply not possible. Google + is also a great tool for social networking that I wish I had begun when I created the website. I regret that the most when I consider the road of this blog and that is honestly saying something considering I have already tried my hand at a number of things. I don’t look at “attempts” as either a success or a failure. I just see opportunities to learn, try, and do. I have always been what I consider a “doer.” I absolutely hate procrastination… I mean you still have to do that “thing” later right?

I enjoy the interaction without obligation that I get on social media. I blog because I like to write and once I pen my thoughts I can lay them to rest. Mentally at least. I really don’t strive for perfection on HarsH ReaLiTy. Instead I hope that people read what interests them and pass over the things that don’t. Someone once said they love my blog because they never know what to expect. Well I appreciate that description and it amuses me, but I also work hard to present a forum of possibility. I don’t live in a “busy city” so I created a place where I hope something is always happening. Consider it the ADHD in me.