The Sociopath

Journal Entry 48

TS: 11:21:13

… and I will never change. I see the world through tint. The different colors of my shades present the many facets of my personality. What mood am I in today?

The doorman calls me “Mr. Banks” as I leave the building. He is a Category D and would never make the collection. Still… what would it be like to play along his ribcage with my knife? One can wonder… I roll the idea around my tongue.

I stroll amongst them, a shining example no one notices. But they will notice me one day. All shapes, sizes, ages, nationalities, I see them all and shudder trimmers of desire.

Not just any can make the cut. An audition worthy of Broadway is held each day as I allow my sensations to take over and visualize the moment with each… Not a Category B today, no I will indulge myself and will not settle for second class meat.

The decision has been made and my hands start to sweat with the sheer joy from the anticipation. There is no stopping me from having what I want… what I need. It will be quiet in the night once more… soon once again.

Mr. Banks


The Top 10 Sexiest Things About Me…

Opinionated Man:

Now that is an interesting affect of broccoli! LOL! -OM
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  1. Well, for one thing, I have a great character.  Yeah that’s it!  I have a great character: just like that great movie star: ‘Tyrone Shoelaces’.
  2. And I know how to treat a lady!  At least once a year, I make damn sure we go Dutch at Mac. Donald’s!
  3. If I’ve had enough broccoli, I can manipulate my butt cheeks, and play: ‘God Save The Queen!’
  4. I can throw up on command!  It’s how I used to get off school…  It left me pail, and pasty looking, but I still found a ghoul friend!
  5. Pick up line # 256 : ‘Can you tell me how to get to Carnage Hall?’  When she answers: ‘Practice!’, make your move!
  6. Try to look as much like Antonio Banderas as possible!  Then sashay up to her and whisper something Spanish in her ear: ‘Tay-co- nosco, Mosco’  ( I know you, Mosquito! )
  7. After you shave…

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Opinionated Man:

That was an honest write. Thanks for sending me the link and for sharing the post with us! -OM
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This week, April 18th marks one year since my Mom left this earth to be with her heavenly Father.  It’s hard.  Harder than I ever thought it would be.  She was born in 1923 in Syracuse, New York.  She was the youngest of four.  Mom worked at a factory when she was in her teens and early 20’s.  She married her first husband and had my sister.  After years of being in an abusive relationship, she got out.  This was in the 1960’s, and our family has always been very religious and therefore, very anti-divorce, so Mom wasn’t always looked upon favorably for making the decision to get out with her daughter while she could.  I’m proud of her, honestly.  To face what she faced, and to have the courage to get out when she did, before anything horrible happened.

Then she met Dad.  They worked together.  Story goes he…

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Pointing Fingers

Opinionated Man:

I enjoy the flow of your words. I hope you are getting some sleep! My wife thinks pointing at the moon is bad luck. :) -OM
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IMG_5176It seems so easy to isolate the index finger and point at an object that you want someone else to see. Pointing at the moon in the sky or a flower in the shrubs or the price tag on the big screen television are ways that we share our world with someone else. I never realized how important such a simple skill is in the development of toddlers. This simple gesture of communication has been a major conversation topic for my partner and I since we got Bumbi’s M-CHAT results.

The M-CHAT is basically a series of questions regarding your child’s abilities/behaviors and the answers are simply yes or no. There is no sometimes, rarely, usually, etc. It is a fairly straightforward assessment, but anyone with a toddler knows, their abilities and behaviors aren’t always black and white. Some of the questions on the M-CHAT are considered critical. Two of…

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