The evils of record blog traffic

Opinionated Man:

Help him! Satan is on his blog! lol -OM
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In the interest of full disclosure, I think it’s fair to inform my readers that I suffer from, although my wife will argue that it’s no laughing matter, a mild case of OCD.

Come on, the fact that having one hand wet drives me nuts, the belief that putting pepper on any food before salt makes the food inedible, dusting my dashboard before I start my truck, eating exactly 24 almonds every day at precisely 9:00 am…doesn’t make me crazy, does it?

So I have a few quirks, most of us do, it’s part of what makes us unique and, in my case more loveable, right?

Anyway, one of the quirks I didn’t mention above, and this one is serious, is my totally rational and understandable fear of the number 666. A fear so profound that, when it popped up on the register at a fast food joint recently…

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You Lost Me

Sometimes I come across a blog post with tons of comments and I am baffled. I am baffled not because the post has a lot of interaction, but rather because I have no freaking idea what anyone is talking about! It doesn’t happen often, but it has been known to happen especially in the blog world. The most recent post was a rant on religion and I had never heard of the sect they were speaking of, which is a bit troubling considering I was a religious studies major. I must have sucked as a student because I had never heard of the religion these bloggers were talking about nor the “god” they were referring to. Now don’t be angry “god,” it doesn’t mean you aren’t important somewhere.

I think the most amusing part is the amount of passion some of these posts carry, which is even more baffling to me when I don’t know to what they are referring. Has that ever happened to you? I almost feel like I am missing out on something hugely important… if I didn’t know for a fact that everyone thinks their religion is the shit.


Random Thoughts

I want only to leave more than dust when I am gone. More than just a name with a date. A “maybe he did this or that” and “he possibly came from here.” How sad would it be to leave only a gravestone that is never a guarantee of remembrance. IT says that we are but blades of grass, well I hope I then die by fire. To at least cause a little chaos in the moment so that “moment” is truly mine. It is not yours or hers, or even theirs… it is mine. Because I am on fucking fire. Remember me.


I Am Friggin Crazy

Opinionated Man:

That’s ok! Women are all crazy! Thanks for the pingback! -OM
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It all started Sunday morning. I was feeling ‘ok’, got my coffee and decided to check out the latest posts on WordPress. The most prominent posts I see are from aopinionatedman. He posts on a regular basis and typically several times a day. Aside from his name sakes “opinion” blogs, he also allows his vast number of followers to use his blog space as a way to network and advertise their own blogs. I enjoy taking advantage of this opportunity as I’ve found some really great bloggers I would never have found on my own.

Sunday’s networking post was asking bloggers to post their top 10 posts within his comments section. This way his followers can easily click directly to posts the blogger may be most proud of and decide if they are interested or not. Simple right? I go through my posts and find only 3 I think may…

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Move it or Lose it Frodo!

I stood in line tonight behind a small man that was obviously looking for friends. He talked the ear off the cashier and I almost said “Dude, Frodo move your ass!” I stopped myself when I contemplated what God would do.

So instead I daydreamed about a giant fiery meteor landing on the poor fella’s head. Yes, I am an asshole. If Frodo had talked as much as this guy though we would ALL still be watching Lord of the Rings…