10 Productive Things To Do Alone

Opinionated Man:

I liked all these ideas except “going to the gym.” And I don’t get my nails done… -OM
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I sometimes find my weekends completely empty. No plans, no friends to call, and very little errands to run. During this time off I like to take a couple mental health days. There’s nothing wrong with spending a weekend alone and choosing to not pack that weekend with tons of plans. Here’s a couple of things you can do alone when you find yourself with solitary free time:

1. Take a bath

Set aside a good amount of time to just soak and forget about all your other problems.

2. Go to the library

Sign up for a library card and get started on the reading list you pinned on Pinterest two years ago.

3. Binge watch a series

Escape your own reality with a non stop marathon of Netflix.

4. Go to the gym

Push yourself harder than you usually do and spend some time sweating it out in…

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The Great American Rascal – By: Philip Vail

The Great American Rascal was written by Philip Vail and is one of my favorite books. I have owned a copy since I “acquired one” when I was around the age of ten and it is by far one of the best biographies I have ever read. I have been enchanted by the life of Aaron Burr ever since I owned my first copy of this book and he continues to intrigue me even into my adulthood.

There were not many men as misunderstood as Aaron Burr. While our country ranks him as one of the more infamous traitors, next to Benedict Arnold, his life is a true story of misplaced ambition and tragedy caused by impatience in life. I can relate to those struggles because in many instances in my past I too have been impatient for the rewards I felt I deserved. That perhaps I felt I needed. Aaron Burr was no different and his life’s struggles are a testament to his lack of control over many aspects of his controlled life.

I have always been inspired and a bit envious of those intellectuals that can digest information without apparent effort. Brainiacs and those gifted with photographic memory are worthy of praise because those people are truly gifted. Aaron Burr was a genius and despite the hatred he may have garnered from many prominent Americans during his time, everyone still recognized a man of superior intellect. That may not seem like a huge deal to people, but to me that warrants note because regardless what time period you live in it is hard to be distinguished as a person ahead of your time by those stuck in that time.

Some of Burr’s life is extremely interesting to read such as his bravery during the American Revolution, his political plots of intrigue, his loss of the Presidency and subsequent acceptance of the Vice Presidency, his romantic life, and his acts of betrayal against the United States. One of the things I admired most about him is that regardless how bad things got he never blamed anyone but himself. That shows a strong character despite what historians write about Burr’s overall personality disorders. His tenacity even in the face of the tallest of odds are what gained him a certain amount of respect, even in the United States, when his death was fast approaching. A man of honor, he will forever wear the black mark because of his killing of Alexander Hamilton in their famous duel.

History is written by those around to write it. Had a few cards turned the other way Aaron Burr might have potentially been a great figure of progress in our national history. His position in our archives is still prominent, though for different reasons than he may have wished, and we must still recognize the contributions that he did make to this great nation during our early years of struggle. I enjoy reading about Burr because he is a reminder that this country was founded on the backs of dreams from many different people. Not all of those dreams came true, but the actions of many still culminated into this land that we live in today.

-Opinionated Man


We battle. Our forces lock on, as precise as any engineer, and our souls dance. Their tango is a deadly dance of shadow and light, as we move without motion. Darting, shifting, and turning we probe for weaknesses immediately. Are we such predators that weakness comforts us? Our mood eases, letting out tension as we sense someone that is not a threat. Far better than another predator, an intellectual equal, whose presence immediately sends our guard up. Stranger, know that I am watching you and if you dare to confront me your challenge shall be met.

We comfort each other, but we know our boundary. We groove in the same mood and commiserate in times of passion or pain. Emotional wall, you are my constant companion and never a burden. Were you to become a burden, I am no saint. I carry no one else’s boulder. Gladly will I share a meal or give a drink, but I do not carry the emotional weight of someone else’s consciousness. Friend, be a friend, and let us keep our dance in balance.


Beware, I can kill you and sleep soundly at night. I have no remorse, except in regards to myself or my own. You, I do not care for you. Walk swiftly across to the other side of the path, cross not my eyes, for to do so will place your own life in dire peril. I see the potential, this world is full of people auditioning for the role of adversary, and yet I care not about them unless they come into my world.


You and I dance to a song without words. Sometimes the dance is painful, love can hurt, but most of the time it is a dance we do without thought. It is under your caress and gentle touches that I know why I wake up in the morning. You move me to passion, without passion there is no love. Of course we most continue to stoke the fire, what love does not require the effort of rekindled interest, you are worth that effort. Others have slipped away, faded into the night their names are ink prints on my mind. And although those stains may stay for a time, their meaning and value diminish with each setting sun. There is only one lover here in my heart, it is you.

-Opinionated Man



I could sing into the night and watch my notes skip upon the clouds. Bouncing off other people’s dreams as I fight off imaging things. A terror wheel I seem to spin when eyes close to this world, the only world I have ever known. Terrors from somewhere, not my past. Surely not the history of a man coming to grip his ankles as he tries to stride forward one step at a time. It can’t be a grave because I missed that bullet of effort. No it must be another nature that halts my forward progress. Hands as steady as rain, I have never known. I will never know.

Blogging – Tag Help on WordPress

Read these first.



There are two categories for “tags” in my book. You have unique tags and you have generic tags. There are reasons to use both and people should remember that tags are little banners flying in the wind that announce your presence. It is therefore in your best interest to spread the tags to maximize visibility across the board and not just in a specific genre.

Tags are as specific as a Google search. The more precise you are in the description of what you are looking for the more likely you will be to find a post that matches that exact description. A more generic tag search will yield results that are more broad and less defined. As bloggers we are normally concerned with two things, gaining readers and expanding our reach. Our reach on WordPress is shackled to how far and wide our posts are seen.

The reason I say tags are specific is to break the misconception that WordPress is somehow internally categorized. It is not. If you tag a post as photography, photo, or picture all three of those tags will place your post in separate, specific categories. This is directly related to how you word the tag and just goes to show how “broad” a genre can be in relation to the tags being used to promote that genre. Photographers might see the same word being used in many different ways simply to generate a broader tag reach. For instance if I were a photographer I would immediately use the generic tags picture, photo, photography, and blog for all my posts. From there I would spread my tag love by using less obvious “generic” tags such as photos, photographer, photograph, pictures, pics, pic and so on. Even though those appear to be the same tag we all know they are not due to the difference in spelling. This is how generic tagging can be enlarged and broadened.

People have asked me how I tag and I have my own method which people can judge for themselves if it works. Every day I post at least one post with my generic set of tags. From there I work out from those tags to broaden my reach according to the subject matter and topics I am touching on that day. Often I will group articles together that match the same genre because multiple posts run together are far more visible than the lonely boat sent once. This is also why I handhold my posts through a 24 hour period for greater exposure. I only do this on the first day I have published something and I have found that actively pushing that post each hour helps get more eyes on it. It is hard work, but the “gain” is worth it.

Everyone knows I respin some of my posts habitually. It is something I like to do to float work back to the top that I think people may have missed or might still enjoy. Respinning is a great way to reschedule a post without annoying your email subscribers since it does not send a “new post” email when you do it. There is also another benefit to the spin and that is the “related articles” presented from these old posts are generally older write ups as well. This helps bring even more of your old work to the forefront and helps to keep your blog fresh in my opinion. I will often piggyback an old post on the back of a new one so that new and old readers will see the same active feed. Some people may look down on this practice, but I normally count that towards them being lazy and mad that someone else is more proactive.

There is no better way to brand yourself than to use the unique tags associated with your blog. I use HarsH ReaLiTy, aopinionatedman, and Opinionated Man as my unique tags to show ownership of those names and because Google search now picks up my tag usage. Other people use these same tags now to gain exposure for themselves off the back of my blog. That is OK and that is part of the game! In fact one of the smartest bloggers I have met has added my blog link internally to their page so that their blog and new posts now show up actively under my site google search. This is just savvy SEO and a great way to piggyback off exposure. Well done!

Think basic people! Think generic! If you are a food blogger tag under food, dinner, lunch, breakfast, meat, fruit, cooking, baking, and things of that nature. Those are generic food tags that are always active! Do you know how to see if a tag is active? Simple! Go to that tag and look at the current posts and their time stamps. You can then, hopefully, decipher what is active and what is not! If you are using specific words and tags and see no views from it try changing it up. Why keep doing the same thing with no results?

Note: I have written several articles on tags by now. If you still have a question or still don’t “get it’ feel free and email me or ask below.

-Opinionated Man


My Opinion on Fashion – Part 1

Why not right? I have already been called a dumbass and an asshole this week, so I might as well have some fashion bloggers tell me how stupid I am to top it off! Here is my take on current fashion.

I am not fashionable. I was once… when bouncers were letting me skip everyone in line. It doesn’t take much, just move to Knoxville and be the only Asian guy that cares to befriend bouncers. They will remember you (there aren’t a lot of Asians in Knoxville if you didn’t know).

When I was into style and my clothes, back before the shackles of marriage, I would normally wear either Polo, Structure (before they changed their name), and Banana Republic. I am sure you can now label me pretty easily.

I take my family to the mall a lot. The girls like to walk around, I people watch, and my wife will do some shopping. I will normally play that game where you try to avoid any and all human contact… all the while also trying to appear “normal.” I get to observe a lot of fashion trends because of this and of course I have an opinion.

My wife has tried to explain how the whole “certain colors for certain seasons” works. I think I get it. Women wear colors that complement the season as some sort of “ninja vanish” trick so they can get close enough to stab you. At least I think that is what is going on. Also I learned shoes have to match. Just because the shoes are “dirty” doesn’t classify them as brown.

There are many trends I don’t understand. Why do “younger mothers” wear the same clothes as their older daughters? Is there some type of discount at gap if you get the same outfit in two sizes? I think it is awkward if you can’t tell a mother apart from her daughter… but I guess some people think that is “hot?” If you aren’t near the age of Forever 21, should you be shopping there? It does say “forever” though doesn’t it?

Why do women buy clothes just to hang them in their closet? I wonder how many women here have clothes with price tags STILL on them. I do not get this at all. Please, someone explain it to me! Also… women you realize that malls always have a “sale” going on right? Husbands are you still falling for this trick? “Honey there is a SALE going on!!!” I worked retail… there is always a sale. We kind of just moved those stickers around…

Maybe this is a Colorado thing, but I seem to only see two outfits on males here. A Broncos jersey (GO PEYTON!) or this new “BMX Biker” look. I suppose this isn’t really a “new look,” but it is to me! Everywhere I glance there are “X Gamers” walking around and I am half tempted to start asking for autographs.

Asians that wear “really” Asian clothing in public. Just stop! Please!!!

I am from the South and the topic of choice for the longest time was sagging jeans. I personally like my comfort and my jeans are definitely not up to my neck… but if I can see your ass then that is just wrong. Pull that shit up. You aren’t running from any dogs, cops, or women with knives with your jeans like that you know.

At a certain point “parents” have to retire those college T-shirts we love soooo much. I enjoy seeing a father and a mother walking in the mall with their kids, until I see that their shirts say “I’m with Stupid” and “Freshman Forever!!!” At some point people have to grow up…

I really hate the mall because of those kiosks that now rule the “center aisle.” Those people that man those stations are bulldogs. I almost had an Italian woman chase me down with lotion that I needed to “fix my face.” OUCH! Lmao…