Guest Post – New York City and Queens

Thank you Harsh Reality! Well I live in a suburb of NYC called Bayside in the borough of Queens. It is twenty five miles from the city but we still are considered as part of it. There is loads to see so here are just a few samples.

Photographs all by Gale A. Molinari

NYC Temple of Dendur

This is the Temple of Dendur it was given to the US as a thank you for our help in saving the archaeological treasures of Egypt when the Aswan dam was built. It is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art which made an entire glass pavillion for it. When you visit you will feel like you are in Egypt. The museum is huge with many antiquities, art and American treasures as well including Tiffany glass. Which by the way was a factory that was in Corona queens not far from where my husband was born.

NYC Trade ctr

On this site was the twin towers Sept 11, 2001 over 3,000 people were murdered when terrorists flew two planes into the twin towers on the spot where you see the very shiny new Trade Center Building. A museum and two fountains made from the base of those two buildings is on this site.

NYC METOPERA chandelier

This is the chandelier in the ceiling of the Metropolitan Opera the chandeliers are crystal from the Vienna opera house to the Met as a thank you for helping them rebuild after WW2. When the opera starts the chandeliers rise slowly into the ceiling. I worked there for twenty seven years.

NYC Times Square

Can’t come to NYC without going to Times Square.

NYC MMA heart

An exhibit on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art featuring this sculpture.

NYC squirrel

Just a mundane squirrel in our backyard. This is where we live with our four rescue dogs and one rescue cat.

NYC subway mosaic

The New York city subway system has many works of art this is one. They are all done in very small mosaics and each station has mosaics that reflect that station.


When you come to New York give me a call and I will meet you by the clock a long standing tradition in New York at Grand Central station.

A quick trip on a train from Grand Central will bring you to the Hudson Valley and some of the best wineries in the country.


We can also visit the Intrepid a real air craft carrier and see the planes. Later we can relax downtown with a knish, a bowl of matzoh ball soup and maybe a nice corn beef or pastrami sandwich. All washed down with an egg cream or a Dr. Brown’s root beer.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. Thanks OM for the opportunity to guest post.

Why Guest Bloggers?

People have wondered why I opened up my blog to guest writers and I would honestly say “why not?” I am not stingy about the connections to be made in the world and as much as I would absolutely LOVE to connect with every blogger on WordPress… I cannot. One day maybe.

If I can help others to find new networks and people that enjoy their blogs I think that is great. That is what WordPress is, should be, and can be. If people would consider their blogs less as personal property and more as sounding posts to freely share expressions of themselves then this would become a true open forum. That is what I love about blogging. That is why I blog.


No “Thanks” Necessary

No “thank you” is necessary if I share your blog or reblog a post. Instead I thank you all for allowing me to share your blogs with others. Please don’t write posts directly “thanking” me and instead focus on your next blog share. We all help each other here. We all motivate one another daily.


Guest Post – Top Questions a Tall Blogger Gets From Strangers

Those of you who happen to follow my blog know that I am tall – hence (obviously) the name, Not Another Tall Blog. Since I started it, i.e. ten months ago, I had to publicly announce my height. Not that I mind, as this is who I am, but… this got me some unexpected (and, frankly, unwanted!) attention.

Truth be told, this is totally my fault. But, then, there is a certain price to pay for publicising your posts through Facebook. I touched on this is one on my posts about protecting bloggers’ privacy on Facebook. In an effort to gain more traffic, I decided to join the tall people groups on the social network. Yes, I do actually get lots of traffic this way – but not only. Here the fun began.

Now and then, I’d randomly get messages from strangers. Some of them actually rather pleasant, so I don’t mind entering a conversation with them. Others brutally persistent and arrogant, leading to the most logical result: being blocked by me. Others I ignore, sorry.

So, I decided to put together a short summary of the most common, as well as some unusual, questions I get asked. Just for the fun of it.

Height Related Boring Questions

When someone decides to message me (for whatever reason), the top question, obviously and imminently, is: “How tall are you?” And, then, I can pretty much bet on what the reaction will be: “Nooo, you can’t be that tall! You look average on your pictures!” So I am supposed to argue to prove my height? No, thanks. I prefer to take this as a compliment: “Well, I am lucky to have a proportionate figure, so my height doesn’t show on photos!”

Some of them go on bombarding me with more questions of this sort (and, like, immediately!): what is your shoe size, how old are you… The other day I politely asked this girl to stop messaging me. Her reaction? Nice and sweet: “YOU FUCKING GIANT BITCH!!!” I’ll leave it for you to guess what I did.

Next top question: Who was tall in your family, your mum or dad? And the first one in the series of empty/pointless questions. Whether I take it from my mum, dad, or great grandparents, the fact won’t change: I am as tall as I am.

Can you find clothes in the shops?
This question I actually don’t mind too much, so depending on my mood and availability of time, I could actually talk about this. A question which is, not surprisingly, very common. And ever so boring, sorry, can’t help but yawn now.

Do you play basketball/volleyball/any-ball?
Really, is there nothing more imaginative you can come up with? Yes, I used to play basketball, and I, frankly, sucked at it. But if I admit this, I will enter an endless discussion, so better keep my mouth shut.

Are all women in your country so tall?
How am I supposed to answer this… Haven’t read the latest population count report, sorry. Plus, can I even be sure which country they are referring to? I am an expat, so they have a choice of two countries. But, then, most of them haven’t bothered to read my blog, so won’t know this anyway. They have no particular country in mind, I can bet on this.

Do you wear heels?
Now, this is when I feel like screaming. Get a life, will you!

Height Related Weird Questions

Top stupid question that got me in stitches: “I heard that riding a bicycle can make you tall – is that true?” No comment. Or no, I will comment: this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever (I repeat: ever!) heard.

I have a fetish for large feet. What is your shoe size?

Not that I am a prude, but somehow I choose to stay quiet and simply delete such messages. Sorry, don’t want any more trouble.

I am 5’5″, where will I come up to compared to you, your underarms, your chest?
Honestly? I don’t care.

How old was your son when he was my height?
Now, this rings alarm bells: I must have missed updating the security settings on some Facebook photo, as strangers aren’t supposed to have access to any photos of my kids. Quick, change the settings – now!

I am 180/183/184 cm – do you think I’m tall?
Honestly, you want my opinion? OK, I don’t think you are! Which then leads to a heated discussion aiming to convince me that he is tall. What was the point in asking my opinion, if you were going to disagree anyway?

I am 180/183/184 cm, would you date me if we were both single?
A bit of a pointless question really, as I am  not single… So how does it matter??

Blog (and Sometimes Height) Related Questions

Why do you have a blog?
Because I want to… What else can I say. Why do you do what you do??

Why don’t you write about short men?
Why would I…?

Did you write all these posts?
Huh. Sure I did. I guess I can take this as a compliment, too: I must be like a multi-arm god or something…

This list doesn’t even begin to cover it, but I can always gather material for a follow-up post in a few month’s time.

P.S. And no, I am not 6’3″ as shown on the photo. A bit taller than this. ;)

And here is where you can find me:


10 Signs of a Bad Day

1. You yell out a complaint about being short at 5’10” and then turn around and run into a midget convention. They are not happy.

2. Instead of your caramel macchiato you get served a mocha nasty latte. That is always a sign of a bad day.

3. You hit every red light on the way to work. Apparently god hates you.

4. You walk out the door to work and run over a Jehovah ’s Witness.

5. Your Ex from five years ago calls you and immediately says “we need to talk.”

6. You read a post about “10 signs of a bad day” and you recognize a few of the signs from your own day!

7. You open it and there is nothing there.

8. You order a camel and it has no humps.

9. A polar bear calls you and informs you that someone has peed on your igloo and there is now a new door. This only happens in Canada.

10. You show up for a blind date and “Cindy” has an Adam’s apple.