“You must not really understand ____”

I really hate when people use this statement. Today’s society refuses to admit that an individual might have a differing opinion from everyone else. Instead it HAS to be that the person “must not really understand so and so” and that is why they think the way they do. This is not only a sad argument it is a really weak one as well. Perhaps those people “must not really understand” what they think “they really understand.” Ever think of that?



Don’t Follow HarsH ReaLiTy!

I was bored and went through some past anti-HR posts and comments and I made my own. Because it just looked so damn fun…

Don’t follow HarsH ReaLiTy! That Opinionated Man, that Korean bastard, that guy that seems to write whatever he wants. The audacity of that man to follow people and expect them to come and visit his website! I don’t know whether I am jealous or mad that people are actually following him. Don’t you all see his intro page? I just read 25 people thank him for his visit and they followed him back! THEY FOLLOWED HIM BACK?!? What kind of mad world is this? (No seriously this is straight from a comment on my new website on shatteredsmoke.com you really can’t make some of this shit up)

I don’t even think he is Korean to be honest. I am almost positive he is white and he is 16 and he is probably some spoiled, privileged kid. (YES! My false trails are working!) And he certainly can’t write… I mean what are people complimenting him for? His poetry doesn’t even rhyme and all he does is rant about his birth mother all the time. (that too, straight from a comment because it was too good to not add) His theories and random articles are stupid and pointless. (that is because my life is stupid and pointless… obviously.)

I think he is actually a group of people. No one can possibly write as much as he does, keep the posting real time, correspond with dozens of other bloggers daily, work, and do his family life. He is either lying or he is a robot. (damn… I knew my ass felt hard…) I think it must be a group of people and they somehow make their writing all sound similar. (you lost me on this one. I even read the comment a few times…)

He keeps saying he doesn’t use other platforms to gain his audience and that he has never been freshly pressed. Who gains 30,000 followers in a year? I think he is using some marketing company or something. But I have never seen any Ads and I can’t find his name or website anywhere on the web other than for his current blog. (I think Sherlock would be proud of how you just solved your own question. Nice job!) There is something fishy going on and we have already established he is a sociopath and also a homophobe. (*writing down sociopath and homophobe on resume as we speak.*)

I wish he would keep his damn mouth shut on abortion. He doesn’t have a vagina. He isn’t a woman. And what the hell does he know about feminism? (… I got nothing for this. You got me! Ack!) I think we women should get together, find his address, and put the stomping to his face! (that is either going to be painful… or possibly the hottest movie I will never watch.) I am sure something will come to him. Karma is a bitch! (I would like to put out that this is the first time I have ever written the word “bitch” on HarsH ReaLiTy. It feels like we just had a moment there.)

I am sure his blog will be shut down eventually. And those fake followers will disappear. He is basically only waiting for praise and is rude to anyone that disagrees with him. I can’t believe everyone likes this jerk! (I completely agree. There I said it.) Whatever, he isn’t worth my time… (now this line gets me. Truly, I am not worth their time and yet it never fails that I come across a post or comments that basically… just made this post. Tada!)




There you sit. Pending.

Waiting to be acknowledged. Not knowing you are being ignored. You sit in a corner of your own mental conception. The fruits of your labor bear you no fruit at all. Instead you sit and wait like a dog. Like the good dog you are.



Opinionated Man:

I appreciate the kind mention and the pingback! :) -OM
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Oh, oh, and oh. I’ve been given two gifts today, this the latter.

However commonplace the title of Broken might be, I am lifted by

“…with a willingness to die.”

Rich. A relief of a destiny at hand. Soul station found and dialed in.

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I am one horrible writer

I avoid words I don’t know how to spell and abuse words I don’t know how to use. I conform the meaning of phrases to my meaning and sacrifice the soul of the maker. I write my heart every day and it is black. Like ink as I spray it across fields of white. If only I were painting something of worth. It looks like finger paint. I am one horrible writer.