Original Me

There is no one like me in the world. I am original me. Guess what? You are original too!

In a world where we are continuously seeking to stand out in some way people all too quickly forget that they are as original as original can be. We all have something worth sharing and that is why we take the time to create blog posts with no guarantee they will actually be read. Recognizing your own worth is your responsibility though and if you can’t find a personal satisfaction from sharing then you probably are best off not sharing at all.

No one can ever live a moment like you have or see a sight the way you see it. I love reading posts about people’s hometowns, but it can get annoying when the writer adds lines such as “this is my boring room” or “this is my crappy town.” Bloggers realize that the mundane to you might be the very definition of exciting to another. That is why sharing is so important because you have no idea who you might connect with. Who might be affected by your words. Is it such a fantasy to believe that another lives your life, deals with the same struggles, but has a different view outside of their window or wears a different skin tone? Take comfort in knowing that the normal and routine to you might just be new and fresh to someone else.

Writers and bloggers seek originality each day. We slice and dice our daily habits to construct visual orgies that might entice our readers. But who are we really lying to? Where is the pride if we hide our eyes in shame from our reality and instead blindly publish fantasy? And through the praise we are captured by one glaring and obvious fact. We are being lauded for another person’s life.

Stay true to yourself bloggers and just blog.


Thanks for the Donations!

I really appreciate the donations and the few people that have set up reoccurring donations. I try to find the emails to thank you all, but sometimes the emails don’t work so I hope you see this message. Thank you again and I am glad you like the website.

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