My Rant of the Year

If you don’t like foul language don’t read this fucking post.

Bloggers are bitches. They whine about everything instead of doing for themselves. I don’t know why I try to help people when I get a cyber knife in the back almost weekly. Let me get a few things straight before I go on.

I don’t owe any of you a fucking thing.

I love how bloggers feel I owe them something just because they “follow” my blog or comment on a post. Seriously if you have that attitude fuck off. Just fuck off. I don’t give a shit what you think I owe you, I made this website alone and don’t owe anyone a damn thing.

I am probably going to cool off helping people for awhile and guest blogging. Now that might seem unfair since obviously my current mood must have come from someone… but it gets really fucking old helping people and then finding them bashing your name later. That is so lame and I wonder if you people do that in real life. Also the remarks I get from “some” guest bloggers are remarkable. Complaining to me about lack of comments, lack of likes in comparison to someone else, their article didn’t stay at the top of my board long enough, and why can’t I do this or that is fucking stupid. Fuck you! I am one guy, one fucking guy, with two fucking hands. I can only do so much and seriously to those writing blog post after blog post about me what are you doing for the blog world other than showing you are an asshole? What are you doing for others while you call me egotistical and selfish. Fuck you dude.

I have had multiple bloggers blame me for their own lack of recognition. They will say things like “you post so much and it overshadows other people.” WoW… how much of a whiny bitch can you sound like? That was epic and it reminds me of when people bashed Rowlings for writing another book when she already had so much success from Harry Potter. People don’t take success from you ok? Your laziness and lack of effort are what cause you to be unsuccessful. Try blaming your own fucking self for a change. I swear it baffles me sometimes… and if my posts clog up your reader either block my blog or fucking unsubscribe from me. Then ten months later let me know how much that helped you ok you fucking idiot.

I love how people paint me as a guy who doesn’t care about others. I suppose I write all these articles on blogging and tips on self-promotion for myself right? No, I don’t write these fucking articles for myself. I write them for ALL OF YOU. Do you honestly think I spent the time to write all those posts for likes and views? I do it because I get a hundred emails a week asking ONLY blogging advice questions and I feel like being able to say “read that fucking post” instead of wasting my precious finger energy. Again, another example of bloggers being fucking lazy. There is a damn link to the left with ALL my blog articles in it. Fucking read it or don’t ask me lame ass questions I have already answered. I can’t count how many emails I do reply to each week and how many questions I have answered. I have hosted a ton of guest authors free of charge, but ok… I am a selfish asshole I guess.

To the people that write me personal emails letting me know why they don’t like my website or why they are unsubscribing… FUCK OFF! I have a busy life, a full time job, two kids, a wife, a home that always needs fixing, and countless other things to do than to read your entitled email. Try emailing Santa Claus I am sure he will fucking care.

I never imagined how ungrateful people could be until I made this blog. WoW, people are really fucking ungrateful. Fuck all that mess, I have better things to do. I’ll be back later and I am not looking for words of encouragement so save it. People are just dicks.


Don’t Visit My Website

I lose track of who hates me sometimes. The blog world is huge and yet isn’t it funny how often we run into the same bloggers on WordPress?

If you dislike my blog and me in general please just leave your name in the comment section. I will strive to avoid your website. I get this feeling sometimes like I am a “tolerated guest” on certain blogs. Really people I won’t get hurt… just let me know to stay away!


Thoughts in the Night

I could sing a song, a lullaby, but would it be a lie? Of dreams that were thought, seen and then bought. And realized later with a sigh. My fingers play a sad song upon the keyboard. It is the only music I have ever known. I embrace the moment as its own. What do I yearn towards?

There is a sunrise on a hill, no different than the last… but still. Is it the last for me? And with the birth of a thought comes the realization of a fear. What have I lived for and given myself to. Things that are worth nothing compared to those I love. I hold them in balance against a dream and wonder who is the selfish one. Is it me for wanting something that is only a thought, but what great things have come from a thought?

It is a constant struggle that you go through when you chase a dream. Reminded daily by the sound of small feet and their loving voices solidify the fact that they are not an obligation. Simply another reason to keep trying. Even when they say it can’t be done or that you are wasting your time, it doesn’t matter what they think. It only matters if you will fulfill those whispers in the night. Or if they were simply sweet words in the darkness.


Blogger Review – HarsH ReaLiTy

I have never asked for this before and this might be a huge mistake. I would like for anyone to write a “review” of my blog and perhaps touch on things you might like to see in the future. I won’t promise to follow any “advice” given, but I have a lot of readers here that have watched this blog grow from follower 1 in 2013. I would really like feedback from those that have watched the different directions this blog has taken. It might be helpful to touch on what posts are more enjoyable than others so I can consider that in the future.

Thanks to anyone that takes the time!


-Opinionated Man

Shit I Say

Drinking cold coffee is like having sex with no orgasm.

I bet he buys his friends.

I wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire.

I would be offended by what you say if I didn’t already think I was better than you.

Who the hell orders a burger at a Mexican restaurant?

Every time someone serves me cold French fries I die a little inside.

Do you have an air exhaust on that keyboard you little keyboard warrior you.

Magic 8 ball says I really don’t give a fuck.

This music video makes me want to challenge someone to a dance off.

Asians are taken so seriously we have to work twice as hard at being funny.

When I invented technology I meant for it to be easy. I didn’t count on user stupidity.

Where the hell did you get your driver’s license from a cereal box?

The day I drink a cosmopolitan in public is the day my manhood falls off.

How can I respect an artist that doesn’t even know her own lyrics that she supposedly wrote?

Was this intended to be a children’s book or for actual adults…

I can’t believe I just wasted 5 minutes of my life reading that shit.

Don’t you cops have some real crimes to fight? A lot of crime around this library huh.


Sean Ennis – Chase Us

photo 2photo 1

My mom is in town and she brought me a book that she had an author sign to me. I’ve never had an author do that for me personally so it actually means a lot. Thanks Sean Ennis and I can’t wait to read your book!

-Opinionated Man