WordPress – The Truth About SEO

Let me share what I know about SEO, Google SEO, and how it all connects to WordPress. Some of you may know this info, but many are clueless. I’ll explain.

If you are hosted on WordPress.com you do not need Google SEO to find an audience. Your audience is right here already waiting for you to connect. That is on you and how much you want to be “found.” That doesn’t mean SOME of the advice you read on SEO isn’t relevant because it still can be. Photos will make your post more noticeable (I rarely use them), the title does matter (my titles suck), tags really matter (I mainly tag with the top traffic tags), and the time of day in which you post is also important (for me that is about 10 am – 11 am MDT due to a large American audience). If you self-host or cannot access the WordPress Reader you must rely on Google SEO to be found and that is why I strongly encourage “new bloggers” not to go that route.

WordPress is already setup to “step you through” creating posts that are easily found by internal search. It also helps that WordPress has its own search engine internally built. That is why you don’t have to rely on Google to be found by a “random reader.” To have your post read, however, does take effort and some of the “tricks” SEO experts preach are relevant in this regard. Bloggers still need to realize that if all you are seeking is new connections those connections can be found right here on WordPress without ever stepping off site. Think of WP and Google as cities in this regard. To have people from the Google city find you they must search for you right? That is where learning how to create the right posts with the right titles and tags can be important if traffic from a third party website is your goal.

Why would someone care to be found through Google? You have a far greater chance of going viral from a Google connection because you honestly have no idea who that is finding you. It could be a Congressman, it could be a Instagram forum with tens of thousands of members gawking at your post which someone has pasted on an alternate site. It has happened to me before and trust me I was a bit surprised to find one of my “feminist posts” on a forum with about 40,000 feminist followers. That was an interesting day. Your chances of going “viral” on WordPress aren’t as good. You can get Freshly Pressed by chance or have a larger blogger share your posts… which most powerbloggers don’t do. I think I may give the wrong impression by how I act towards my fellow bloggers because most “large bloggers” don’t give a shit about you unless you can offer them something.

I quickly learned that my target audience was other bloggers. That is why my readership is 100% WordPress. I learned this after only a few weeks of blogging and the proof of that is my graph below where you see a sudden upsurge in viewership around February to March of 2013.


I also want to show you what I have said before and that is the fluctuations that take place from the work and lack thereof I put into this website. That can be witnessed by this second graph.


Notice the plateus in views due to my weekends and the times I take a break. This is explained in my blogging model in which I tell you that people find me because I work at them finding me. I do not sit around and wait for visitors and again my readership is not fueled by Google. I am almost at 1 million views in less than two years and that is due to hard work. I did not moan about what others have, complain about fake followers and spammers, it is all about what you want to accomplish. If your goal is to have people see your writing, photos, blog, or anything you are promoting you must go out and find those people willing to give you a chance. They won’t find you unless you strike gold and get lucky.

Striking gold DOES exist. Many of you may have a post that sees far more “spam” than others. That is because your post has been flagged by a search engine or a bot that is directly connecting to your post. This is a “good” thing if you are seeking views only. I of course am after interaction (note that I deleted all the posts from 2013 when I almost stopped blogging last December and that removed over 200,000 comments), so bot views really don’t matter too much to me. You can also score big if you are found by someone important through Google SEO. We have to take into account that most CEOs and Presidents of corporations are probably not sitting around blogging on WordPress. Their companies do have workers scouring the internet for relatable websites and that is where you can get noticed. This is all to say that Google SEO is not complete bullshit, I simply don’t rely on it for my website as a choice.

I am sure someone with a marketing degree will disagree with some of this. That is their right and I don’t have a degree in marketing, only a business degree. I do not work in an SEO related field and this knowledge is all from what I have deciphered. I am providing my graphs to show that I am not talking out of my ass though, so the choice is really up to you if you wish to believe this post. The bottom line is that getting “discovered” is rarely going to happen, but if you put true effort in you can guide others to find you. How much do you want it?

-Opinionated Man



You People Don’t Know Offensive

I get a real kick out of people that think they offend me with their comments. No one has yet said a single thing on my blog that has offended me I am sorry to say. Hate to kill some of your dreams here, but WordPress is a soft website that houses a bunch of nice people. Genuinely nice. Honestly you can save some finger energy by just not writing “I hope this doesn’t offend you,” because chances are you will either get a smile or an eye roll from me when I read your comment.

I seriously wonder sometimes where some of you live. They must be very nice places. You want to know offensive? Try being Asian and going to a 85% black school your whole life. The shit I have had said to me throughout my life trumps anything said to me on WordPress thus far. You want to know offensive? Try being an adopted Korean with a white name and having every Asian you meet call you a banana and white-washed and THEN they laugh at their own joke and expect you to laugh as well. You want to know offensive? Try being a minority in the United States Air Force and being stationed in Cheyenne, Wyoming for a couple years. Or have a blogger write posts about you for two weeks straight and when you finally do a retaliation post (less than 100 words) they file federal charges against you. Try getting some blogger emails saying they hope you die, you should move from Colorado, or that they want you to burn in hell.

Kiddie punches are thrown here people and I laugh when people say on other blogs that all I do here is “rant.” I actually have yet to really post a RANT on this blog in my opinion. When you see a 5,000 or more words post come up with a big “FUCK YOU” in the title, then you will all know it is on like donkey kong. Until then nothing you can say about me is going to phase me… but feel free to keep trying. Telling me to burn in hell eternally makes my day and gets me to chuckle in real life. If people want to see what real “attacks” are like go troll the CNN or Yahoo boards for a bit. I was a CNN.com commenter and a Yahoo.com commenter for years (got perm banned from CNN actually) so… I have some experience with both trolls and aggressive comments. Online poker tables are notorious for trolls as well and I saw my fair share of those playing poker for many years.

Just know that I write and share what I wish. I expect “attacks” and nothing any of you can say will offend me. Now… talking about my daughters is a different story. I moderate only two things here, comments directed at my family and also hateful people that claim they want me to die and still visit my blog. I just don’t see the point in A) acknowledging their existence and B) allowing their names to be highlighted on my blog that I work hard on. Disagree with me or even send me a hateful comment, that won’t make me mod you. Come on people… you don’t know offensive.

-Opinionated Man

Great Golden Achievement! 2300+ WordPress Followers!

Opinionated Man:

So the “Great Golden Achievement” isn’t being Asian? -OM
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Originally posted on Encouraging Life:

Hold on it’s not the followers that I have achieved in one day. I have just asked the WordPress support to help me to transfer my followers from Prefer Healthy Style and Cool Mobile Tips to Encouraging Life. Again it’s my brain problem and forgot her name. Probably Clarine?

I have gained more or less 1950+ followers from those two blogs. Going to remove inactive blogs and I prefer to have Encouraging Life only as my main. It feels great to combine different followers from my other blogs and welcome to my new blog!

I am going to create a tutorial about moving blog and also your subscribers from other blog within the same account. Stay tuned!

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Guess what? I care.

It has become trendy for people to adopt an “I don’t care” attitude in regards to success and failure. I believe it presents an easy way for people to write off their shortcomings and offers an excuse for why failure occurs.

I read a lot of blog posts daily and one of the most popular approaches to blogging “stagnation” is to adopt this type of attitude to explain a lack of success. Some bloggers think it is even cool to throw that personality at other bloggers in hopes of making themselves feel better. “Oh you care about numbers? I write for myself…” is commonly said to me. At this point anyone that feels the need to say “oh you care about numbers” to me is an idiot. Of course I care about numbers that is what blogging is to me.

How many indie authors claim to not care about success, but then they moan about “bad reviews” and people not buying their book. Which is it? Do you care about your work , dreams, and goals or are you going to shrug it all off because that is easier than increasing your effort?

I care about my blog and pour countless hours into it. I am not sure what I will promote in the future, but right now I push myself to network each day with as many bloggers as I can reach. I care to do this because I understand that the results I get are equal to the amount of energy I put in. I don’t sit around and make excuses for why other blogs are more successful than mine, I don’t sit around and claim I don’t care when I really do, and I don’t need any help from anyone else.

The hours I spend on my site directly affect the number of views, subscribers, and comments I receive each day. I do not write stupid articles about “fake likes, fake follows, and fake views” because I value every single view for what it is. Who cares if it is a bot or a person as long as a connection is received? Bloggers that worry overly about whether or not their followers are real tend to miss the point about blogging. It is about who you really connect with and not about whom you “might” be connecting with. Worry about those real interactions instead of wasting precious blogging time.

If you want to care about your blog feel free to be proud of it. Ignore the people that look down on those of us that care. They are simply mad that they don’t share our passion for blogging.


Writing for Approval

I could write for approval, but it would not be truth. I could make the angels weep and shower under their tears, but it would not be accomplished through honesty. Humanity judges us for breathing and we in turn wallow under their scrutiny because society tells us other people’s opinions matter. That another person’s view might be better than our own and because of that possibility we should be more silent. They say never pen an offense because you don’t know who you might hurt. They say a lot and they speak for approval. I pity them.

I pity them because they will always be fake. They will never show their true face in fear of showing their true ass. What kind of life is that to live, a life of fearing to offend everyone you meet. Walking on eggshells is a great way to drown out your own voice, I prefer my eggs “once over” with a slice of toast. You may say you “write for yourself,” but if you delete a phrase, a word, or a thought from fear of retribution then you have painted yourself a hypocrite. You might as well write fluff for the teddy bears of the world because you are no longer sharing your honest opinion. You are writing for approval and that to me is truly sad. That to me is the death of personality.

-Opinionated Man