If you aren’t willing to self-promote don’t be angry when no one ever hears of you, sees your writing, or even knows you exist. If you want to be recognized for your words you must first believe your words are worth sharing. Self-promotion starts with “self” and that in turn correlates to you putting in the effort. Stop avoiding the struggle, stop waiting for someone to notice you first, and stop waiting for recognition to knock at your door. Recognition doesn’t have any hands to knock.


Thanks but no thanks

If you are in the habit of visiting articles and leaving a Christian message that has absolutely nothing to do with the post… don’t. Unless you are doing it in the designated self promotion threads, don’t spam my board. I could honestly care less about your posts or any aggressive Christian nature being visibly splashed in my face. Go splash yourself with holy water and visit a Christian website. This is definitely not one.


“Your true colors”

My true colors are on this blog and always have been. I am a human with moods, swings, and daily issues just like everyone else. I have never attacked a blogger who didn’t first attack me multiple, multiple times and ask for it. I find it amusing anyone would ever say “your true colors” to me when I have never altered my behavior here on WP. I do good, I do bad, I do what I want. If you don’t see my true colors here people… you don’t know how to fucking read. That is your issue, not mine.

In life we get to make decisions and I make mine carefully.

Have a good holiday humans.


10 Reasons Not to Follow HarsH ReaLiTy

1. Opinionated Man is an egocentric, misogynistic, heartless bastard (literally he is a bastard since he was adopted) that harvests WordPress for followers every day. Anyone that practices such habits is obviously a narcissistic loser who no one should be around.

2. It is well documented that OM is a troll. He has multiple #cyberbully, #bully, and #troll hashtags running about him on Twitter. He blatantly attacks people when they write about his blog and has shown time again that he is unprofessional. He runs a community of thugs that will lash out in his defense when he is not around. He is obviously a leader of some kind of online cult.

3. HarsH ReaLiTy will reblog your post and send you hundreds of views and also new followers. He claims he doesn’t get anything from this, but we all know that is bullshit. Even “IF” he only gets satisfaction from it, that is something and it shows his egocentric side. Anyone that does “good” just to feel good is unchristian. He should kill himself.

4. Don’t we all hate successful blogs? Especially when they share free secrets and don’t allow us to buy an ebook? HarsH ReaLiTy definitely fits the bill and what’s worse is that he won’t even let us buy anything off his website!

5. OM claims that he makes no money off his website, but we all see how nice his clothes are. Look at that fucking polo shirt, I am sure that wasn’t free! He must be making millions off his website and all of us are simply contributing to his piggy bank! Well fuck you OM and fuck your piggy bank too!

6. Troll-followers are the worst and it is even a greater slight when they openly admit to the practice! And people still follow his blog! I just don’t understand this crazy world we live in!

7. OM writes on abortion and feminism and has a penis. Obviously his penis does most of the typing. I think he should take his misogynistic ideals and his equally misogynistic penis and jump off a bridge. The guy would probably enjoy that though…

8. HarsH ReaLiTy has almost 50,000 subscribers and has only been around for two years. Obviously some tom foolery is going on. I believe the rumors… OM works for WordPress and simply blogs to make us all feel pathetic. What a dick.

9. Opinionated Man admits to being adopted and left on a street. He regularly lashes out in rants at his birth mother. Anyone that does that and is a parent themselves is probably a horrible father.

10. He won’t reblog my post so I stopped visiting his website.

Note: As humorous as some of these sound most of them are pieced together from actual comments about my blog. It is amazing the stroke of self-esteem you receive when you literally read hundreds of comments bashing your website. It makes you wonder why you blog sometimes.