Lets Celebrate: I have 500 Minions! (Followers)

Opinionated Man:

Congrats on the milestone! Very exciting stuff and I am glad to see others have minions too! -OM
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Some people get 500 followers a day, some people already have 5,000+, some people haven’t been sober for literally years and either don’t know why you’d want followers, or can’t red.

When I started this blog and got my first follower, I was really excited.  Like, super excited.  I wrote my first post, not unlike many other bloggers, hoping that it would be an outlet for creativity as a way to battle back depression.

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Dear Dog Owners

Dear Dog Owners,

Sidewalks are made for humans. If I am walking down the sidewalk with my daughters and your dog is larger than they are you need to make Fluffy walk in the grass. If Fluffy isn’t trained to do that then you should walk your ass in the grass as well. Sidewalks are made for tax paying humans, not for four legged animals that couldn’t care less what they are walking on.

If your dog is larger than my 5 year old daughter don’t allow IT to approach my kids without asking. If my kids approach your dog then that is a totally different story, but there are leash laws for a reason. If you aren’t strong enough to keep your dog in check give your “pet” away or have it put to sleep. If another dog aggressively comes near my daughters that the owner “claims wouldn’t hurt a fly” I will use the belt knife I carry at all times. That is actually a promise and it is a promise made in frustration.

I don’t hate animals, but I am beginning to hate animal owners. Just because your pit bull acts friendly around your kid doesn’t mean it will do the same around mine. I know about dogs and I also know they can be triggered by the smallest thing, sometimes the most random thing. How is my daughter to know that touching his ear will make him bite her? Am I suppose to wait until that happens so you can look shocked and say “Fluffy has never done that!” Uh… no. Like I said, I won’t wait for tragedy to happen to learn a lesson. I’ll create a tragedy instead.

I am sure some animal lover is going to read this and go off. Bite me. Dog owners are becoming as entitled as bicycle riders that hog a whole lane. Move your asses over where you belong and leave the sidewalk to people that walk on two legs.

-Opinionated Man


Dear Women – “I don’t feel sorry for…”

I read a lot of blogs and often I see women ranting about men… instead of their “man.” Women and feminists get offended by my broad generalizations regarding women, but it seems they never see the irony when they read their own work. I decided it was worth the time to compile a list of things I see women blame “men” for that I don’t associate with and will not accept guilt from.

1. If your boyfriend or husband cheats on you – I don’t feel sorry for this because I am not your husband or boyfriend and not all men cheat. If your response to this is “well the men I meet keep blah blah blah” maybe you are just an idiot and date the wrong type of men? Try meeting some guys from the chess club, I bet they don’t cheat on women that often.

2. If your husband doesn’t clean the house – A lot of men aren’t very clean. A lot of women aren’t very clean. If you are shackled with someone that is a mess you probably had some very clear signs of this prior to getting married, so guess who is at fault? YOU ARE! Either suck it up, talk to them and deal with it, or get a divorce. At the very least don’t claim “all men don’t clean,” because the guy writing this article is a neat freak. I love cleaning and cooking.

3. “The men at work are such sexist pigs.” – Yes, there are a lot of sexist men in society and there are ALSO a lot of women that are sexist as well. Both groups are numerous and wrong and that is why I expect no one to accept the fault of that which they don’t do. I am not going to sit here and say “sorry” for the things other men do… EVER. If I did that I would be apologizing all damn day and that just sounds like living my life for someone else. Wait… that is EXACTLY what that is. Isn’t it ironic though that women can get away with things that men can’t and not be called sexist. If a woman compliments a guy’s clothes or his physical form in any way they are “just being nice.” But if a man does it what happens? HR is called, the woman gets to file a complaint if she wants, and now that guy walks around the office being labeled as a misogynistic pig… all because he paid the EXACT SAME compliment a woman did. Seems fair right world?

4. If a man rapes you – That man is scum and should be brought to justice. I support bringing that man to justice. I won’t, however, accept that man’s crime as a possible path for myself. There is a lot of talk about victim blaming, but no one seems to talk about the fact that women love to target “all men” in regards to the more atrocious things some men do. I have never raped anyone, I will never rape anyone, and I WILL NOT feel OBLIGATED to apologize for something some shit head did. Just like Elliott Rogers, any man that does these things does them personally. They made a choice and they acted on it themselves. I got called out for this recently and a feminist said “do you know the percentage of rapes done by men as oppose to women?” My response is the same, I don’t care if 99% are done by men, I wasn’t part of that 99% and trying to make me feel guilty for them isn’t doing a damn thing.

5. If a man cat calls you – Men do this and I think it is lame. Often it is the guy that can’t seem to get laid and is baffled as to why. While I think cat calling is obnoxious and rude, I personally don’t “whistle or cat call women” so I don’t feel a need to march in a parade over this. I am still not sold on the argument that “cat calling” leads to further, more aggressive actions as some imply. Not buying it… but if women want to connect cat calling to future serial rapists then there must be a ton of serial rapists in this world. I sure hear a lot of cat calls, but I just assume they like my ass.

There are an endless list of these because there are endless blog posts from women ranting on men in the tags women, relationships, dating, feminism, and feminists. Most of it is “man hate” and they even say “I HATE MEN” in their post. Fair enough, if you want to lump us all together go for it. I have never felt the need to accept the blame for what other men do and I won’t start today.

-Opinionated Man

Don’t you realize?

Don’t you realize when you tell me not to talk on a subject it pushes me to do so more? Don’t you realize telling me my view is invalid doesn’t bother me? You only motivate me further bloggers. Buy a vowel and gain a clue WordPress.



Why Feminism Sucks

One Example to Rule Them All!

If I were to sneak into a feminist meeting I have a feeling I would see a banner that sounds similar to that. Feminism sucks because they strive to push all men into the same category. That is why most men hate feminism and the aggressive nature it produces. I am sure within an hour of posting this there will be at least one man that feels the need to chime in with “I am a feminist and I am a male.” Good for you, I am sure your wife or girlfriend appreciates it.

Feminism sucks because regardless what type of feminist you are you are guilty of labeling all men in some way. If it isn’t the frequent man hate that the “neo feminists” love to blog about, they are doing it right now go check the tags “feminism and feminists,” then it is the feminists that love men but still push unfair stereotypes onto us. They still use percentages to try and make us all feel guilty over things that men should not feel guilty of. Not all men at least.

Why do feminist hate the phrase “not all men” so much? That is a simple answer, they hate not being able to group us all into an easily attackable bunch. They hate that when they say “well this percentage of bosses are men in this patriarchal society” and we respond with… “I am a man and have never been a boss or a manager. I have never had a secretary and I don’t drive around in a Ferrari” it goads them into finding a reason we are all still misogynist bastards. For example these current youtube videos where a woman walks through a BAD NEIGHBORHOOD and gets catcalled and hit on. Why can’t we see what happens when a woman walks through a good neighborhood or on wall street? Because men won’t follow the stereotype you are looking for?

If you want to find bad humans you can find them amongst men and women. I could do some youtube videos of my own of women cat calling and making obscene remarks, but because no one makes a video of it we are suppose to assume it doesn’t happen right? I’ve even seen a few “parody” videos of women showing “what it would be like if women acted like men.” Those women that make these videos really need to get outside their bubble… there are truly women that act that way daily. Making fun of it as if it doesn’t happen isn’t fooling me ladies, sorry.

“Don’t you know how privileged you are? Don’t you know feminism stands for equal rights?” For starters no I don’t know how privileged I am. Please explain to me all the perks this adopted Korean with a white name has enjoyed his whole life? I didn’t even qualify for an “Asian Scholarship” to UT Knoxville due to not being the “right Asian.” So please tell me what types of privilege you are referring to? That I pee standing up? I find many women throw that statement around because they don’t have real “facts.” They heard the line and it sounds nice so they use it. In fact those “privileged males” are so small in number they equal the SAME STATISTIC as the rich, upper class. Interesting how that correlates isn’t it?

Feminists love to hijack terms. You can’t be for “equal rights” unless you are a feminist now. I can’t count how many arguments I have had over this. You do realize that “equal rights” and the fight for such movements has been around FAR BEFORE anyone even farted about the idea of feminism right? Does that make you angry feminists? Is that why your eyes light up because you wish to subservient anyone that is for “certain movements” under your own agenda and you force them to carry your banner? You can’t be for equal rights unless you are a feminist! That is such an invalid statement and yet it is held and praised by everyone including Emma Watson. It just goes to show that intelligence doesn’t necessary mean you are smart.

“Well we are just for equal opportunity.” Well so am I! I am all for equality and work hard towards it. “Well why don’t you stand for feminism then?” Why don’t you all stand for minority or Korean rights? I missed your banners at the last meeting… you must have all been in the back around the snickers bars. It is funny how feminists will attack and persecute others for “not being true to a movement” when they themselves fail at their own movement everyday. If you are truly for equal opportunity and equal rights why not pick up a few more banners? Why not spread your support for real things, such as minority rights? No, instead you want to walk around showing your tits to make some lame statement that “if you are looking at me now you are evil.” Well if you are walking around shirtless trying to make that statement you aren’t evil, you are just ignorant.

-Opinionated Man