Blogging – I care about it all

There isn’t one thing that makes a good blogger in my book. There are many different aspects of blogging a person has to conquer to really get a handle on it. Often people will get comfortable with one or two parts of social media and will suddenly feel like an expert. That is when the posts about blogging and “how to blog” normally begin to roll out. I read a ton of blogging “advice” because I find it interesting to see what people think works for them. Most of the blogging articles I see and read aren’t great. They offer no real tips, are simple regurgitation of what other people are saying, and they offer very basic advice on how to network on social media. My conclusion is that these posts read as such because the bloggers generally have no idea what they are talking about.

I could spend an afternoon reading tips under the tags “blogging, seo, and WordPress” and feel fairly confident that I would have enough knowledge to share something new with the world. But what is the point? So often people write tips on blogging and they really have nothing to say… they just think they do. I will read lines like “it is always a good idea to interact and meet other bloggers,” but that will be it. Ok, thanks for the obvious tip, now tell me HOW to do that. Tell me WHERE to do that and tell me HOW OFTEN to do that. Specifics make or break an article and if you aren’t going to get specific for us don’t bother writing that junk.

Bloggers ask me what I focus on daily and I tell them the honest truth. I focus on it all because I care about it all. All the numbers, all the parts of a blog, and all the daily routines I do to make my social media platforms hum are all part of blogging to me. Would I love to be so popular that I could just sit every day and write whimsical bullshit that people gobble up? Never having to visit anyone or share anyone else’s work because it is all about me, me, me! Sure! Who wouldn’t want that kind of popularity? Unfortunately that also isn’t very realistic unless you are super hot and posting selfies everyday OR you are an established author. I am neither of those things so I have to grind it out daily like everyone else. Each view, each comment, each interaction I strive for requires effort. I work hard at getting people out of their shell because only with interaction do I feel like my words are truly being heard.

If you want to write blogging tips then go for it. It is your blog and bloggers blog. Just know that if your article reads like every other post out there on blogging people won’t care to read more of your advice. They will roll their eyes, like I do, and move on to the bunny photos below your post. Because who doesn’t like bunnies?

One small note here. If you “borrow” or take an idea from another blogger credit them in some way in a post. I understand that ideas are meant to be shared and used by others, but there is a difference between piggybacking off people and straight up stealing their ideas and passing them off as your own. If you can’t comprehend the difference you aren’t being truly honest with yourself. Think about it. I have had people using my ideas since I began this blog and I am flattered most of the time. There have been occasions where people have taken things from me, such as my blogging formula, and tried to pass them off as their own. That is never right. I would never do that to another blogger. It is a low way to live.

-Opinionated Man


The Daily Opinion – Blogging

Would you spend countless hours building a blog only to promote other people with it? Who in their right mind would do that? Would you charge people for those reblogs like some bloggers do?

If someone was stealing your writing would you pack up your shit and walk away? Would you keep posting knowing that someone is probably going to hawk your links?

Just some random things I am pondering and dealing with.




I could watch you break apart piece by piece till all the pieces that made you were at my feet. I would enjoy the sound of your soul hitting the ground. It would sound like hail as it pelts the ground with a willingness to die. A need for finality as shattered self meets shattered moment. Would I glue you back together and lie to your face about retained worth? Or instead admit that something is now gone. Dead and buried. Never to be had again.



Blogging – Creating a Presence

Every blog is different, but to me there are two categories of “blogs” on any website. There are the walls where people paste their words and there are the “corners” where bloggers live. It isn’t always about frequency of posts either. A lot of creating a blogging presence is driven by how you spend your time blogging and what “impact” you have in that amount of time. Do you respond to comments? How quickly? Do you respond to them all or just to a few? When people visit your blog do they see sentences laid to rest or active conversation before their eyes? It makes a difference and determines what your presence feels like.

As I have said I am a realtime blogger. I publish through the day and I hold no requirement over myself for what constitutes a “post.” I push out “twitter like posts” and thought farts through the night. It is what I love to do. I also enjoy having my “corner” of cyberspace that people can find me if they wish to. And many do. I think at this point I have built that type of reputation. A 24/7 blogger that is open like 7-Eleven. I wouldn’t have it any other way! What do people see when they visit your blog? Is your website a wall of published words or do people witness active engagement and ACTIVE blogging? The presence you give off makes a difference bloggers.



Blogging Tip 309

Rescheduling or respinning posts is an effective way to share articles people may have missed. When you reschedule a post by altering the published date in the quick edit or edit screen it will place your post on your follower’s readers. It will also place it on the overall WP reader according to your tags.

Here is a tip. Because the respun post won’t send a notification email to people, since it isn’t actually newly published, a trick to get these posts seen is to piggyback them on a “new” post. I do this often for two reasons. One it is easier to see a blogger’s presence when there are multiple posts floating with your gravatar, website, and name on them advertising you are there. The second is to gain that extra click. Remember that even if you don’t value the “single view” you should still respect the “single click.” The single click is what gets you seen. The single click is what gets you read. It is important.

The greatest mistake I have made in the past two years of building my social media platforms was that I did not immediately make accounts on ALL the platforms and link them when I started blogging in 2013. I should have done that in March of 2013 honestly. Now I have to play catchup on my new accounts and they will never be balanced with my main WP account. Here is why it matters to me. I habitually “flex” my platforms to make my presence known, felt, and seen. That is called building awareness or more technically “branding your name.” If you aren’t regularly flexing your platforms you aren’t networking properly. If networking is your goal you need to learn how to simultaneously “push” your platforms so that the greatest reach is met.

Note: I use the term “respinning” because I like it. It isn’t technically a term.