I could watch you break apart piece by piece till all the pieces that made you were at my feet. I would enjoy the sound of your soul hitting the ground. It would sound like hail as it pelts the ground with a willingness to die. A need for finality as shattered self meets shattered moment. Would I glue you back together and lie to your face about retained worth? Or instead admit that something is now gone. Dead and buried. Never to be had again.



Blogging – Creating a Presence

Every blog is different, but to me there are two categories of “blogs” on any website. There are the walls where people paste their words and there are the “corners” where bloggers live. It isn’t always about frequency of posts either. A lot of creating a blogging presence is driven by how you spend your time blogging and what “impact” you have in that amount of time. Do you respond to comments? How quickly? Do you respond to them all or just to a few? When people visit your blog do they see sentences laid to rest or active conversation before their eyes? It makes a difference and determines what your presence feels like.

As I have said I am a realtime blogger. I publish through the day and I hold no requirement over myself for what constitutes a “post.” I push out “twitter like posts” and thought farts through the night. It is what I love to do. I also enjoy having my “corner” of cyberspace that people can find me if they wish to. And many do. I think at this point I have built that type of reputation. A 24/7 blogger that is open like 7-Eleven. I wouldn’t have it any other way! What do people see when they visit your blog? Is your website a wall of published words or do people witness active engagement and ACTIVE blogging? The presence you give off makes a difference bloggers.



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Go to your dashboard and settings.


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First Night Design | Copper Pear #Gifts

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