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How quickly do you respond to comments? I normally try to respond within a few hours at most because my blogging style is all about presence. I don’t revisit blogs where the owner never responds and if I ever miss a comment here (which unfortunately does happen occasionally) I wouldn’t expect that person to return either.

Blogging Tip 309

Rescheduling or respinning posts is an effective way to share articles people may have missed. When you reschedule a post by altering the published date in the quick edit or edit screen it will place your post on your follower’s readers. It will also place it on the overall WP reader according to your tags.

Here is a tip. Because the respun post won’t send a notification email to people, since it isn’t actually newly published, a trick to get these posts seen is to piggyback them on a “new” post. I do this often for two reasons. One it is easier to see a blogger’s presence when there are multiple posts floating with your gravatar, website, and name on them advertising you are there. The second is to gain that extra click. Remember that even if you don’t value the “single view” you should still respect the “single click.” The single click is what gets you seen. The single click is what gets you read. It is important.

The greatest mistake I have made in the past two years of building my social media platforms was that I did not immediately make accounts on ALL the platforms and link them when I started blogging in 2013. I should have done that in March of 2013 honestly. Now I have to play catchup on my new accounts and they will never be balanced with my main WP account. Here is why it matters to me. I habitually “flex” my platforms to make my presence known, felt, and seen. That is called building awareness or more technically “branding your name.” If you aren’t regularly flexing your platforms you aren’t networking properly. If networking is your goal you need to learn how to simultaneously “push” your platforms so that the greatest reach is met.

Note: I use the term “respinning” because I like it. It isn’t technically a term.


Social Media & Fear

Social media is a growing beast. It grows every day and because of that the “dangers” also grow in number. What are you afraid of when it comes to social media?

I am lucky. I have an occupation that doesn’t care about my social media presence, I have a wife that encourages me, and I have a free tongue and even freer fingers. I write through my fear and I live for those moments when my spine begins to tingle and my skin crawls just a little bit. That is when I know it is real. That is when blogging matters the most to me.

Everyone is seven feet tall on social media. Everyone also has huge nuts and a giant dick. That includes the women actually. You will find as you grow on social media so will your experiences and not all of them will be good. You will run into people that hate your opinions, hate that people agree with your opinions, hate that you freely type your views, hate that you have views, hate you, and hate your people too. It has all happened to me and will probably happen eventually to you. Does that cause you fear?

Humans tend to be passive creatures so when one comes along and upsets the pond the water ripples. It doesn’t stop rippling till either the human realizes they aren’t a fucking duck or other ducks come along and beat that human into submission. It is a sad day when a man gets smacked down by a group of ducks, but it happens every day. And every day another blogger is silenced by the masses that do not appreciate your freedom. Because they do not have it themselves.

Who owns your fear? I don’t allow anyone to intimidate me online. One day that may come to a head, but for now it is the attitude I have. That I must have to be me. Sometimes bloggers will try to silence your voice for no other reason than to show they can. Who will you allow to silence you? Who will own your fear.


Women – Don’t Get Me Stabbed

I request that people email me if they have questions or wish to reach out to me. I don’t Facebook message, I don’t private Twitter message, I don’t LinkedIn message, and I avoid uncomfortable situations. Those situations would include the following.

1. I receive an email from an admirer and they inadvertently say “I love you.” My wife finds said email and lovingly places a knife in me. Now while that story holds a lot of love, I would rather not get stabbed… ever.

2. Person A messages me on Facebook and my wife gets on Facebook, but doesn’t realize she is on my account. She decides to message her best friend Helga and then notices that the message button on Facebook is flashing. She obviously clicks on it, because women are clickers, and behold it is a message asking me what I am wearing. Well my wife, since she doesn’t read my blog, has no clue that my previous post was “Guess what I am wearing?” She then grabs a knife and we revert back to the ending from the previous scenario. Again, stabbing not good.

3. Woman B sends me a message through LinkedIn in which she proclaims what an inspiration I am. My wife happens upon this message on my phone, but because women see only what they wish to see she replaces the words “inspiring” with “sexing.” By the time she is done reading the email hell is blazing from her eyes. And hell makes you pay…

4. Blogger C emails me and asks if their new profile photo is a good idea for their blog bio. My wife, because she doesn’t blog, thinks the bio is from an online dating site. The photo happens to be of you in a Halloween costume, which ironically is a Korean school girl. My wife hates Korean school girls. Stabbing and death are the end of this story as well.

I could really go on and as much as you may be laughing this is a serious matter. The above reasons really underline why I don’t “converse” much through social media. Feel free and email me WordPress, but let’s keep the messaging to a minimal. It is never ok to text me either… and honestly that is a bit creepy.


Guest Post – Top Questions a Tall Blogger Gets From Strangers

Those of you who happen to follow my blog know that I am tall – hence (obviously) the name, Not Another Tall Blog. Since I started it, i.e. ten months ago, I had to publicly announce my height. Not that I mind, as this is who I am, but… this got me some unexpected (and, frankly, unwanted!) attention.

Truth be told, this is totally my fault. But, then, there is a certain price to pay for publicising your posts through Facebook. I touched on this is one on my posts about protecting bloggers’ privacy on Facebook. In an effort to gain more traffic, I decided to join the tall people groups on the social network. Yes, I do actually get lots of traffic this way – but not only. Here the fun began.

Now and then, I’d randomly get messages from strangers. Some of them actually rather pleasant, so I don’t mind entering a conversation with them. Others brutally persistent and arrogant, leading to the most logical result: being blocked by me. Others I ignore, sorry.

So, I decided to put together a short summary of the most common, as well as some unusual, questions I get asked. Just for the fun of it.

Height Related Boring Questions

When someone decides to message me (for whatever reason), the top question, obviously and imminently, is: “How tall are you?” And, then, I can pretty much bet on what the reaction will be: “Nooo, you can’t be that tall! You look average on your pictures!” So I am supposed to argue to prove my height? No, thanks. I prefer to take this as a compliment: “Well, I am lucky to have a proportionate figure, so my height doesn’t show on photos!”

Some of them go on bombarding me with more questions of this sort (and, like, immediately!): what is your shoe size, how old are you… The other day I politely asked this girl to stop messaging me. Her reaction? Nice and sweet: “YOU FUCKING GIANT BITCH!!!” I’ll leave it for you to guess what I did.

Next top question: Who was tall in your family, your mum or dad? And the first one in the series of empty/pointless questions. Whether I take it from my mum, dad, or great grandparents, the fact won’t change: I am as tall as I am.

Can you find clothes in the shops?
This question I actually don’t mind too much, so depending on my mood and availability of time, I could actually talk about this. A question which is, not surprisingly, very common. And ever so boring, sorry, can’t help but yawn now.

Do you play basketball/volleyball/any-ball?
Really, is there nothing more imaginative you can come up with? Yes, I used to play basketball, and I, frankly, sucked at it. But if I admit this, I will enter an endless discussion, so better keep my mouth shut.

Are all women in your country so tall?
How am I supposed to answer this… Haven’t read the latest population count report, sorry. Plus, can I even be sure which country they are referring to? I am an expat, so they have a choice of two countries. But, then, most of them haven’t bothered to read my blog, so won’t know this anyway. They have no particular country in mind, I can bet on this.

Do you wear heels?
Now, this is when I feel like screaming. Get a life, will you!

Height Related Weird Questions

Top stupid question that got me in stitches: “I heard that riding a bicycle can make you tall – is that true?” No comment. Or no, I will comment: this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever (I repeat: ever!) heard.

I have a fetish for large feet. What is your shoe size?

Not that I am a prude, but somehow I choose to stay quiet and simply delete such messages. Sorry, don’t want any more trouble.

I am 5’5″, where will I come up to compared to you, your underarms, your chest?
Honestly? I don’t care.

How old was your son when he was my height?
Now, this rings alarm bells: I must have missed updating the security settings on some Facebook photo, as strangers aren’t supposed to have access to any photos of my kids. Quick, change the settings – now!

I am 180/183/184 cm – do you think I’m tall?
Honestly, you want my opinion? OK, I don’t think you are! Which then leads to a heated discussion aiming to convince me that he is tall. What was the point in asking my opinion, if you were going to disagree anyway?

I am 180/183/184 cm, would you date me if we were both single?
A bit of a pointless question really, as I am  not single… So how does it matter??

Blog (and Sometimes Height) Related Questions

Why do you have a blog?
Because I want to… What else can I say. Why do you do what you do??

Why don’t you write about short men?
Why would I…?

Did you write all these posts?
Huh. Sure I did. I guess I can take this as a compliment, too: I must be like a multi-arm god or something…

This list doesn’t even begin to cover it, but I can always gather material for a follow-up post in a few month’s time.

P.S. And no, I am not 6’3″ as shown on the photo. A bit taller than this. ;)

And here is where you can find me:


WordPress – You don’t decide who is Popular

How does a person create a popular blog? The normal response one will receive is that you “don’t create a popular blog,” instead popularity finds you through blogging habits, techniques, writing ability, and content. But what if you could directly control how many people view your website daily through hard work? What if you could build your own popularity and viral nature by mass networking and pushing your name to the ever growing public?

WordPress has been a great platform because it has offered every blogger an equal opportunity to be noticed. By offering the same methods of interaction for everyone, WordPress created a fair playing ground for bloggers to grow, network, and promote themselves at their own speed. Unfortunately that culture is changing.

When I began blogging two years ago I found, read, and met some great bloggers. These people had tens of thousands of followers, massive subscription lists, and many of them worked with teams so as to keep their content fresh and continuously populating. WordPress built this platform for the “users,” they created the game and rules, but they do not get to pick who is popular. We as bloggers and readers get to choose that. That is what is so great about blogging, the unpredictable nature of who will be popular and what will garner the most attention.

What happens when the platform begins to pick favorites? Suddenly the rules change, punishment and “moderation” are handed out unfairly, and bloggers who are only copying the early practices of many popular blogs on WordPress are suddenly hit with limitations on the very features that make WP what it is. How is that fair? How is it ever fair when a website, service provider, or host suddenly changes the rules midgame? It is the very example of favoritism.

HarsH ReaLiTy is what it is because I became addicted to blogging. I loved being able to physically pump my blog’s numbers and popularity through increased effort. Unfortunately WordPress is now limiting the number of blogs people can follow daily by limiting the actual account. While I understand the frustration people feel over “fake likes” and “fake follows,” people need to realize there is nothing spammy about pressing a single button. I personally never press the “like” button unless I have read and enjoyed the post. I will, however, press the follow button many times a day. It is one of the many examples that WordPress’s Blogging University offers as an important way to not only network, but also to publicize your blog. Again, by limiting my ability to do so you have sold me a product I never agreed to buy WordPress.

I have spent a lot of time trying to promote other blogs and help people to network. This was when I actually thought WordPress cared about these things… since those methods are what make this platform buzz. Without the bloggers, readers, writers… us, there is no WordPress. As I said WP, you can build the platform, but you don’t get to decide who is popular.

Due to these recent changes I am strongly considering moving off platform. I enjoy the pool of readers and bloggers here, but if I cannot access that “pool” there is no reason to be near it. I also don’t see a need to run Meet and Greet threads when the very community I am promoting doesn’t seem to care about us anymore. Instead WP would love for all bloggers to sit around and pray to be Freshly Pressed as the only way to EVER get noticed. As I have always said a successful blogger doesn’t sit back and wait to be noticed. They go and find their audience. As long as this ability is impaired on my blog, I will not blog publicly on WordPress. As long as this platform plays favorites it will never be as great a platform as it once was. And that is a fucking shame.

-Opinionated Man