I don’t care about your damn message

Opinionated Man:

OH that was just a fight in the kitchen! I appreciate the break down and mention, did you really instagram that? That is funny lol. -OM
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I had just read an epic flame war between Opinionated Man and some chick/or guy going by the name Medusajoe.

In the argument, very clearly, Medusajoe is questionable. And I mean is this Medusajoe crazy??? Mentally ill? Or is Medusajoe just okay, but is a fanatic and asshole?

Here is my Instagram of Medusajoe being crazy weird in making statements about an Eubola Vaccine being used. …This is wrong because actually: There Is No Eubola Vaccine that is not experimental right now. And Medusajoe argued that the MMR Vaccine causes Autism.

And, unfortunately, Medusajoe is wrong about Autism ever being caused by the Measles/Mumps/Rubella Vaccine. …But you or me can’t convince Medusajoe because he’s religious-like in being sure without pretty stable facts from sources that can be read by you and me for us to verify. …Or maybe Medusajoe does have sources. But I really am sure…

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I don’t care about your damn message

I love when bloggers try to guilt me into caring about their “calling” or the message they feel is important and are trying to spread. It is even more amusing when they say things like “you have a million followers and you could really do something good for a change instead of only writing blogs about gaining views and blogging.” Here is an idea, how about you take the lessons I provide FOR FREE and build your own blog and audience instead of telling me what I should do with mine. Then you can preach all you want to about the things you find important instead of preaching at me like I give a damn.

Everyone wants to point a finger at people these days. “Those celebrities aren’t donating enough money to the right causes” or “That isn’t as important as such and such.” I currently have a person trolling my boards telling me my advice on blogging sucks and that all I care about is money and views. When I informed them I don’t make any money off my blog they immediately changed their statement to “well you aren’t promoting worthy causes. How about you reblog this link instead?” It is funny how people can be such assholes and then turn around and expect you to be nice to them. Why don’t you all leave me a comment on things you feel “I ought to do and care about.” No really, I am always curious what people in society feel others should be doing while they do nothing at all for themselves.


The Life

If you want the truth it is that if you put yourself in the spotlight you will gain a target on your back, forehead, and possibly on your ass. That is the life of an audience blogger which is what I am. You will get trolled, you will get hate mail, you will get comments made about your family, you will get racist comments, you will get accused of being a racist yourself, and if you dare to defend your posts or views you will get called a bully if you happen to have a larger platform than them.

I get so many emails asking to guest post I can’t even tell the real inquiries from the spam anymore. People will ask for advice, receive it from me, and then will disappear without a “thank you” or response back. Your methods will be ridiculed, especially if you are a powerblogger, and people will try to take away from the hard work you do daily. They will make statements like “he is a corporate blogger, he must have been Freshly Pressed a lot, or he works for WordPress.” Bloggers will come up with all kinds of excuses for why others are succeeding. Truly that is a sad way to pursue a goal.

I am still reviewing the interns I’ll teach this go around. I hope the people that are truly interested in my methods are paying attention to the bad as well as the good. The “bad” parts of blogging far outweigh the good on most days. Bloggers have the largest nuts possible online, when they don’t actually have to face you. When they can send off emails telling you to burn in hell or they hope you die and won’t have to answer for it. Is that truly the type of attention you seek with your blog? If it isn’t you may want to reconsider becoming a blogger that pushes for a larger audience.

I spend a lot of time on most days blogging. I juggle this “full-time hobby” with my full time job that I am at currently. I also have kids and a family that I take care of, but those obligations can be met while still pursuing a dream. This blog is my only project right now. I have poured more sweat and heart into it than it would take to write a book. This website has also gained more views than any book I could write would ever get. That is a humbling thought, it is an anchor, it is definitely something to consider. These are random thoughts though that bloggers seeking to powerblog may wish to ponder. It is worth a thought, what are your goals truly?


Blogging – Going at it Alone

Many of you are bloggers that are taking the internet on by yourself. I relate because I am as well. I have many followers that have watched me grow this website in 15 months from Follower One. I appreciate Follower One still to this day actually.

Going at it alone… without backers or any corporate support is daunting. It is for me even now. But still we wish to be giants, at least some of us. That is obtainable with work, work, and more work. Countless hours because one person is doing the job of three… or maybe more. I know how hard it is. I suppose this post is to tell you it can be done. The people that say it can’t are either the ones that failed or the bloggers that have no clue the possibilities of the internet.

My door is open to bloggers that need specific help and always has been. You can reach me here or at aopinionatedman@gmail.com and I will answer some questions. If they are basic help questions I will refer you to WordPress forum, who by the way do a great job and have awesome documents. But if you are a single blogger and ever feel daunted, drop me a line. I am always around… somewhere.

-Opinionated Man

Blogging: They Aren’t Coming Back…

I often tell you that I don’t count on return visits from my followers. I want to share with you a stat image that will further highlight this fact.


You will notice from my graph that there are definite times when my website goes up in views and then trails off to a smaller number. The normal four days or so of heightened views is due in part to my posts, but mainly due to my follower gathering methods.

You see I pick and choose when my website gets viewed heavily and when it becomes dormant. I control this through adjusting my three focus points on blogging and in doing so I adjust the “potential viewers” according to the output. Whether I am currently writing, about to post, or have just posted something I think is of value that is when I pump my numbers towards my blog. When my “weekend comes” and I decide to relax my numbers begin to fall significantly. This is all to show that my website fluctuates, just like many of yours do. It is a normal thing unless you are able to harness corporate traffic.

Most bloggers will tell you that to have a successful website you must have “focus,” a clear goal or blogging subject, and that you must post consistently to get views and new followers. Most bloggers don’t have any clue what they are talking about. They are simply repeating what they have read or what they are told and have NO REAL DATA to even go by. They are just talking. I don’t listen to “most bloggers” and neither should you.

I post when I want, what I want, and even TO whomever I want. What do I mean by “to” whomever I want? Part of gaining attention to a post or article isn’t always looking for those that will agree. I purposefully draw in large numbers of people that will “potentially” hate my work. I do this because you can easily get more views from someone that hates everything they are reading on a site than from someone that totally agrees with everything you have wrote. Most people that find a website “in line with their beliefs” will skim and save that address, but they may never revisit. Why would they? They already agree with everything you wrote so reading your work is much like reading their own thoughts. That quickly becomes boring because people are drawn to controversy and debate these days.

“They aren’t coming back…” I remember saying this to myself in my second month of blogging. It was when I began to fully understand the relationship I was creating with my readers and the potentially “deceitful” value that it had. Sure I found and you will also find bloggers that instantly connect with you. Those connections many times have an expiration date that is never clear, but normally comes around the time you suddenly stop seeing their username anymore as a comment. It happens and will always happen. If you are serious about building an audience they cannot have a face, it must be an ever changing and growing thing. When you begin to “depend” on certain audience members for views you will find yourself waiting by the door. Guess what?

They aren’t coming back…


Four Women and An Opinionated Man

Opinionated Man:

Why am I always surrounded by women… -OM
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My blogging journey started in May, 2012. I had been pondering the thought of blogging for several months but at this particular time the thought was strong. Me and wife (My wife’s name is Nicole but I call her wife. One day I will share why, but as for now, lets just say it’s spiritual) had just gotten married the month before.

I was on a high that no internal battle I was experiencing could had stopped me. I believe that’s where I got the courage to walk through it, but mostly I believe it was part of God’s will for me. I say that because I didn’t know anything about blogging and I didn’t know anything about proper grammar either. But God placed certain people on this journey to inspire me and encourage me to keep on going.

We all can remember the first person who followed us or commented first on our blog. I know I can. Her name is Suzanne and she writes with…

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