I Could

I could write love, but do I really want to?

I could write inspiration, but do I feel like inspiring?

Will I accept the chains that society dangles before my eyes or do I instead close my eyes to the world for a moment. So that I can be myself.


How do you like my kitchen?

My first round of guest posts are up and I will do the rest through this week and weekend. I appreciate those that have responded so quickly and thanks for taking this seriously. I know blogging is meant to be “fun,” but I also hope people realize that some of us view fun in a different way. Fun to me is success, being successful at what I have dedicated my time to. I view my blog in such a light and I don’t waste time simply contemplating ideas. I think, I create, and I do. Hopefully my “fast pace” hasn’t put too many off.

I would like to take a second and ask that if you are still interested in guest posting that you take the time to read some of the current posts up already. Pay close attention to the conversations in the comments section as well. Even though I rarely comment on guest posts I do read everything that happens on my website. While my visitors and readers here are for the most part polite, this isn’t some Yahoo board, they are STILL opinionated and will not hesitate to voice their opinion… especially in disagreement. I hope if you decide to come into my kitchen you are prepared for the experience I have daily and I also hope in the end it is a fun time for you.

Thanks again Guest Authors for your time,



This Isn’t Me…



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Tagging – Spreading the love

I know everyone by now has read a post on tagging. I have read many of them and I find that sometimes people leave out some key pieces of info. I thought I would share some of the points I think people leave out.

Yes, we know by now that you are allowed up to 15 tags per post. These tags will then “filter” your post into the appropriate category and they will then enter the overall WordPress reader. Categories count as a tag so if you add a post to one or more categories you must then remove some of the additional tags or your post will go “p00f!”

Here is the part that people miss. Humans are creatures of habit and that flows over into blogging. Often people will habitually use the exact same tags over and over and that is a huge mistake. For starters if you are only using the overall general tags of WP, such as blog, blogging, wordpress, writing, life, love, sex, relationships, food, photography,  and art, then your posts are only visible real time. They get flooded out. Some people will suggest that you use “unique tags” to make your post stand out. That is true BUT to get noticed someone actually has to think of looking for that tag. So if you use a tag like “my cute red socks” your post will never be found off that tag search. Generally people only search for a single or a double word phrase.

I follow a lot of blogs, obviously, but I ALSO read a ton of blogs. I am a silent reader for the most part unless I feel prompted to comment, but one thing I always look at is how people are tagging. What is trending and what are people using these days. Tags and titles ARE the SEO of WordPress. Not of google. The truth is you don’t need “general SEO” to grow an audience if your blog is on WordPress. Your audience is already here and all they are waiting for is an invitation to come to your site.

Tags are almost as important as titles because both serve the same purpose. If you truly want your articles read you need to understand “how” to get them read. Understanding tagging is a good start.


Thank You WordPress

I just wanted to thank WordPress and their staff for the incredible job they do. Too often do we take for granted the free platforms that are created through the engineering, work, and backing of others. Instead we moan and groan when things don’t act “just perfectly.” Heaven forbid there is an UPDATE!

Everyone that is using WordPress for free, as in you are not paying for a premium account or domain, needs to take a second and reflect. What are you offering to the world? If all you are giving is complaints about a free website… check your attitude or go make your own platform.


Kaufmans Kavalkade – Troll

Dear Kaufmans Kavalkade,

We all now see how pathetic you are. You attack smaller bloggers that can’t fight back and when a real challenge comes your way you run like a coward. Stay hidden and back off my friends.

-Opinionated Man