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Hi guys, I’ve been under the weather a little lately. Nobody likes a depressing post, including me. Yesterday, I didn’t receive a very good report. I went to my regular neurologist yesterday morning. The doctor advised that the autoimmune (Lambert-Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome) illness is worsening. He prescribed a new medication used to improve muscle strength in patients with a certain muscular disease (Myasthenia Gravis). It helps with neuro-transmitters to improve strength and to feel better in general. He also increased frequently of IV-G infusions to monthly again.

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I judge every single one of you daily

I judge everyone. I openly admit that. I see old people and I calculate the chances of them falling down at my feet and me having to give them CPR, mouth to mouth, or a couple swift kicks to the chest.

I see young white people and I wonder if they are about to finally “do” what they threaten to do online. Don’t shoot! I didn’t bully you I promise, it was THEM over there!

I see other Koreans and I wonder if they speak Korean, have a Korean mother, and have a Korean life. And then I hate them.

I see other Asians and I wonder if they are upholding our racial stereotypes or creating new ones we will have to battle.

I see black people and wonder if any of them were bullied by other races like I was by theirs.

I see Jews and wonder if they really believe in Jesus. Yet.

I look at Muslims and wonder if they are the “good Muslims” or the ones that claim to be good as they blow up children for an unrecognizable cause.

I look at Presidents and think “what makes you so special?” I could do better.

I look at young “tech geniuses” and think that there is a reason they are outliers. There is always a reason. “Young Cindy started her first company at the age of 16 and just sold it for a million dollars!!!” What they don’t mention is that “young Cindy” is daughter to “old Cindy” who owns half of New York. But we should still be impressed…

I look at teachers and wonder of they truly care about their students. Not just the “good ones,” but all of them. It has been my experience that they don’t.

I look at single males walking alone in the kid’s section of any department store as possible pedaphiles and I pull my children protectively closer.

Man, woman, child, dog, cat… I judge you all. I expect you to judge me back.


Weekend Share a Post

I’ll open the board up for this weekend. Feel free and share a post, link, or blog here. Self-promotion is accepted. All bloggers except two are welcome.

Authors you may share book covers if you know the coding and “how to.”



Not Asian Enough

While I am not overly a fan of the Japanese people, I will admit I feel sympathy for the Miss Universe from Japan. She is currently being accused of not being “Japanese enough” to represent her country because she is mixed. I am not mixed, but I will never be accepted as fully Korean. It is a struggle those who have never been displaced can never understand.

A person of mixed blood can probably feel like a part of two worlds or apart from two worlds. I know the feeling. While I feel as American as I ever will, still I will always be a second hand citizen here. I will never be a citizen of Korea either and that is where the rub begins and ends. “Not Asian enough,” how many times have we heard that? How about this world. You can take your definition of “Asian” and shove it up your ass.


Self-hosting soon

I’ve begun the process to self-host. I should have done this a long time ago. Well I never claimed to be smart… just a genius.

At this point I don’t care if my “subscriber number” drops or doesn’t move over. I’ll start over if I have to. I will always own aopinionatedman.com.



10 Reasons Why I Don’t Read Your Blog

1. Because you haven’t written anything interesting. You have to catch my eye just like any other reader, any new reader, or even any subscriber you currently have. Don’t blame the readers, look to yourselves bloggers.

2. You don’t post often enough for me to even notice you post at all.

3. I left a comment on your blog and you never responded. If I miss a comment on my blog, which does happen sometimes unintentionally, then I don’t expect those people to return either.

4. You keep changing your gravatar and I don’t recognize you anymore. Believe it or not people the gravatar image is almost as recognizable as your blog address. Don’t change it unless you have to and if you must change it do it once. Not fifty million times.

5. You said you hate my blog and I got my feelings hurt and cried a little bit.

6. You post photos of rabbits, squirrels, clowns, spiders, or anyone from the Patriots.

7. You didn’t link your blog to your username OR I get a 404 error. Getting 404 errors is about as annoying as getting kicked in the nuts. I won’t try twice normally.

8. You post on one topic and I find it boring. Now if you were to start talking about Peyton Manning or Starcraft you might just win a fan.

9. Every post you write is about your book. Every post. Every single post. All the posts on your blog… There are ways to promote without being annoying or killing your blog.

10. This last one is a little more serious. I absolutely hate when a writer assumes that their reader has read every post on their blog. Assume we are new to your website and please walk us through your thoughts. If the post reads like hanging cliff after hanging cliff, with presented link as historical reference, I won’t follow or keep reading. It is just annoying as hell.