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Guest Blogging On My Blog

I expect anyone that guest blogs on my blog to “blog” similar to how I do. That means responding to comments, following up with people, and monitoring their posts. This is a minimum expectation I have for any blogger I read, follow, or allow on my website. Bloggers that fail to uphold the same standards… Read More »

The Death of aopinionatedman.com

This is what happens when you cut the WordPress string and swim on your own. You drop, you rebuild, and you move forward. I miss my old rank though… -OM @smokendust

How to find out if people are stealing from you

Most people may not have to worry about this, but some of us will find that people will steal anything. I have had my articles and posts lifted from my sites since I began blogging in 2013. It never gets easy to accept and it grates at you as you see your words highlighted on… Read More »

Blogging Past the Doubt

We all experience doubt at some point while blogging. We wonder if what we are writing is good enough, worth reading, or will be read at all. We see all these other bloggers sharing posts and content that we sometimes consider is better than our own. It is at this point that we must make… Read More »

Writing in the Dark

I keep sleep at bay with a weary hand as I use my writing hand for writing. Posting in the dark, wondering if anyone can see my words. I trace my soul upon paper white and breath easier from the release. Release of me, release to be me. I am the writing of the moment.… Read More »

Bloggers are Sleeping Giants

Bloggers are sleeping giants. Why do you shut off your glory and pride from the world? Building walls out of fear of condemnation. Do you not realize you are judged simply for walking from point A to point B? What matters then if you skip in motion and perhaps sing a meaningless song? Foolish is… Read More »

The Pulse of a Blog

My blog pulses and has a heartbeat. I close my eyes and allow the muscles around my soul to throb with it. Sometimes the connection is stronger than others. Like a rainy day, the day is still lived… but perhaps not as clearly as one would have liked. And yet on a sunny day we… Read More »

Sleepless nights

Sleepless nights I think of you. Through falling sunfire and morning dew. Even my dreams are no longer mine. Your presence there I see a sign. How do you come to own this mind? Keyless entry you seem to find. Secrets revealed by lingering thought. Thoughts that eat at time I’ve bought. Can I slay… Read More »

New Banners!

Thank you to my wife for creating the new banners! Check them out on both https://aopinionatedman.com and https://aopinionatedman.wordpress.com/! Let me know what you think!

Unimportant Me

I revel in the fact that I am unimportant because if I “mattered” then I would have to watch what I say. I will never run for political office, will never be Star Fleet Commander, and will never appear on TV to defend my views. I have always found it amusing how “random people” get… Read More »