The Daily Random

I miss 30A. I miss Florida. Because we are buying a home this year I won’t be meeting my family in Seagrove like we do annually and that makes my heart heavy. It is more than just a vacation, it is a time to release the stress of the year. To allow the sound of crashing waves to break down my internal barriers. I feel like I live a little more while I am there. I write a lot while I am on that trip and those that have been following this blog for the past two years know what I speak of. Some of the writing that comes from “that place” is the most honest picture I give. I will try to have a good attitude about it and dream of waves.

I got some blue dream today, but I wonder now if it is necessary for the poetry I strive for. Many of my poems lately have been written with a clear mind, a clear head. I battle my wants and needs each day. Still, I miss that crystal eye.

I have made some steps towards working for a promotion at my job. Yes, I work 40 hours a week just like many of you. And like many of you I blog when and where I can. Is it my dream to write for a living one day? Of course and I share that dream with a lot of other bloggers. We are grinders, grinding it out each day because we must. Because without this outlet we would be so much less as a person. Regardless if I am an IT professional for the rest of my life or if one day you see a book with my name on it on a shelf… still I will work towards the next goal. The next dream. For there is never only one dream. They are as numerous as my thoughts.

Sometimes I wonder if my mind is sick. Not in a perverted way, but rather if it does not function like a normal human’s should. So many voices, so many lines of thought. They never stop. They never stop. I hear them and speak to them daily. Is it a thing of horrors or a place of comfort. Only the moment knows.



Egg shells

People often walk on egg shells around me both in the real world and the cyber world. I have posted pictures of myself and personally… I feel I look like the nicest guy ever. I am not complaining, however, and I can appreciate that people actually use their heads now before finding random confrontation. Still, it amuses me when I KNOW how aggressive someone is from their own blog posts and then they act a totally different way towards me here. I chalk a lot of that up to my aggressive tone, or at least I have been told it is aggressive. I believe I am just blunt and one could possible argue my bluntness is due to my lack of education and my inability to beat around a proverbial bush. I just have better things to do then to pussy foot around a topic. Who has time for all that?

Some may say that a blogs popularity will dictate how truthful an audience is. I get that… I do. I just think that if the number of “eyes” that see your words in any way alters how you state your beliefs, then your lack of conviction is a telling sign. It means you either have no back bone or you simply lacked conviction to begin with. Grow a pair.


A Blogging Transition

I rarely follow blogs anymore due to my WordPress ankle monitor. People may think I gained my “following” in a shady way, but I would argue that trading online sexual favors for a subscription is pretty normal. I feel worn out though from pushing my tail so much on the internet. Some of you are rough too.

If I had my way I would still be out finding new blogs to follow and connect with. Unfortunately I can’t do that anymore. I appreciate all the new subscribers and those stopping by for a browse, a laugh, or a frown. I also really, really appreciate the reboots of my posts since that is now the main way for me to publicize here.

I’ll be rolling out a few things these next few weeks. I hope you all enjoy them. Always another project, another something to keep my mind amused.




Some of you bloggers are so funny. You accuse me of spewing hate and venom and all the while you yourself spew hate. I am sure that will go over a lot of people’s heads. Because your heads are up your ass. So amusing lol…

Calling me a troll on my own blog is laughable. So funny. :)



Promote Yourself! – All Bloggers Welcome!

I have decided I will make this post a sticky and leave it up for a bit while I work on my projects. I encourage all bloggers, authors, and writers to promote themselves here if they have the desire. Feel free and share links to your blog, eBooks, personal projects, or any causes you are currently involved in or care about. This thread is open and will not be moderated.

All the best WordPress.

-Opinionated Man

Note: If your comment is automatically moderated it is due to Akismet. You can either try reposting your comment, emailing me that your response is being modded, or attempt to punch the screen. That sometimes helps.

Note 2: Please be patient with responses from me on posts. I have cut back on my blogging hours so comments might get missed. My apologies on that since most of my followers know how important responding is to me. I thank everyone that is still coming by for a browse and a laugh.