On “Not Blogging for an Audience” and The Fear of Failure.

Opinionated Man:

I think we all have a little fear of failure, but we can’t let that stop us chasing our dreams. Nice post and thanks for the pingback and mention! -OM
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I have writers block. Not right now per se, but I get it often. I get it because I have a fear of failure. I’m a perfectionist although I’m working on it thank you very much. The fear of failure is something we all experience to a certain degree, in our work, hobbies, everyday life. We always get scared of screwing up at some point; and it’s okay. We need to be reminded we aren’t machines, we aren’t programmed to always succeed and we are not to be replaced when we make a mistake because we haven’t fulfilled our purpose. We are human. We fail. We succeed. We do it all over again. It’s part of the circle of life.

Now there are people who want to/ try to distance themselves from the possibility of failing, which I completely understand. It’s not necessarily the best way to deal with an…

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“I don’t blog for an Audience”

I get tired of hearing this sentence from bloggers. If you aren’t interested in gathering a following or having others read your work GOOD FOR YOU! Why is it you feel that it is necessary to parade that ideology on every post you can find that talks about “building a blog or an audience?” How many articles have you read on how to successfully build a blog and how many of those articles have you seen at least one commenter that feels the need to clarify that they “write for themselves?” Good for you… now how about you go write in that corner over there since you are so proud of the fact that you don’t care if anyone else sees your post!

Many of us here on WordPress are writers and we ARE seeking critiques of our work or eyes on our articles. There is nothing wrong with that at all. Don’t get discouraged or put off by people that loudly trumpet in your face that “they aren’t after the numbers or the views.” If you want to focus on that and then in turn feel proud of the fact that you have accomplished a “goal” then do so! Be as proud as you feel like! Simply ignore the “noise” around you that will try and tell you that your outlook is wrong. They are your goals, your outlooks, and it is your blog. Screw everyone else.


What Do You Want From Me?

Opinionated Man:

I think it is less about asking what potential readers want and more about finding out what you want to share first. And then sharing it. I don’t have a target audience myself and I asked that question as the daily opinion to really get people to think about who they wish to connect with. The answer may very well be “everyone,” and that to me is ok! I hope you keep at it and keep on blogging. -OM
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I am so new to blogging… I still feel like a newborn and that is what I basically am: A newborn blogger.

Of course I still try to find my way and find out, what my readers like best. I keep an eye on my stats and try to figure out which posts you like best. But it is hard, as I am only in my second month of blogging and over the last 5 weeks have met so many of fellow newborn bloggers… And naturally we check each other out and we do support each other as well.

I ask myself the question every day: What is my blog all about?

I hear my husband’s words in the back of my mind, who told me that I would have to find a subject to blog about and stick to it. I see the words of other bloggers in front…

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I don’t care about your damn message

Opinionated Man:

OH that was just a fight in the kitchen! I appreciate the break down and mention, did you really instagram that? That is funny lol. -OM
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I had just read an epic flame war between Opinionated Man and some chick/or guy going by the name Medusajoe.

In the argument, very clearly, Medusajoe is questionable. And I mean is this Medusajoe crazy??? Mentally ill? Or is Medusajoe just okay, but is a fanatic and asshole?

Here is my Instagram of Medusajoe being crazy weird in making statements about an Eubola Vaccine being used. …This is wrong because actually: There Is No Eubola Vaccine that is not experimental right now. And Medusajoe argued that the MMR Vaccine causes Autism.

And, unfortunately, Medusajoe is wrong about Autism ever being caused by the Measles/Mumps/Rubella Vaccine. …But you or me can’t convince Medusajoe because he’s religious-like in being sure without pretty stable facts from sources that can be read by you and me for us to verify. …Or maybe Medusajoe does have sources. But I really am sure…

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I don’t care about your damn message

I love when bloggers try to guilt me into caring about their “calling” or the message they feel is important and are trying to spread. It is even more amusing when they say things like “you have a million followers and you could really do something good for a change instead of only writing blogs about gaining views and blogging.” Here is an idea, how about you take the lessons I provide FOR FREE and build your own blog and audience instead of telling me what I should do with mine. Then you can preach all you want to about the things you find important instead of preaching at me like I give a damn.

Everyone wants to point a finger at people these days. “Those celebrities aren’t donating enough money to the right causes” or “That isn’t as important as such and such.” I currently have a person trolling my boards telling me my advice on blogging sucks and that all I care about is money and views. When I informed them I don’t make any money off my blog they immediately changed their statement to “well you aren’t promoting worthy causes. How about you reblog this link instead?” It is funny how people can be such assholes and then turn around and expect you to be nice to them. Why don’t you all leave me a comment on things you feel “I ought to do and care about.” No really, I am always curious what people in society feel others should be doing while they do nothing at all for themselves.


The Life

If you want the truth it is that if you put yourself in the spotlight you will gain a target on your back, forehead, and possibly on your ass. That is the life of an audience blogger which is what I am. You will get trolled, you will get hate mail, you will get comments made about your family, you will get racist comments, you will get accused of being a racist yourself, and if you dare to defend your posts or views you will get called a bully if you happen to have a larger platform than them.

I get so many emails asking to guest post I can’t even tell the real inquiries from the spam anymore. People will ask for advice, receive it from me, and then will disappear without a “thank you” or response back. Your methods will be ridiculed, especially if you are a powerblogger, and people will try to take away from the hard work you do daily. They will make statements like “he is a corporate blogger, he must have been Freshly Pressed a lot, or he works for WordPress.” Bloggers will come up with all kinds of excuses for why others are succeeding. Truly that is a sad way to pursue a goal.

I am still reviewing the interns I’ll teach this go around. I hope the people that are truly interested in my methods are paying attention to the bad as well as the good. The “bad” parts of blogging far outweigh the good on most days. Bloggers have the largest nuts possible online, when they don’t actually have to face you. When they can send off emails telling you to burn in hell or they hope you die and won’t have to answer for it. Is that truly the type of attention you seek with your blog? If it isn’t you may want to reconsider becoming a blogger that pushes for a larger audience.

I spend a lot of time on most days blogging. I juggle this “full-time hobby” with my full time job that I am at currently. I also have kids and a family that I take care of, but those obligations can be met while still pursuing a dream. This blog is my only project right now. I have poured more sweat and heart into it than it would take to write a book. This website has also gained more views than any book I could write would ever get. That is a humbling thought, it is an anchor, it is definitely something to consider. These are random thoughts though that bloggers seeking to powerblog may wish to ponder. It is worth a thought, what are your goals truly?