Blogger Review – HarsH ReaLiTy

I have never asked for this before and this might be a huge mistake. I would like for anyone to write a “review” of my blog and perhaps touch on things you might like to see in the future. I won’t promise to follow any “advice” given, but I have a lot of readers here that have watched this blog grow from follower 1 in 2013. I would really like feedback from those that have watched the different directions this blog has taken. It might be helpful to touch on what posts are more enjoyable than others so I can consider that in the future.

Thanks to anyone that takes the time!


-Opinionated Man

Prince Charming? Ha! Welcome to Reality.

Opinionated Man:

Prince charming exists! He just drinks beer and likes football and sometimes… wants to be left alone. Thanks for sending me the link! -OM
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Originally posted on APCFuture:

My random thought of the day has caused inspiration to write. Random thoughts can be fun but this one comes from things that have taken place in my life and what I have seen from my other married friends.

Ladies we are brought up to be completely ridiculous and insane in our notions of love, romance and marriage. The fairly tale prince charming who will walk in and sweep us off our feet with romance spewing from his ears. Then we begin to date and find that men do not compare to much of what we thought we should expect in a relationship. Our notions are torn down and everything falls apart. This leads to many good guys being tossed aside for not being enough.

Truth is though that we should be better informed and if we were we may open our eyes. Getting married for me was a huge…

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Just Call Me OM…

I’ve seen a lot of different versions of my name… some very colorful. Please just call me OM. Simple, two letters, and really easy to remember! Thanks!

Also if you ever want me to see a post you can tag it with HarsH ReaLiTy or Opinionated Man and I’ll see it probably.


Survey Question

What is the best post so far on this website to you? I know I have some long time readers so I hope some people respond. Someone recently said the “poem” Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter was my best post so far. What is your favorite or even “type” of post. I would do a survey, but my last one sucked. I don’t feel like learning how to host a cool one. I appreciate the feedback and thanks to those that take the time.


Reblog – About TSRA

About TSRA. What a great blog and a great way to connect authors with readers! I didn’t see a reblog button so I am publishing a pingback to the site. The link is below!

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The Daily Opinion – Current Events

Are there any current events going on in your town, city, or country that you don’t think are getting much international media attention? If so please feel free to enlighten us or share a link!