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Could I write the pattern to my heart. Leaving stepping letters like stones towards my meaning. The meaning of each word lending itself to the sentence. Sacrificing sentences to describe the moment and using overly flowery language to avoid offense. Isn’t blogging great?




New Peaceful Tagline in place.


This site

WoW it is ugly. I’m allowed to say that right?

The theme said “open and appealing” so I thought I’d go with it. If I have to suffer you have to suffer.


1,921 Posts

I have successfully archived and removed 1,921 potentially offensive posts from my blog. About half way there. I will say that rereading some of my old posts has shed some light on my blogging habits… namely that I posted a bunch of crap!

I will catch up on comments soon. To clarify I am not shutting down my blog… I simply won’t post things people “might” find offensive anymore. Just the way it has to be people. I do not live my life for myself anymore, I have obligations now.

-Opinionated Man




Half done. Has to be done.



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Could I write a word and sentence it to a lifetime of enslavement to a sentence. Shackling that word with other words of my desire. Forming word chains for my amusement, a desperate attempt to say something new. Or perhaps something already said, just in my own way.



2015 Views by Country for HarsH ReaLiTy

United States 134139
United Kingdom 19801
Canada 17702
Australia 7597
India 7577
Philippines 3068
Nigeria 1774
Spain 1612
South Africa 1554
Switzerland 1323
Pakistan 1240
Singapore 1138
Belgium 1105
Germany 1022
European Union 970
Indonesia 892
Japan 814
Hong Kong SAR China 792
Ireland 782
New Zealand 697
Kenya 687
Norway 656
Netherlands 594
Thailand 577
Russia 544
Malaysia 532
France 519
South Korea 507
Sweden 486
United Arab Emirates 459
Bangladesh 458
Romania 447
Uganda 442
Portugal 423
Brazil 420
Greece 372
Serbia 301
Finland 300
Jamaica 266
Egypt 247
Italy 243
Turkey 237
Jordan 205
Mexico 205
Hungary 184
Trinidad & Tobago 172
Zimbabwe 167
Lebanon 135
Taiwan 135
Tanzania 132
Israel 123
Poland 123
Vietnam 113
Cook Islands 107
Puerto Rico 95
Czech Republic 89
Honduras 84
Sri Lanka 82
Saudi Arabia 81
Denmark 80
China 78
Slovakia 75
Colombia 74
Antigua & Barbuda 70
Croatia 64
Qatar 62
Ghana 62
Austria 62
Ukraine 59
Peru 57
Argentina 55
Cyprus 55
Bulgaria 52
Latvia 44
Guyana 44
Kuwait 43
Lithuania 42
Malta 42
Chile 39
Dominican Republic 37
Barbados 37
Venezuela 37
Morocco 36
Macedonia 35
Brunei 34
Bosnia & Herzegovina 33
Bahrain 32
Guatemala 27
Guernsey 27
Slovenia 25
Nepal 25
Sint Maarten 25
Estonia 24
Costa Rica 24
Tunisia 20
Algeria 18
Nicaragua 17
French Polynesia 17
Oman 17
Zambia 17
British Virgin Islands 17
Cameroon 16
Guam 16
Isle of Man 15
Luxembourg 15
Kazakhstan 14
St. Lucia 14
Sudan 13
Fiji 13
Mauritius 13
Iraq 12
Iceland 12
Albania 12
Montenegro 12
Bahamas 12
Namibia 12
Afghanistan 9
Armenia 9
Mayotte 8
Georgia 8
Liechtenstein 8
Gibraltar 8
Ethiopia 8
Papua New Guinea 7
Mozambique 7
Turks & Caicos Islands 7
Cambodia 7
Panama 7
Jersey 6
Belize 5
Equatorial Guinea 5
Bolivia 5
Rwanda 4
Vanuatu 4
Botswana 4
Guadeloupe 4
Suriname 4
Senegal 4
Laos 3
Ecuador 3
Libya 3
Belarus 3
Côte d’Ivoire 3
Malawi 3
El Salvador 3
Maldives 3
Moldova 3
Dominica 3
Azerbaijan 2
Cayman Islands 2
Macau SAR China 2
Mongolia 2
Myanmar (Burma) 2
Seychelles 2
Gambia 2
Martinique 2
Bhutan 2
Aruba 2
Swaziland 1
San Marino 1
St. Kitts & Nevis 1
Marshall Islands 1
Liberia 1
Uzbekistan 1
Angola 1
Northern Mariana Islands 1
Monaco 1
American Samoa 1
Palestinian Territories 1
Grenada 1
Cape Verde 1
Uruguay 1
St. Vincent & Grenadines 1
Réunion 1
U.S. Virgin Islands 1
Andorra 1
Yemen 1


You are so weak. Self control controlling self be gone. Or was it ever? Would you know the staying hand… I think not. It never stays nor does it waiver in the wind. But like a bird in flight my drinking hand flies through the night. And day. I close my eyes for a moment and more than a moment is gone. Sadness realized when I eventually notice my attention’s affection and what it really is. Never a silver key in the sand.



The Sociopath

Journal Entry 48

TS: 11:21:13

… and I will never change. I see the world through tint. The different colors of my shades present the many facets of my personality. What mood am I in today?

The doorman calls me “Mr. Banks” as I leave the building. He is a Category D and would never make the collection. Still… what would it be like to play along his ribcage with my knife? One can wonder… I roll the idea around my tongue.

I stroll amongst them, a shining example no one notices. But they will notice me one day. All shapes, sizes, ages, nationalities, I see them all and shudder trimmers of desire.

Not just any can make the cut. An audition worthy of Broadway is held each day as I allow my sensations to take over and visualize the moment with each… Not a Category B today, no I will indulge myself and will not settle for second class meat.

The decision has been made and my hands start to sweat with the sheer joy from the anticipation. There is no stopping me from having what I want… what I need. It will be quiet in the night once more… soon once again.

Mr. Banks



Trickle down, broken crown. Broken hope that was placed so high. How beautifully that hope dies as it is shattered by itself. Raining pieces of harsh reality upon my head. I shower in my failure constantly and gasp for some relief. Leaning upon life’s knife till my back is cut with reason. I would sigh with content from the knowledge of racing blood upon that blade. Blessed relief found, even if understanding is lost.



I am here

The only thing I wish people to take away from my blog is an acknowledgement of my presence. I work hard to make my presence felt on my website because I do not view it as simply a webpage. My blog is my bench in cyberspace where I sit and people watch. It is my banner, it is my flag, it is my personality in the wind that I flap freely for the world to see. It tells people something even before they learn a thing about me. It tells everyone that I am here.



To Pen a Thought

To pen a thought is a daily quest. I search for the perfect sentence in the abyss of my mind, it elludes me like a jellyfish in the night. I feel like I am constantly battling my mind. Not for control, but rather for focus on the task at hand. Attention disorders, a mixed blessing, we shower under a continuous torrent of thoughts. How easily they slip between our fingers as we eagerly grasp at straws.

The greatest accomplishment a writer can feel is bottling a thought before it vanishes. How many times do we stare into the night chasing our words like smoke into the sky? We would weep from the effort except for the need to save the life of the precious parchment beneath our hand. So instead we sentence that piece of paper to a life of second class. To bear and hold an imperfect thought in replacement of the one we lost. The one we will miss forever.

-Opinionated Man


Blogging – Creating a Presence

Every blog is different, but to me there are two categories of “blogs” on any website. There are the walls where people paste their words and there are the “corners” where bloggers live. It isn’t always about frequency of posts either. A lot of creating a blogging presence is driven by how you spend your time blogging and what “impact” you have in that amount of time. Do you respond to comments? How quickly? Do you respond to them all or just to a few? When people visit your blog do they see sentences laid to rest or active conversation before their eyes? It makes a difference and determines what your presence feels like.

As I have said I am a realtime blogger. I publish through the day and I hold no requirement over myself for what constitutes a “post.” I push out “twitter like posts” and thought farts through the night. It is what I love to do. I also enjoy having my “corner” of cyberspace that people can find me if they wish to. And many do. I think at this point I have built that type of reputation. A 24/7 blogger that is open like 7-Eleven. I wouldn’t have it any other way! What do people see when they visit your blog? Is your website a wall of published words or do people witness active engagement and ACTIVE blogging? The presence you give off makes a difference bloggers.



Not Asian Enough

While I am not overly a fan of the Japanese people, I will admit I feel sympathy for the Miss Universe from Japan. She is currently being accused of not being “Japanese enough” to represent her country because she is mixed. I am not mixed, but I will never be accepted as fully Korean. It is a struggle those who have never been displaced can never understand.

A person of mixed blood can probably feel like a part of two worlds or apart from two worlds. I know the feeling. While I feel as American as I ever will, still I will always be a second hand citizen here. I will never be a citizen of Korea either and that is where the rub begins and ends. “Not Asian enough,” how many times have we heard that? How about this world. You can take your definition of “Asian” and shove it up your ass.


10 Reasons Why I Don’t Read Your Blog

1. Because you haven’t written anything interesting. You have to catch my eye just like any other reader, any new reader, or even any subscriber you currently have. Don’t blame the readers, look to yourselves bloggers.

2. You don’t post often enough for me to even notice you post at all.

3. I left a comment on your blog and you never responded. If I miss a comment on my blog, which does happen sometimes unintentionally, then I don’t expect those people to return either.

4. You keep changing your gravatar and I don’t recognize you anymore. Believe it or not people the gravatar image is almost as recognizable as your blog address. Don’t change it unless you have to and if you must change it do it once. Not fifty million times.

5. You said you hate my blog and I got my feelings hurt and cried a little bit.

6. You post photos of rabbits, squirrels, clowns, spiders, or anyone from the Patriots.

7. You didn’t link your blog to your username OR I get a 404 error. Getting 404 errors is about as annoying as getting kicked in the nuts. I won’t try twice normally.

8. You post on one topic and I find it boring. Now if you were to start talking about Peyton Manning or Starcraft you might just win a fan.

9. Every post you write is about your book. Every post. Every single post. All the posts on your blog… There are ways to promote without being annoying or killing your blog.

10. This last one is a little more serious. I absolutely hate when a writer assumes that their reader has read every post on their blog. Assume we are new to your website and please walk us through your thoughts. If the post reads like hanging cliff after hanging cliff, with presented link as historical reference, I won’t follow or keep reading. It is just annoying as hell.


WordPress – You don’t decide who is Popular

How does a person create a popular blog? The normal response one will receive is that you “don’t create a popular blog,” instead popularity finds you through blogging habits, techniques, writing ability, and content. But what if you could directly control how many people view your website daily through hard work? What if you could build your own popularity and viral nature by mass networking and pushing your name to the ever growing public?

WordPress has been a great platform because it has offered every blogger an equal opportunity to be noticed. By offering the same methods of interaction for everyone, WordPress created a fair playing ground for bloggers to grow, network, and promote themselves at their own speed. Unfortunately that culture is changing.

When I began blogging two years ago I found, read, and met some great bloggers. These people had tens of thousands of followers, massive subscription lists, and many of them worked with teams so as to keep their content fresh and continuously populating. WordPress built this platform for the “users,” they created the game and rules, but they do not get to pick who is popular. We as bloggers and readers get to choose that. That is what is so great about blogging, the unpredictable nature of who will be popular and what will garner the most attention.

What happens when the platform begins to pick favorites? Suddenly the rules change, punishment and “moderation” are handed out unfairly, and bloggers who are only copying the early practices of many popular blogs on WordPress are suddenly hit with limitations on the very features that make WP what it is. How is that fair? How is it ever fair when a website, service provider, or host suddenly changes the rules midgame? It is the very example of favoritism.

HarsH ReaLiTy is what it is because I became addicted to blogging. I loved being able to physically pump my blog’s numbers and popularity through increased effort. Unfortunately WordPress is now limiting the number of blogs people can follow daily by limiting the actual account. While I understand the frustration people feel over “fake likes” and “fake follows,” people need to realize there is nothing spammy about pressing a single button. I personally never press the “like” button unless I have read and enjoyed the post. I will, however, press the follow button many times a day. It is one of the many examples that WordPress’s Blogging University offers as an important way to not only network, but also to publicize your blog. Again, by limiting my ability to do so you have sold me a product I never agreed to buy WordPress.

I have spent a lot of time trying to promote other blogs and help people to network. This was when I actually thought WordPress cared about these things… since those methods are what make this platform buzz. Without the bloggers, readers, writers… us, there is no WordPress. As I said WP, you can build the platform, but you don’t get to decide who is popular.

Due to these recent changes I am strongly considering moving off platform. I enjoy the pool of readers and bloggers here, but if I cannot access that “pool” there is no reason to be near it. I also don’t see a need to run Meet and Greet threads when the very community I am promoting doesn’t seem to care about us anymore. Instead WP would love for all bloggers to sit around and pray to be Freshly Pressed as the only way to EVER get noticed. As I have always said a successful blogger doesn’t sit back and wait to be noticed. They go and find their audience. As long as this ability is impaired on my blog, I will not blog publicly on WordPress. As long as this platform plays favorites it will never be as great a platform as it once was. And that is a fucking shame.

-Opinionated Man

The only thing stopping you is YOU

Someone asked me why I help bloggers so much and why I share my methods of blogging. I do it because it is amusing to me. I did not say I get “satisfaction from it” or that “it makes me feel good.” It actually is a lot of needless work. What I do “feel good from” is feeding off the excitement of other bloggers, new bloggers. It stimulates me and motivates me to remember when I first started oh so long ago (21 months ago actually). I share my knowledge freely because I know that the lack of information or clarity of direction is not what will make or break a blogger. It is their personal drive that will normally flare out and stop the process.

It will come in the form of excuses and noise in the wind. “Well I blog about things no one likes, my blog is just for me, or I am a writer, not a marketer!” These are all common moans that I read time and time again by authors and aspiring authors seeking to publish and sell their work. Even when I take the time to explain my process and show them the way to get more views and eyes on their projects, still they quibble and make excuses that “my techniques” are not for them. They write “for purity” and for the process. Ok.

Fair enough. But ten years down the road when you are still writing eBooks and realizing few sales don’t rant at WordPress or to God about your failure. The only thing stopping you is you.


For now – A Goodbye

I am going to take some time away to work on some things. There are some papers gathering dust that should be sewed together. Or maybe I’ll spend my time watching stars chase each other. I won’t be here. I can be reached by email at aopinionatedman@gmail.com if it is life threatening, but I won’t respond much unless it is urgent. I feel a wind from the East and it is different from the West.

I want to leave you all with some blogs I have enjoyed browsing regularly and people I enjoy talking to (there are far more people than I can include on this post sorry). I don’t visit people’s blogs as much as I like, but I have tried to spread my attention as best as one man can. I hope you enjoy these links and I wish you all the best in whatever you strive to accomplish. Remember there will always be people that tell you “it can’t be done.” It takes a strong person to believe in themselves when they never hear once “it can be done.” Take it from me people… It Can Be Done. Take care WP. -OM














Don’t feel bad if people don’t understand your blog. After two years on WordPress most people still don’t “get” me or my writing. I am ok with that. Are you?


You Can’t Help Them All

I have to remind myself sometimes that I can’t help them all. I don’t see myself as some Joel Osteen and I never want to be. I see people struggling though, trying to figure it all out… and it sticks with me. I may not react that day, but sometimes weeks later I’ll revisit their blog and share one of their posts. No I am not the Korean Santa Claus, I just think it takes such little effort sometimes to help people and why not do it? Why not? Everyone is so focused on their dreams and goals and I am no exception to that. That is why I browse a lot of new blogs every week, to inspire myself and remind me why I love to blog. I am reminded every time I see a new blogger happy with their first post, their first follow, or their first view.

“You can’t help them all.” I can’t help them all; I just don’t have the time or energy. And so I help when and where I can because I remember when I first started last year and the large bloggers wouldn’t give me the time of day. They wouldn’t answer questions or emails and treated me like another peon. No one wants to feel that way, myself included. I treat other bloggers as equals because that is what we are. We are all here pouring our hearts out through our medians and that is blogging. That is why we do it.

Motivation and inspiration are so easy to give. It can come in the form of a random comment or visit to a person’s blog, a kind word of encouragement to someone that is struggling, or just simply recognizing the existence of a person. As much as I network and push my blog, I recognize that the people I push it to ARE real people. That is a difference in outlook by choice and why I don’t refer to those that visit my website as “fans.” You never know who you might be helping even when you don’t actively try. You can’t help them all, but you can easily help someone.

Who will you help today?


10 Signs of a Bad Day

1. You yell out a complaint about being short at 5’10” and then turn around and run into a midget convention. They are not happy.

2. Instead of your caramel macchiato you get served a mocha nasty latte. That is always a sign of a bad day.

3. You hit every red light on the way to work. Apparently god hates you.

4. You walk out the door to work and run over a Jehovah ’s Witness.

5. Your Ex from five years ago calls you and immediately says “we need to talk.”

6. You read a post about “10 signs of a bad day” and you recognize a few of the signs from your own day!

7. You open it and there is nothing there.

8. You order a camel and it has no humps.

9. A polar bear calls you and informs you that someone has peed on your igloo and there is now a new door. This only happens in Canada.

10. You show up for a blind date and “Cindy” has an Adam’s apple.


The Personal Blogger – I am what I post


As I hang up the hat of a powerblogger I find pleasure in taking on the role of a personal blogger. I now consider myself one of them and I am proud to join your ranks! Wait… why is everyone scooting over??? Come back!!!

I am what I post. I had a commenter once say that “they could no longer read my blog anymore because it felt like being physically slapped by the anger of my words.” I take great pleasure in that compliment actually, it means I wrote expressively enough that you felt my emotion. The goal of any real writer. I do not take that as an insult and find it amusing that any writer would. My post is my moment and my moment is my current state of expression. I am the emotion that I currently live in and that is what personal blogging is. An open journal for the world to read.

I am thrilled that people have found pleasure in reading my blog for the past two years. It means a lot to hear that my words and blogging methods motivate others to push themselves to be better at what they already obviously love to do. As I have always said, we are not in competition here. We need not be competitors even though we are in the same footrace. We can push and motivate each other, all the while sharing our thoughts and feelings each day. That is what blogging is and if nothing else, I am a blogger. I love to blog, to share, and to write. I still consider those all separate attributes of social media though and even though I will not be a powerblogger anymore I appreciate the dedication that path takes. But for now I will accept the role of the personal blogger and I will post what I currently feel. Whether long drawn out post or short blog fart, it will be a reflection of me. I am what I post.


-Opinionated Man

Jason C. Cushman

Writing without fear

I do not fear negative opinion of me. I do not fear negative reactions towards what I write. Much of that has to do with a life where I did care, until one day I said “fuck all of you.” I am sure there were rainbows, possibly a unicorn or two, and tears of some minor god involved while this great epiphany hit me. From that day forward, after being bathed in divinity, I came to realize we all have a right to our opinions. We all have the right to say and write those opinions. As long as we can deal with the consequences of our actions, we can act away. And so I act by writing without fear and showing the world my ass. Because it amuses the shit out of me.

Do not allow the world to tell you how you should act. Instead tell the world what you think of their opinion and where they can shove it.



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