What Kind of Blogger Are You?

The “hobby blogger” feels slighted that someone else can “make it” where they cannot. I can’t count the number of times I have read “you can’t do that with a blog or on social media.” What people really mean by this statement is that THEY don’t know how to do such and such on that platform. People love blanket statements and love to set limitations for others. Often it is because they themselves have failed in their own attempt and they just hate to see someone else succeed. These people are known as “anchors’ and they will weigh you down with their negativity and halfhearted attempts at advice. Cutting off these anchors will make your ship sail much more smoothly.

What kind of blogger are you and what are your goals on WordPress? What is your motivation for being on social media in general? Only you individually can answer that question and once you realize your answer you must then decide your level of engagement on these websites. It is all about what you want. I once asked “what makes a professional blogger?” I think the question was actually worded improperly. There are people that make blogging their “profession,” but aren’t necessarily making much money off it or claiming to be an expert. They take this title because their websites are the building blocks for their own business ventures and that is nothing to be ashamed about. It is in fact how people develop name recognition, an aspect of marketing most people ignore or don’t know about.

I love blogging because I truly believe you get as much out of it as you put in. I don’t think you need to make a set amount of money, write in a particular genre, or have set habits to be considered a professional blogger. I also don’t think a subscriber number or view count necessarily means you have gained that title either. It is about focus and your own wish, not the labels placed upon you by others. If you want to consider something your profession or you have decided you want to make a popular website the only thing stopping you is you. Effort and focus go a long way when it comes to self-promotion. The only thing that never changes is the “self” part. Without personal effort nothing great will come your way. You can’t win the lottery if you don’t play.


5 WordPress Bloggers I Admire a Lot

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Heh, well that is very kind of you, but Freshly Pressed definitely gets you more traffic! I do what I can though. Thanks for the kind mention with those other far better bloggers! -OM
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Since starting my blog some three weeks ago, I came across many bloggers, but there were some for whom, I had developed an instant respect.

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Networking Done Right

Someone used my Meet and Greet thread and really killed it. In a little over 25 minutes she made over 25 connections. This is what actually networking and interacting will get you. Don’t just use the Meet and Greet thread to leave your link and hope people care. Not if you really care to network. Interact, engage, and visit people and you will benefit in return.



Blogging Tip 309

Rescheduling or respinning posts is an effective way to share articles people may have missed. When you reschedule a post by altering the published date in the quick edit or edit screen it will place your post on your follower’s readers. It will also place it on the overall WP reader according to your tags.

Here is a tip. Because the respun post won’t send a notification email to people, since it isn’t actually newly published, a trick to get these posts seen is to piggyback them on a “new” post. I do this often for two reasons. One it is easier to see a blogger’s presence when there are multiple posts floating with your gravatar, website, and name on them advertising you are there. The second is to gain that extra click. Remember that even if you don’t value the “single view” you should still respect the “single click.” The single click is what gets you seen. The single click is what gets you read. It is important.

The greatest mistake I have made in the past two years of building my social media platforms was that I did not immediately make accounts on ALL the platforms and link them when I started blogging in 2013. I should have done that in March of 2013 honestly. Now I have to play catchup on my new accounts and they will never be balanced with my main WP account. Here is why it matters to me. I habitually “flex” my platforms to make my presence known, felt, and seen. That is called building awareness or more technically “branding your name.” If you aren’t regularly flexing your platforms you aren’t networking properly. If networking is your goal you need to learn how to simultaneously “push” your platforms so that the greatest reach is met.

Note: I use the term “respinning” because I like it. It isn’t technically a term.


In Blogging: Am I the only one here who…

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Personally I also get excited when people comment on my posts still. Never lose that passion, it will keep you blogging far longer than success will. Thanks for the kind mention and I of course wish you the best with your blogging! -OM
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1) …constantly updates my posts?

I’m a bit obsessive-compulsive when it comes to my posts. Whenever I re-read my posts, I feel like something’s just off sometimes. I always have this urge to change something. And I do change something, most of the time. I don’t think anyone will notice, though. Do you?

2) …automatically follows back whoever follows my blog?

So, if you’re following me and you think that I haven’t followed you yet, please tell me. I’ll follow you back immediately. I might have just missed it or something. I do this because it’s the least I can do for those people who think that my blog is worth following even though it sucks. (Actually, I’m fishing for compliments here! LOL!) Kind of my way of thanking them (you!). It’s also another way for me to discover great blogs AND awesome friends!

3) …squeals like a crazy fangirl…

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Social Media & Fear

Social media is a growing beast. It grows every day and because of that the “dangers” also grow in number. What are you afraid of when it comes to social media?

I am lucky. I have an occupation that doesn’t care about my social media presence, I have a wife that encourages me, and I have a free tongue and even freer fingers. I write through my fear and I live for those moments when my spine begins to tingle and my skin crawls just a little bit. That is when I know it is real. That is when blogging matters the most to me.

Everyone is seven feet tall on social media. Everyone also has huge nuts and a giant dick. That includes the women actually. You will find as you grow on social media so will your experiences and not all of them will be good. You will run into people that hate your opinions, hate that people agree with your opinions, hate that you freely type your views, hate that you have views, hate you, and hate your people too. It has all happened to me and will probably happen eventually to you. Does that cause you fear?

Humans tend to be passive creatures so when one comes along and upsets the pond the water ripples. It doesn’t stop rippling till either the human realizes they aren’t a fucking duck or other ducks come along and beat that human into submission. It is a sad day when a man gets smacked down by a group of ducks, but it happens every day. And every day another blogger is silenced by the masses that do not appreciate your freedom. Because they do not have it themselves.

Who owns your fear? I don’t allow anyone to intimidate me online. One day that may come to a head, but for now it is the attitude I have. That I must have to be me. Sometimes bloggers will try to silence your voice for no other reason than to show they can. Who will you allow to silence you? Who will own your fear.