Why I Will Never Be Freshly Pressed

I have come to the hard conclusion I will never be Freshly Pressed. While I never expected any handouts in my blogging journey, I do have to admit that having visited that page by default so many times… it feels like a slight. Some might say “well you don’t write well enough to get FPed.” Fair enough, but here are my personal reasons why I feel I get over looked.

The Freshly Pressed staff is not interested in promoting controversy. If they were they would pick the bloggers that welcome debate and opinionated responses. Instead the staff picks either new blogs or bloggers with low subscriber numbers so that they can shock and awe them. I get it and in fact I do the same thing when I “reblog” new bloggers that I find so they can really experience the potential “community” that is out there. The reasons behind why I do such things and why the Freshly Pressed crew does it are completely different however.

I actually feel badly for some people that get selected. They are flooded with hundreds of comments they aren’t used to and many of them are not from “fans.” I have seen some pretty nasty attacks as well when the FP staff picks a “controversial blog post” by a blogger who thought no one would read it. Remember again my post today about “reaping what you sow.” If you write it and publish it someone will see it. I almost get a mental picture of the WordPress employees running around laughing as the newbie blogger gets bashed. Cynical of me? Perhaps, but what else is someone to think when it is so obvious why they do what they do.

To some this might sound like a long whine. That is cool if you think that, but I would point out that I get far more views daily than I would ever get off being on the Freshly Pressed page… so that argument seems invalid to me. Instead this is a directed whine at a page I have long thought was a waste of space. I would much rather see WordPress find a way of actually “promoting new bloggers,” instead of finding a deceitful way of making them feel good before the virtual slap comes across their face. But you know some people like being slapped… so maybe my opinion is actually the only invalid part of this post.


Click Yourself!

There may be a very good reason why no one has visited your blog. If your username is not connected to your blog through the settings function OR you have entered in your website incorrectly guess what? No one can find your website!!!

Often we have no reason to click our own username, but that is a huge mistake bloggers! If we can’t find you we can’t connect with you! Click yourself and see if it works!!


You are Blogging WRONG!

I don’t understand the need for other bloggers to claim that someone is blogging wrong. There are no rules for blogging and the only people that set “rules” are the ones that find themselves limited due to either lack of understanding or even possibly jealousy. You see blogging has become so much more than simply an online journal for many people. It is a median for entreprenuers to host their self-made businesses, it is a platform for authors to sell and have their books recognized, and it is a website for artists, fashion experts, photographers, and foodies to share their favorite trends. Everyone is doing something different on their blog and THAT is blogging.

People that set “rules” for other bloggers are generally doing this because they are unhappy. They are unhappy with the lack of success of their website, they are angry that other bloggers are realizing success, and they don’t want to put in the effort to also enjoy blogging like many of us are. So instead they sit in their corner and they whine. They set wild expectations for their “potential audience” never realizing that they are turning their visitors off before anyone has even walked through the door. How sad is that? It is particularly depressing when it is a new blogger who feels the need to “educate the world” about the “evil practices” they witness other bloggers participating in. To all new bloggers, I encourage you to first get familiar with WordPress and see the “whys” for why people are doing certain things. It is so tempting to just start ranting when your blog isn’t gaining any traction and to throw baseless accusations around at those you think are succeeding because they are frauds.

What are you offering to other bloggers? That should be the first thing you ask yourself if you are not receiving any views or visits. Are you ONLY offering your posts? How is that any different from every other blogger that is on this platform? There are ways to stand out and much of that for larger, more popular blogs has to do with the communities they either promote or they create themselves. That is the part that newbies on this website don’t “get” because they don’t have any experience to go by.

It is easy to sit back and judge large blogs and to speculate why they are so popular. What people don’t see is the amount of work that it takes to keep a website like HarsH ReaLiTy running and the funny part is my blog is by far NOT the largest out there. There are plenty of powerbloggers building, running, and promoting hugely successful communities on WordPress as we speak. Their success far surpass mine as well.

What do bloggers miss? Well for starters a newbie would never know that I respond to over 400 comments a day on a slow day. A random critic might also never realize that I answer countless emails daily with blogging questions, many of which have answers in WordPress forum but I still provide the best answer I can. You may not know that I work 4 days a week, 10.5 hour shifts a day and I get home at 1:30 am normally. I rarely sleep, I take care of my children during the day, and I then go to work and through all that I make the effort to respond to as many comments as I can. I also promote and reblog new bloggers every week so that they can “feel” the community of WordPress AND I DO visit a ton of blogs a day contrary to popular belief and current lies. All of this is in my routine as a powerblogger, but to the ignorant eye a powerblogger merely sits back and writes posts for praise. That is so far from the truth that it literally shoots lasers out of my eyes when I see such unfair accusations thrown my way or any powerblogger’s way.

To any blogger that says “you are blogging wrong” I have this response. I blog the way I wish fuck off. That is the same reply that EVERYONE should receive. When I began this blog last year I was told by countless people in real life and online that I was “blogging wrong.” That my methods of blogging were an evil on this website and that I was a worthless egocentric powerblogger. I welcome the hatred these days because I know deep down inside what is truly bothering those pathetic bloggers. They simply want what they don’t have and are too damn lazy to create it themselves. So instead they bash what they don’t understand. I guess for some bloggers that is blogging…

-Opinionated Man

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The Daily Opinion – Fans???

I keep being told I have “fans, mindless drone followers, and even worshipers.” I was wondering if all those fitting into these categories could raise their hand so I can be amused.

I have readers… just like everyone else does. People find funny ways of justifying why others don’t agree with them. Suddenly it isn’t necessarily that “a group disagrees” it is more likely that the blogger Opinionated Man has some type of mind control over his audience and he causes them to spout their agreement with him against their will. That sounds about right…

Sometimes I wonder why the earth doesn’t reject humanity like a fart… shooting us into space.