You Can’t Help Them All

I have to remind myself sometimes that I can’t help them all. I don’t see myself as some Joel Osteen and I never want to be. I see people struggling though, trying to figure it all out… and it sticks with me. I may not react that day, but sometimes weeks later I’ll revisit their blog and share one of their posts. No I am not the Korean Santa Claus, I just think it takes such little effort sometimes to help people and why not do it? Why not? Everyone is so focused on their dreams and goals and I am no exception to that. That is why I browse a lot of new blogs every week, to inspire myself and remind me why I love to blog. I am reminded every time I see a new blogger happy with their first post, their first follow, or their first view.

“You can’t help them all.” I can’t help them all; I just don’t have the time or energy. And so I help when and where I can because I remember when I first started last year and the large bloggers wouldn’t give me the time of day. They wouldn’t answer questions or emails and treated me like another peon. No one wants to feel that way, myself included. I treat other bloggers as equals because that is what we are. We are all here pouring our hearts out through our medians and that is blogging. That is why we do it.

Motivation and inspiration are so easy to give. It can come in the form of a random comment or visit to a person’s blog, a kind word of encouragement to someone that is struggling, or just simply recognizing the existence of a person. As much as I network and push my blog, I recognize that the people I push it to ARE real people. That is a difference in outlook by choice and why I don’t refer to those that visit my website as “fans.” You never know who you might be helping even when you don’t actively try. You can’t help them all, but you can easily help someone.

Who will you help today?


Write Without Fear

Some days I post and I can watch my subscriber number fall like a dying human’s heartbeat. It would actually be alarming to a lot of other bloggers, but for me it is business as usual. I do not “write for offense,” I simply write without fear.

The world wants obedient humans living on it. Society wants subservient robots working in it. Blogs are our voice to the world that we are not all alike. We are not labels, we are not “groups,” we are not races, we are in fact people with daily lives and growing opinions. When we write without fear and share our thoughts with the world we practice a form of liberty that should be celebrated daily. That should never be lost.

You may have read some blog posts or articles on how “blogging gives journalism” a bad name due to the unprofessionalism of most bloggers. Here is what many journalists don’t get, bloggers don’t write to be professional. We write to share and to show we care and that process does not require the technical stages that journalism does. Should we still strive to put out good material? Absolutely, but a personal opinion should never be silenced in the blogosphere for failing to meet the technical requirements of others. We are not all professional writers here, but we still write.

I post about things I care about. I harp on subjects that really interest me just like anyone else. That is what makes a blog authentic and your readers will know whether or not you truly mean your words in most cases. Speak plainly and loudly without fear or shame of your opinions. They are what make us individuals.


What Are You Working On?

Do you care to share what you are working on? You don’t have to give away any secrets and don’t publish anything that will negate a future contract, but if you have a post or link that shows your current project feel free. Workshops, artwork, food blogs, fashion bloggers, contest hosts, and prompt writers are all welcome. If you have a community you are currently running you can share that as well.

Note: I have altered my websites to enable infinite comment stream. No more paging, but you can feel free to comment multiple times. Just don’t spam the board.

Note II: If you know the code you can share pictures or photos in the comment section. It is up to you. Networking is allowed and authors may feel free to share their book covers. The same for photographers and artists. All bloggers are welcome.

What are you working on? People might be interested, you never know.

Jason C. Cushman

-Opinionated Man


Opinionated Man:

This is a great way of describing blogging. Very nicely written and relatable. Hope you don’t mind the reblog! -OM
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Originally posted on Ms Toy Whisperer:

I arrive home to a dark house, knowing my husband will not be home and I cannot wait to get started. It’s what I’ve thought about all afternoon. I realize I have to watch the clock but it’ll be done before he even comes back.

I take my purse and briefcase out of the car and find my way to the back door in the dark. The son-of-a-bitch forgot to leave the lights on again. I don’t hesitate with the lack of lighting or getting the key in the door though. I am totally focused on what I need to do.

I open the door and he is inside waiting for me. I put on his harness and leash as fast as I can. He needs relief, so it doesn’t take long once we are back outside. I walk down the driveway and number two comes easily also. We run…

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Why I Will Never Be Freshly Pressed

I have come to the hard conclusion I will never be Freshly Pressed. While I never expected any handouts in my blogging journey, I do have to admit that having visited that page by default so many times… it feels like a slight. Some might say “well you don’t write well enough to get FPed.” Fair enough, but here are my personal reasons why I feel I get over looked.

The Freshly Pressed staff is not interested in promoting controversy. If they were they would pick the bloggers that welcome debate and opinionated responses. Instead the staff picks either new blogs or bloggers with low subscriber numbers so that they can shock and awe them. I get it and in fact I do the same thing when I “reblog” new bloggers that I find so they can really experience the potential “community” that is out there. The reasons behind why I do such things and why the Freshly Pressed crew does it are completely different however.

I actually feel badly for some people that get selected. They are flooded with hundreds of comments they aren’t used to and many of them are not from “fans.” I have seen some pretty nasty attacks as well when the FP staff picks a “controversial blog post” by a blogger who thought no one would read it. Remember again my post today about “reaping what you sow.” If you write it and publish it someone will see it. I almost get a mental picture of the WordPress employees running around laughing as the newbie blogger gets bashed. Cynical of me? Perhaps, but what else is someone to think when it is so obvious why they do what they do.

To some this might sound like a long whine. That is cool if you think that, but I would point out that I get far more views daily than I would ever get off being on the Freshly Pressed page… so that argument seems invalid to me. Instead this is a directed whine at a page I have long thought was a waste of space. I would much rather see WordPress find a way of actually “promoting new bloggers,” instead of finding a deceitful way of making them feel good before the virtual slap comes across their face. But you know some people like being slapped… so maybe my opinion is actually the only invalid part of this post.


Click Yourself!

There may be a very good reason why no one has visited your blog. If your username is not connected to your blog through the settings function OR you have entered in your website incorrectly guess what? No one can find your website!!!

Often we have no reason to click our own username, but that is a huge mistake bloggers! If we can’t find you we can’t connect with you! Click yourself and see if it works!!