Blogger Review – HarsH ReaLiTy

Opinionated Man:

Thank you for the honest review. I definitely was looking for feedback and I may take you up on the idea of limiting some of my rants to a monthly cycle! I appreciate you taking the time and thanks again for the pingback. -OM
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I’m going to do something today I never thought I’d be doing and I don’t think I’ll ever do again. First because I’m not usually very vocal as a blog reader under normal circumstances, –  I’m more of a lurker, or silent follower, but I think lurker sounds creepier therefore is more fitting to my person  – but also because I’m not too keen on writing reviews directly this way. I’ve reviewed fan fiction here, and I’ve talked about the quality in writing on TV shows and videos games I like and dislike. I’ve talked about books. All are those are fair game to me because I can review those works without extending my review to the person behind those works. I can express opinions on those works while knowing nothing about the person, or people, behind those works. With a blog that’s not really the case. Reason why I…

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5 Blogs I’m Following from Today

Opinionated Man:

Now this is a cool idea for a post! I may have to start grouping my “blog reviews” together as well. Thanks for the kind mention and the pingback! -OM
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“Did you know Sherlock Holmes’ original name was Sherrinford?” I learned this and many other things when I followed these five new blogs from today.

1. Interesting Literature

This blog looks professional and indeed ‘interesting’. One of the top articles of this blog was Ten Facts about Sherlock Holmes.

2. Morenomad

I came across this blog while keying in Mongolia in WordPress Reader. This guy is a nomad at heart and he has discovered a secret cinema in Bayan-Ulgii province.

3. HARSH REALITY by A Opinionated Man

This is not your average goody two shoes blog. This is tell it as it is, start-a-discussion kind of blog with just the right amount of ranting. At least that’s the impression I had when I checked it out. The article that hit home for me was You Aren’t Special. Maybe it’s because he mentioned the LinkedIn CEOs from companies he’s never…

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My review of the Opinionnatedman

Opinionated Man:

What a great review! I appreciate it very much and thanks for the honesty! You know many people use the “boiling pot” analogy with me and I am starting to feel like it is a good mental picture. Thanks again for the review and hopefully you don’t mind the reblog! -OM
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DSC_0057 The opinionatedman, who’s real name is Jason Cushman and his blog HarshReality caught my interest seeing his constant blogging after I started to follow his blog. I think I have been following him just over a year. Most of the time I never read his complete blog, just his headlines. That is enough for me to draw a picture of him by the comments he makes and the responses to his posts. Jason is like a great chef, he likes to mix up just the right ingredients to give it a flavor, only he uses words to cook with. He likes to say things that brings the pot to a boil and just before it boils over, he turns down the heat and let’s it simmer. Of course there are times that his words boil over and people get upset. Other times, just when you think it is going to…

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It’s A Conspiracy, I Tell You!

Opinionated Man:

hahahaha now that was amusing. -OM
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CookieCakes a/k/a Cordelia’s Mom is actually making fun of me on other people’s blogs!  Where does she get off?!

I was all happy because I seem to have picked up a number of followers in the past few weeks – obviously, *some* people believe in my cause (get rid of Cordelia’s Mom!).

But then I was browsing my WordPress Reader and noticed CookieCakes has now added a Twitter link on the right side of her page.  Twitter?  Really? Isn’t that for teenie-boppers?

Anyway, my curiosity got the better of me, so I read her most recent tweets.  Ok – the dog is cute, even I have to admit that.  Not as cute as my cats, but whatever.

Who cares what kind of music CookieCakes plays in her car?  Not me.  What a senseless tweet.

However, there’s one very annoying tweet – a link to a post (“Don’t…

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The only thing stopping you is YOU

Someone asked me why I help bloggers so much and why I share my methods of blogging. I do it because it is amusing to me. I did not say I get “satisfaction from it” or that “it makes me feel good.” It actually is a lot of needless work. What I do “feel good from” is feeding off the excitement of other bloggers, new bloggers. It stimulates me and motivates me to remember when I first started oh so long ago (21 months ago actually). I share my knowledge freely because I know that the lack of information or clarity of direction is not what will make or break a blogger. It is their personal drive that will normally flare out and stop the process.

It will come in the form of excuses and noise in the wind. “Well I blog about things no one likes, my blog is just for me, or I am a writer, not a marketer!” These are all common moans that I read time and time again by authors and aspiring authors seeking to publish and sell their work. Even when I take the time to explain my process and show them the way to get more views and eyes on their projects, still they quibble and make excuses that “my techniques” are not for them. They write “for purity” and for the process. Ok.

Fair enough. But ten years down the road when you are still writing eBooks and realizing few sales don’t rant at WordPress or to God about your failure. The only thing stopping you is you.


Writer’s Block

I waited awhile to write this post because it seems to be an expected topic. I don’t normally like to follow “the pack,” but I have some thoughts on writer’s block. This really won’t apply to most people and shouldn’t be taken as any type of standard. It is simply how I function.

I never get writer’s block. When I am off my medication I sometimes “lose sight” of poetry… which sucks, but that isn’t considered writer’s block to me because it is self-made. I view writer’s block as an uncontrollable, impersonal attribute that affects writers sporadically. This is not the same as “I can’t think of the right phrase,” but is instead a complete blankness that people encounter at some points during their writing journey. I find reading articles on writer’s block isn’t very helpful because it is like anything else in life the more you read about it the more you say “hey I have that!” like a common disease.

For those of us that kept journals all our life blogging is probably easy. It is simply an electronic journal. The hard part is that secretly we all want someone to read those thoughts and give us an opinion. Why else are we here? Humans have an innate need for validation, even from a complete stranger. It is remarkable what “John Smith from Nigeria” can do with a simple comment of commiseration. Suddenly we aren’t so alone anymore… even if we have to stretch for that relationship.

My glass house holds my writing ideas, as I have shared before. It is never empty and I constantly clean out my writing bank to ensure I don’t miss a beat. It isn’t so much feeding off of an audience’s appreciation for your work, it is simply a need to journalize and record. Maybe I simply missed my calling and was meant to be a journalist. No one would hire someone with such poor composition and grammar, however, so I will content myself with spilling my thoughts to WordPress… and hoping people continue to care to read.