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I am not afraid of people taking my writing or people wondering if I really wrote something. My style is unique and I think anyone that has read my writing consistently and is a true reader would recognize my way of creating word strings by now. It is more than just redundancy of words or even errors in our writing that become our calling card when it comes to that recognition of style I speak of above. It is honestly the fact that someone can see a word I’ve used and immediately exclaim, “Yep Jason fucked that word up good.”

-Opinionated Man


Belcarra Regional Park’s Jug Island Trail

Opinionated Man:

Don’t you love when you find peaceful, hidden spots away from the rest of the world! Nice photo and it looks like a great spot for some self-reflection. :) -OM
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Jug Island trail meanders in the opposite direction from Admiralty Point trail. It’s a longer hike up and down through pristine forest to a secluded inlet that stretches off Burrard Inlet.

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Copyrights: Why Do We Have to Go There?

Opinionated Man:

It is one of those “forever” battles we all deal with. Thanks for the support and mention! I am glad you shared Ally’s link! :) -OM
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Image courtesy of Google. Image courtesy of Google.


In the past few days I’ve seen a few postings here on WordPress and on other sites about the significance of creative theft/copyright infringement. The sheer number of instances I’ve heard of people having this issue bothers me. I don’t want to believe there are people out there waiting to take someone else’s work and use it as their own. Today I came across a post from Opinionated Man (I’m sure you’ve heard of him) and a subsequent comment and link from another WP member (Ally Bally) on the topic and what you can do to protect yourself.

I know as members and bloggers our work is somewhat considered copyright protected here on WordPress. I say ‘somewhat’ because like everything- there are loopholes and when it comes down to it; someone looking to commit literary theft is going to do so. Oftentimes, the burden is heavy on the accuser to prove it…

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