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Blogging Me

I am not ashamed to show my shame. To show my humanity in the daylight where the world can judge me. To feel ashamed of being human is a shame in itself. We can only be what we were created to be. I will not spend my life fighting who I am. That is not… Read More »

Women are Crazy (The way to lose your female readers)

This is not a relationship blog, but occasionally I will write about and share some revolutionary facts that I discover in my life. Here is one fact that I would love to write about (but not discuss) women are crazy. I would go so far as to say “most” women are crazy and the funny… Read More »

For Males Only – “Women are EASY to Understand”

I see a lot of articles by both men and women claiming that “women are hard to understand.” Why do people find women so complex and difficult to decipher? I figured it was my duty to provide some basic pieces of information for those “lost souls” that cannot understand the opposite sex. You may thank… Read More »

For Men Only – Relationship Advice on “Space”

As the world continues to battle the issue of equality each day there is one front of this war that men lost a long time ago. There is a land of possible organization and storage where drawers and hanger space are divvy up by the hand of inequality. A place where men are given a… Read More »

For Men Only – Stopping Arguments

You might be amazed at the amount of us men that run right into the bear traps that women set for us. Make no mistake men the enemy is cunning and there really is no rule for when the game is played. Women have been known to try and catch you sleeping… while you are… Read More »

Male Culture

I feel like women miss the hardships men endure… or perhaps “share” in your struggle for social engagement. I mean… we are men right? We don’t “struggle” we fucking do. That is what men do. It is often hard for men to find friendship in real life after a certain age. Mentally we can come… Read More »

A Meeting

Me: I actually didn’t call this meeting… What the hell is going on? Annoyed: We feel it is time for an intervention Jason. Me: Fuck me. You all aren’t even real. Interven my ass. Anger: I’m more real then you think bud. Where do you think you get your charm from? Love: I feel this… Read More »

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping beauty rest my eyes. Slowly dying pain of mine. Crumpled pills stay my pain. Nightly cycle spin again. Wake me up, come wake me now. Wake me from depression’s cloud. Kill me now, please kill me now. Swallowed gently without a sound. -OM 44.1

Houston We Have A Schedule – HarsH ReaLiTy WordPress Blog Schedule

I’ve always hated the idea of having a schedule, but for this WordPress blog I am starting to move towards a routine. I have finally created a schedule and I will also “compress” the book promotions into two back to back days. What this means is that in those two days a lot of emails… Read More »

Book Promotion Trials, Tribulations, and Woes

Nothing sustainable is built overnight and I know this. My WordPress blog took me three years and countless, countless hours to create. And I did it alone. As I begin to transition a portion of my website over to being geared towards “Book Promotion” I slowly encounter some of the trials of doing promoting. You… Read More »