Why Women are Still Crazy

Women are still crazy and do and think the craziest things. Women think men want sex all the time. I don’t get what is so hard to understand that we don’t want it “all the time,” we just want it on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and every other Sunday from 9:35pm – 9:42pm after the games are over. I counted and that is generally less than 30 minutes, depending on our breathing, of our week. Now who is exaggerating? I also don’t get why women are so upset about taking a man’s last name. We all know women are better spellers right? Well that settles it. You all should have to change your names because you are better spellers. Fair is fair.

We all know how to count. Men we can all agree that we can all count to at least 100? Ok so for the purposes of this argument we are going to assume men can count to 80. We all at some point learned about this time in a woman’s life called her “period” and that it will come “regularly” every month. A lot of blame gets placed on this “week” that mysteriously shifts in position due to the positioning of the moon. It has something to do with the tide and how the current is pulled in. Men if you haven’t figured this out by now give up actually trying to pin down when this “period” occurs. The only way you will know in advance is from a receipt.

Social media made women crazier. It made it easier for them to get into “girl fights” which we all know are far more dramatic than “boy fights.” We know this because television tells us that women fighting is hot. And it is. Sometimes! It is not hot when women utterly confuse you by testing friendship theory everyday.

Cindy is such a bitch! We now hate her.

[Two Weeks Later]

Cindy is so funny! I love her!

You mean the Cindy that we hope that dies?

Ohhhh (giggle) we don’t hope she dies anymore. I guess if she got hurt just a little that wouldn’t be a bad thing though. Probably bring her down a peg or two.

I am so confused… and a little scared right now…

I go to the mall a lot recently and sometimes I feel like it is a gauntlet of judging eyes. Now I will admit men will judge women, obviously, and that judgment entails a full head to boob to butt visual observation. Sometimes physical inspection is needed. We don’t normally judge other men unless they are wearing a Patriot’s jersey with Tom Fucking Brady on the back. YOU SUCK AND SO DOES YOUR WARDOBE!!! Other then that sporadic occurrence I don’t think most men walk around looking at other men. The same cannot be said for women. I don’t think women miss a single thing in the mall and they probably see more boobs than men. We should learn what we are doing wrong.

I think the craziest thing women do is tryout for men’s sports teams. Have you actually been in a men’s locker room? I hate them. I would much prefer to use the women’s locker room actually… well before I was married. Maybe we can just switch badges.


-Opinionated Man


Belcarra Regional Park’s Jug Island Trail

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Don’t you love when you find peaceful, hidden spots away from the rest of the world! Nice photo and it looks like a great spot for some self-reflection. :) -OM
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Jug Island trail meanders in the opposite direction from Admiralty Point trail. It’s a longer hike up and down through pristine forest to a secluded inlet that stretches off Burrard Inlet.

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Copyrights: Why Do We Have to Go There?

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It is one of those “forever” battles we all deal with. Thanks for the support and mention! I am glad you shared Ally’s link! :) -OM
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In the past few days I’ve seen a few postings here on WordPress and on other sites about the significance of creative theft/copyright infringement. The sheer number of instances I’ve heard of people having this issue bothers me. I don’t want to believe there are people out there waiting to take someone else’s work and use it as their own. Today I came across a post from Opinionated Man (I’m sure you’ve heard of him) and a subsequent comment and link from another WP member (Ally Bally) on the topic and what you can do to protect yourself.

I know as members and bloggers our work is somewhat considered copyright protected here on WordPress. I say ‘somewhat’ because like everything- there are loopholes and when it comes down to it; someone looking to commit literary theft is going to do so. Oftentimes, the burden is heavy on the accuser to prove it…

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Blogging: Stealing isn’t cool

I started blogging on HarsH ReaLiTy in January of 2013 as a way to express all the emotions that people generally don’t want to hear in person. Online I have the freedom of presenting materiel people can either choose to read or not. In a little over 2 years I have published a lot of posts that have included a wide range of topics and have garnered differing levels of interest. On average I post around 5 – 8 times a day and I enjoy doing so. I have invested a lot of time into this website and into gathering a “reading” audience. I also enjoy finding ways to make that audience responsive.

One of the issues with offering your work “for free” is that it can easily be taken “for free.” Since I began this blog I have had five bloggers blatantly steal my work and post it on their blogs. I have been successful in calling those bloggers out and having them remove the stolen posts. I have also had three “authors” steal my articles and place them into ebooks that are available online. None of these are being published through “main stream companies” so they are harder to get rid of. I see it all though, every time someone steals my work. It makes you want to scream and at the same time it makes you want to stop giving your work for free.

The bottom line is that anything can be copied or stolen and most things are pirated these days online. I know this and so do all of you. Anytime someone “copies” or “snips” a photo and reuses it that is stealing and yet many of us do it daily right? That doesn’t make it right. There is no difference between that and someone jacking my articles and reposting them without even doing me the courtesy of at least altering it a little. As I have said some people have no shame.

Stealing isn’t right. It makes us rethink doing the things we do, even when those things are daily routines we love. I am seriously rethinking publishing anything of worth because one day I may publish an actual book. How sad will that day be if I run it through an online checker and I find my words are already being used because I allowed someone to easily steal my shit.