Well that wasn’t popular…

I get asked a lot about overcoming inhibitions when it comes to openly sharing our thoughts. I believe there are many paths towards the freedom one needs to publish without fear of criticism. These traits or aspects of character can be learned, but they are generally already present in that person’s personality. It takes a different type of person to take criticism and brush it off. Many people say they can, but often you can see tightness around their eyes or a stressed tone in their voice that lets you know a sensitive spot does exist.

There are many of my posts and thoughts that are unpopular. I believe that it is mainly due to the fact that society tells us today that “if you disagree, keep silent.” Suddenly defending your right to an opinion is the same as aggressively attacking someone else’s view. It isn’t right and the killing of personal opinion creates a robotic society that no one should want. Where will we all be without our own identities? Why must we conform about this and show less conviction about that simply to not upset the placid balance of humanity?

I am constantly amused when the overly vocal minority is able to bully the majority simply by making the people of society believe that the minority is being oppressed. I mean seriously is that all it takes to make something important these days? Do you care about the iguanas in Hawaii? No??? Why not?!? They are being oppressed!!! And that is how a movement is made…

I don’t buy into what the news, the media, or even what friends and family tell me I should care about. I have a brain, a heart (debatable), morals (again… debatable), and a blog to vent about what I do and don’t care about in this world. Since when did we need to start validating our concerns and thoughts before expressing them? I don’t do that and neither should other bloggers. Turn your nose up to fear of retribution or retaliation against your views, if it is going to come your way it will come no matter what. Instead take courage and know that by sharing your views you might just be empowering another person to do the same.

And that to me is never a bad thing.


Abortion – Things we should kill instead of children

Whales – We already got to see Free Willy 1 – 10. There shouldn’t be any more need for killer whales in the near future.

Robots – One day abortion won’t be an issue at all because the killer robots will have aborted us all.

Happy Things – Who the hell needs all this happiness anyways? If we are killing future happiness through abortion why not instead kill current happiness too!

Baby Sealtuses – Please note I didn’t say kill baby seals. I called them Sealtuses to defuse any public displays of anger over killing something so innocent and sweet…

Every Spider on this planet – I have yet to see a baby fetus bite someone and cause an area of flesh to swell up and possibly rot off. Spiders do that shit all the time, but I don’t see anyone creating signs to kill all the evil spiders and to defend our right to do so!


I hate election season

I hate election season. All the fake smiles, fake promises, outright lies, and bad Spanish I have to hear on the television and Youtube. I don’t personally speak Spanish, but I am guessing Mark Udall’s Spanish accent isn’t the greatest nor does he use it daily.

Promises in one hand and crossed fingers on the other. Dare we hope that one year a single politician will actually keep their promises? Would the world just crumble apart from sheer shock if that happened?

I think all politicians are shit and I am waiting for one of you idiots to make a Korean advertisement. What no one cares about the Korean vote???


Wanted! Haunted House Employee

LinkedIn Profile – The Butcher of Happy Town

Profile Summary – Abnormally large Asian with freakishly small hands. I make friends easily when I keep my knives and cleavers at home. Women find me personable when I leave my mask at home as well. I take great pleasure in frequently bringing out screams of joy from people. It really is a talent and I would love to be a part of your haunted house this year and for many years to come. Below are my references, skill sets, and previous areas of employment.

Previous Occupations

Happy Town 1729 – 1745 – I was the only butcher in Happy Town until Melvin Pepperwood showed up. That bastard immediately began stealing my customers and eventually ran me out of business… so I ran him over with a carriage. Apparently the folks in my town were unhappy about the whole incident, something about “this being Happy Town,” and decided to force me to leave. I left for the length of one lonely ass forest path and then decided I didn’t feel like leaving. I returned and managed to kill half the town before they eventually caught and executed me. The funny part is I returned to haunt their village for a whole century afterwards and the surprise on their faces the second time around was worth dying for!

Sedonia Harbor 1830 – ??? – Feeling constrained in Happy Town I managed to catch a boat to a place I had always meant to visit, Sedonia Harbor. My cabin mate was a frightful bore and I used the opportunity of a long voyage to hone my “shaky chains routine” to a perfect fright. I spent a questionable amount of time in Sedonia learning that ghosts can actually drink. It definitely helps pass the time.

Skills and Education

I can butcher meat with the best of them… alive or dead.

I am an expert with the large cleaver, the small cleaver, the big ass knives, the small ass knives, an occasional battle axe, and I have been known to steal socks.

I an overly aggressive and I consider myself something of a pig whisperer. At least I was when alive.

I clean up well and people are usually very excited to see me.


I feel I would make a great addition to your haunted house. I advise you not to anger me by rejecting my application.


The Butcher of Happy Town