Simple Murder

I ponder upon a careless thought and that results in a simple action. A need to feel that perfect moment, when moments end for another before me. It beckons me towards an emotion. Not a state of sadness or even a state of happiness. I know it’s name. Satisfaction wears a satisfied frown as I remember the dagger’s thrust. The cold feel of steel leaves a memory real, as real as the warmth of life flowing over my wrist. I flick the blade just so and clean it of it’s deed. A memory won and from what was done… a simple murder.

Jason C. Cushman
-Opinionated Man

HarsH ReaLiTy on Social Media

I do not run this blog on any other websites other than Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I only mirror my posts on those accounts. – This is not run by me. I did not create this and I don’t even know how to use pinterest.

Bloglovin – I do not own the page on Bloglovin that my website appears to be hosted on. I have sent letters asking for these websites to be taken down on Bloglovin and they did appear to do so… but then the websites reappeared. Again, I do not own the bloglovin website and I do not know who is pinning my stuff there either.

I am not angry when my work is shared and I encourage people to do so. I do “wonder” if certain websites are hosting my blog so that “someone else” can reap the benefit from it. If that is the case and someone is doing that I have one thing really to say to that person.



I am a Reader

I frequently see authors and writers complaining about blogging and the “lack of readers” on every platform they can name. Well if you are looking for a “reader” then look no further. I am a reader. That doesn’t mean I will read what you write however.

I am a reader. A single reader with two eyes and just as limited time as anyone else. I view WordPress as a giant newspaper with a live feed being added to it. Just because I subscribe to that “paper” doesn’t mean I am making a promise to read every article on it. That is up to the writer, to all of you. Bloggers are part of the same fabric of social media as everyone else and have an equal opportunity to be recognized because of that fact. For every person that says “I write for myself and don’t care if anyone reads my work” there are literally ten bloggers that DO CARE and DO HOPE to be read. This post is for them and the rest of you can go back to writing your thousands of words a day for no one. Enjoy that experience…

We are all responsible for creating our own popularity online. At least those of us that write, share, post, and blog without a corporate label on our ass. That would obviously include me, remember I am a simple blogger just like everyone else. We hack it out, we grind each day to stay in the game and keep motivated, and we learn as we go along. Adaption and learning are key to anything you wish to be good at and there is no professional sport you can point to that people aren’t always trying to improve. Even professional athletes are always striving to get better. There is no crying in baseball people.

As a reader I expect writers to cater to me. To attract me and gain my interest. That is an expectation ALL READERS have and the bloggers that are not getting read are either not blogging properly or are publishing poor materiel. Only you can fix that and it only comes from actively striving to improve. How many bloggers feel they know it all? That they know everything about social media, publishing, marketing, writing, and have all the pieces they need to create their own dream? Not many people feel that way which is why many bloggers follow my website. They hope to gain knowledge just as I myself seek innovative information every day. What are you doing to improve yourself?

By picturing WordPress as a giant newspaper and not as “a close community where everyone cares about you” people can begin to see the harsh reality. We are all in a rat race if we truly wish to be read and recognized. It may not be a competition, but it should always be viewed as a journey of self-improvement. Drop the expectations bloggers and instead work on actively finding ways of engaging readers. The readers did not all disappear and in many cases those “readers” now wish to be writers themselves. Their time is even more valuable than it was and it is then up to you as the writer to step up your game to gain their attention. How will you do that?


Get a Real Job!

I made less than she is making when I got out of the military and I couldn’t find work. I had college education and time in service and still had to work at Wendy’s for a few weeks while I ACTIVELY LOOKED for better jobs. Working at McDonald’s is not a career. Working at McDonald’s is not going to support a family. Trying to turn a “part-time job” or a place of employment that is really meant for young kids in high school and college into a “career” is the wrong way of attacking the issue. The right way is to go back to school or better yet DON’T DROP OUT OF SCHOOL to begin with. I guarantee you these are the same people that are protesting standardized tests and claiming “they are better than a test score.” This is where you end up working with that type of idiotic view.

15 dollars an hour to flip burgers and make fries is ridiculous. This nation is ridiculous and the entitlement found here makes me sick. I bet this woman owns a cell phone and has cable as well. It is all about choices people. And shame on you yahoo for encouraging this garbage movement.