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Journal Entry 3

Someone on twitter tweeted that I was their number one contributor for this month. Number one. That means all of you are number other than one. That sucks, I wonder what that number is. I assume they must have some type of ribbon for this position that you are all unfortunately in. I am pretty happy about it if you can’t tell. I love being number one. It is awesome.

I have altered the direction of this blog some. Introduced some guest bloggers that I have known for a couple years now. I hope you enjoy their writing as much as I do.




Growing Up

It is funny how we change as we grow older. Upon reflection we begin to understand just how far we have come. One part of my personality I continuously work on is my patience and it is a constant life battle. I am not a very patient person and becoming a father has forced me to work on this aspect of myself. It is only through constant reminders and mental “checks” that I am able to slow myself down. The speed of my life and the pace at which I live it directly contributes to my impatient attitude. I just hate to wait on things.

“Give it time and you will become good at it,” is often said to adolescents as they navigate the different adventures of growing up. The issue arrives when you realize you hate to wait on things. I am very much of the character that if I am not irrationally good at something instantly then it just wasn’t meant to be. I felt this way when taking up basket weaving, figure skating, mind control, and countless other hobbies that just won’t ever be my “thing” this lifetime. There are very few things in my life I actually dedicate myself to enough to gain a gradual dominance and understanding of.

Golf is one of the few sports or hobbies that I have devoted the time to become decent at playing it. I grew up playing golf with my friends and we would go to the nearby course and play nine holes before dinner a few times a week. It was more of a comradery outing and I definitely have good memories from those times. I also have plenty of mental images of me breaking clubs, throwing clubs into ditches, cursing at inanimate objects, and cursing at animated people. I am unsure how many golf clubs met their early demise at my hands… but it is safe to assume the number was rather high. Like I said I was not a very patient kid and golf is the most frustrating game ever invented.

Now at 34 years young I have begun to play golf again and I will admit I am much better now than I ever was as a teen. I can chip better, drive better, and putt better and I give all the credit to patience. Enjoying the moment and slowing your life down is also about the frame of mind in which you live. As a parent of two small children that rarely gets time alone I now cherish those moments I get to go and play golf alone away from distractions and obligations. I just like the peace and quiet. The amusing part is that there is nothing different from the game of golf now than from when I played as a child. The only difference is the player and the mindset I have adopted. The only difference is I am beginning to finally grow up.

-Opinionated Man




Blog Reviews : Patience Please

I have a growing list for the reviews. Please exercise patience. If you haven’t seen your blog and it has been two months or so please feel free to email me, but if you only submitted 2-3 weeks ago you are still on the list. I just haven’t gotten to you. I am doing these in the order I receive the emails.


Remember I get tired when doing strenuous activities… like doing blog reviews and slaying dragons.


Did I Join an Ornament Exchange or a Popularity Contest?

Opinionated Man:

Honestly I don’t think you are out of line and I would be pissed off as well. It isn’t about the objects or their value… it is simple common courtesy that so many people fail to recognize these days. Yes I would be pretty mad and I think you have every right to be put off! The ornament looked great though! -OM
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Originally posted on a funny thing happened when I was learning myself:

I wanted to try something new this year, so I finally gave in to the urge to sign up for an ornament exchange program with fifty or so of the closest facebook friends I’ve never met.  We all came together through the mutual love of all things Disney and spend a lot of time online asking each other questions about how to survive large crowds at the theme parks and/or posting pictures of our fabulous vacations to others (knowing that we are probably sending some followers into fits of jealousy).  It’s all a lot of helpful fun and I love being a part of it, so it just made sense to sign myself up to exchange a special ornament to commemorate the past year.

The only real requirement was that we had to send an ornament that was somehow specific to the state we live in.  I figured that it…

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