Country restrictions

Guys think smarter and not harder. If you live in a country restricted area on WP and your posts aren’t hitting the reader simply “find a way” to have an account created for you IN America. If I really need to get specific you can email me. Come on people… I have more than one person asking me this due to the new region restrictions. Use your head.


10 Ways to Make Your Day Awesome

1. Hire an auditorium full of strangers to clap for you for five minutes straight. If that doesn’t boost your ego you need serious help.

2. Wear a neck brace and spend the day making up different stories for it. Saving someone from a fire should definitely be included.

3. Walk around the airport for a day in a pilot outfit and hang out in the bar area. Without a wedding ring of course.

4. Go cow tipping.

5. Use a foreign accent for the day! The more unique and uncomfortable the better!

6. Tell everyone your name is Sir Whatever. Knights are the new thing. Use the name at Starbucks!

7. Stalk and suddenly tackle a member of the Patriots football team. Belichick counts.

8. Send emails to Justin Bieber all day. He is just busy. He’ll answer eventually. I just know it. I know it.

9. Introduce yourself to Soju and don’t be shy.

10. Tell everyone you are a monk for a day and listen to their darkest secrets in amusement. People are surprisingly open to monks.

Male Advice – Cooking Equals Sex

So we are doing ribs tonight. Men some cooking advice on ribs in the oven. Cover the ribs with foil and cook them on bake 350 for two hours. The foil helps to prevent over cooking and burning the meat. Throw some good shit in there before you close the foil like salt, real butter, garlic, onion and a few kisses of love. After it has cooked for a couple hours you then need to switch to broil and get the skin good and a little crisp if you like it that way. It helps to sprinkle some Worcestershire sauce on the ribs before the broil. Buy the steamed vegetable bags that take five minutes in the microwave and maybe make some rice. Your reward is sex.

-Opinionated Man