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Opinionated Man:

Vlogger HW shows off her Kpop moves in this quickly viral video! -OM
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Congrats on the milestone!

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So we just talked about dancing. I waited to celebrate the 100,000 views I broke Valentine’s week with the 10,000 follows that were on their way. It’s not a medal or the Ph.D. from my alternative life but here I am. I’ll take it.

The show is 45 seconds. You know Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive? Mr. Wayfarer played it and I went with it. Here’s what I’m acting out:

Turn around now. You’re not welcome anymore.
You’re the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye.
Do you think I’d crumble, did you think I’d lay down and die?
No, not I, I will survive. Long as I know how to love I know I’ll stay alive.
I’ve got all my life to live and all my love to give. I’ll survive. I, I, I will survive.

It took all my strength not to fall apart, trying without…

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Being Smitten Does Not Necessarily Make You Sexist!

Opinionated Man:

Very well said! I too thought his comment was amazingly honest. We have become such a PC nation that we can’t even tell a woman she is beautiful without being hit with a lawsuit. And we sure can’t call everyone ugly either. What a difficult world we live in. I like that this young player is taking the time to enjoy the moments. -OM
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I remember as a young man I would be smitten by beautiful women I would never get to know. It was a resignation that it was a one-time thing to behold this marvelously impressive being passing through my life with grace and beauty. Often there was the knowledge that because of divergent circumstances, I would probably would never ever see her again. I remember I would sigh and say to myself, “Wow, what a beautiful person!”

Guys and girls in my youthful crew, would often vocalize to our friends these fleeting feeling of awe and appreciation, but very few of us would find ourselves in front of a live microphone and a room full of reporters when we utter those words of “deep adulation.”

This was the case for Wisconsin’s NCAA basketball player Nigel Hayes, who found himself in an embarrassing situation at the Wednesday night media session with his top…

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Dear Minion Army

I felt as your General it was time to address some things. Now I realize we have impressed upon some unfortunate individuals our might and I think that is a travesty. The reason I feel this way is because this is the most unprofessional army I have ever seen. I have decided to tighten up ship and call people out for things I notice them doing. This WILL be the best minion army ever. Fix your shit!

Linda – I noticed your minion uniform looked like it had been slept in. While I appreciate your dedication to the “cause” we must always present a professional appearance if we are going to be the best minion army ever!

Doobster – I can’t help but notice when we march you always turn in the wrong direction. It is amazing how easy this is to point out in a crowd of 49,999, but sure enough I always see your head without fail going against the pack. Please meet with the drill instructor for the “marching for dummies” class.

Jin Okubo – I know what is in your camel pack. It isn’t water.

Shawn – I don’t believe minions should be taller than The General… Fix that please.

Vic – How can you possibly not know how to clean the hyperdrive converter on my mini Death Star??? One more screw up and you are on trash detail.

Belinda – A little less niceness and a little more “I’ll rip your eye balls out and look at my ass with them” please. Thanks girlfriend!

Theprozacqueen – Every smart ruler has a double in case of assassination attempts. Doing anything the next few years?

KG – Now I know you know how to count. It is one, two one, two. Not one, two three! Do you have three feet! You are messing up the whole formation!

WordPress – Please add my minion army to your “projects and programs” page. We also need someone that plays the bag pipes.

General OM

I judge every single one of you daily

I judge everyone. I openly admit that. I see old people and I calculate the chances of them falling down at my feet and me having to give them CPR, mouth to mouth, or a couple swift kicks to the chest.

I see young white people and I wonder if they are about to finally “do” what they threaten to do online. Don’t shoot! I didn’t bully you I promise, it was THEM over there!

I see other Koreans and I wonder if they speak Korean, have a Korean mother, and have a Korean life. And then I hate them.

I see other Asians and I wonder if they are upholding our racial stereotypes or creating new ones we will have to battle.

I see black people and wonder if any of them were bullied by other races like I was by theirs.

I see Jews and wonder if they really believe in Jesus. Yet.

I look at Muslims and wonder if they are the “good Muslims” or the ones that claim to be good as they blow up children for an unrecognizable cause.

I look at Presidents and think “what makes you so special?” I could do better.

I look at young “tech geniuses” and think that there is a reason they are outliers. There is always a reason. “Young Cindy started her first company at the age of 16 and just sold it for a million dollars!!!” What they don’t mention is that “young Cindy” is daughter to “old Cindy” who owns half of New York. But we should still be impressed…

I look at teachers and wonder of they truly care about their students. Not just the “good ones,” but all of them. It has been my experience that they don’t.

I look at single males walking alone in the kid’s section of any department store as possible pedaphiles and I pull my children protectively closer.

Man, woman, child, dog, cat… I judge you all. I expect you to judge me back.


A (motivational) kick in the derrière

Opinionated Man:

Well if this post is anything to judge by you do indeed have a story to share. I wish you well as you cope with your father’s passing and listen to Patti, she sounds very wise! All the best and I hope you don’t mind the reblog. -OM
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Sometimes we just need a swift kick in the ass to get motivated again.
For me, that proverbial kick came from a meeting with my memoir/writing coach Patti Hall.
She’s here on the west coast for a trip and we had the chance to meet up for a drink and brunch while I was visiting Whistler for the night. (By the way, if you haven’t stayed at the Chateau Fairmont, I highly recommend it.)
Let’s back track: about three years ago, I decided I want to become an author. Yes, just like that. After receiving a positive response to a query from a publisher, I started writing. I was connected to Patti through a colleague and we began working together. I’d write, she’d provide feedback and help me make my writing more meaningful for the reader.
I had a lofty goal of finishing my manuscript in six months.

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