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Broken Crown

I watched a teardrop hanging in the sky. Filled with emotion of the moment, it desperately fought not to die. I found myself wondering how long it could last. How long before it fell with a splash? The finality of that tear’s life dawned on me. Created with borrowed emotion just to be. How sad… Read More »


I grew up reading fantasy books. My mother had a rule that I had to read my summer reading before I could check out more fantasy books from the library, so I learned to speed read through those lists so I could get on to the real stories. Granted now I see the talent in… Read More »

Setting Sun

I came upon a setting sun as he was about to set. We talked a bit about what was as we had just met. He moaned about the rising moon and how he never sees her. I wept about a fallen son and a missing mother. We held hands as we stepped upon mountains in… Read More »

The Affair

I had an affair with your expression of love today. Wrapping my imagination tightly around the images you provided, I felt guilty for the pleasure of your words. So foreign to the idea of love that I knew and know. I let you teach me your way of love. Feeling each sentence as the words… Read More »

Page 5

The birth of a tongue doesn’t occur when you are born. Your speech is learned when you are young and begin to communicate for the first time. This is the learning process of all humans and yet what if you allowed a child to learn just enough to know their tongue and then displaced them… Read More »

Page 4

The life of an adoptee is all about change, adaption, and trying to find stability. After the trauma of rejection runs its course we quickly find a need to find some type of stability through acceptance. I have seen what constant rejection can do to a child having had a friend who was repeatedly let… Read More »

The Death of aopinionatedman.com

This is what happens when you cut the WordPress string and swim on your own. You drop, you rebuild, and you move forward. I miss my old rank though… -OM @smokendust

The Strangest Things Said to Me

“You boys don’t have any throwing stars or daggers on you do you?” “This cell phone sucks. You people should make them better.” “Sir could you show my son how to use chopsticks real quick?” I won’t tell you my response to this one, but needless to say I don’t work at PF Changs anymore…… Read More »

The Writer

I have been a singer. I was a soprano till I was 18 years old and sang professionally in the Memphis Boys Choir. I have been an actor. I was one of the Emperor’s children in The King and I Broadway production at the Orpheum Theater in Memphis, TN when I was a child. I… Read More »

United We Stand

It is a hard thing to watch racial strife in a country you love. I grew up in the south as a Korean adoptee and I witnessed racism from all sides first hand. I’ve seen violence between all races and within all races. I’ve lived along cultural divides that separate whole cities and have seen… Read More »