Slowly but surely….

Opinionated Man:

Everybody who has an active mind has a mind that is “everywhere.” That is life and that is living. People that choose to read your blog can and will appreciate that.

I went through some mental issues myself, I know surprise surprise, and I can honestly say that most of those “units” are complete crap. Mostly there for the money. Some therapists and head doctors “do care,” but sadly they aren’t the majority anymore. That is probably due to easy “online” degrees.

You didn’t ask, but I’ll share that I have found myself pushing to appreciate the moment. Not a future moment or a past moment, but the moment I walk in. For a guy that normally thinks twelve moves down… it is a struggle, but a good one. Live the moment. -OM
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I really want to start writing again, but I just can’t seem to get myself back into the swing of things. I posted something last night for the first time in a couple of weeks I think it had been, and it felt good to do it, to write something and get it out there. I have so many things I want to write about, that I’m just not sure where to start or with what…. I don’t wanna be all over the place, yet I’d like to get it all out too. I’m hoping it just sort of comes to me, post by post, as I slowly but surely get back on the blogging horse so to speak. 

Honestly I don’t feel much better than I did before I went to the psychiatric unit, but I don’t feel exactly the same either. I don’t know, it’s hard to discern…

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Great Golden Achievement! 2300+ WordPress Followers!

Opinionated Man:

So the “Great Golden Achievement” isn’t being Asian? -OM
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Hold on it’s not the followers that I have achieved in one day. I have just asked the WordPress support to help me to transfer my followers from Prefer Healthy Style and Cool Mobile Tips to Encouraging Life. Again it’s my brain problem and forgot her name. Probably Clarine?

I have gained more or less 1950+ followers from those two blogs. Going to remove inactive blogs and I prefer to have Encouraging Life only as my main. It feels great to combine different followers from my other blogs and welcome to my new blog!

I am going to create a tutorial about moving blog and also your subscribers from other blog within the same account. Stay tuned!

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Notes 4/3

Opinionated Man:

I found this to be on point and much of the views found here are why I look for a broader scope rather than a centralized one. I would say that people need to realize that just because someone has a “large blog” doesn’t mean they don’t care to respond or interact. At least not all of us act that way. “Some of us” do care about other bloggers, we do read other blogs, and we make our rounds. Our rounds are simply larger than most. -OM
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This is an update to Art of the Force, specifically about the entitled behaviour I called out.

I understand a blogger’s desire for activity in the comments section. I say again, the subscriber I wrote about should have asked me for a comment. Instead he attempted to coerce me with name calling. It’s hard for even me to ask for comments (and you know how I love to bother people). It is slightly less pleasant than asking a stranger for bone marrow.

And now I will explain why I don’t like to comment on other people’s blogs. I will say why I’ve abandoned comments midway. Or chickened out at the last minute.

I write fiction, but when it comes to accusing people of things, I use the evidence. So, I spent Friday night and Saturday afternoon testing the following assumptions: (a) Bloggers want me to comment on their posts. (b) Bloggers will…

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Dirty Little Secret

Opinionated Man:

I LOVE me some “dirty little secrets!” -OM
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Although I have a passion for my work, I still sometimes walk around feeling like I have a dirty little secret. And I want to let it out.

It took me almost twenty- five years to truly love my work.

Here’s the story.

When I applied to nursing school, I didn’t care how I was going to earn my future paycheck. I just wanted a grown up job, and three close friends were applying so I thought, Why not. I had no particular interest in studying health sciences, changing bloodied dressings, or holding an emesis basin under the chin of some puking patient. In the three months prior to turning in my transcripts, my only interest had been to land my back handspring on the balance beam. My dream had always been to keep tumbling, to let my feet fly up over my head and watch the world spin…

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I Could

I could write love, but do I really want to?

I could write inspiration, but do I feel like inspiring?

Will I accept the chains that society dangles before my eyes or do I instead close my eyes to the world for a moment. So that I can be myself.


Guess what? I care.

It has become trendy for people to adopt an “I don’t care” attitude in regards to success and failure. I believe it presents an easy way for people to write off their shortcomings and offers an excuse for why failure occurs.

I read a lot of blog posts daily and one of the most popular approaches to blogging “stagnation” is to adopt this type of attitude to explain a lack of success. Some bloggers think it is even cool to throw that personality at other bloggers in hopes of making themselves feel better. “Oh you care about numbers? I write for myself…” is commonly said to me. At this point anyone that feels the need to say “oh you care about numbers” to me is an idiot. Of course I care about numbers that is what blogging is to me.

How many indie authors claim to not care about success, but then they moan about “bad reviews” and people not buying their book. Which is it? Do you care about your work , dreams, and goals or are you going to shrug it all off because that is easier than increasing your effort?

I care about my blog and pour countless hours into it. I am not sure what I will promote in the future, but right now I push myself to network each day with as many bloggers as I can reach. I care to do this because I understand that the results I get are equal to the amount of energy I put in. I don’t sit around and make excuses for why other blogs are more successful than mine, I don’t sit around and claim I don’t care when I really do, and I don’t need any help from anyone else.

The hours I spend on my site directly affect the number of views, subscribers, and comments I receive each day. I do not write stupid articles about “fake likes, fake follows, and fake views” because I value every single view for what it is. Who cares if it is a bot or a person as long as a connection is received? Bloggers that worry overly about whether or not their followers are real tend to miss the point about blogging. It is about who you really connect with and not about whom you “might” be connecting with. Worry about those real interactions instead of wasting precious blogging time.

If you want to care about your blog feel free to be proud of it. Ignore the people that look down on those of us that care. They are simply mad that they don’t share our passion for blogging.