Come on!!!

I can’t believe this happened. Those two women that worked at the mall should be ashamed of themselves. I know they aren’t technicians, but they almost fall through the damn floor minutes before they sit and WATCH the woman do the same damn thing and die! Seriously? Are there no words in Chinese that mean “go back the other way now!!!”

Way to pretty much allow someone to die in front of you…




What We Wore Wednesday

Opinionated Man:

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What We Wore Wednesday

Rachel’s Look



IMG_5771  IMG_5772

| New York & Company Top | New York & Company Skirt | Tory Burch Bracelet | Vince Comuto Shoes |

I really like this work outfit! I love the two shades of blue together and the lace of the skirt. I also like how it’s simple and classy this outfit is. I have been wanting to wear this outfit for awhile now and I’m glad I finally did today!!

Michelle’s Look




| Ivy & Leo top | American Eagle Jeggings | Coach sandals | J. Crew Factory necklace |

Today I got my hair colored, which I was very excited about since It was a little overdue.  I was sick of the ombre look and decided to lighten it up.  I love how it turned out!  Originally I was going to wear a  dress today, but unfortunately the weather didn’t corporate and it was a rainy, gloomy…

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A thought on writing

I am not afraid of people taking my writing or people wondering if I really wrote something. My style is unique and I think anyone that has read my writing consistently and is a true reader would recognize my way of creating word strings by now. It is more than just redundancy of words or even errors in our writing that become our calling card when it comes to that recognition of style I speak of above. It is honestly the fact that someone can see a word I’ve used and immediately exclaim, “Yep Jason fucked that word up good.”

-Opinionated Man


They will bring you down

They will bring you down.

Not because you are important or even that you are a threat.

They simply hate the man that strives to touch the sun.

For they are grounded and will never know the freedom of flight.

Instead they only know jealousy, pain, and hate.

That is their cross to bear.

I have plenty of my own.