How many languages do you speak?

How many languages do you speak? Do you dabble or are you fluent? I speak a lot of English, barely any Korean, and more German than my native tongue. I am pretty good at Latin as well… though I am still waiting for those years of education in Latin to pay off.


How dumb are you?

Don’t message me with this crap. And the reason you have 1 follower and I have 50,000 is because I didn’t waste my time interrogating each subscriber as to their motives. The bloggers with this much time on their hands are truly pathetic to me.



Blogger Engagement

For every blogger, author, writer, or dabbler out there that complains about lack of traffic I have a few questions you might want to ask yourself.

Do you respond to comments on your page? If you don’t respond to comments I won’t ever revisit your website. Your lack of interaction has killed any motivation I had to engage you in dialogue. Fix that and then we can talk.

How many blogs do you visit each week? Each day? If the answer is zero then why should ANYONE ever visit your blog? While you sit in your corner complaining other people are meeting new bloggers each day. It is not that blogging is dying, it is that you are killing your own experience before it even begins.

How many other posts do you comment on? If the answer is a big goose egg then you have found your problem. Comments and interaction are like “trails” that lead back to guess what? Your blog! Without a trail to follow no one will ever find you.

If no one reads your posts, comments, or “likes” them ask yourself how many times you post daily. If you only post once a week or even once a day you won’t gain much of an audience. There is only so much attention sending a single boat down the river can gain.

If no one ever revisits your website there might be a good reason why. Do you change your gravatar every day? Do you switch your template every week? Do you have a habit of closing and opening “new blogs” when you feel tired of the old one? All of these are reasons why people will stop following you. All of these are annoying as shit.

Ever wonder why no one reblogs or reboots your posts? How often do you do it for others? But people are supposed to fall over themselves to do you favors first right? That is a great attitude.

If you are wondering about your lack of success in blogging ask yourself what you are doing to pursue that success. If you are waiting for handouts and helping hands you won’t get very far in blogging. Actually you won’t get very far in life either.

-Opinionated Man

A Writer’s World

I live my life writing scenes mentally. For the longest time that was life for me, living with one foot in reality and the other foot dipped in ink. My journey and tales would be recorded in various colored notebooks that I secreted away in my “not so secret” bottom drawer. Without an outlet I could never fully recharge at night. While other kids dreamed of shooting the winning shot or scoring the winning goal I dreamed of penning the perfect scene. A scene I was normally a part of.

I see myself in frozen moments. Perfectly scripted scenes just waiting to be penned and laid to rest forever. Life is amazing because we all see the same things, but from different perspectives. I constantly wonder what others are thinking about the same things we are both experiencing. Are they appreciating the moment more than I am? What would their thoughts read like if they were printed in ink before my eyes.

I do not know if I was meant to be a writer. Perhaps instead I simply have an active mind and am a tiny bit prolific. I certainly don’t have the best vocabulary in the world and I am not a “thesaurus ready writer.” I believe a  true writer can use some redundancies in word form and still present a well flowing article. In fact those redundancies in many cases help to tie the piece together. Don’t fight what you know, instead incorporate it into your written word.

I did not go to school for writing due in part to AP English. I placed out of “college English and Literature” classes and that may have hurt my writing aspirations early on. In many ways that may have kept me from realizing what a profession in writing might have looked like. It was never even on my radar. I like to think I live in a writer’s world even if I don’t own a professional title today. Even if my daily work is not writing. I fall asleep and wake up dreaming of the perfect word string. I write so much so that one day I may pen one.


Guest Post – The Real Reasons I Blog

1. To ward off dementia.

2. Stay in touch with my roots. No such thing as overworking with Koreans. Rest? Psh. That’s what the grave is for.

3. I don’t want to clean. Who in their right mind would choose mopping and dusting over THIS?

4. It’s my one rightful obsession. I don’t drink, smoke, go on shopping sprees, or get pedicures. You gotta give me sOmething.

5. It’s my only chance at keeping up with technology. I’m terrified to tweet, annoyed with Facebook, have yet to go near an iPod, hate texting.

6. The discussions are the bomb. My readers save me money on therapy. I didn’t have to go this year.

7. I’m repressed. Parents didn’t let me stay out at night. I get to party ’round the clock as the comments roll in.

8. I hand out advice on stuff: blogging, life, men and women. And all these people think I’m for real.

9. I can do whatever. I. want. on my blog and people like me for it. Go figure.

10. I haven’t had this much fun since…since…
*Slump* Pathetic. (Time for my next pick-me-up post)

Wayfarer on A Holistic Journey

My Blog is Six Months Old Today

Opinionated Man:

Congrats on the half year mark! Another milestone down and more to come. Blog on! -OM
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Originally posted on Not Another Tall Blog:

My blog is six months old today! Not a lot, I know, but it is a teeny weeny milestone for me… so I can’t help feeling (just a tad!) excited. I could just keep my excitement to myself – or share it with  you: my followers.

With close to 8,000 hits on the blog, I am proud to have 379 blog followers, 129 followers of my blog’s Facebook page and 103 Twitter followers.


I’d like to sincerely thank you all!! Please, keep reading my posts and commenting! I love to read your comments, as this is when my articles really come to life.

A huge ‘thank you’ to my talented guests, too! Your interviews are something I really enjoyed doing – and hope to do again when you have some news and updates to share!

For those of my readers who are new to my blog – please do check out…

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