WordPress – The Truth About SEO

Let me share what I know about SEO, Google SEO, and how it all connects to WordPress. Some of you may know this info, but many are clueless. I’ll explain.

If you are hosted on WordPress.com you do not need Google SEO to find an audience. Your audience is right here already waiting for you to connect. That is on you and how much you want to be “found.” That doesn’t mean SOME of the advice you read on SEO isn’t relevant because it still can be. Photos will make your post more noticeable (I rarely use them), the title does matter (my titles suck), tags really matter (I mainly tag with the top traffic tags), and the time of day in which you post is also important (for me that is about 10 am – 11 am MDT due to a large American audience). If you self-host or cannot access the WordPress Reader you must rely on Google SEO to be found and that is why I strongly encourage “new bloggers” not to go that route.

WordPress is already setup to “step you through” creating posts that are easily found by internal search. It also helps that WordPress has its own search engine internally built. That is why you don’t have to rely on Google to be found by a “random reader.” To have your post read, however, does take effort and some of the “tricks” SEO experts preach are relevant in this regard. Bloggers still need to realize that if all you are seeking is new connections those connections can be found right here on WordPress without ever stepping off site. Think of WP and Google as cities in this regard. To have people from the Google city find you they must search for you right? That is where learning how to create the right posts with the right titles and tags can be important if traffic from a third party website is your goal.

Why would someone care to be found through Google? You have a far greater chance of going viral from a Google connection because you honestly have no idea who that is finding you. It could be a Congressman, it could be a Instagram forum with tens of thousands of members gawking at your post which someone has pasted on an alternate site. It has happened to me before and trust me I was a bit surprised to find one of my “feminist posts” on a forum with about 40,000 feminist followers. That was an interesting day. Your chances of going “viral” on WordPress aren’t as good. You can get Freshly Pressed by chance or have a larger blogger share your posts… which most powerbloggers don’t do. I think I may give the wrong impression by how I act towards my fellow bloggers because most “large bloggers” don’t give a shit about you unless you can offer them something.

I quickly learned that my target audience was other bloggers. That is why my readership is 100% WordPress. I learned this after only a few weeks of blogging and the proof of that is my graph below where you see a sudden upsurge in viewership around February to March of 2013.


I also want to show you what I have said before and that is the fluctuations that take place from the work and lack thereof I put into this website. That can be witnessed by this second graph.


Notice the plateus in views due to my weekends and the times I take a break. This is explained in my blogging model in which I tell you that people find me because I work at them finding me. I do not sit around and wait for visitors and again my readership is not fueled by Google. I am almost at 1 million views in less than two years and that is due to hard work. I did not moan about what others have, complain about fake followers and spammers, it is all about what you want to accomplish. If your goal is to have people see your writing, photos, blog, or anything you are promoting you must go out and find those people willing to give you a chance. They won’t find you unless you strike gold and get lucky.

Striking gold DOES exist. Many of you may have a post that sees far more “spam” than others. That is because your post has been flagged by a search engine or a bot that is directly connecting to your post. This is a “good” thing if you are seeking views only. I of course am after interaction (note that I deleted all the posts from 2013 when I almost stopped blogging last December and that removed over 200,000 comments), so bot views really don’t matter too much to me. You can also score big if you are found by someone important through Google SEO. We have to take into account that most CEOs and Presidents of corporations are probably not sitting around blogging on WordPress. Their companies do have workers scouring the internet for relatable websites and that is where you can get noticed. This is all to say that Google SEO is not complete bullshit, I simply don’t rely on it for my website as a choice.

I am sure someone with a marketing degree will disagree with some of this. That is their right and I don’t have a degree in marketing, only a business degree. I do not work in an SEO related field and this knowledge is all from what I have deciphered. I am providing my graphs to show that I am not talking out of my ass though, so the choice is really up to you if you wish to believe this post. The bottom line is that getting “discovered” is rarely going to happen, but if you put true effort in you can guide others to find you. How much do you want it?

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-Opinionated Man


Blogger Review – HarsH ReaLiTy

Opinionated Man:

Thank you for the honest review. I definitely was looking for feedback and I may take you up on the idea of limiting some of my rants to a monthly cycle! I appreciate you taking the time and thanks again for the pingback. -OM
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I’m going to do something today I never thought I’d be doing and I don’t think I’ll ever do again. First because I’m not usually very vocal as a blog reader under normal circumstances, –  I’m more of a lurker, or silent follower, but I think lurker sounds creepier therefore is more fitting to my person  – but also because I’m not too keen on writing reviews directly this way. I’ve reviewed fan fiction here, and I’ve talked about the quality in writing on TV shows and videos games I like and dislike. I’ve talked about books. All are those are fair game to me because I can review those works without extending my review to the person behind those works. I can express opinions on those works while knowing nothing about the person, or people, behind those works. With a blog that’s not really the case. Reason why I…

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5 Blogs I’m Following from Today

Opinionated Man:

Now this is a cool idea for a post! I may have to start grouping my “blog reviews” together as well. Thanks for the kind mention and the pingback! -OM
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“Did you know Sherlock Holmes’ original name was Sherrinford?” I learned this and many other things when I followed these five new blogs from today.

1. Interesting Literature

This blog looks professional and indeed ‘interesting’. One of the top articles of this blog was Ten Facts about Sherlock Holmes.

2. Morenomad

I came across this blog while keying in Mongolia in WordPress Reader. This guy is a nomad at heart and he has discovered a secret cinema in Bayan-Ulgii province.

3. HARSH REALITY by A Opinionated Man

This is not your average goody two shoes blog. This is tell it as it is, start-a-discussion kind of blog with just the right amount of ranting. At least that’s the impression I had when I checked it out. The article that hit home for me was You Aren’t Special. Maybe it’s because he mentioned the LinkedIn CEOs from companies he’s never…

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My review of the Opinionnatedman

Opinionated Man:

What a great review! I appreciate it very much and thanks for the honesty! You know many people use the “boiling pot” analogy with me and I am starting to feel like it is a good mental picture. Thanks again for the review and hopefully you don’t mind the reblog! -OM
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DSC_0057 The opinionatedman, who’s real name is Jason Cushman and his blog HarshReality caught my interest seeing his constant blogging after I started to follow his blog. I think I have been following him just over a year. Most of the time I never read his complete blog, just his headlines. That is enough for me to draw a picture of him by the comments he makes and the responses to his posts. Jason is like a great chef, he likes to mix up just the right ingredients to give it a flavor, only he uses words to cook with. He likes to say things that brings the pot to a boil and just before it boils over, he turns down the heat and let’s it simmer. Of course there are times that his words boil over and people get upset. Other times, just when you think it is going to…

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Writing for an Audience

The purest will proclaim to the moon that they write for themselves. I did once, not so long ago, and I would vehemently deny I cared what people thought of my words. That was the adolescent blogger of last year and the grown man of today sneers at such foolish notions.

I write for an audience because there is an audience that reads my words. That colors the mood, tone, and construction of my posts in many cases. Is it then fair to say that my writing is no longer purely my own? You could make the argument, but I would counter with the statement that ANYTHING I write is mine.

There are writing voices for every type of literature. Poetry in the night, heated debates of conviction, and posts meant to provoke a thought or emotion. I write in all these medians because I believe that I can. I don’t think there is anything I can’t write and that confidence is what makes an attractive writer. It really doesn’t matter what you say you can do it only matters what people read from you.

I break rules and create my own path, but I won’t sell my writing morals. I have those. I won’t do what is necessary to get a million views in a month because I think it is a “low way” of blogging. It is very easy to do with only “decent content” and there are bloggers currently reposting their work hourly to get those extra thousand hits a day. I wish them the best, but I do not practice that methodology.

I am a writer. I am a blogger. Every view, every comment, and every followers I have gotten I have earned through hard work. I do not sit back and appreciate moments, I create new moments each tomorrow. Would it be simple to accept “success” and only write for my current audience until they grew tired of me? Yes, it would be easy to do that and I am sure many bloggers would have by now. Not me, not I, I am always seeking the next golden ring. Even if I have to forge it myself, I seek that idealism in my blog and in my writing every day.

-Opinionated Man

The only thing stopping you is YOU

Someone asked me why I help bloggers so much and why I share my methods of blogging. I do it because it is amusing to me. I did not say I get “satisfaction from it” or that “it makes me feel good.” It actually is a lot of needless work. What I do “feel good from” is feeding off the excitement of other bloggers, new bloggers. It stimulates me and motivates me to remember when I first started oh so long ago (21 months ago actually). I share my knowledge freely because I know that the lack of information or clarity of direction is not what will make or break a blogger. It is their personal drive that will normally flare out and stop the process.

It will come in the form of excuses and noise in the wind. “Well I blog about things no one likes, my blog is just for me, or I am a writer, not a marketer!” These are all common moans that I read time and time again by authors and aspiring authors seeking to publish and sell their work. Even when I take the time to explain my process and show them the way to get more views and eyes on their projects, still they quibble and make excuses that “my techniques” are not for them. They write “for purity” and for the process. Ok.

Fair enough. But ten years down the road when you are still writing eBooks and realizing few sales don’t rant at WordPress or to God about your failure. The only thing stopping you is you.