You Can’t Help Them All

I have to remind myself sometimes that I can’t help them all. I don’t see myself as some Joel Osteen and I never want to be. I see people struggling though, trying to figure it all out… and it sticks with me. I may not react that day, but sometimes weeks later I’ll revisit their blog and share one of their posts. No I am not the Korean Santa Claus, I just think it takes such little effort sometimes to help people and why not do it? Why not? Everyone is so focused on their dreams and goals and I am no exception to that. That is why I browse a lot of new blogs every week, to inspire myself and remind me why I love to blog. I am reminded every time I see a new blogger happy with their first post, their first follow, or their first view.

“You can’t help them all.” I can’t help them all; I just don’t have the time or energy. And so I help when and where I can because I remember when I first started last year and the large bloggers wouldn’t give me the time of day. They wouldn’t answer questions or emails and treated me like another peon. No one wants to feel that way, myself included. I treat other bloggers as equals because that is what we are. We are all here pouring our hearts out through our medians and that is blogging. That is why we do it.

Motivation and inspiration are so easy to give. It can come in the form of a random comment or visit to a person’s blog, a kind word of encouragement to someone that is struggling, or just simply recognizing the existence of a person. As much as I network and push my blog, I recognize that the people I push it to ARE real people. That is a difference in outlook by choice and why I don’t refer to those that visit my website as “fans.” You never know who you might be helping even when you don’t actively try. You can’t help them all, but you can easily help someone.

Who will you help today?


Tags and Readers

A quick post on tags and readers for two bloggers. I hope the info is helpful.

Tags – Tags are easy to understand if you think of them more as “labels.” The trending tags are always realtime, meaning they are trending due to realtime interest. Obviously if you browse the daily news or consider “what people are currently interested in” you can decipher the popular tags.

Here are the generic “popular tags.” Blog, blogging, blogs, blogger, wordpress, introduction, welcome, writing, art, fashion, food, photography, people, love, life, relationships, dating, sex, 2015, blogging 101, new, first, etc… etc. They are obvious tags because they are generic and not specific to a niche really.

People like to use unique tags because SOMEONE keeps telling bloggers that to get “noticed” they must use unique tags. That SOMEONE is a fucking moron. You will ONLY get noticed off a unique tag, such as “Opinionated Monkey Man,” if someone A) bothers to think of that tag as well and B) also decides to search for that tag. If neither A or B happen then you just wasted a tag. The reason why SOMEONE thinks it is a good reason to spread this practice around is because your post will stay near the top of the overall “reader” with a unique tag until someone else bumps it down. That can be a benefit, but not always.

Let me explain the “Reader.” We all have individual “Readers” that act as our “feeds” for posts we share and also that we are subscribed to. WordPress itself has an “overall Reader,” which is a giant river that posts are thrown into continuously every second by bloggers. The reason I refer to this as a “river” and not a lake or ocean is because the overall reader is realtime, it never stops. Posts are continuously being pushed down by new posts and that is why I differentiate between the “personal reader” and the overall WP one. A generic tag might still effectively keep your posts on top of a personal reader because that directly relates to how many people they are subscribed to. Those generic tags though on the overall WordPress reader will always get flooded out quickly. This is OBVIOUSLY where frequency of posting plays a huge part. I really hope that makes more sense now.

Use some unique tags if you like, but you generally want to use ten generic tags for every post. That is if you are seriously about having “new eyes” see your writing or what you are sharing, instead of ONLY those that have already found you.


10 Signs of a Bad Day

1. You yell out a complaint about being short at 5’10” and then turn around and run into a midget convention. They are not happy.

2. Instead of your caramel macchiato you get served a mocha nasty latte. That is always a sign of a bad day.

3. You hit every red light on the way to work. Apparently god hates you.

4. You walk out the door to work and run over a Jehovah ’s Witness.

5. Your Ex from five years ago calls you and immediately says “we need to talk.”

6. You read a post about “10 signs of a bad day” and you recognize a few of the signs from your own day!

7. You open it and there is nothing there.

8. You order a camel and it has no humps.

9. A polar bear calls you and informs you that someone has peed on your igloo and there is now a new door. This only happens in Canada.

10. You show up for a blind date and “Cindy” has an Adam’s apple.


Stop saying “It isn’t possible”

People have small minds and the boxes they create for themselves are even smaller. I hate when people say “it isn’t possible.” Normally the person saying this has no idea what is truly possible because they don’t push themselves. They are a product of their own motivation… or lack thereof.

Many bloggers when they come across my website will remark that “it isn’t possible to have so many connections. He has 50,000 subscribers! There is no way he actually interacts with that many people.” If you have said this you would be wrong. Actually it is very possible. In two years over 550,000 comments have been left on my website. Many of those comments were left secondary to a response from me because I care to attempt to respond to everyone that visits my blog. I miss some visitors, but I make an effort to catch them all.

I see WordPress as a giant room full of potential connections. I have thousands of “current” conversations going on all over this platform. I visit blogs constantly during the day and I enjoy making new connections. Regardless what the future holds for me on this service, I will still work hard to promote myself and what I do. That is why I am here and that is also WHY IT IS POSSIBLE. Because I put the energy into doing it, it is that simple.

Stop saying what you can and cannot do. Don’t listen to people telling you “what is and is not possible.” Remember that most humans lack true imagination so it shouldn’t be hard to imagine that those people also lack ambition. Enjoy walking with your head up instead of face to the ground like the rest of the herd.

-Opinionated Man

How do I get more followers on my blog?

Opinionated Man:

These are good tips especially considering my tips on blogging aren’t really valid anymore. Thanks for the mention tric! -OM
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Why are some blogs more successful than others? Where do they get all their followers, page views and visitors? Why do some wonderful writers have so few followers, while others with less well written blogs have  so many?

Most new bloggers will google this endlessly, (probably second only to “how can I make money from my blog?). The number one answer they will read is “write good content”.

Well listen up new bloggers. That’s not strictly true. photo credit: <a href="">Annie Mole</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>
Content is not what makes a successful blog, although it will make you more successful than others. No, in my opinion what makes a successful blog is the many different things a blogger does before pressing publish, and the efforts they make afterwards “off blog” to promote their post.

What do I mean?

Well firstly imagine you have written a post. Does it have a catchy title, feature photos, and begin with a…

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One last thanks

Thanks again to those that helped me out this past weekend with reblogs and posts. I saw most of them and I’ve never seen my real name around engine so much. That can be undone though… so no biggie. Thanks to everyone and if I didn’t see your post I appreciate you taking the time to write one up. I am grateful for the online support I’ve found here on WP.

Note: I will no longer host many of my powerblogging articles. They are locked away since they are no longer relevant. I wish all of you the best as you learn to adapt and grow your networks. They make the rules, but we create the game.