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Crucified Man

How lovely you die while dying is a trend. Sacrificing yourself for the opinion of others. Apologies ready before offense is even understood. We tremble at the idea of cutting others.

Crucify me for what you would do yourself. For what you have done, for what you are doing now. Pin me with labels of your choosing and paint me the color of your enemy. Do not sympathize with the crucified. Be happy that you have such a willing lamb.



Facebook Gave Me My Username!

Opinionated Man:

I’ve found Facebook is the hardest mountain to climb and one that takes the most time. Congrats on the 25 likes! It really is hard to gain them! -OM
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Originally posted on Mental Break - In Progress:

I finally reached 25 likes on my Facebook page so now I get a decent Facebook address! :)


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Opinionated Man:

Where is the love for the griffons these days??? lol ;) -OM
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Originally posted on trissartfulstories:

dragon 4

This is my experimental style that I decided to try out.

dragon 1

I named him Nemo because of his lucky wing that got injured during baking.

He loves to explore and see new things. He also loves making friends and hopes to see the world one day.

dragon 2

As you can see, Nemo is very colorful with the cool palette.


Nemo is also the last dragon in my batch and the last for this particular nest.

I’m currently trying to decide if I should start a new nest or if I should work on their next stage.

Either way, I’m sure it’ll be fun and interesting!

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Opinionated Man:

The surrendering part is the hardest for me. I loved these words and the card was nice as well! -OM
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Originally posted on ENLIGHTENMENT ANGELS:

Message from Archangel Michael and the Angels:  “KEEP GOING even though it feels like there is no forward movement or ANY movement at all – WE are working behind the scenes for you to assist and guarantee your accomplishment. You have done your best, please let us take the process from here and complete it. Most of all, PLEASE be patient with yourself and the process. Each step is a lesson and in the end you will appreciate reaping the rewards as they are fruitful!”

If you noticed the color on the card below that stands out the most is blue. Blue is representative and associated with the voice also known as your throat chakra, you are being reminded that your prayers have been answered and heard. You are also encouraged to let go and surrender any expectations of your current situation so that everything works…

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The board is open bloggers. Feel free and share a link, post, or project here if you want. Self-promotion is accepted obviously.

Happy Sunday blogging everyone!



56,000 Subscribers! Thank you everyone!

Thank you to everyone that has recently subscribed to one of my platforms. I appreciate it! HarsH ReaLiTy has finally broken the 56,000 subscriber mark (I had doubts I would ever break 55,000) and I could not have done it without all of you. No really… I couldn’t. WordPress no longer allows me to promote my blog freely so I do appreciate all the shares and reblogs! I rely on those to spread my posts so thanks to everyone that takes the time to do that. It really means a lot and I do notice! Again thank you to everyone for your continued support as this blog transitions and my apologies if I have missed anyone’s comments!

Note: A small reminder that I no longer offer “guest blogger” spots on this blog. Please blame the bloggers that posted articles with copyrights on my blog and ruined that opportunity for everyone.

-Opinionated Man



Ways to clean your house

Disclaimer: I write lists because they amuse me. My humor may be found offensive to people easily offended. Don’t read the post if that pertains to you.

Thank you,

HR management.
Pay someone to do it.

Wait till someone else does it.

Build an app that cleans your home.

Build a robot that hopefully cleans your home.

Hold a group prayer and pray the house cleans itself.

Hold a group prayer for a flood to wash your home away so you can have a brand new one. (Any floods that should occur in the near future are not my fault.)

Start a fundraiser on your blog for a nice Swedish maid.

Trick the kids into cleaning the home somehow.

Walk around the rest of the day with a blindfold on and hope you don’t break anything valuable.

Continue wearing blindfold throughout week and month.

Start quest for a magic lamp with a magic genie that grants real wishes… this time…

I should just go clean this damn house.



Projects & Bunnies

This flash holds my current project. On a whim I decided to put it on my keychain because I am reminded of it each time I touch it. Sort of that physical connection psycho babble people are always rambling about. I normally zone out.

I’ll be back and forth while I work on it. I hope everyone is doing well and your own projects are progressing. Time is something we all share the same amount of no matter how we wish it differently. I am trying to focus for 6 months because I think that is how long it will take.

Ever rewrite the intro so many times you never progress? I never thought I’d have that issue.

I do have an annoying post that has been floating around in my head and no matter what I drink it still keeps buzzing around.

My yesterday

My yesterday sounds like fallen bowls of bi bim bop. Of half known fears and half made tears. Seeking and never sought, a life lived but feeling bought. A man with opinion trying to opinionated his daily thoughts. I hope for a better tomorrow.


I forgot the bunnies! 

I don’t care what you name your bunny.



I hope people remember me as I was and not as people claim I was. Hopefully drawing on any real interaction we may have had. I want to be remembered as a simple blogger. Nothing more.





Today I Read Blogs

Today I spent the day away from the comfort of my blog. Today I read blogs. I visited new blogs, I revisited old bloggers I’ve known since I started in 2013, I also found many blogs shuttered and it made me sad. I always physically stop my mind and wonder what happens to bloggers that close up shop and move on. If they have found something better to do with their time and what that new activity might be. I don’t allow myself to dwell on such thoughts for long though. Bloggers come and go like the seasons.

I think many people forget to be social when they begin to expect others to be social with them first. I have worked hard not to adopt that type of attitude. I set aside a percentage of time each day working towards new and old connections. I believe it is one of the most important aspects to blogging and I enjoy seeing how people are doing and progressing with their lives.


Honestly I am trying to inspire myself. I have felt that “bug” that bloggers get when they feel they may have “said it all.” I am hoping it is just a slump and that I’ll get over it. It is the first time I’ve felt this way about blogging. I have to admit I have grown bored lately. I guess that is what happens when you let your sail down and just float for a while. I can’t allow myself to float for too long.



You can’t tame a lion

You can’t tame a lion. You can only hope to hang around awhile and appreciate their spirit. How free they are as they sprint against the wind. Against it all. Watching as joy is rediscovered each time the fire and desire within is touched. Fierce to the kill. How lovely it must be to drench yourself in your own need and not have a care about it. Never sharing nor caring that others think that you should share. You snarl at their need to tell you what to do, to tame you. To trap your heart and place it in a docile vessel such as the one you nibble on now. Yes, we see how the caring fare as we stare over the endless corpses. A sea of victims, a sea of afterthoughts. Headless stones marking unnamed tombs. Memorials are for the important. Like important memories that you capture and file away for life. Amusingly enough I am sure I was the last captured thought for many of them and it was memorable. Their last memory actually.


-Opinionated Man



You who would slay a man for an idea must have no idea of your own significance. How significantly insignificant you are in the real picture of things. Not the small frame of your faith and the notice of the few steps you take towards it. Who cares. Do you expect praise for the convictions you carry from another’s mouth? Words murmured robotically from a robotic tongue. I see nothing but mouthpieces standing on soapboxes of their own creation. No hand above upon their shoulder, simply their own hands patting their own backs. You will learn one day how truly small you are. Live life big and lie to yourself about your own importance. You are nothing but walking, talking dust. Just like the rest of us.

Somewhere in the Middle of Vanilla and Chocolate

Opinionated Man:

I like this write on self-reflection and more importantly self-acceptance. It is a struggle I had through childhood and I can relate a lot to these words. Well done on the word strings too, I really felt like I was following your life through your thoughts. -OM
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Originally posted on A Fresh Voice:

Walk into a room
All eyes on me
At least that’s how it feels
I’m chocolate in a sea of vanilla

It’s nothing new
That’s how I grew up
But it wasn’t always this easy

You see, as a kid
I was constantly reminded of my flavor
I just figured it was something to savor
But I didn’t really fit in
With all of my vanilla friends
And I could only see one difference therein

I’m chocolate in a sea of vanilla

One day Ms. Brown
Stood me in front of the mirror
“What do you see?”
“This chocolate looks ugly on me!”

“Look again my child
There is so much more
Your chocolate is beauty and strength
Nothing you should abhor.”

From that day forward
My confidence arose
“My goodness I’m sexy!
I’m sure everyone knows.”

I’m chocolate in a sea of vanilla

As I grew up more chocolate…

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Why am I here?

Opinionated Man:

I ask myself that question daily. So you aren’t alone! I still wonder why I am here doing what I do… even though I auto do it. -OM
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Originally posted on Church Set Free:

I read a post this morning (fantastic by the way) about how to garner more comments out here on WordPress, meet and greets and the like. It got me to wonder that age old question, why am I here?

What started out as a recovery breakthrough and call from God has taken on a life of its own that led me all the way to the Catholic church. I’ve met people out here in blog-land who’ve accepted me throughout the entirety of this journey, and some who have not. I read and re-read so many theology based posts I sometimes become nauseous with the verbose and stale translations that make Jesus dead. I’ve been asked to be myself but most times I’ve been asked not to be myself. At times I don’t even know what to call myself. 

The mass, it is my saving grace.  Receiving Jesus weekly in the…

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Blogging – Be yourself. Sort of.

Sometimes I wish I could start over. Remake myself in a nicer image and perhaps be a little less opinionated on some issues. Regrets are a dime a dozen and in the end I can truly say I had some fun blogging. I was able to be brash, abrasive, and crude and no one cared for a time. Then people started to care and started to make other people care. They took the fun out of the happy meal.

I enjoy that other bloggers still get to be “themselves.” The younger me would have set this platform on fire. The older me is slower and less energetic. I’m also tired of the backlash and have made promises. You can blog and you can be yourself. Sort of.

At what point does your website stop being your own? Is it possible for a blog to gain enough popularity that it causes the writer to falter from their original path? When would you begin to censor yourself? Would being a parent matter? Would being married matter? Perhaps if my last name was Kardashian I wouldn’t care. I’d be wealthy already and have a bevy of lawyers waiting to sue the shit out of whatever offended me.

Unfortunately my last name is Cushman and I live a very unimportant life. Which honestly makes the loss of my blogging “privileges” all the more harsh. The same privileges you all have and that sometimes I miss so much. Maybe I will create a second site again.




Today I began to finally really write. Something I hope will be worth printing one day. We’ll see.

Laying to rest memories past with a flurry of moving digits. Dreaming on.




10 subscribers doesn’t equal 10 readers

We all know this by now. Humans are busy and it is on YOU the blogger to interest them in reading your site. When we “follow” your blog we don’t sign our souls over to be your subscriber for life. You must find a way to make me want to be a reader for the moment. Human interest depreciates faster than a new car off a sales lot. Don’t worry about your subscriber number so much, it will rise and fall on its own. Instead focus on making the amount of connections you want to daily. That is how you meet people both in reality and virtually. Stop moaning about how not enough of your subscriber base cares about your blog. Make them care.



I come in peace!

You don’t have to approve my reblogs and if anyone doesn’t want me to share from their site let me know. I normally spend part of my day browsing and long ago decided “why not reblog instead of just commenting.” So I share posts when I can, but obviously if you hate my site and don’t want to be associated with it let me know. I get it and you aren’t alone in the feeling.

I won’t call you out and you can email me at aopinionatedman@gmail.com if you would rather. I get very little traffic from reblogs so it really isn’t a huge deal to me and would actually save me time. I do this to give back to WordPress.

Just let me know!



Can I play with your meaning just a tad? Twisting your words with my will to define you. Taking moments to write your very uniqueness. Can I crown your head with a word string of my choosing? A perfect saying said only by me and never by anyone else before? Ever before. I quest for those sentences daily. Walking pages of white till I find the right line to draw my ink. I begin the same way as everyone else, but hope to end as only I can. A sentence that screams my name in whatever emotion I give it as I create its very existence. The perfect word string of my mind.



A Letter to A Cheater: What Cheating Really Means

Opinionated Man:

Hahaha this was great! And I heard the mic drop at the end with that classic shout out! Well done! -OM
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Originally posted on Toast and Tea Together:

25 Signs He's Cheating On You - How to Know If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating - Cosmopolitan: (source)

This is the second part of my first letter.

What does cheating really mean? I think it is pretty much subjective. But unfortunately, for some people (mostly the people who are very defensive of this act) believe so much in its objective meaning.

I have written something about cheating yesterday, and until now, I still haven’t recovered from it. The person I was referring to in my post, let us call her Maria, had become so defensive of it, and retaliated. She sent a message saying that she didn’t actually cheat on a very close friend of mine. She said, “I didn’t do anything intimate with her,” but she also told my friend she kissed the other girl she liked. She even defined the word “cheating” for us because she thought we needed it, and that we don’t understand its real meaning.

She said (This line was originally in…

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Why doesn’t anyone comment on my posts?

I know I said I was “done” writing blogging articles. I wrote this because reading some posts on “blogging” is incredibly painful for me. -OM

This is the third most asked question in blogging. It is also the most tricky to answer because there are so many factors, such as humanity, to consider when trying to decipher the blogosphere and how it works. Comments are one of the most sought after forms of interaction on WordPress and any platform. For many people a “comment” directly translates into “I read, liked your post, and love your blog.” Some bloggers grade their sites on how much interaction they garner each day and because of that drive they continuously look for ways to engage their readers.

“Why doesn’t anyone comment on my posts” should be automatically answered with “what are you doing to get people to comment on your posts?” Active engagement is different than passively posting and waiting/hoping someone cares to read and respond. Many new bloggers do this and think that just because WordPress is the top blogging site in the world that people are literally lining up virtually to read everything people spit out. That just isn’t the case… nowhere near how it actually works. Bloggers are busy blogging and that should always be considered when posting and seeking interaction. You MUST draw those people away from what they are currently doing and that takes more effort than people give credit.

The Basics:

By now we should all know the basics about blogging. If you have been following this site for any amount of time you have probably gained some insight into what I consider the “basics of blogging.” These tips are general, but can be easily applied to blogging here on WP since that is where I currently reside.

Tagging: If you haven’t figured out how to tag you are only hurting your own reach and ability to blog. Some people like playing chess without knowing the rules or any strategy… good for them. I would find that hopelessly boring and a waste of time, but that is me. If you won’t at least learn the basics behind tagging don’t complain about getting no views or comments. That is your own damn fault. I’ve written countless posts on tagging and so have many other bloggers. Feel free to read those and gain a clue. http://aopinionatedman.com/2015/08/03/blogging-tag-help-on-wordpress/

Tagging the SAME TAGS: I am adding this one because I think it is important. When people become creatures of habit and tend to run the same daily course every single day they normally also see the same people each day. It is kind of common sense. Likewise if you tag the same exact tags with each post the same exact people “might” see those posts each day. Wouldn’t it serve you better to find some different tags to change up who sees your work? No? Ok then.

Reblogging: Reblogging will gain you some popularity to a certain point, but no one likes a site that only reblogs. People also prefer sites that are gauged at “sharing” to do so in controlled measures and not to overuse it. I would NOT be a good blogger to model from on this.

How you write: How you write is important when it comes to gaining interaction. I have run into many “experts” online that provide articles brimming with information and backlinks. That is great! It CAN also be overwhelming to a casual reader who will feel that any comment they make will be menial in value. This can be true on any topic and any blog genre. For instance Christian writers often “shock and awe” their reader with scriptures, interpretation, someone else’s interpretation, and an interpretation on interpreting things. Is all of that really necessary? It really will scare away a reader that feels “less than par on the topic,” but still wishes to engage.

2: In school many were taught how to write open ended sentences. Open ended sentences and providing basic question prompts through the post helps to engage the reader actively while they read. It pushes them to consider what you want them to consider and to ask themselves the questions you already hope they are asking. These basic writing tools are great for engaging someone that is already engaged since they visited and clicked your post to begin with.

What you post: This is obviously an important factor in gaining response from people. Humans are less likely to engage on topics they feel ignorant on. This factor is why the blog author must always be aware of their “potential audience.” A potential audience is not the same thing as your actual readership. The potential audience is gauged by how many bloggers you are actually connected with in whatever form on any social platform. Basically who can see your posts when you publish? From that number trickles down the “realistic number” of people that actually take the time to read your writing. Knowing who is actually reading from your “potential audience” can help you in determining what will be well received or not.

When you post: When you post matters a lot. Because we are all creatures of habit that live scheduled lives, posting at certain times can realistically help you to gain exposure. Finding what times work for your blog takes some research, but WP has provided a new analytic that helps with this. Capture

You can also eyeball your posts and figure out at what times your site was more active through comparing engagement percentages. I worked graveyard shift for a couple years while first building this blog and that accounted for an almost 24/7 audience that is always online. Not everyone can do this, but I did find that it helped expand my readership by being able to interact with other parts of the world that were up at different times. Sometimes we don’t even know our target group. That group just finds us.

What your site looks like: I’ll be the first to admit this is the least of my concerns. If people hate how my site looks they can look at another site for all I care. Having said that, I do realize “how” your site looks, and more importantly functions, are good things to focus on when it comes to site improvement.

Click yourself! No really… click your screen name in the comment section of a blog. Did you arrive at your website? If you didn’t that is due to your site not being linked to your name! Go to your account settings and change it! SO MANY bloggers fail to do this and are basically leaving no trail for people to follow you back to.


The 200 Level

There are so many tricks to gaining interaction that people overlook. Some “overlook” these options due to blogger morals (laughing my ass off), time, energy, understanding, and just not getting the big picture. These tricks aren’t “gaming the system” like I’ve read some bloggers rant. If you can’t use a platform and all the tools that platform gives you to gain exposure you aren’t really using that platform to network. YOU are allowing that platform to use YOU.

The Respin: The respinning of posts is debated constantly. Some bloggers think it clogs the “reader” when you respin/reschedule an already published post. That is ridiculous. That is like me saying there are too many articles in a newspaper. Firstly who counts the number of times you publish a post each day? If you honestly have followers or subscribers that not only count how many times you publish, but also take the time to complain about it… you don’t want them following your blog. They aren’t helping you. They ARE constraining you. Break those ties.


Respinning is awesome and is an effective way of “showing” posts to your readers they might have missed. Believe it or not your readers don’t necessarily dig into your archives and read all your old materiel no matter how much they LOVE your current post. Many people won’t do that and don’t have the time to do that. It is amazing how easy it is for them to read a post when it is placed in front of their eyes though! That is where the rescheduling of previously published posts for a “future date” comes into handy. It also doesn’t send an additional email to your email subscribers so you don’t run the risk of annoying them. To be fair any subscriber that is going to complain about a respun post WILL complain about almost anything. Ignore those types of bloggers. I have used respinning since month one and have openly advertised I do so. The people that hated it left a LONG time ago. Bye!!!

Do you post or respond to comments first? Many bloggers feel obligated to jump right into responding to comments and I understand the urge. You feel a pull to do so. A tip from me is to respond AFTER posting your new post/s for the day. The reason is simple. Returning readers will often see your response and then look to see if you have published anything new for them to browse. If you respond to them and draw them to your site for ONLY a comment that is all you will get from them that day. They aren’t going to return twice and feel stalkerish. This is a real shame when you could have garnered a comment AND a new read if you had done things in the correct order. That is a simple tip I’ve learned from blogging myself.

Find the communities! Many bloggers have begun to realize the benefit of promoting others. I am also happy to see many people running Meet and Greets which I would like to think is a trend I had a hand in starting. If you are seeking interaction find the bloggers that are already interacting with others! People are literally “waiting” in these M&Gs for people to respond. That is sad to me because the best bloggers are the ones that seek engagement, they don’t wait for it. Some of the most successful networking I have witnessed has been from bloggers finding my M&G thread http://aopinionatedman.com/2015/09/16/wordpress-meet-and-greet-3-all-bloggers-welcome/ and using their time wisely by networking with people there. I’ve seen some bloggers spend hours networking and their numbers went up because of it. You can expect all you want from blogging, but blogging is what you put in as well. Find the M&G communities on WP and get involved!

Piggyback your respin! One of the best tricks I have learned is to always piggyback my respins. I will always reschedule a post right after a newly published one. I do this because double exposure is a plus, the fact that your regular readers did not get the notification for the new post and they still might want to read it, and I have found it helps with related articles. Let me explain. Related articles are typically anchored to posts that were published around the same time. So rescheduled posts offer readers new “old posts” to click to. These related articles will differ drastically, due to time difference, from the related posts connected to the newer published article. This might seem like a small deal to you, but to online marketers this is invaluable. In essence 2 separate clicks on your site offers 6 more different clicks to alternate info. Posts get seen online through actively pushing their visibility!

Network within your weekly theme! I don’t write on one theme here. I technically don’t write on any theme or genre. If I did have a theme of the week I would gather interest around that theme by seeking out people obviously interested in that topic. Namely those already posting on the subject! What better way to ensure people actually want to read your next post?

Want to help people? You can be a forum bunny too! The WordPress help forums are a great way to network with bloggers and to spread your knowledge. There are two bloggers that come to mind that do this habitually and seem to think they “own the right.” Technically ANY blogger can be a “helper” in the forum and in turn can help themselves by leaving their links behind. Ever wonder how some of those “WordPress helpers” got so popular? They piggybacked off WordPress that is how and they protect their niche fiercely. Go be a star like them! https://en.forums.wordpress.com/

How many blogs do YOU visit and comment on each day? But you expect people to comment on yours right? See how that doesn’t make much sense?

To Be Continued…

-Opinionated Man







Friday Favorites #5

Opinionated Man:

I really enjoy seeing other bloggers link share. I also like when they add a little something to the link such as this blogger did. It makes it more personal and shows why the blogger liked the post. Thanks for including me in your weekly lineup! -OM
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Originally posted on Three's a Herd:

Happy Friday all! I woke up hoping a nap would happen today. How about you? I’d briefly woken up at 3:45am, and was just falling back to sleep – and I mean,  in that feel-your-whole-body-twitch way – when the lovely Yorkie decided she needed a potty break. And then I couldn’t fall back to sleep, for almost an hour. Dang dog. Spouse is as good about getting up with her as he was when the kids were babies. Selective hearing. He has insomnia all the time, except when the dog needs to go out in the middle of the night. Since the kids are out of school in just over an hour, I don’t see a nap happening. I’m not a power napper. It has to be at least an hour, or I end up more cranky and disoriented than when I started.

So, since a nap isn’t on my…

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Left Again

Replays of a forgotten past trying desperately to be remembered. I see fleeting images before my sleeping eyes. A reel of time that spins with desperation to reach the end. How desperately I reach out to the slow its movement if only for a second. Stopping the beating of my life so I can catch my breath. Breathless because each atom around me belongs to another. I search for meaning within the meaning of others. A life still not my own.

Left again… must I always be left? Why can’t I for once leave you? Leaving you to feel what it is like to be so very small. To watch as the towers of reality walk around your inconceivable dilemma. Will someone hear your wail of need or ignore it as you ignored mine the day you walked away. Leaving me to be left again, an endless reel of time I spin. Could I break that image and would it break me? Destroying who I was simply to never look back again. I have tried. I have drowned my image with each bottle opened. I drown it still to this day. Hoping for one moment of peace. One night to forget the pain.



Sick day

I am taking a sick day. I could have a mild case of the bubonic plague OR it might be the flu. It could also just be a really bad cold or food poisoning. Obviously I’m a doctor and have diagnosed myself. I’m going to lay around all day with my blanket. Leave a message.

I either blame the pulled pork sandwich, that dragonlance they stuck me with the other day, or I pissed off another minor god.


Finding inspiration on WordPress

I find inspiration in browsing the intro tags on WordPress and reading all the enthusiasm gushing forth from new bloggers to the platform. It makes me feel good about blogging and makes me want to blog more. If you are looking for such motivation or even a new blogger to meet check those intro tags. New people join every second, you just might meet your next connection.




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