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Mark me

I’ve never liked having stuff on my skin. I’m not sure if it is an overreaction to something that happened as a child or what, I simply hate being marked on. Drawing, face paint, ink, marker, tattoos look cool I just wouldn’t get one. I wonder sometimes if my dislike comes from the burn I… Read More »

How to find out if people are stealing from you

Most people may not have to worry about this, but some of us will find that people will steal anything. I have had my articles and posts lifted from my sites since I began blogging in 2013. It never gets easy to accept and it grates at you as you see your words highlighted on… Read More »


Dreaming dreams that cannot lie, I shed a tear but do not cry. I see my reflection in my eye from hanging sorrow as it dies. A chandelier just for me, reflections I see because it’s me. And with a blink it crashes down. All of me falls without a sound. Falling fallen, how they… Read More »

Memphis, Tennessee

I wonder sometimes at how I miss a city that gave me so much in the form of growth, a toughness of spirit, anger, and endless memories. I walk it virtually still sometimes in idle moments, walking past the friendly calls of friends mixed with the coarse humor of ones I will never call friend. I… Read More »


Stop Stealing From Me!!!

Stop stealing from me. http://www.alifuhaj.ga/women-are-crazythe-way-to-loseyour-femal-2.xhtml Come up with your own posts. Stop stealing my stuff bloggers. This is why many of us stop sharing, blogging, and writing for free. People have no shame. The reason this post is the most stolen article off my blog is because the original received over 350,000 views. People think… Read More »

The Blogging Debate Part 1

There are a few topics bloggers love to argue about and many of us end up having an opinion on them. I have written a ton of posts expressing my views on lots of these subjects, but I thought it would be fun to blast them all out together for you. To niche or not… Read More »


Thank You 

There are some readers that have clicked like on every post on this site since it started three years ago. That means a lot to me. Your encouragement means a lot to any writer. It is a powerful persuasion to keep writing when the writing gets tough. Thank you to everyone that reads a post… Read More »

A Perfect Fit

There was never a more perfect fit. Your hand inside of mine. Two hands meant to hold each other through life. Or at least as long as there is life in mine. I watch you step as I step, we step together through life. Watching as your steps grow larger and my steps… they slowly… Read More »