This is worth sharing again.

You will always have doubters. Family members, friends, complete strangers, sort of friends, bloggers, co-workers, and whoever else you decide to share your ideas with. Many will smile, many will frown, many will give you strange looks, and most are probably not even listening to you. No one should allow another person to change their course in life unless that change is wanted by you first. Doubters come in all forms and for all reasons. They aren’t always jealous, they sometimes just don’t understand, but in the end they should all receive the same answer.

“Thank you for your opinion, now fuck off.”

The problem with humans is that we love to share our opinions even if we have no damn clue what we are talking about. Actually, especially if we have no clue what we are talking about. We love to share our “insight” and we don’t care if that action brings the other person down. Because why should it?

It does matter. People don’t always stop and think how detrimental their words can be. They slay ideas, gods, hopes, and dreams with a passing comment or offhand remark. And all the while they do this sometimes with the most innocent of intentions.

Here is what I practice and it is the same as what I preach. I read everything that comes to me or is directed at me. The comments saying I am a poor writer, a novice, I lack any type of style, I have no ethics, my blog is random and annoying, why do I follow everyone, power bloggers are just about money, he just wants to sell his eBook, he is so annoying, what a misogynist bastard, his views on adoption are so wrong, OM is racist, OM hates homosexuals, OM doesn’t read my blog, OM this and that and whatever else you can think of. I brush it off. There are too many bloggers, people, voices, and positive spirits in this world to focus on the negative ones for over a day. Sure, I will give them my attention for 24 hours, but after that I try and cut the festering wound off. Do the comments and remarks bother me? Yep, I am human, they do bother me sometimes. But what makes me smile is knowing that in ten years I will have completed my goals and dreams. Where will those doubters be? Still on WordPress writing their posts about how they are happy doing what they are doing… all the while not really being happy.

Facebook was considered a business model with zero chance of success. Critics did not think there was any way people would share that much personal information or care to network through that site in the format Mark had chosen. The guys that decided not to join in on Facebook when Zuckerburg started it are probably very unhappy now and their reasons at the time were most likely “I have been doing marketing for 20 years and there is no way this will work!” Do you all realize there are kids in college making websites and generating millions in online income this very second and day? Do people think that is fantasy or that only outliers can accomplish this? Those doubters lack any type of original thought and thus will always be sheep following the pack.

These are all easy things to say and hard concepts to “do.” Especially for one such as me that has a depressive nature. I try not to allow my true emotions to bleed over into my blog. Sure I will get annoyed (none of my “followers” have managed to make me angry yet) and my writing “style” (yes… I THINK I have a style regardless of what THEY say) is aggressive and pointed. It always has been. I can make a post-it note into a bullet, trust me. This is all to say that you can’t allow people and their opinions on what you are doing to alter your course. Especially if they say “you are doing it the wrong way.” Thinking outside the box will always generate scorn and condemnation. I think this is amusing because honestly there are very few “out of the box” thoughts when it comes to blogging. What I am doing here isn’t new, it isn’t savvy or brilliant, but instead it is simply hard work. Maybe the doubters are just lazy and are in fact people that could never do what you are doing. Consider that before changing your plans because of the “words and opinions” of some random fool or even someone you know and trust.

-Opinionated Man

View from my lounge

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What a great view! I am jealous! I could write for days looking out that window… -OM
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Now this isn’t the the best photo (taken from a 2mp camera phone and from inside my house). But I’m pushing to look at all the positives in my life right now. As I was looking out my window. It dawned on me I’m lucky so lucky to have a home 1 minute from the beach and from the other side. The beautiful scene of the airport, sunset, the lush hills and in winter the snowy tops.


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WordPress – A Site of Fences

Browsing WordPress is much like walking down a fenced in sidewalk these days. Everywhere I look there are walls, protective measures, and anxious eyes watching my every move. Some bloggers are “waiting” for visitors to grace their pages, others are worried about predators and thieves stealing their work and still other writers are busy creating masterpieces that they then quickly erect gigantic walls around to ensure no one ever sees them. This all culminates into the saddest image of blogging to me.

I once had a follower email me and ask “what do you do about protecting your writing? Aren’t you afraid someone will steal your words since you put all you’re writing out there for free?” I quickly replied to this email that there is no way possible to ensure that someone doesn’t steal your words. It will happen, it is happening, and it can’t be stopped. I also pointed out that it is impossible to recognize the “dollar amount” that you are losing due to someone taking and sharing your writing without permission. This is merely to say that the “stress” associated with such cares is generally not worth the anxiety.

I have never been worried about people re-blogging, sharing, or reposting my articles. I do like to ask/demand that people credit the author and the website, but humans will do as they please. In an “open forum” website like WordPress it is basically impossible to regulate such things and I also think that the more eyes that see your articles the better. And for those worried that “someone else is making money off you” stop worrying about that complexity because guess what? WORDPRESS makes money off you currently. Still bothered? Every time you log into your WordPress account, or any website or account, you ARE paying someone, just in case anyone was really that naïve…

Everyone is so quick to erect fences. Don’t you know that is the fastest way to get splinters? I really hate splinters, they are so damn hard to get out, and thus I stay away from arduous woodwork. I will admit I get a bit sad and possibly annoyed when I visit a blog and I read something amazing. I then glance over at the follower count and view numbers and I say to myself “what a shame.” Like a rose behind a wall, a princess locked inside a tower, these are all the same images that define a deprived world. A world that will never be given the ultimate gift, an original thought written by you… that to me is the true tragedy of what blogging is becoming.


Scholarship Hunting

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I wish you the best with your scholarship hunting! I hope you get some votes and reach your goal! -OM
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Today I spent most of my day balancing scholarship submissions, free-lance writing opportunities, and reflecting on my awesome trip with my dad to Victoria BC (which I’m almost done with). As the title suggests I’m hunting for scholarships both big and small to help pay for college, or at least some of it. I enjoy writing and experimenting with new styles and ways to express myself. This post will be short and sweet as I’m working on two posts at the same time, I know multitasking is great right!

Below is a link to my profile, where I would like you to take just a few moments to vote for me. Every vote counts and you have my full permission to share this with all your friends, family, and colleagues. I rarely do these types of posts but I really really want this scholarship. My family and I are tightening…

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[Video]: To You (The Follower)

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hahaha now that was seriously cool! -OM
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A Dull Thank You.

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Observing Death

I once watched a sparrow die. She fluttered in the wind and fought against the inevitable. It was inspiring to watch the struggle of life. Why is it that it flares so bright right before it is snuffed out before your eyes? Why must we wait for motivation to come from some sort of sacrifice or lose? Still, I accept the moment for the moment. I observed death with a stare and did not blink before his approach.