Old Soul. 

Opinionated Man:

Happy (Late) Anniversary! I remember when you started. On to many more years hopefully! :) -OM
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So I’ll be hanging out here a lot now, if that’s cool with you. Here andDevisntart.

The two safest places on the planet right now. For me, anyway. Why? Because they’re personal. My mother doesn’t do personal…not the giving half anyway so there’s no chance of running in to her.

Cyber run-ins are almost worse than real ones somehow.

And I guess the good news is that it’ll be a lil different now. So that’s something!

* No more jewelry/shop stuff.

For a while anyway. She taught me how to make jewelry and the whole thing is just too much right now.

* No more tip-toes.

Well…less. It’s funny how an experience can slap your face so hard it spins. When you open your eyes again you’re facing a completely new perspective. I’m not scared so much these days. I feel my loud mouth growing back a bit…

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June in Review

Opinionated Man:

Tracking progression is never a bad thing and it is always nice to recognize your new subscribers when you can. Nice post! Maybe I should start a monthly review myself. ;) -OM
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July 1st. Our first day of “real” summer. Thanks, Stacy at Revisions of Grandeur, for sending it our way! It only took 3 days to get here. We hit a high of 26 C and the kids thoroughly enjoyed the opening of the splash pad at the park.

June shaped up okay for me, blog wise. I had a total of 774 views which is up 193 from May. I had 260 visitors which is up 73. I had 209 likes, up a mere 6. I published 30 posts for the month of June. That’s 6 more than I wrote for May. I had 196 comments compared to only 144 in May. Besides my Home page, which had the most views at 132, “The First Fight” was the most viewed at 40. The top three countries to visit my blog were the U.S., Canada, and Thailand.

My followers…

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