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The only thing stopping you is YOU

Someone asked me why I help bloggers so much and why I share my methods of blogging. I do it because it is amusing to me. I did not say I get “satisfaction from it” or that “it makes me feel good.” It actually is a lot of needless work. What I do “feel good from” is feeding off the excitement of other bloggers, new bloggers. It stimulates me and motivates me to remember when I first started oh so long ago (21 months ago actually). I share my knowledge freely because I know that the lack of information or clarity of direction is not what will make or break a blogger. It is their personal drive that will normally flare out and stop the process.

It will come in the form of excuses and noise in the wind. “Well I blog about things no one likes, my blog is just for me, or I am a writer, not a marketer!” These are all common moans that I read time and time again by authors and aspiring authors seeking to publish and sell their work. Even when I take the time to explain my process and show them the way to get more views and eyes on their projects, still they quibble and make excuses that “my techniques” are not for them. They write “for purity” and for the process. Ok.

Fair enough. But ten years down the road when you are still writing eBooks and realizing few sales don’t rant at WordPress or to God about your failure. The only thing stopping you is you.


What do you Blog?

Feel free and share a link to your blog or blogs below. This is an open invite to all bloggers. If you are a newly published author or simply a blogger that wishes to share some of your work you may insert images into the comment section if you know how.


Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter


She comes into your life and brings nature’s blessing. And with her entrance comes a curse of wanton passion. The grass is still alive as it blazes in the sun. The chorus of our laughter floats gently in the Spring breeze. We are the definition of love and our hands are linked as we dance amongst the growing and the grown alike. We enjoy timeless sunsets on picturesque settings creating canvases waiting to be painted at each moment. We love.

Time works wonders and bonds grow firm. We resolve to walk quietly into the night together. Hands held tightly against the shadows we once faced alone. We pick each other up in the heat of the Summer, against the blazing sun and humanity’s punishment. We turn as one, in unison with one another’s needs. I am your need and you are mine. And like an oak tree we grow together.

The rain has come and we have weathered storms. We still touch… but sometimes our hands Fall like leaves from our tired limbs. The chatter of children running around our base keeps us united, we are still united with finger painted signs and chalk figures. But some nights are cold and the moon shines two shadows upon the ground.

It snows here in Denver. The Winter seems to be most of the year… at least lately. But even with the constant ice, it does melt with the strength of will. A will we share each morning and return to each night. The seasons form a timeless ring that hardens into a golden promise. They touch each time our hands unite with infused emotion. Regardless of what emotion that is the presence of feelings means that we still care.

Jason Cushman

-Opinionated Man


A Father’s Promise


You will never know the pain of being unwanted. The fear of arriving in a foreign world alone and being told that it is now your new home. Not everyone is as lucky as your father was, but luck will never have anything to do with your safety in this world while I am around. Guardian angel take a rest, while I am breathing my daughters will always be watched over.


Networking Done Right

Someone used my Meet and Greet thread and really killed it. In a little over 25 minutes she made over 25 connections. This is what actually networking and interacting will get you. Don’t just use the Meet and Greet thread to leave your link and hope people care. Not if you really care to network. Interact, engage, and visit people and you will benefit in return.