Midnight Tears

Midnight tears trickle down a cheek of discontent. They fall like rubies to the ground, colored by different shades of intoxication. Misplaced treasures gather at my feet, forgotten emotions that are only missed when the inevitable waves of time wash away all traces of their existence. I watch as my past glitters and struggles in the water as they join the silent cries of those around me. Comforting though it is to know that my struggle is shared, still I take no solace from a stranger’s presence. For only I can understand the meaning of each teardrop and the loss I feel as they splash in the night.

Note: Holy shit… I did it. I wrote this without meds… It definitely sounds different, but it is still me. Interesting…


The Lost Journals: Chapter One – Pg. 5

St. Matthew Island, Bering Sea

11/25/1975 – Journal Entry One

We have been out for a few weeks now. The weather has been fair so far and I feel right with the roll of the sea beneath my feet. I sleep better when I am on a boat. I try to forget my troubles when I come to work… it is hard. There are few things to do but work, play cards, drink, tell bullshit stories, and work some more. There is little time for sleep, but we are having a very profitable trip so far. The traps are full and the crabs we are bringing in should pull me a nice bonus for this year. That should finally make Cindy happy… ungrateful bitch.

She gave me this journal years ago, I don’t remember why, probably a Father’s Day gift or whatnot. I never thought I would use it, but I have actually taken to writing in it during my down time. Ships are small places, even if you are alone… especially when you are alone. I will admit I never thought I would find it as it pleasant as it has been to write out my thoughts of the day and release some of the pressure that hours of hauling in traps hasn’t helped relieve. I may continue to do so during this next few weeks.

Cindy has filed for divorce. She claims I am never there for her anymore and the children are unhappy. I am not sure what she expects. I pull in nearly $80,000 a year and we live in a nice neighborhood with good schools that our children have always attended. I work on a boat, I can’t teleport myself home each night. Sometimes there is no pleasing women. Actually, scratch that there is no pleasing a woman period. I am not sure why I thought an American woman would be different, Canadian women are the same. That isn’t why I left Canada, but it definitely contributed to the inspiration to find new cities to explore. I never thought I would end up on a crabbing boat in the middle of the Bering straight.

There were many steps that led to me coming here. Maybe I will take the time to relate some of those, but I wouldn’t want this journal to come off as some kind of whining session. That would be unfair because honestly I like my life. It is other people that seem to be unhappy in my life.

Peter North


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Page 5 OM 01/04/2014

Half of you are Full of Shit

I think half of you are full of shit that tell me long lists of what you would do if you had a successful platform. I love how easily people parade the good deeds they “WOULD DO” in front of the world and loudly herald what a great person they are without ever having to prove it. How about you do that? Prove it!

Build a successful blog and then take the time and energy from your day to promote other bloggers. See how rewarding it is, seriously. Then come back here and dare to bitch at me about my blogging ethics. Come and say things like “at least you are finally promoting other people.” How about you bloggers take a look before you judge me. I promote more bloggers on this website than ANY non-Wordpress affiliated site I know of. That includes larger powerblogs I follow who couldn’t care less about the success of others.

People can call me selfish all they want, that is their right as a human. But don’t come at me with bullshit about what a good person YOU are and how much YOU would do if you were in my shoes. Stop creating hypotheticals and do it! Don’t be a lazy ass, prove it instead and don’t just talk the talk.

Note: I will keep scheduling guest authors through this week, but may be away tomorrow. Please be patient as I go through the list.


I write for fun

This post is actually sparked by a comment. Surprise huh? As many of you know most of my posts are sparked by interaction from you or reading your blogs. That is what is so fun about blogging to me. It is a never-ending connection of… connection and ideas. I don’t understand how ANYONE could have “writer’s block” in a place like WordPress. People are talking about serious, sad, fun, happy, stupid, and lame stuff all the time!

My WordPress hint of the day: Tags are how you find what people are writing about. Follow the main tags. But even more important than that, find the “active tags” like the ones that are being used because of a special subject… or day. Currently the topic “Valentine’s Day,” which can be reached by going to either the reader or the freshly pressed tab and typing in the tag name in the search bar, is trending every second. That is my hint of the day for people looking for new “connections and networks.”

I write for fun. A few writers have commented that their blogs became stagnant because they allowed their writing to be funneled into what they thought their audience wanted. As I wrote previously, I write for myself, but I blog for an audience. Blogging isn’t writing to me, it is the social networking aspect of this website that I thrive on and that keeps me striving for my next goal mark. My writing is totally separate. I honestly give myself about a 6.5 out of 10 on a writing scale, purely based on style. I have horrible grammar, do not follow the rules of poetry, and can’t even spell composition so I use spell check immediately after four letters. Ok, I am exaggerating a little here, but you get the point right? It doesn’t take the best or the most brilliant writing to write for an audience.

There are different levels of readers, much like there are different levels of intelligence. While one reader might be horrified to see two instances where an author has misused “your” and “you’re” another reader may could care less. Reader B still has money and will buy an eBook made by mediocre Larry over there that does his own editing. Larry in turn will be inspired to keep writing and hopefully be pushed to better his writing in general. I am not advocating bad authorship and pushing horrible eBooks out into the public. That isn’t what any of my articles have been about actually, even though they seem to have been misread by many. Back to the different levels of reading if you ask me.

I am merely pointing out that anyone can be successful in this game. You simply have to know how to play it, do it, and then use the “small successes” to motivate you to keep pushing forward. I actually do sympathize with those that want to be authors or are struggling writers because I see myself as one. We are all grinding it out like in Rounders, we just have different methods of going about it. If what you are doing with your writing and blogging works for you, great and I wish you the best. But if you are truly interested in bettering your blogging and working on promoting yourself then I may continue to push some of these posts. I never really thought it would be a topic I would have much of a say on, considering I am horrified by public speaking and uncomfortable in large settings. But I know how to network, I always have. Let me know whether you find these articles helpful and I will continue them and get more specific on different topics. Otherwise I will go back to writing poems about unicorns.


Lucid Dream

Lucid dream, I dream you not. I do not sip from the cup of sleep, it taunts me with sights of overflowing wealth. And yet nary a coin has fallen from that blessed heap and rolled by divine chance to clatter at my feet. Would I pick it up? Would I even see it? Or would I instead look over it through eyes glazed by misunderstanding of the moment.

I sleep, I nap, and my mind is tickled awake by fancies of a thought. They tantalize me awake with dreams of speeding fingers. Music to my ears, the chatter of my keyboard is to me. I push their poor souls down and squash their lettered heads into my meaning. The meaning of the moment.


To Borrow an Audience

I hope people are enjoying the small changeup with the few guest writers here. I will allow some bloggers to come join my website through the year as a way of “giving back” to the WordPress community. As I have stated before, there is no obligation for me to do this and in fact my views and follows drop when I do allow it. Still, I think it is a good thing.

There needs to be a clarification though about something. You can only borrow an audience; you can’t steal a following or borrow it for yourself. It doesn’t work that way and people are not puppets to be passed around. I allow people to write for my website for a short time so they can gain a “new experience” with blogging and really see what it is like to interact with commenters and get real feedback on their work. That is why many of us are here. I like to help provide that to people since being “Freshly Pressed” is not as easy as one might think. [Insert smirk]

You cannot “steal” or “direct” my audience to your blog. You can provide them with great reading materiel and “some” might end up following you, but if your primary reason for “guest blogging” is an ambition of taking some of the spotlight from another blog… try a new plan. How about instead you work on building your own audience and actually interacting with bloggers so that they get to know you?

People might think that is ironic coming from me because most here assume I simply “mass follow.” That is far from what I do, but I can see why the uneducated eye would think that. If you think that is all it takes why not try it yourself?

By all means come write for HarsH ReaLiTy if that interests you. I will do a smaller number of guest posters at a time from now on, but I still welcome those interested. Just don’t assume my followers are going to surge over to your website. Don’t be stupid.