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I was born in Pusan, South Korea (Busan if you are Korean) and was left on a street when I was 3 years old. I was adopted and lived my early childhood in Jackson, Mississippi which was… interesting. I moved to Memphis, TN around the first grade I believe and although similar in some ways, Memphis was very different in others. My adopted parents are white, my mom is a writer and my father is a doctor, and I have an adopted sister (SK as well) and a white adopted brother. I am the middle child.

I grew up playing competitive soccer, golf, and gymnastics. I hate baseball, so I guess I will never be “American.” Something about small hard objects being thrown at my face does not appeal to me. I was never tall enough, when I was young, and did not get picked often to play basketball. They would say “we will takkkkkkeeee… Cindy!” “DAMMIT!” Growing up with all white friends and black school mates was a bummer because I was generally in the lower 25% in height and weight. A fact that was readily apparent in physical altercations, but I will say that I gave as good as I got. I grew up white, which really just is the simple truth. I didn’t even eat Asian food, and yes I say Asian here because I wasn’t Korean at the time.

I attended the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and quickly went from a good student to a below average student. Mainly because for some reason to do well in school you have to attend class, a concept that passed me by. I did not do well in college mostly because of anger at my birth mom, which I discovered in 2000. I still have not met her or talked to her and she has kept me from ever meeting my older sister, whom I didn’t know existed till 2000 as well. It took me 12 years to move past that. I still like soju though… so at least I have a comforting companion.

I enjoy writing, poetry, history, animal shows, ESPN, a few regular shows, and I also LOVE Anthony Bourdain. If I could meet him I would, he has inspired me in many ways. I would also love to meet Robert Jordan, W.E.B. Griffin, and Raymond E. Feist, my three favorite authors. Unfortunately I will have to wait a bit to meet Jordan, RIP we will always miss you Robert. Your light still shines.

Currently I work in information technology under the yoke of Corporate Rule… but maybe one day I will be able to be a real writer. Right now I do not consider myself a writer at all, in fact I would say I am an amateur pretending to be a writer. I will accept the title of blogger though, that I suppose I have earned. I enjoy scotch, 12 years or even older if I can afford it. Famous Grouse is my favorite brand because it is cheap, but if I could drink Macallen every day I would. Unfortunately my Crohn’s keeps me from drinking too much of that, probably a good thing.

What else, this is beginning to sound pretty frivolous, I like debate and I admire conviction and passion in anyone. I dislike people that throw facts around without basis, or that try to validate themselves by throwing up hypotheticals, that to me is the most annoying thing ever. I guess I am more human than I thought.

I currently live in Colorado with my wife and two daughters. It snows here. I hate snow. Anyways, that is pretty much me.

Jason Cushman

-Opinionated Man



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  1. Jason, I really like your Bio I never thought to do a long one like that but I have been following and reading you for almost a year now and this is the first time I have ever read it. I knew you had a wife with 2 daughters and that you had been adopted I got that from reading you. But it’s nice to put more info with a person I consider a great Blogger/ writer even if you only think your just a blogger. Hang in the Jason and thanks for sharing your life and your family with us every day.



  2. Wow, very interesting blog and what a story! I can’t wait to read more. I like to know how you become who you are ;-) — a question I have for almost everyone (myself too), actually. It seems like something happened in the past somehow have built the person we are today. Hmm…
    Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I appreciate it. Helen

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  4. Thanks for following my blog. I also live in Colorado, but grew up in Florida and I do love the snow, except for shoveling. More so, I love the mountains. I am also Korean, not adopted, but it can feel that way when you grow up as a female in the Korean culture. My mother was a concubine’s daughter and she lived in the house of the first wife so she never really knew her own mother well. We lived on Air Force Bases growing up so we did experience a culture shock when we joined the “outside world”. I met my first best friend in 9th grade and she was Japanese American. I was blessed to enter the world as an (go ahead start laughing now) Asian Pollack. Yep, my dad was from a Polish heritage and Blackfoot Indian and good old West Virginia Hillbilly GI Joe. I appreciated your piece on adoption as I recalled my visit to the motherland with my mom. So much I don’t still know about her life there but I remember being so grateful that she had the courage to come to America. It was nice for the first time being able to see some of them had the same round face as me and tiny hands and feet. Mom always said I was the “bigger one” because I took after my dad’s side. Thanks for sharing and my heart goes out to you. I have a brother somewhere in Guam that my father left behind and when he came back to America, he told my mother and they went back but too late…adopted. I think of him so often and wonder where and how he is and if he knows about us. I really pray you or your sister find one another. It leaves a vacant place somewhere within….still wondering.


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  7. Hey OM!!! Thank you for visiting and following Keep Picturing. Your visit gave me chance to come here. Your writing is really nice and Opinionated Man sounds interesting. Nice to meet you. See you soon. Have a good day ahead…:)


  8. ” I like debate and I admire conviction and passion in anyone. I dislike people that throw facts around without basis, or that try to validate themselves by throwing up hypotheticals, that to me is the most annoying thing ever.” ….absolutely with you on this! Thanks for the follow and will sure be reblogging from here – ALOT! Say hello to Wife and Cuties….:D


  9. ‘Opinionated man’, the name itself is very interesting. Actually, we all are opinionated, but, most of us prefer to stay away from blurting that out! And, even more interesting is your life journey so far. Quite inspiring indeed! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m just a beginner!

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    • Welcome and thanks for the kind comment! Yes, we are all opinionated in this world and expression of those opinions is what makes life interesting! I appreciate you stopping by!


  10. I hate snow too! I like in Ontario, Canada. Last year, I was luckily enough to stay in FL for two months (Feb, Mar). I can’t wait to be a snow bird when I retire… in 30 years. :(

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