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I was born in Pusan, South Korea and was left on a street when I was 3 years old. I was adopted and lived my early childhood in Jackson, Mississippi which was… interesting. I moved to Memphis, TN around the first grade and although similar in some ways, Memphis was very different in others. My adopted parents are white. My mom is a writer and my father is a doctor, I have an adopted sister who is Korean as well, and I have a white adopted brother. I am the middle child.

I grew up playing competitive soccer, golf, and gymnastics. I hate baseball so I guess I will never be “American.” Something about small hard objects being thrown at my face does not appeal to me. I was never tall enough when I was younger and did not get picked often to play basketball. They would say “we will takkkkkkeeee… Cindy!!!” “DAMMIT!!!” Growing up with all white friends and black school mates was a bummer because I was generally in the lower 25% in height and weight. A fact that was readily apparent in physical altercations, but I will say that I gave as good as I got. I grew up white which really is the simple truth. I didn’t even eat Asian food, and yes I say Asian here because I wasn’t Korean at the time.

I attended the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and quickly went from a good student to a below average student. Mainly because for some reason to do well in school you have to attend class, a concept that passed me by. I did not do well in college mostly because of anger at my birth mom, which I discovered in 2000. I still have not met her or talked to her and she has kept me from ever meeting my older sister, whom I didn’t know existed till 2000 as well. It took me 12 years to move past that. I still like soju though… so at least I have a comforting companion.

I enjoy writing, poetry, history, animal shows, ESPN, a few regular shows, and I also LOVE Anthony Bourdain. If I could meet him I would, he has inspired me in many ways. I would also love to meet Robert Jordan, W.E.B. Griffin, and Raymond E. Feist, my three favorite authors. Unfortunately I will have to wait a bit to meet Jordan, RIP we will always miss you Robert. Your light still shines.

Currently I work in information technology under the yoke of Corporate Rule… but maybe one day I will be able to be a real writer. Right now I do not consider myself a writer at all, in fact I would say I am an amateur pretending to be a writer. I will accept the title of blogger though, that I suppose I have earned. I enjoy scotch, 12 years or even older if I can afford it. Famous Grouse is my favorite brand because it is cheap, but if I could drink Macallen every day I would. Unfortunately my Crohn’s keeps me from drinking too much of that, probably a good thing.

What else… this is beginning to sound pretty frivolous. I like debate and I admire conviction and passion in anyone. I dislike people that throw facts around without basis, or that try to validate themselves by throwing up hypothetical statements. That to me is the most annoying thing ever. I guess I am more human than I thought.

I currently live in Colorado with my wife and two daughters. It snows here. I hate snow. Anyways, that is pretty much me.

This blog was created January 3rd, 2013.

Jason C. Cushman

-Opinionated Man




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  1. wow i came here to get an idea about how to write an about page especially about myself but i am astonished how did you wrote this its amazing you wrote everything about yourself even the dark part as well and your feelings about it you were so honest i could not never write this its impossible to write the weakness or the past you had , talking is hard to do so writing i do not know how you did it ,but its amazing by the way every one has some pain in there life so do not mind the dark part word i used and the last i am happy your Korean finally i met a guy from south Korea its just amazing you can the reason is i know little bit about the country and talking to someone from there is just awesome and you can say K-pop and dramas may be the reason as well 🙂 but i love the places in south korea like jeju island and han river i know you have grown in america but still your south Korean as well

  2. Thank you for following my blog and even appreciating one of my poems!! I consider you an inspiration certainly will be there witnessing your rise into being a writer, which i also hope to be one day… blacknwrite.wordpress.com

  3. Thank you for following me on my blog, and liking one of my poems. It blew my mind how big a blogger you are and inspires me to also get there… blacknwrite.wordpress.com

  4. HI Jason, Nice to get you know you. You have a full time job and full life, how do you manage to blog post about 5 times a day if not more ? I can’t manage one. I can’t keep up with my email box of new posts either. I am rather new but, but man – I don’t know how you post so frequently in a day.

  5. Glad to have found you again. How are you finding the change from your old blog to the new one. Am going to check it out a bit more. Looks like you’ll be able to give us all some tips. I’d love to know if it’s all working better for you.

  6. Oh Dear Lord….I had to scroll a lot to make this comment. Let me make the most of it! LOL Hi OM! I enjoyed reading your story. I don’t blame you for hating baseball….I live in TX and loving sports is like a religion. So, I’m not that religious after all because I hate sports. But something that I do like is South Korean drama and K-POP. I have even learned how to speak some common Korean phrases. I’m a shamelessly fan girl when I see my fave South Korean actors, I remember all their faces but I always have a problem remembering their names. (I have a problem remembering English or Spanish names….so you can imagine how hard it is for me to remember other countries’ names). I wish for you the best and I see myself visiting your blog often. Blessings for you and your lovely family!

  7. I enjoy your blog. The tips,you give all the time on your blog have worked for me. They’re also easy to follow (simple steps and simple words) Thank you, for being down to earth and also for the follow today.

  8. I jumped with happiness when I read you are a Korean and then I read the rest and felt sad for the 3 year old you… But your writing is so beautiful it almost feels like nothing bad ever happened to you… Your voice means something, confusion, rebel, questions, answers etc all are mingled in your blog somewhere…. I say you must keep writing.. It’s powerful… 🙂 I wish you luck and positivity for the rest of your life. 🙂 Never lose hope and always take care of yourself.

    Lots of love..
    Have a wonderful day

  9. Wow Jason — aka OM — I am very much blown away by your childhood story of being Korean adopted by white, American parents with your siblings. An altogether unique experience your share.

    I am so sorry for what you went through by your biological mother. That must be a difficult and ongoing battle. How wonderful and comforting to know that you were blessed with adoptive parents such as yours who helped instill your values and experiences to the man you are today.

    You are blessed to have a cherished love you share with your wife and children — what a wonderful gift to be dually blessed in this regard.

    Your writing and its style is a gift and a therapeutic healing agent that is quite touching and I empathize with you greatly. I wish you nothing but continued success in all your endeavours and best of happiness in the creative, uniquely personal writings of yours. Keep them coming.

    Be blessed, Brendaline 🙂

  10. Hey– I saw an earlier conversation about pushing traffic. I know you like a challenge so maybe just decided to entice us all to come over here 😉 but I believe WP can actually move your followers for you, if you like. They did it for me when I tried self-hosted for 15 minutes (ha ha).

    I don’t know if it depends on who’s doing your hosting, but if you haven’t already, send an email “request to move followers” to the Happiness Engineers. They should be able to help. Of course, since you have your mom impersonating thousands of readers, it may be more difficult…they only had to move a few hundred for me. Not sure if numbers matter.

    You are already wayyyyy more successful than I was at the whole make-your-own-page bit, by the way. 😉 Knowing how much work it is to get started, I’m very impressed.

    • I got it Laura and responded. Can you provide a few more details please so I can investigate? I also am trying to figure out if you were able to see my new self-hosted dashboard OR my WP.com dashboard. That is very crazy! o.O

  11. Oh, dear! I was about to address you as Jason, but due to Ritu’s comment I feel I must call you Doctor Cushman. Your story touched me, in that you resisted the temptation to give in to opposition and all sorts of difficulty.

    I do, however, take exception to your denigrating of unpublished writers. You see, writers write, while authors are published. Yes, there are innumerable scribblers who dedicate themselves to lazy prose, or even poetry, but they are NOT writers. Writers take enough pride in their work that they make it the best they can manage. That’s because writers are, first of all, communicators. And you, Doc, are that.

  12. I hadn’t read your “About” page until now. You have had such an interesting life! Challenging for sure and no doubt will give you endless things to write about if you so choose. Also…living under the yoke of Corporate Rule! Love it 😉 I have just left Corporate America and start a new job Monday. I will still be doing Finance consistent with my background but I will be working for the Mark Twain House & Museum. I can’t wait!! Something new and completely different, and hopefully something I will feel great about.

  13. You are a character, a joy to read. I appreciate your honesty and writing style. You get to the point, a concept I am still working on. I once lived in Colorado, and loved the snow, as long as I was able to go to it, rather than have it come to me.


    • I guess that is all the difference right? If you choose to embrace the snow. lol 😉

      I appreciate you stopping by and for your kind comment! Thank you!

  14. I’ve never been to your website, just read new posts as they hit my WordPress reader and browsed recent posts. I can see how therapeutic this is for you. I didn’t expect to read what I did in your bio, although not surprised, I love your honesty and I’m glad you were able to find a way to move on from such a heartbreaking situation. I’m about to resubscribe, and I look forward to reading more. You are not only entertaining but inspiring.

    • I appreciate your kind words and that you stopped by! Hopefully my website won’t look so bare for long! Working hard at getting it back up. 🙂

  15. Jason, I’m a relatively new follower and I am really enjoying it. The fact that you speak your mind is actually encouraging to me as I have trouble being as blunt about some things. I’m glad I found your blog.

    On another note, I have a couple of bugaboos (peeves) about grammatical errors, which are admittedly my problem. Your OM title is grammatically incorrect and it bothers me every time I see it. You should say AN Opinionated Man, not A Opinionated Man. Reference: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/591/01/

    Keep writing and teaching us newbies with non-niche blogs how it’s done.

  16. Hello, Jason!

    I like the way you call yourself- Opinionated Man and it really fits on how your mind thinks.
    By the way, thanks for following me. That means a lot to me as I am a newbie to ‘blogosphere’ (a term which I learned from your blog posts). I do not have my own domain yet because I am still exploring ‘blogosphere’ (man, I really enjoy using this word. LOL). I’ve read your bio because I was looking for an idea on how and what to make and write on my page. And your bio is uniquely written.
    I love your blogs, especially your poems. I also write poetry. I would love to hear your comments too on my blog. And one more thing, how do you get tons of followers? So far, I only have two 🙁

  17. I love the Wheel of Time! … just finished re-reading it and sad that it’s over….by the way – I had lot of problems with acid reflux and food allergies – and got fed up with doctors…just started chewing my food 30-40 times each bite and everything’s settling down – don’t know if you want to try it for reducing the symptoms of Chron’s?

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  19. I’ve followed your blog for a while but never read your bio until this moment. I knew about your sister because of a post that I reblogged. I now have more insight and really appreciate your writing and how “real” you are in the land of FAKE. You inspire me to blog! I have so many thoughts to share and people to collaborate with before I pass from this life. Thanks again!

  20. My husband and I are staying in the Denver area for another couple of weeks. As a warm climate girl, all I have to say is this snow nonsense is for the birds.

  21. You got a fascinating backstory, man. Hope you get your writing career underway. Apparently sites like Amazon and Smashwords are making that world way more accessible these days.

  22. When I read this I thought I was reading or heard the voice of a confused teenager. I guess that’s normal if you’re a writer? A silly voice inside your head that predisposes you to think this person is still in a certain age. You’re a really good writer! It made me believe you were something else but when I read at the bottom you were married with kids I almost didn’t believe it! Your writing voice is powerful. I wish I could write like you, but we’re all unique and different and if you think your not a writer then stop. Because as far as I can tell you can really catch the heart and sympathy of your readers! I bet you can even do good writing a novel one day! peace! 🙂

  23. Hi Jason! I just wanted to thank you for following my blog. It means a great deal to me. I enjoyed reading your bio. Your writing is engaging and entertaining. I feel like I can get a glimpse of your inside while laughing with you on the outside.

    I can relate about aspiring to be a “real writer”. Blessed is he/she who can do what he/she loves for a living 🙂

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  25. Nice to meet you, Jason! First of all, I like your style of writing, there is something usual and unusual at the same time, you are very honest and you are able to show your life without showing your picture. You caught my attention! Secondly, I would like to thank you for following my blog, every reader is a treasure for me! Thank you! A very nice start for a new day! Ann

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  28. The I grew up white quote stayed with me. I get what it’s like growing up as the only (or one of few) around a vast majority. I actually just wrote a poem on it. I didn’t want to be disrespectful and link it here. But you should check it out.

    Anyways, keep doing you thing. I look forward to your blogs like many others do!!!

  29. Hi OM, well, I have a lot of thoughts upon reading this specific article of yours… In a nutshell, well done, sir! I have read your posts before and enjoyed them very much, and finally today, on your sick day (hope you’re getting better by the minute), stumbled upon this page. Your story is very honest and moving. It inspired me to share some of my poetry as well (which I have never done online in the past, thinking of the “sharing” possibilities)… And I have never lived the childhood you did, though at the age of 20, I also moved to the US and had to start my life all over again. That “new life” void needed to be filled and reading / blogging / art were there to help.
    Thanks for stopping by my page. Hope to see more posts from you soon!

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  32. Hello Jason, yes I found your Bio very interesting in the detail. I’m nowhere near as sophisticated as you in the Blogosphere. I’m intrigued how you manage so many followers. I’ll check you out some more. For now though – pleased to meet you and I’m from South Africa where I guess Color of skin is not taken lightly 🙂 Chevvy

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  34. I can’t believe I never read your bio, although that shouldn’t surprise me because I often forget to do that. It is the hello – this is all about me page! When I take time to get on my Reader (not often enough), I always enjoy reading what you have to say. You are an excellent writer, so don’t give up on the dream 🙂 I’m curious as to what type of book you would like to write?!

      • I’m sure that will resolved itself in time; or maybe the two can come together – your “should write” and your “want to write”. One day! I managed to get two poems accepted to be published in an anthology of local Northern Virginia poets. Very exciting. It’s not a big national book release, but I am thrilled just the same. First time I ever submitted anything. Don’t give up the dream 🙂

  35. I love finding other bloggers from this beautiful state especially ones I can laugh with ( I hate the snow too) .
    Nice to meet you!
    Cheers from The MomHood

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  39. enjoying catching up on your blog…found your bio fascinating as I was married to an orphan from South Korea who was adopted by white Irish-Catholic parents in New York. They also had another adopted son from SK as well as two daughters of their own. Ours was an interesting union and we have remained friends although not still married. Anyway, enjoy your writing and the platform that you give to other’s like myself trying to put passion to verse. Thank you!!

  40. I love the bio. I always love your honesty. Thank you for allowing me to talk about myself here unapologetically. I am a writer and advocate for children with chronic illnesses and their families. My blog: http://iamnotsickboy.com in honor of my son who lost his battle with chronic illnesses much too soon. With education and some important changes, we can make the necessary changes in our broken healthcare system!
    My second blog: http://strawberriesforever.com is where I put my personal writings, poems, and photos. Hope to see you soon.

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  42. LOL! I love this: “My goal with this blog is to offend everyone in the world at least once with my words… so no one has a reason to have a heightened sense of themselves. We are all ignorant, we are all found wanting, we are all bad people sometimes.”

    I know! Just as Barnabas Collins might say. Thanks!

  43. Hi Jason,
    Thanks for following my blog! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I have just enjoyed reading some of your posts 🙂 You definitely don’t write like an amateur! Your “we will takkkkkkeeee… Cindy!” “DAMMIT!” really made me chuckle, I’ve definitely been there! I look forward to reading many more of your posts.
    Kind regards,

  44. Hello, Opinionated Man! Thank you so much for following my blog!
    I truly hope you like my writing and my stories, since I am really enjoying your posts. Also, let me tell you I appreciate every single like I have gotten from you so far. It really means a lot.
    Have a wonderful day x

  45. Thank you for stopping by and following my blog. I am really looking forward to discovering your blog more. I am adopted as well and find it interesting what paths in life others are taking. It certainly is not an easy start to life. It seems to get easier as years go by. I wish you luck with your writing and aspirations.

  46. Hey Jason, I want to express my gratitude for you following my page. feel free to keep in contact. I like your style of writing. Also your spoken word. Maybe it would be cool if there were audiobooks books available “out there” that were spoken by you. Anyway, I would love constructive criticism of my work. feel free to help.

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  48. Hey there, dunno how you managed to find my blog and followed it, but thanks!
    Your Bio was an interesting read. Can’t say i relate much. Still, It’s interesting.

  49. Hey, your blog is great. Especially, the posts about feminism – they’re hilarious and close to the truth at the same time. I have written a few posts about pseudo-feminism myself and I can relate to you. Keep going.

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  51. I love reading your blogs. I finally got around to reading the about the author section and am floored by how much we have in common (I promise that was not a pick up line). I just don’t know many other “abandoned” South Koreans who like food, who grew up White, and who write! 🙂 Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I love reading what you throw out there!

  52. Jason, this is a most interesting blog. Must admit to reading an entire post without understand very much of it but then there are others that I have learnt from and things that I am now aware of from reading them. Thank you for sharing your story. Many of us who’s experienced similar life events are grateful for your openness.

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  54. Interesting! To be honest, I hated your blog at first. The appearance, your posts and especially the frequency with which you posted. But now, for quite some time, I’m loving your posts and everything you write. I’m hilarious and is fun to read. I love your blog Jason 😀 Will it marry mine? Just kidding! Only, why don’t you allow kid guest post bloggers? I want to share one of my poem so bad with you!

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  56. Hey Opinionated Man. Beautiful family. I just wanted to drop in and apologize for being an ignorant ass the first time we talked. I’ve been watching your blog and you’re ready helping a lot of people. Giving them strength to keep blogging. Keep up the awesome work!

  57. You’re such a handsome and amazing person Jason. We need more people like you in the world who’s paying it forward with motivation rather than money. Stay true, thank YOU! 🙂

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  60. I found you through Lucky Otter. Wondered what you were so opinionated about, so I clicked on your Author Bio to find out. Now I’m angry at your birth mother, too.

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  62. Thanks for the follow, I look forward to reading more of your site,,, I’m new at this, it’s been a struggle trying to figure out the aesthetics of site building, to make it presentable,, plus WTF is a plugin!??😁😳 I thought it might be something naughty,,, lol,, anyhow,, watch and follow me, I plan on becoming the next Anthony Bourdain; female version,,, 😎

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  64. Thanks for sharing your story. It is amazing that you have moved past the anger at your birth mom. I think mastering forgiveness is one of the most difficult things on this planet. Congratulations for that achievement ( and also for your very successful blog, of course).

      • I was hesitating what to answer.But now that I read your post on your upbringing with faith, I’ll give it a try.
        I’m sorry to hear that you are sill angry.
        That stuff is really hard to forgive.
        I want to share what has helped me recently. I have read two books by Robert Schwartz about pre-incarnation planning, Your Soul’s Plan and Your Soul’s Gift. They contain heart-wrenching real life accounts of people who had to go through major challenges in life. And they contain interviews with psychic mediums who have access to the dialogues of the pre-birth planning sessions.
        It turned out that most of our suffering here was planned before. That blew my mind. There was some higher good for all the challenges. Mainly to make us turn inside and find out about our true eternal nature as love.
        If you are open to this kind of stuff, maybe you find comfort in these books as well. (The second book even contains Jesus channelings by Pam Kribbe).

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    Thanks for your time and keep Simming !

    Subcribe: http://eepurl.com/beiOhX

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  67. So glad you are back . I just read this about page. I can’t believe they would suspend you for FOLLOWING someone. I follow a lot of people. I don’t always respond to them, or like them, but I do read as much as I can. And what I want to read. Guess I better not follow too many. I am so slow in figuring out things about anything. I am still trying to figure out how to use some of the widgets. I don’t want to have to worry about following people I like and want to follow.

  68. Hello OM, I’ve just nominated you for a Liebster Award. I don’t know that you care about this at this point, but to me it was another small way to let you know that you and your blog are loved and respected. Don’t flame me 😛 . Cheers 😉

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  70. I just noticed you changed your theme back! Yippee! The OM I know and love has returned! (Oops didn’t mean to say the L word, your bio said not to 😉 )

      • Well if I’d been visiting your blog for the first time, I would have liked it. It’s not so congested. But you have a brand going with your congested look, and I had a feeling I knew what your theme change really hinted at. It was sad to see the revolutionary opinionated man defeated at last…so I missed the congested theme, the one you have now. Call me crazy, but it’s the truth.

  71. So, I read a couple different blog posts, all referencing your suspension but none of them explain why. Is there a blog that says what happened? I’m genuinely interested, because you were one of the first bloggers to reach out to me. And, as an adoptive mom, I have a vested interest in continuing to be friends with you. I have to find out how you turned out SO RIGHT. 🙂 I don’t really know why they tried to take you out, but I’m glad you’re still here!

  72. Oh, OM. I’ve never liked your page, so I never read it. That is my choice as a reader, obviously. I was, however, ready to organize a virtual march on WordPress in order to save your blog. Although I don’t like your words, I’d fight to the death for your right to say them.
    Corny but true.
    If your page was shut down, (for being spammy? For real?) then what? It’s a slippery slope and I’m glad to see you back.
    You know, in an existential kind of way.

  73. I read on a fellow bloggers site a reblogged post regarding the “take down” of your blog and now of it’s subsequent up and running status. Curious as to why the uproar, I wanted to come visit. Like you, I am adopted, I too have had to come to terms with a birthmother’s choice and move forward.
    I appreciate your honesty and look forward to reading more—
    Sending warmer days to Colorado from Georgia—

  74. Hi, everyone. I am so excited that the suspension has been lifted off HARSH REALITY. Word Press had no clue who they were messing with. Glad to have you back OM. We, and I hope I am speaking for every blogger here, are happy to see the suspension lifted because – yes, we need you. Now, there I have said it. Most of us newbies who have tuned into to Harsh Reality are still here because not only did you inspire and motivate us but you helped us by opening your blog up to us. My own sites have benefited greatly as a result and for that I am thankful. Having said that, I want to tell everyone about two new sites I have been working on. One is for children called Soap Stone Creek Literary Journal for kids of all ages http://soapstonecreekjournal.com/. This site represents our print magazine debuting in May 2015 and yes, we are sending out a call for submissions from children writers around the world. We also accept stories and artwork from children of all ages. Email me and I will gladly send you information about our new blogsite and print kids journal. soapstonecreekjournal@gmail.com.
    I am also working on a Christian site – visit the link to see what we’re up to. https://lighthouseonthehillliteraryjournal.wordpress.com/.
    Thanks OM for another opportunity to toot my horn – you’re the best and Word Press knows what’s best for them, they better leave you be!
    Hey, our families could have been neighbors! I was born in Alabama!
    Warmest Wishes

  75. OM, a friend of mine asked the folks over at Blogging 101 The Commons to clarify what’s going on here with the following limitations and such. She was told that the ability to follow and like has been restored to people like you and storytimewithjohn, who was also affected. Is that true? And are you gonna come back to us? I missed the old blog layout 🙂

      • I didn’t take the news very well at all. It was my pleasure, setting the facts straight. Hope you’re doing all right. I was going to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award, but I thought you might want your space. I was glad that Ritu nominated you, though. You really deserve it.

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  77. That’s about as straight forward a bio I’ve ever read. I enjoy the honesty and emotion. It’s an excellent take of life. None of the flowery bs were all inundated with on a daily basis. Just the facts ma’am, just the facts. Wishing you well.

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  83. Thanks for follwing my blog. You have a really interesting story there – I look forward to reading more. Wishing you all success in your moving and inspiring life! (Like you, I seriously have to limit the scotch – wish I could drink it more often!)

  84. One thing in common is that I hate throwing facts around. I actually hate giving facts about myself (as I just admitted in my today’s post actually – how spooky!). As for not being picked for basketball, believe me, you haven’t missed THAT much! Being so tall, I kept being harassed into playing it, and I absolutely hated it. As I hated playing volleyball and handball, for that matter. But that’s just me: don’t mind the idea of a ball thrown at me that much, but can’t cope with running and getting elbows digging into my body!

  85. i had thought my story was interesting until i read yours. If you are a believer may your god lay blessing upon you and your family…

    Yes, i do have many different opinions, however they keep tell to be quiet!

  86. I read your story life by accident, and I liked, because I identified myself in some aspects of your story. You don’t need to be adopt to feel bad or rejection of your parents, in my case my parent was like a military with me, all the time wonded me with bad words: “I’m stupid, I don’t think because I’m girl”….and more words I did not end up naming, I endured psychological abuse for many years, until I can leave my house on my own, reading your story, I think, I wished my parents had been wiser in life and they had abandoned me and maybe my time in a foster family could be better….but I know too that you need to be very lucky to have a very nice foster family or biological parents.

    I didn’t talk to my parents 12 years ago, but I was living all the time with the trouble about why my parents were a shit with me?, but one day I decided to change the things in a way…well if they were a shit I will don’t be like them, I will forgive them and I will start to speak again with them…and so on I left behind my past and I’m more happy….is far from being a united and loving family….but at least we only say hi and it is enought for me.

    And your writing is honest so I read everything hugs.

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  88. Hi Jason, your story is touching me. Thanks for sharing us that, you know? Many true stories we read, many things we learned, right? Maybe I can ask something related with IT someday, lol.
    By the way, thanks for stopping by at TSeiha and following us. Cheers.

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  90. I am a beginner blogger..I haven’t come across many blogs that catch my eye, but I love hearing your words and I enjoy your humor. Any personalized tips to grow my traffic and grow my blog? Thank you for taking the time to reply!

  91. Hi, Thanks for the follow! Sounds like you’ve had a rough life. I’m happy you’ve done so well with yourself. That’s a rough road to manage little lone master. Good for you! I’m going to snoop through your blog and see if I can’t find something that offends me. That way you can cross me off your list. ;D

  92. Hi! Thanks for the follow. 🙂 your blog is unique. When I read this page I thought ‘Yikes don’t mess with him’ hahahaha. But you do have an amazing way of expressing your self. Good luck!

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  94. Thanks for your follow. I hesitantly decided to follow you. I decided that I am looking forward to getting offended. Then I can practice zen and the art of whitty comebacks and taking it like a man!

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  96. So, I’m here, like what, 2 years late? No worries.

    Great blogs from whatever I’ve read. Enjoy them! I wish I found more time to read and write, and maybe one day I will. Right now, school’s killing me as it is. The usual drama of attending classes passes me too.

    Nice story too!

  97. I’ve never seen snow. I don’t know whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing.
    Anyway, love your blog! Glad to see someone, even with a career and a family, to be so dedicated to their blog.

  98. Thank you for following me and I am now following you. I really appreciate your personal statement and your biography is very interesting. We have crohns in the family too (two relatives), very severe in one case. I hope my daughter doesn’t have/ develop it. It can be passed on, but hopefully that will not be the case with your family or with mine.

  99. I’m a huge fan of Anthony Bourdain and Raymond E. Feist and I also work in IT, though not under corporate yoke. Switched to small companies in 2012 and glad of it. Stopped by to say thank you, I got a lot of new followers after your blogger bio sharing post. You got a lot of karma points from that, can’t thank you enough!

  100. Thank you for following my blog! I am checking out yours and you seem to be a power-blogger. I especially liked A Blogger Evolution. You seem to know a lot about blogging.
    I’m just curious, how did you find my blog? I just started it and it says I’ve had no visitors, but somehow you were able to follow it. I’m just wondering how in the heck you found it then!

  101. I admit I never got around stalking your blog from end to end, and I regret I left it so late! Your blog is amazing. Right from the design to the way you have opened it up to your readers is outstanding. And the fact that you are so generous about it as well!

    Going through your older posts, your About page and the welcoming way you have responded to almost every comment you have got is commendable. I don’t think I’d have that kind of patience. Kudos!

    What I noticed is that such massive following and views haven’t gone to your head at all. No sign of over-the-top pompousness (it is well within acceptable limits!) and callous assumptions. Your comments and responses are as lucid as your earlier one. Which I really admired – you have grown as a blogger but retained the very essence your started out with.

    So, I guess I don’t know where I am going with this. So I bade farewell! Looking forward to more opinionated posts and perhaps a disagreement here and there 🙂

    • Still, it was a thoughtful comment and I appreciate you taking the time to say all that. I don’t let “it” go to my head, because “it” doesn’t pay me anything and I still do this for free after two years lol. But it has been an amusing ride. 😉

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  104. Hi Jason!

    Hope you’re well! I wanted to first of all thank you for being a subscriber to my blog!

    I’m reaching out to you to let you know about some changes to my blog site. A couple of months ago, I moved to a self hosted site. While the link remains the same and I could move all my subscribers over without a hitch, I just found out that my WordPress followers like yourself would have to visit my new site and resubscribe to it if you wanted to keep receiving email notifications every time I posted (which I’m hoping you do!).

    I just wanted to bring this to your attention. I’m reaching to all my lovely fellow WordPress followers because I’ve loved the interaction I’ve had with all of them even if it was just a plain old ‘like’!

    Have a great day and enjoy your winter break!



  105. Awesome blog. I will be playing catch up but thanks for the follow. I’m an aspiring writer myself, eagerly waiting for my first publication to be released. Stay blessed!

  106. Thank you for following my blog. (: I’m a Korean American myself, still struggling with the concept of home. Looking forward to keeping in touch.

  107. Hey, thank you for being my follower. You have an in interesting blog :-). And i love snow even though i came from a tropical place to U.S. Don’t know just can’t explain why?

  108. Thanks for checking out my blog! My kids are also adopted–they’re blackish-brown (that might offend someone) and the mister and I are white. So, issues, right? Your bio got my attention and then it just made me laugh. Really. I read it out loud to Mr. Beasley. And then I had to laugh at myself because I did that stupid white American thing and nearly said aloud to the screen, “Korean? Hey! I know some guys from Korea!” As if I need to get y’all together for a dinner party or something. I’m looking forward to reading more. Thanks again.

  109. When I was in the U.S. Army, I was stationed at a base near Pyeongtaek, South Korea for a year. I also was stationed at a base in Colorado Springs, CO which is where I met my husband. You have a very interesting blog here. Good luck on your future endeavors. By the way, thank you for the follow at my blog.

  110. What a story. You are so blessed having a wonderful white parents.

    Me too.. I love to write.. But I consider myself a writer.hehe.. I believe being a writer is being true to yourself. Writing from the heart not from what people will say about you..

    I am an Asian and I ate a lot of Asian foods… haha..

    Again I love you Bio…Inspiring one.

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  112. Loved reading your bio! Thank you for visiting and following my blog http://growingawildflower.wordpress.com I have some cookie recipes that you and your girls could have fun making together!
    I never really enjoyed standing at the home plate with a speeding ball coming in my direction. I always had the fear of getting hit in the head. Plus, I was picked last for everything too. So I know how you felt.

  113. I bumped into Opinionated Man via the suggested blogs thingy. Your mission of offending everyone at least once is laudable. We all need to be humbled sometimes in life. Thanks for sharing what you do here and I look forward to reading more. Laters!

  114. Howdy! I wanted to let you know I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! If you would like to see the nomination and participate, you can check it out here. http://unchainedemporium.wordpress.com/2014/11/21/one-lovely-blog-nomination/ You should definitely stop by and read the post script. I’m so tired of the naysayers trying to bring you down because they didn’t read your disclaimer. Or maybe they did but they just feel inclined to argue? Whatever… I still think you deserve an award. There’s something to be said for being straightforward!

  115. Thanks for the follow. Loved reading your bio, not at all what I expected. I also have a passion for malt whisky. My favourites are 10 year old Jura and a 16 year old Lagavulen. Look forward to reading more in the future

  116. I read your sarcastic, jackass comments and it feels like coming home, or talking to myself. It’s always comforting knowing there are people out there who hate the same people as I do…

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  118. Mr. O Man, what an amazing life you’ve had from South Korea to growing up in the Deep South. I am white and grew up in Arkansas, but attended a formerly all-black school when the Supreme Court *finally* enforced integration by busing students to different districts. One of my junior high school friends was a recent immigrant from the Philippines. Our clique was the “misfits.” I’m short, too, and one of my posts mentions Anthony Bourdain’s recent episode on Iran. If I could *do* a sport, it would be soccer. So now you’ve got me thinking I should try some scotch… 🙂

    Thank you for following my blog.

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  120. Find your feelings on adoptions intriguing
    Since I spent most most of my early life wishing I’d been adopted and hoping I wasn’t related to my family. Unfortunately I saw myself in them everywhere I looked, so I had little expectation of salvation. I held them responsible for every thing I didn’t like about myself and everything wrong in my life. Funny how that works.

  121. Mr. Opinionated, thanks for following me! I’m new to the blogging arena so we’ll see how it goes, but perhaps knowing that people out there, like you, might be interested in what I have to say is good motivation to keep it up! I’ll be checking out your site for all the things that pop into your head about the world. Interesting take on things so far, I like it!

  122. Hi OM/Opinionated Man, thanks for following me over at The Waxing Poetic Project. I too, feel the very same way about baseball. Looking forward to reading your some more of your humorous posts. I really liked your list about who should not read your blog – clever! 🙂

  123. Thanks for following my Fictionary. I hope you enjoy my Accidental Words. I love the idea of your “Meet and Greet”. I look forward to being offended by you at least once. 🙂

  124. This comment is about me, since I “and 999 other bloggers liked this”. I am therefore awesome. I’m number 1000! This has never happened to me before, and I hope I win something bad for me, like a Mars Bar.

    Oh, and your blog is pretty good. Mine sucks. I have no time for it anymore. Which is why I’m here, making better use of my time begging for Mars Bars. Begging versus blogging. It’s kind of the same thing, anyway.

  125. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. You talked everything with open heart in about page. God has his own plan for every person. Trust in him and believe that whatever he does is good for you. Best wishes.

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  127. I’m sorry to hear what your birthmother did to you. Did she intentionaly do that or what? Do u know why? Most birthmothers love their children very much. I am a birthmother and it hurts my heart to hear this story. I know God has a plan for your life and I hope you can someday can heal over this and find forgiveness. I also was abandoned by my father but that is another story. Ive been reading some of your blog and really enjoy your humorous, straight forward style.


    • Sticking my nose in here. If Korea has the same population issues as China, she could be working under the impression that she “saved” her son, or worse. He “died” so that she could preserve the older child. I have heard of Chinese mothers doing this, because they are only allowed one child. Occasionally, though, the families will run short on funds. So, having a second child that “dies” gives them a chance to “adopt” the child, and get a little extra money along the way. (Reprehensible, I know, but it is still done.)

      • Well that’s horrible. What if she just lost him in the crowd? Maybe for reasons we don’t understand she had to leave him there. If it were me I’d search for the woman and confront her and demand an answer. It would torment me forever to not know why.

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  129. Holy guacamole, Batman. That was the most epic Author Bio ever. For a minute I thought you were gonna go all anonymous on us, but then at the end — BAM! — your real name. That, to me, is conviction. Get to it, Opinionated Man. You have a new fan.

  130. Thanks so much for following me at Spark.Twinkle.Shine! You’re putting yourself out there– it’s such a gift– Wishing you many blessings and true connection as you let your light shine–

  131. Nice bio. I can’t say that I relate completely.. but I’m Asian too and totally “Americanized”. My brother and I joke that we’re bad Asians. 🙂 Looking forward to following your blog.

  132. This is ace! Love the blog and I am very impressed (and not at all jealous) with the success you have had – more people follow your blog than will ever look at mine. Ever!

    Will follow but only on here because otherwise it would be weird plus I live in the UK so I can’t afford the airfare.


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  134. Thanks for following another one of my blogs…but they are all still me…it made me laugh to see OM following NtouchAlecoute (my workshop site) cos you probably follow soooo many…take it easy man…like a post here and there…you don’t hve to follow so many…hope you are well as well as your wife and girls…glad to read you took the weekend off…good:) be well, Cheryl-Lynn aka Oliana

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  136. LoL OpinionatedMan, I must have annoyed you many times because when I write a good debate post I love throwing in the hypotheticals and arguing on both sides. Conversely I always enjoy your comments. I also feel you are very generous offering other authors a space to advertise their novels. Well done, Idk if you are too American to “do” karma but you created yourself some brilliant ones there.

  137. Like that you made it legit. It’s like shacking up with a lady for years then deciding to get married. Congrats. 🙂
    PS: talking about your very real bio.

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  140. Hey Jason! I’m sharing the love forward from Jeanine Lebsack (Jsak1’s Blog) – I know I’m but one of a kazillion people who have visited your blog, but I gotta say I love your About page… tangential, chatty, touching and funny. Sounds like the perfect combination for a follow! 🙂 It is lovely to meet you out here in Blogland – Mother Hen

  141. I enjoy your blog and wanted to let you know I have nominated you for the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’. There is no obligation on your part, but I would be happy if you accept it. Here is the link to my post with rules of this award: http://bit.ly/Zol9ar. Thanks for your inspiration and for having a “lovely” blog.

  142. Hi, what it wrong with frivolous? Frivolous is good! Life is too short to take seriously love your bio and I reckon you are already a writer. I was a corporate lawyer for years least ways that was my fancy dress costume inside there was always a writer – just took a few years before the costume got too suffocating and I discarded it in favour of writing full time. Feels great and thanks for following my blog which is me developing my craft. Power to the Pen!

    • Frivolous is only bad if it is a waste of time. To a Korean, that is a sin. 😉 I appreciate the visit. I actually wanted to be a lawyer, but it just didn’t seem a safe gamble by the time I was “serious” about school. Oh well, other dreams right? 😉

      • Like i said before in another blog iam not kind. I just saying the truth. And yes reality is harsh but thats life, with ups and downs and i hate snow me to.

    • I can really appreciate your story. We have an adopted daughter from Bangalore, India. She became a part of our life when she was seven. Watching her grow up was a real learning experience for us. A few years ago she went to India for a month with friends and they visited Bangalore. She didn’t want to look for her mother or brother (who is the same age as our bio son). I grieved that choice a little, but it was hers to make. She’s married now with three beautiful boys. I think your voice needs to be heard. So keep pushing to get lots of words out!

  143. I love this! I was surprised to see something happened where I was no longer following your blog, which by the way is one of my favorites. Sadly you’re not the first person I experienced this with. I had to go and re-follow another one of my favorite blogs. Anyways….so glad I visited your blog today otherwise I would have never known I wasn’t following you anymore. Love your bio. I enjoy seeing you from time to time on my blog as well. I don’t visit as much as I’d like to because of health reasons but I will try and do better in the future. Keep doing what you do. Glad to be back in your opinionated world. Take care!

  144. Hey Opinionated Man! I am enjoying a little browse around your site as I like your writing and your ‘tude’ makes me chuckle! Except for when your opinion makes me bristle 🙂 I am a depressed woman btw but I promise I’ll never write to you again ;), I agree we shouldn’t congregate…Thanks for amusing me this evening with your opinionated spillages, you have yourself a regular reader (and I do read as opposed to having a ‘like button’ spree)…Luv Dawny 🙂

  145. Hi! 😀 Thank you for following my blog! I’m still new to this world of blogging and still learning. I like the way you told a little of your life story here in About page. It’s honest and it makes me smile for some reason 🙂 Again, thank you and good luck!

  146. A wonderful introduction. You had quite a start in life. However you seemed to have made it to adulthood well enough so apparently someone did something right. If you were loved and cared for with that love then you have much to be thankful for. I think you are a wonderful writer. Take it from me, growing up in any family is not easy unless of course you are an only child. Imagine growing up in a family of six children with poor parents and winding up as a middle child. Then add being raised in New York to the package. Love your sense of humor and your little one’s are beautiful. Great blog!!!

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  150. Great Bio and adorable daughters! I know what you mean about not calling yourself a “writer.” I have run a couple marathons and several half marathons and I still hesitate to call myself a “runner”…….probably because I’m fairly slow.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog – I look forward to following yours. I already can already tell I’m going to enjoy it – I love your writing style:)

  151. Love your blog and bio …superb..Thanks for stopping by at codingarsenal.
    Man you write a lot 😀 ..Now i am pumped up too 🙂 How do you manage it with work load and writing stuff .


  152. Thanks for stopping by SwanneReflections and following me. This is my newest blog. You might enjoy SwanneSong: Views From the Edge, my ‘soap box’ blog. I also write about my travels at The Traveling Alchemist, since 2008.

  153. Fabulous bio! I’m sorry you have Crohn’s and that you live in CO & don’t like snow, but am impressed with how well you’re doing despite a significant challenge (the former.) However, from your bio you are no stranger to adapting to challenges, which I deeply admire. Thank you for following my blog.

  154. nice intro 🙂 nice to have met you. I have colitis, but I’m Muslim so I don’t drink. still, I have to watch my greasy food intakes which make it difficult because I can’t cook and have to run on fast food. plus I’m of indian descent so that doesn’t make it any easier. theres LOTS of oil in their food. thanks for the follow. I’m starting a writer group which you may like to be a part of, if not, check out my writing site: http://marimimiwriting.wordpress.com/. have you thought of self publishing with lulu or have a copy of the writer’s market?

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