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The Daily Opinion – Your Most Offensive Post?

What was your most offensive post that lost you subscribers or elicited some type of angry response back. You can share the link below. Mine actually wasn’t about abortion or feminism like some of you would guess. It was a post on going to the Zoo with my kids and how I must hate animals. I still smile over that post. What was yours?



The Daily Opinion – Do You Really Matter Online?

If you stopped blogging or using social media tomorrow would anyone miss you?



The Daily Opinion – Blogging

Would you spend countless hours building a blog only to promote other people with it? Who in their right mind would do that? Would you charge people for those reblogs like some bloggers do?

If someone was stealing your writing would you pack up your shit and walk away? Would you keep posting knowing that someone is probably going to hawk your links?

Just some random things I am pondering and dealing with.



The Daily Opinion – Writing

Do you take the time to tell people their writing is bad? Are you nice about it?

The Daily Opinion – Blogging Reflections

How has your blogging changed or evolved this year?

The Daily Opinion – Publishing

Do you write the book first or build the platform first?

The Daily Opinion – Authors

How do you describe a book you have never written?

What is the Daily Opinion?

For those new here “The Daily Opinion” is simply my thought prompts for the day. They aren’t always serious, but they are many times created to generate discussion. I read every comment on this website, even if I don’t always respond (which rarely happens), but I do try and stay out of the Daily Opinion threads. My comments tend to monopolize a discussion since it is my website and that is not my intention for these prompts. I will take an interest in some topics and in those I will probably enter into the comments. I hope these are fun, interesting, and perhaps thought provoking for people and the comments that have already been shared from those in the past have been truly fun to read. Link to the folder is provided below.


The Daily Opinion – Love

Can you truly love someone and still be ashamed of them at the same time?

The Daily Opinion – bubbles

How big is your bubble?

The Daily Opinion – Fans???

I keep being told I have “fans, mindless drone followers, and even worshipers.” I was wondering if all those fitting into these categories could raise their hand so I can be amused.

I have readers… just like everyone else does. People find funny ways of justifying why others don’t agree with them. Suddenly it isn’t necessarily that “a group disagrees” it is more likely that the blogger Opinionated Man has some type of mind control over his audience and he causes them to spout their agreement with him against their will. That sounds about right…

Sometimes I wonder why the earth doesn’t reject humanity like a fart… shooting us into space.


The Daily Opinion – Current

What is currently on your mind?

The Daily Opinion – Blogging

What does your blog offer to readers?

The Daily Opinion – Intelligence

Most humans have an overblown view of their own intelligence. Do you feel you are smarter than most people you interact with on a daily basis?

The Daily Opinion – Writing

Do you struggle to write?

The Daily Opinion – Poetry

Be honest. Does my poetry suck? I can take it and please… don’t blow sunshine up my ass. Thanks!


The Daily Opinion – Peace

Who else is tired of all the killing and would like a little peace?

The Daily Opinion – Wine

For selfish reasons I am asking anyone to suggest their favorite or a reasonable bottle that I can buy. Name, price range, and country of origin would be nice! Thanks!

Note: “Reasonable” means I don’t have to pawn my watch to buy it…

The Daily Opinion – How Smart Are You?

If you were to grade yourself on a scale from 0 – 100 what would you give yourself for intelligence? If you need me to explain how the scale works… just read another post. I am honestly curious if people view themselves as above “average” or if they consider themselves a safe answer.


The Daily Opinion – Purest Bloggers

There is a point of contention between some bloggers about purity of method when it comes to blogging. Do you hope to connect only with those that “love” your work and through those connections do you hope to build an audience only of like minded people? Or are you like some bloggers (me) that would rather see their work in front of a million faces and hope that a percentage of connections comes from it?


The Daily Opinion – Writing

A thought not written is an ideal possibly wasted.

The Daily Opinion – Bullying

Is there a difference between “bullying” and “normal adolescent teasing?” Are we becoming too sensitive as a society and now labeling everything as bullying?

The Daily Opinion – Aliens

Do you believe there is life on other planets?

The Daily Opinion – Time Travel

If you could travel back in time and live what period would you choose and why?

The Daily Opinion – Religion

What religion are you?


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