What is the Daily Opinion?

For those new here “The Daily Opinion” is simply my thought prompts for the day. They aren’t always serious, but they are many times created to generate discussion. I read every comment on this website, even if I don’t always respond (which rarely happens), but I do try and stay out of the Daily Opinion threads. My comments tend to monopolize a discussion since it is my website and that is not my intention for these prompts. I will take an interest in some topics and in those I will probably enter into the comments. I hope these are fun, interesting, and perhaps thought provoking for people and the comments that have already been shared from those in the past have been truly fun to read. Link to the folder is provided below.



The Daily Opinion – Fans???

I keep being told I have “fans, mindless drone followers, and even worshipers.” I was wondering if all those fitting into these categories could raise their hand so I can be amused.

I have readers… just like everyone else does. People find funny ways of justifying why others don’t agree with them. Suddenly it isn’t necessarily that “a group disagrees” it is more likely that the blogger Opinionated Man has some type of mind control over his audience and he causes them to spout their agreement with him against their will. That sounds about right…

Sometimes I wonder why the earth doesn’t reject humanity like a fart… shooting us into space.