The Daily Opinion – Scotland

Would anyone like to share some thoughts on the vote for independence? I have a pretty wide group here so perhaps us ignorant Americans might learn something if anyone cares to share their views.

I did watch Braveheart about a million times though…

The Daily Opinion – Law

Should the age in which we consider people an “adult” be set in stone and never broken? In America the age which we consider an adolescent to be a grownup fluctuates according to the state and the crime. Does anyone see an issue with that and can we really call that justice? Are some crimes just too awful to be considered done by a child, but isn’t that passionate and reactive law?

The Daily Opinion – “Yes Means Yes?”

While I understand why some people are for this bill there are a lot of possible issues I see with it. For instance what if a woman/girl simply decides to use this for revenge or has “regret” the next morning? Suddenly a bill for a “good thing” could be used to drag a man’s name through dirt he will never recover from. While some women might not view that as a big issue, I am sure some men can agree this happens a lot more than the media wishes to admit. Anyone care to share an opinion?