The Daily Opinion – Reblogging

Do you consider being reblogged without being asked first rude? Would you consider a reblog from me as crossing the line? Do you think it is fair for me to reblog new WordPressers and possibly overwhelm them with comments and likes that they are not used to? Would you care if I reblogged your post?

I am starting to feel like a “Freshly Pressed” committee and I honestly want to hear some opinions. Thanks!


The Daily Opinion – Sexism

There is a trending topic going on called “What if women cat called men.” I am not sure what planet these “women” live on that are pushing this subject, but I know for a fact women cat call men. So what the hell is this “what if” bullshit?

Men – Have you ever been cat called?

Women – Have you ever cat called a man?

When I walk down the street it sounds like a freaking zoo, but that is the price of being hot. You see me complaining about it? Some women will moan about anything I swear. The funny part is they are so busy pointing fingers at men they don’t recognize WOMEN DO IT TOO!

What if indeed…

The Daily Opinion – Scotland

Would anyone like to share some thoughts on the vote for independence? I have a pretty wide group here so perhaps us ignorant Americans might learn something if anyone cares to share their views.

I did watch Braveheart about a million times though…