The Daily Opinion – “Yes Means Yes?”

While I understand why some people are for this bill there are a lot of possible issues I see with it. For instance what if a woman/girl simply decides to use this for revenge or has “regret” the next morning? Suddenly a bill for a “good thing” could be used to drag a man’s name through dirt he will never recover from. While some women might not view that as a big issue, I am sure some men can agree this happens a lot more than the media wishes to admit. Anyone care to share an opinion?

The Daily Opinion – Blogging Inspiration?

Who inspires you to blog? Is it another blogger or simply a person you know? If they have a website feel free to share it. Perhaps they might inspire someone else.

The Daily Opinion – What would you do?

So what would you do? Would you register like a good peon or would you… stop blogging?