I grew up reading fantasy books. My mother had a rule that I had to read my summer reading before I could check out more fantasy books from the library, so I learned to speed read through those lists so I could get on to the real stories. Granted now I see the talent in…


The Writer

I have been a singer. I was a soprano till I was 18 years old and sang professionally in the Memphis Boys Choir. I have been an actor. I was one of the Emperor’s children in The King and I Broadway production at the Orpheum Theater in Memphis, TN when I was a child. I…


United We Stand

It is a hard thing to watch racial strife in a country you love. I grew up in the south as a Korean adoptee and I witnessed racism from all sides first hand. I’ve seen violence between all races and within all races. I’ve lived along cultural divides that separate whole cities and have seen…


How Cool Was That?

I was fortunate that I didn’t have surgery much when I was a child. I did have one operation though to have my adenoids taken out… or “removed,” whichever is grammatically accurate. I’ll never forget that operation even though it happened when I was a child. I couldn’t tell you what the doctor looked like,…


Mark me

I’ve never liked having stuff on my skin. I’m not sure if it is an overreaction to something that happened as a child or what, I simply hate being marked on. Drawing, face paint, ink, marker, tattoos look cool I just wouldn’t get one. I wonder sometimes if my dislike comes from the burn I…


Memphis, Tennessee

I wonder sometimes at how I miss a city that gave me so much in the form of growth, a toughness of spirit, anger, and endless memories. I walk it virtually still sometimes in idle moments, walking past the friendly calls of friends mixed with the coarse humor of ones I will never call friend. I…