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Mark me

I’ve never liked having stuff on my skin. I’m not sure if it is an overreaction to something that happened as a child or what, I simply hate being marked on. Drawing, face paint, ink, marker, tattoos look cool I just wouldn’t get one. I wonder sometimes if my dislike comes from the burn I… Read More »

Memphis, Tennessee

I wonder sometimes at how I miss a city that gave me so much in the form of growth, a toughness of spirit, anger, and endless memories. I walk it virtually still sometimes in idle moments, walking past the friendly calls of friends mixed with the coarse humor of ones I will never call friend. I… Read More »



Blogging to me lately has turned to a more chatty nature. That is unexpected, but it is of course a side effect of my swing in direction for these platforms. You can’t always move a website immediately. That should be apparent, but impatient people such as myself sometimes wonder why mountains are so stubborn. We… Read More »

Setting Sail

I could set my heart to sail and watch as it becomes another’s heart. Would I blow a little harder to make that dream come true or hold my breath and hope it does not shatter. That I do not wake up. One hand on the tiller and another upon a hole in my chest.… Read More »

6-1-16 Barely

Could I capture all the stars? And make those stars no more stars. Would I offend my one true god. Or would there be no god. Shining things, full of dreams. Stealers of hope they seem. How many lives have seemed to have died? For a lie, burning lies. You do not hear the nightly… Read More »

Writing in the Dark

I keep sleep at bay with a weary hand as I use my writing hand for writing. Posting in the dark, wondering if anyone can see my words. I trace my soul upon paper white and breath easier from the release. Release of me, release to be me. I am the writing of the moment.… Read More »

Writing Hand

I never knew my writing hand could feel like this. So heavy, so lifeless… how it has seemed to have died. I don’t see beautiful word strings anymore in my mind. I simply see broken letters that wished to be a part of something larger. It is not inspiration or motivation that has fallen the will… Read More »

Making another Grave

I am just now returning from burying my last grandparent. My last one ever. For those of us that are adopted we tend to take our future bonds seriously and we hold onto them religiously. For some of us our adopted blood becomes our blood, or at least we allow ourselves to feel that way.… Read More »


I know people that read my blog have been waiting for me to say something profound on death and life. Honestly I have nothing inspiring to say today. All I am left with is a deep appreciation for family, love, and the blessing of knowing what love and family mean to me. They mean everything… Read More »