A Letter To My Son’s Therapist: Sorry, Not Sorry

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That was a raw post and although I can’t relate in regards to your child I did see some therapists once in my life and remembered how I wanted to be treated. Thanks for sending me the post and letting me share it. -OM
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To My Son’s Therapist,

I do not pay you to placate my son. I do not pay you to be his best friend. I don’t pay you to “be on anyone’s side,” not mine or his. I send him to you because he needs to talk, or I need help with something.

Autism, ADHD, Aspergers, blah, blah, blah, they are all a real bitch. And, frankly, we need some help. Hell, it’s 2014, who doesn’t?

I found a way in my budget and schedule to bring my kid to you over the past 3 years, because I thought you might be of the right frame of mind to be reasonable with someone who is otherwise quite UNreasonable about 90% of the day, not just from ASD/ADHD, but because he’s a raging, pre-pubescent, hormonal mess half the time, too.

I sat there today and listened to my kid say some pretty…

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Lunch Box Mama- “Dear Lunch Lady”: A Letter To My Kid’s School

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Good for you! If you take the time and spend the money you should have control over what your kids eat. Especially if you are putting in that much effort! Thanks for sharing the post with me! -OM
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“Dear Lunch Lady,

We need to talk.


Moms Everywhere”

This post is about 4 months late, a much delayed response to a situation at my kid’s school last year. But tonight, on the eve of my son’s first day of 3rd grade, it was on my mind again. I sat down earlier today and wrote the school a letter, as suggested by the school principal  last year. I stopped and read it a few times before I hit print, cringed a bit at how firm I sounded, then I patted myself on the back for being the mom that I am, albeit raging crazy mama bear sometimes, because only I really know what my kids need best.

Now, before I get into this, I need to let you know that in NO WAY whatsoever, is my stance on this political, and I normally never, ever disclose which side of…

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Prince Charming? Ha! Welcome to Reality.

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Prince charming exists! He just drinks beer and likes football and sometimes… wants to be left alone. Thanks for sending me the link! -OM
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My random thought of the day has caused inspiration to write. Random thoughts can be fun but this one comes from things that have taken place in my life and what I have seen from my other married friends.

Ladies we are brought up to be completely ridiculous and insane in our notions of love, romance and marriage. The fairly tale prince charming who will walk in and sweep us off our feet with romance spewing from his ears. Then we begin to date and find that men do not compare to much of what we thought we should expect in a relationship. Our notions are torn down and everything falls apart. This leads to many good guys being tossed aside for not being enough.

Truth is though that we should be better informed and if we were we may open our eyes. Getting married for me was a huge…

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5 Things You Should Never Say to an Indie Author

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These are good points to know about Indie Authors! Thanks for sending me the link! -OM
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The next installment of the Indie Author Life series:

This post can apply to a variety of people, not just authors. Some of it also applies to traditionally-published authors. Bottom line: ignorance of the publishing industry is a daily reality that drives us crazy at best, and makes us wonder why we bother writing at worst.

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#BookReview of The Blue Diamond – Author Overboard! This One Rocked My Boat!

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Great reviews help! I hope my reblog gets some people to check out your book Susan! -OM
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June Header

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My Review – 5 STARS!
The Blue Diamond by P. S. Bartlett

Long before the days of required floatation devices and multi-million dollar pleasure yachts, only the bravest of the brave would venture the seas, brave the storms and dare to cross paths with legendary pirates. Of these pirates one stands out, more cunning, slippery as an eel and already the object of seafaring history? I dare say, if Moby Dick had come upon this captain, that tale would have had a far different ending.

Who is this brute of a pirate known as the Razor? Allow author P. S. Bartlett to introduce you to Miss Ivory Shepard, the oldest of four female cousins, each with their own special gift to bring to the table, and to the seas. Able to outwit, out manuever and overpower men twice her diminutive size…

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Happy camper

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I people say golf is boring. I don’t understand baseball… ever since I got hit in the face with the ball that one time the game was just no longer fun for me. -OM
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Bumgarner wins final game of 2014 World SeriesThe pilot of the San Francisco bound flight from Atlanta got on the PA system and made the announcement that most of the passengers were waiting to hear:

The final game of the World Series is over and the San Francisco Giants won, three to two.

People on the plane began cheering and clapping. No doubt a few tears of joy were shed.

The plane landed in San Francisco at around 10 p.m. and I grabbed a taxi at the airport to take me home. While it was a dark night — cloudy with no visible moon or stars — the city was alive and bright. Even though the game had ended two hours earlier, the streets were still crowded with excited revelers celebrating the Giants’ third World Series victory in five years.

Even though it was only around 11 p.m. by the time I got back to my place, it…

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