How do I get more followers on my blog?

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These are good tips especially considering my tips on blogging aren’t really valid anymore. Thanks for the mention tric! -OM
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Why are some blogs more successful than others? Where do they get all their followers, page views and visitors? Why do some wonderful writers have so few followers, while others with less well written blogs have  so many?

Most new bloggers will google this endlessly, (probably second only to “how can I make money from my blog?). The number one answer they will read is “write good content”.

Well listen up new bloggers. That’s not strictly true. photo credit: <a href="">Annie Mole</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>
Content is not what makes a successful blog, although it will make you more successful than others. No, in my opinion what makes a successful blog is the many different things a blogger does before pressing publish, and the efforts they make afterwards “off blog” to promote their post.

What do I mean?

Well firstly imagine you have written a post. Does it have a catchy title, feature photos, and begin with a…

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Asian Rage

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Ugh I get it! I almost grimace when I admit I am Korean to a Korean because I know the next sentence will be in Korean lol. And I don’t speak it. Thanks for the smile and for sending me the post! -OM
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“Are you Chinese?”






“What are you then?”


“Oh, I thought so!”


Yeah, I know.  This was a real conversation I had, and unfortunately just one of MANY completely absurd, insensitive, IQ-questioning, interactions I have had throughout my life.  I present more below for your viewing pleasure / horror:

Dumb Questions:


The following interaction takes place in a Yoga studio.  Students are settling in before class.  A middle-aged Caucasian woman wearing flowy white pants with Asian characters on them turns to me with a groovy smile and eyes at half-mast.

“Heeey… can you tell me what these say?” (pointing at her pants)


“Are you Mulan?”  admittedly the questioner was a child, but STILL…

Dumb Questions turned into Ridiculous Conversations:


“What are you?”

“A person”

“No, I mean, where are you from?”

“Ithaca, NY”

“Nooo, I mean, where were you raised?”


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The Old Fellow Goes High Tech (Well Sort Of) :)

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I honestly get tired just saying the word “marathon.” Oh god… give me a second. Ok, so yea you have my admiration. I also now miss my old LG flip phone, ah memories. -OM
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This past weekend ended up being quite interesting, as I continued with my full marathon training for October 19th in Toronto.

You see, my sweet wife, Lynne, got a “runner’s app” installed on her Smart Phone, and lent it to me so I could use it on my Sunday afternoon long run.

Now, I know absolutely NOTHING about smartphones.  I have my trusty old LG, a hand me down from my daughter.  With this absolutely AMAZING device, I will send out into the cyber world, approximately 10 texts a year.  And now that my watch is broken, I have been giving it double duty.  I will turn it on, if I really need to know the time.  It is all that I really felt I needed.

Yet when my wife handed me her fancy phone with her runner’s app, I was overwhelmed with all kinds of emotions.  Carrying that little device that could fit on the…

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Gaming Glitches, and Bugs, COME ON NOW

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I agree about the glitches. I hated the freeze that would happen in two different parts of Skyrim one was in a chamber and the other was fighting that dragon (I think you actually are showing the SS of it). Yea those were annoying, but still it was a great game! -OM
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I started gaming when I was around three, a long time ago for me. I started out with Pong, which was short lived, I quickly moved on to the NES. First game that ever got me hooked was Super Mario Bros. Since then I’ve moved, to tried to move along with each generation, at best I could. Even sticking with PC gaming as well, not just consoles.

In this time, I have found myself getting caught in worlds, full of glitches, bugs, most aren’t bad. Sometimes I find that what happens is downright funny. Other times though, I find myself getting frustrated, mad, even putting down the game, to never pick it up again. For the most part, developers pour out their heart and soul to makes these games. Many fans will look past it, or make excuses for the developer.

For the most part, I look past them as…

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Odd and Very Specific Post (For JC at OM)

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I am coming down that road soon. -OM
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I was having fun browsing through sign fail pictures and came across this one.  I just had to dedicate it to OM over at  I know it’s evil of me and I can’t explain why I had to do this!

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WordPress Sampler

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Hahahaha my site is ugly isn’t it. That got a real laugh thanks and I appreciate the kind mention… other than the bit about my site. Ouch! -OM
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I’ve been actively blogging for about two weeks now thanks to blogging101 and have come across some WordPress blogs that you’ll want to check out.

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