One Day Left

Opinionated Man:

I wish you the best with your novel! I hope some people check it out! -OM
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Read The Willow BranchMy Thunderclap campaign for The Willow Branch has just one day left. On November 25, if I have 100 supporters, a message will go out to through Facebook, Twitter and other social media all at one time. I have 21 supporters so far and a potential social media engagement of over 25,000.

If you haven’t already done so, help a novel out by following the link and lending your social media voice.

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CHUFFED!! Stats ☺

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Great numbers and congrats on your blogging progress! It is always nice to see bloggers excited about blogging! Well done! -OM
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Over 1,200 Views and 67 Followers since I created my blog 11 days ago. #GRATEFUL #MOVED #DELIGHTED #MISTY-EYED #WIDESMILINGHEART

Abundant joy for all the sensational souls I’ve been introduced to and am engaging in loving, positive conversation with here on WordPress and for the visitors, my friends and family, and the many new friendships made in Twitterland.

This IS my WHY for being here. Nothing else matters, bottom line.

You have bolstered my confidence, served greatly in the recovery process of my Mental Health…inspired deeper self-love, integrity, creativity and compassion.

A debt of gratitude to you all for your support and for sharing your magnificent spirit with me.

Peace, love & light,

PS Named after my Nan DeGruchy, her beloved called her Jewel which began a tradition for others that lasted her lifetime. I steal it from time to time ;)

Jewel & Phil DeGruchy ?


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Three people who deserve my thanks

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A “thank you” is never wasted! I appreciate you taking the time and thanks for the kind mention! -OM
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Three vastly different people have turned out to be the best things to happen to this blog, and in the spirit of Thanksgiving, they deserve credit and thanks for their positive influence, so here goes.

1. Opinionated Man.

OM’s blog (Harsh Reality), as most of us know, is a godsend to new bloggers hoping to get more visibility and learn the ropes of blogging. He follows new blogs and offers encouragement, advice (that actually works!), and support to newbies and veteran bloggers alike. He also answers all questions posed to him on his blog, no small feat for someone who is so prolific and has so many followers. He also answers them quickly.

In my case (as I’m sure in many others), OM reblogged an early post of mine, which gave my blog a huge boost in visibility and gained me a smallish but loyal following. That in…

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SoCS Saturday Incense and Peppermints

Opinionated Man:

I actually do NOW, but when I was a kid my sister and I would hate it when my parents would bust out singing. And dancing… ugh! Nice post and song. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! -OM
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I really like a lot of music from the 60s. When thinking about the prompt the song Incense and  Peppermints  by The Strawberry Alarm Clock came to mind. It’s funny but at first I was imagining church incense. Thinking what would rockers want with church incense. Then I remembered they are talking about those little sticks of incense. And probably high on something and enjoying their heightened senses of taste and smell.

So here we go. Let’s get groovy dudes:


|Nano Poblano| dude!


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Opinionated Man:

This is a great way of describing blogging. Very nicely written and relatable. Hope you don’t mind the reblog! -OM
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I arrive home to a dark house, knowing my husband will not be home and I cannot wait to get started. It’s what I’ve thought about all afternoon. I realize I have to watch the clock but it’ll be done before he even comes back.

I take my purse and briefcase out of the car and find my way to the back door in the dark. The son-of-a-bitch forgot to leave the lights on again. I don’t hesitate with the lack of lighting or getting the key in the door though. I am totally focused on what I need to do.

I open the door and he is inside waiting for me. I put on his harness and leash as fast as I can. He needs relief, so it doesn’t take long once we are back outside. I walk down the driveway and number two comes easily also. We run…

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Kuwait traffic is getting to be ri-goddamn-diculous !

Opinionated Man:

It is good to see I am not the only one that has to suffer through bad traffic and bad drivers! -OM
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Outta the way asshole!!

Aagghh!! Shit! Fuck! and every other curse word ever invented, thought of or planned to be released!

Every road I take, ever corner I turn is jam packed with cars. The highways are turning into parking lots!

I took a series of screenshots off google maps on my phone with the traffic option over a time lap of about 2 hrs (from around 12 to 2 pm) – during what I think is the heaviest time of traffic – and only the colour red increased. Oh, and the 40 road wasn’t coming up as heavy traffic for some reason, but I can assure you It was a parking lot because I was trying to squeeze through during this time. Even during loll periods there’re a lot of cars. As soon as you survive the morning rush, it’s no sooner you’re stuck in the evening rush.


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