Celebrate your ugly.

Opinionated Man:

I felt this post was very raw and it spoke to me. I think everyone at some point has body image issues and to be able to freely talk about those shows an amount of strength I admire. This was a very interesting post and thanks for letting me share it! -OM
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Last night, at the very end of a very long day, I received this message on Facebook:

I don’t know if I’ve already said this, but I wanted to say I’m sorry. You might remember when I saw you for XXX’s birthday party… I felt bad after thinking about how I reacted when I saw you for the first time after so long. I was so excited and floored, but that’s what people expect right? I saw that you posted about struggling with your body image and the things that can come from that. I sadly understand those feelings very well, and I got mad at myself after I thought about how I reacted after seeing you. I felt bad for not being nonchalant.

You’ve always been my bus friend from middle school and that won’t ever change. I just hope that you’re doing okay. I wanted to let you…

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What Do You Want From Me?

Opinionated Man:

I think it is less about asking what potential readers want and more about finding out what you want to share first. And then sharing it. I don’t have a target audience myself and I asked that question as the daily opinion to really get people to think about who they wish to connect with. The answer may very well be “everyone,” and that to me is ok! I hope you keep at it and keep on blogging. -OM
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I am so new to blogging… I still feel like a newborn and that is what I basically am: A newborn blogger.

Of course I still try to find my way and find out, what my readers like best. I keep an eye on my stats and try to figure out which posts you like best. But it is hard, as I am only in my second month of blogging and over the last 5 weeks have met so many of fellow newborn bloggers… And naturally we check each other out and we do support each other as well.

I ask myself the question every day: What is my blog all about?

I hear my husband’s words in the back of my mind, who told me that I would have to find a subject to blog about and stick to it. I see the words of other bloggers in front…

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When I’m Feeling Blue

Opinionated Man:

Good stuff! It is never a bad thing to study your stats and really find out what works with your blog. Many bloggers consider that “lame,” but I personally see it as doing necessary homework. Nice post and best of luck on your next milestone! -OM
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Whoa! this is such a revelation …


The graph looks like it’s on its way up but I need to see darker shades of blue than the “sky” ones … I need to attract more visitors

Well, I visit the “Stats” from time to time not really making heads and tails of it. I just know that it counts everything happening in my site but have not thought much of what I can use it for.

After 3 months of being in the WordPress community I am not feeling bad with my stats. In fact the graph looks like I’m on my way up but of course I like the darker shades of blue higher than it is now. Don’t you?
The Darker the Blue the better it is for my site — it means more of you are reading my blog and hopefully don’t just click the “like” star but leave…

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Get Over Yourself Because We Already Have.

Opinionated Man:

This line was golden “You actually need to dress in digital sackcloth and ashes as you admit your sins to an obvious disproving public.” Well said and thanks for the pingback! -OM
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My favorite Asian badass, Opinionated Man from Harsh Reality, strikes again in a recent post today involving one of the biggest problems that plagues mankind; those who dare to disagree on the internet. In the words of a modern day Asian wiseman, “Get Over Yourself.

One of my favorite responses I often see on message boards, forums, my own facebook, ect. are responses and posts to my own such as:

  • “I can’t believe you said that!”
  • “Tell me you don’t think this!”
  • “How dare you be this ignorant!
  • “You can’t say that!”

Newsflash. I said that, I’m not sorry, and I’ll say it again. Fine, we disagree. I honestly thought it would never happen.  Let’s leave it like that right? Wrong.  The hounds start to bark, the crows start to circle, and the night starts to darken.  Demands for your head, your job, your blog, and your…

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I don’t care about your damn message

Opinionated Man:

OH that was just a fight in the kitchen! I appreciate the break down and mention, did you really instagram that? That is funny lol. -OM
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I had just read an epic flame war between Opinionated Man and some chick/or guy going by the name Medusajoe.

In the argument, very clearly, Medusajoe is questionable. And I mean is this Medusajoe crazy??? Mentally ill? Or is Medusajoe just okay, but is a fanatic and asshole?

Here is my Instagram of Medusajoe being crazy weird in making statements about an Eubola Vaccine being used. …This is wrong because actually: There Is No Eubola Vaccine that is not experimental right now. And Medusajoe argued that the MMR Vaccine causes Autism.

And, unfortunately, Medusajoe is wrong about Autism ever being caused by the Measles/Mumps/Rubella Vaccine. …But you or me can’t convince Medusajoe because he’s religious-like in being sure without pretty stable facts from sources that can be read by you and me for us to verify. …Or maybe Medusajoe does have sources. But I really am sure…

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Opinionated Man:

This might be interesting for some to check out! -OM
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My mind at times just goes into overdrive and the ideas flow like water! I do lose some of the ideas, some are really dumb and once in a while I have one that is pretty awesome. Yes I am bias in this case, for it is my idea after all! I will have to follow trough on this project and hope it really works out well.

This will take a bit of time from you and maybe a couple bucks. What I am asking you to do is send me a post card with one word written on the card. Thats all I am asking. Nothing more! See is that NOT so simple?

Now you ask what am I going to do with the Post cards! With the post cards and your words I will write them them. I am ironing out all the details as I am writing…

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