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This blog looks like you to me and that is the first step. I hope you find the direction you are looking for OR you realize sometimes we don’t need a direction. We just do it. Thanks for the kind mention! -OM
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Originally posted on Aussie Made By Mum:

Right now I’m sitting here thinking “what the heck am I doing? Should I just give it up now?” My mind is in a bit of tizzy.

I recently started blogging as a way of getting out my thoughts, feelings… More as a bit of diary, to try and get things out of my head in a productive way. And so far it seems to working really well, I’ve been able to deal with the dramas involved with separating from B, things that have ticked me off, but really just weren’t worth worrying about. Life has been great, my mind has been clearer, I’ve been able to think things through properly and make smarter decisions. I’ve been stressed over things and been able to relax and enjoy doing things with my kids more.

Really, life couldn’t be better.

You’re thinking, but I’ve only published 3 or 4 posts. That is…

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Blogger Newbie.

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Go welcome a new blogger to WordPress people! -OM
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Originally posted on Nicole's World:

So, here I am. Armed and ready, with a blog. And with this blog, I hope to take the phrase “Carpe Diem” seriously. If you manage to stumble upon my blog among the craziness of Word Press, I’ll be sharing my life with you along the way. I hope to hear all the commentary that goes through your head while reading about all the thoughts that go through mine (unless of course it’s negative and/or rude, then just keep that to yourself).

I haven’t learned what life is all about, but maybe this blog can help me. All I know is that I want to live. I want to take pictures. I want to write. I want to travel to places I’ve never been. Try new things. Taste lots of food. Work out hard. Experience life. Find joy in the simple things. Be happy.

Whether my posts are simple…

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500 and Counting…

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This is what I am talking about people. It is OK to be happy about reaching your blogging goals. Take pride in it! Great post and I hope you don’t mind the reblog and visits. -OM
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Yesterday I reached a bit of a milestone.

I was sitting having lunch with my wife and my parents.  My iPhone bleeped, notifying me of a new alert.  The alert was from the WordPress App, ‘Congratulations, you’ve reached 500 likes!’

Everyday, my blog that I started only a month ago, continues to surprise me and make me smile.

You just never know what kind of response, that the post you happen to be typing, will actually get.

Who knows if anybody will even read this?

I’m a firm believer in hard work paying off, you reap what you sew and that if you want something badly enough, come hell or high water you’ll get it.

My WordPress blog continues to be a foundation of the hard work and imagination that goes into my writing, it’s also a showcase for the world to read it, if they choose.

In life, if you…

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What is a Troll?

Opinionated Man:

Are you a troll? -OM
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Originally posted on lindaghill:

Yes, I’m jumping on the troll bandwagon. Not because I’ve been trolled, but because I’ve seen people I care about victimized. I’m writing to define the troll – to go through it in black and white for not only myself, but for those who have been trolled and may not even realize that’s what’s going on.

You see, the troll can and usually does, start out very subtly. And indeed, there is a fine line between trolling and stating one’s opinion most sincerely. I’ve been on that edge and though I was never labeled a troll, I believe it was a close call.

A troll, as I see it, will pick on a nuance and run with it. Take a blog post that is clearly about Point A. Point A is written about in great length with small details to back up the facts and/or story of point A. One…

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Power Blogging Effectively

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Best of luck with your powerblogging and I appreciate the shout out! -OM
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Originally posted on LadyIwrites:

cropped-cropped-labtopandfood1.jpgDo you want to publish on your blog daily and even 2 to 3 times a day? Who does not want to generate large numbers of viewers by simply pressing the publish button? It works, trust me. I found bloggers who have done what they call “power blogging,” have a huge following. Yet someone like me creeps up in numbers as I take the time to write, re-write, edit and research before I press the publish button.

Fact: The more you publish on your blog, the more traffic you will gain.

So the question is how can you post more and still maintain quality post on your blog? Unless you’ve been doing this for a while and you’re a nerd at writing with plenty time on your hands, most likely you will not pump out 2-3 quality blogs a week let alone a day.

However, I have to believe that…

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Ideas | Best from My Corner of the Blogosphere

Opinionated Man:

I don’t do prompts very much, but this is a cool idea and a great way to network and share other blogger’s work. Great post and thanks for the mention I hope some people come over to check it out! -OM
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Originally posted on collected.:

So, in line with the birthday countdown–3 days and counting!–I’ve decided to post whatever I want. :-) Which today means the best of the WordPress blogs appearing in my reader. I’ve read and prepared 5 blog posts from writers I read and who have  really hit that proverbial nail head with their topic.



First, in honor of those lost 13 years ago today, author Chris Martin details his memories and feelings of that horrific day here:

Second, traveling around the world allows you to see so much and experience even more. Twisted Sifter has interviewed and curated some works from Andrei Duman, nature photographer. Enjoy the beauty here:

Third, a funny and honest post about alumni publications from Therapeutic Misadventures had me smiling and nodding along with her. Read more of the moroseness here:

Fourth, from a reader sharing her bookshelf and perspectives on literature,

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