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Somewhere in the Middle of Vanilla and Chocolate

Opinionated Man:

I like this write on self-reflection and more importantly self-acceptance. It is a struggle I had through childhood and I can relate a lot to these words. Well done on the word strings too, I really felt like I was following your life through your thoughts. -OM
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Originally posted on A Fresh Voice:

Walk into a room
All eyes on me
At least that’s how it feels
I’m chocolate in a sea of vanilla

It’s nothing new
That’s how I grew up
But it wasn’t always this easy

You see, as a kid
I was constantly reminded of my flavor
I just figured it was something to savor
But I didn’t really fit in
With all of my vanilla friends
And I could only see one difference therein

I’m chocolate in a sea of vanilla

One day Ms. Brown
Stood me in front of the mirror
“What do you see?”
“This chocolate looks ugly on me!”

“Look again my child
There is so much more
Your chocolate is beauty and strength
Nothing you should abhor.”

From that day forward
My confidence arose
“My goodness I’m sexy!
I’m sure everyone knows.”

I’m chocolate in a sea of vanilla

As I grew up more chocolate…

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Why am I here?

Opinionated Man:

I ask myself that question daily. So you aren’t alone! I still wonder why I am here doing what I do… even though I auto do it. -OM
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Originally posted on Church Set Free:

I read a post this morning (fantastic by the way) about how to garner more comments out here on WordPress, meet and greets and the like. It got me to wonder that age old question, why am I here?

What started out as a recovery breakthrough and call from God has taken on a life of its own that led me all the way to the Catholic church. I’ve met people out here in blog-land who’ve accepted me throughout the entirety of this journey, and some who have not. I read and re-read so many theology based posts I sometimes become nauseous with the verbose and stale translations that make Jesus dead. I’ve been asked to be myself but most times I’ve been asked not to be myself. At times I don’t even know what to call myself. 

The mass, it is my saving grace.  Receiving Jesus weekly in the…

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A Letter to A Cheater: What Cheating Really Means

Opinionated Man:

Hahaha this was great! And I heard the mic drop at the end with that classic shout out! Well done! -OM
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Originally posted on Toast and Tea Together:

25 Signs He's Cheating On You - How to Know If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating - Cosmopolitan: (source)

This is the second part of my first letter.

What does cheating really mean? I think it is pretty much subjective. But unfortunately, for some people (mostly the people who are very defensive of this act) believe so much in its objective meaning.

I have written something about cheating yesterday, and until now, I still haven’t recovered from it. The person I was referring to in my post, let us call her Maria, had become so defensive of it, and retaliated. She sent a message saying that she didn’t actually cheat on a very close friend of mine. She said, “I didn’t do anything intimate with her,” but she also told my friend she kissed the other girl she liked. She even defined the word “cheating” for us because she thought we needed it, and that we don’t understand its real meaning.

She said (This line was originally in…

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In which I ramble about my motivation (or lack thereof)

Opinionated Man:

Nothing wrong with ranting about it actually. Sometimes I have found that a good “rant” will push me towards wanting to write more. I even browse news websites and other blogs to get “annoyed enough to write.” Whatever we must do to keep those fingers moving because in that consistency is where we find our voice I think. At least those of us still trying to find that writing voice. I hope you keep at it and good luck! Maybe join some communities around WP or writing prompts. :) -OM
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Originally posted on A Hufflepuff's Thoughts:

I think it’s fairly clear to see that my motivation is kinda a little bitdead at the moment.  I’m sorry.

But honestly, I’ve just been in a kind of blogging slump and I really hate that. It’s not that I’m not enjoying blogging, it’s just I can’t seem to find the motivation to post stuff, even simple lists and link ups. Sometime soon I need to do last month’s favourites post, and I’m also planning to do a massive Music Monday in which I’ll collate all the ones I’ve missed so far. But I just can’t find the motivation or time. Poo.

So, what should I do?


I mean, for a start, I could stop ranting here and actually try and put together a post with good content (because, let’s face it, I’m basically just moaning here which is one of the most boring things ever).

But anyway…

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How’s the writing going?

Opinionated Man:

Browse the reader and check out what people are writing about. Maybe something will prompt you. Also try connecting with bloggers like who host weekly prompts that help get people writing and involved. There is a community of bloggers out there that are willing to push each other. Just a matter if you want to connect or not. :) -OM
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Originally posted on The Joking Life:

My niece/web editor asks me almost everyday, how’s the writing going, got anything good to post?

But, I haven’t felt like writing lately–I sit and stare at my pens and tablets, and then I go see what my new roommate is up to.

From going vegetarian, I’ve lost so much weight that my scale doesn’t know what to say.  When I step on, it used to tell me “One at a time, please,” but now it asks, “Stephen?  Is that you?”  I never thought I would miss its fat jokes.

What do you do to keep writing when you don’t feel like you have anything good to say?  How do you get back into writing when you’ve gotten out of your routine?

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Coming To Terms With My Sensitivity

Opinionated Man:

I felt this was a powerful post on self-reflection and owning who you are. I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing this. I enjoyed this write a lot. -OM
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Originally posted on The Ipockolypse:

I realized something recently. And, even though it scares me to be so open about it, I wonder if maybe it will help others. It should be said, that I do not believe that everyone who is on the journey of body positivity shares my same personality traits. We are all unique individuals.

10298045_706325596087151_5885683421153360480_oI am very sensitive. Any criticism has always gone straight into my heart and burrowed it’s way to my very soul. So many of these stinging words still make an unhappy home there. You could say that the locust of my identity has always been singularly exterior. (If you get that reference, I owe you a paper on adolescent gibbons.)

I’m sure you can imagine how being so sensitive can be connected to body image issues. When I looked in the mirror I was thinking about what other people saw. My entire self-image was dictated by the opinions of…

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Friday Favorites #5

Opinionated Man:

I really enjoy seeing other bloggers link share. I also like when they add a little something to the link such as this blogger did. It makes it more personal and shows why the blogger liked the post. Thanks for including me in your weekly lineup! -OM
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Originally posted on Three's a Herd:

Happy Friday all! I woke up hoping a nap would happen today. How about you? I’d briefly woken up at 3:45am, and was just falling back to sleep – and I mean,  in that feel-your-whole-body-twitch way – when the lovely Yorkie decided she needed a potty break. And then I couldn’t fall back to sleep, for almost an hour. Dang dog. Spouse is as good about getting up with her as he was when the kids were babies. Selective hearing. He has insomnia all the time, except when the dog needs to go out in the middle of the night. Since the kids are out of school in just over an hour, I don’t see a nap happening. I’m not a power napper. It has to be at least an hour, or I end up more cranky and disoriented than when I started.

So, since a nap isn’t on my…

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Blogging: Is it a ‘girl thing’?

Opinionated Man:

Second time I’ve seen this question in one day. First for male bloggers and then for why men don’t write poetry. I don’t have the answer… maybe blogging conflicts with football season? Anyone else have a theory? :) -Opinionated Man
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Originally posted on That Sassy Brunette:

So yesterday as I was reading through my feed on Bloglovin’ and I had an epiphany. Why is it that most bloggers are female? I mean every blog that I’ve read over the past few months have all been written by girls, and it absolutely baffled me.

I then started to question, why don’t males blog? Or if they do, why don’t they seem to be as popular as female blogs? All these questions were going around in my head and there was nobody to answer them for me, so I decided to try and answer them for myself and here’s what I came up with:

  1. Girls can blog about anything: And I mean literally anything! We could genuinely see a rainbow outside and come up with a whole post about how beautiful rainbows are, and people would actually read it.
  2. There are no ‘no go’ topics for girls: Us…

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#loveme challenge Day Five

Opinionated Man:

OK those challenges are meant as prompts and motivation. The moment they become “work” and “unmotivating” they are no longer useful! I am glad you waited and wrote what came out. It was a touching write. :) -OM
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Originally posted on ananonymousoutsider:


Things have been pretty crazy the last day or so, and I got down on myself a bit for not being caught up to the schedule of this challenge. Between huge demands on my time, and my mental illness, I routinely fall behind on things like this and then get frustrated at myself, throw my hands up in the air, say “Fuck it.”, and give up.

Not this time.

When I first looked at the #loveme challenge questions, I knew this would be a very tough one for me to do. Life going crazy and allowing me to procrastinate on it was a coincidence that I wish I were talented enough to be responsible for, however, I am not.

Dear Little One,

I didn’t know how to write this. I still don’t. One of the biggest hurdles has been deciding what age to write to you at. I’ve decided that…

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Comparative racism part 2: What’s it like in Britain?

Opinionated Man:

I found this to be an interesting and well thought out write on racism in the UK from a different perspective than we are used to in the States. Thanks for sending me this link and for the clear, personal reflection you wrote. -OM
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Originally posted on Notes from the U.K.:

After writing a guest post about American racism I don’t seem to be ready to leave the topic. My mind keeps circling back to something I’ve avoided writing about until now: British racism.

Why am I avoiding this? Tact? Nah. I have the occasional moment of tact, but as a rule I’m not paralyzed by it. That it’s a hard topic to be funny about? In part, but I hope to manage a bright spot here and there. Ignorance? Well, yeah, there is that. I’ve lived in the U.K. for nine years. That doesn’t make me an expert. It’s a huge, sprawling topic. Plus I live in an absurdly white part of the country. Although my friends and family are a multi-hued (and multi-many other thinged) group, my friends in this country, for the most part, are not.

But still, I listen. I hear things.

Before I go on, though…

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The day a space hopper came for my legs

Opinionated Man:

I rarely hand out praise when it comes to writing style (who am I to judge?), but this was an excellent read. Not necessarily due to the topic, but her word usage was great. I pay attention to small things like that when it comes to writing. This was an enjoyable and effortless read. Keep it coming. -OM

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Originally posted on Aloada Bobbins:

I’m no longer 8 years old, indeed I haven’t been for quite sometime. By now my brain should be fully informed not to entertain such ridiculous, non-age appropriate notions. But no – my level of faddiness is equally matched to my competitiveness, resulting in my internal monologue shouting “Bring it on!” at any whiff of a victory dance!

One such scenario happened last Wednesday, when the weather was unusually dry for once on our annual school sports’ day. A range of activity stations had been set up, from the traditional sack races and obstacle courses to the more comical welly wanging and bum-shuffling. Something that all the children could enjoy, whether they were star athletes or less able in a sports arena.

And then there were space hoppers…

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Interesting new fiction project in the works…

Reblogged on

Source: Interesting new fiction project in the works…

Now that is blogging! It is awesome that you two were able to collaborate! I feel obligated to let you know that Jerry is possibly a serial killer… Better stay in England! -OM

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15 Benefits Of Throwing A Virtual Birthday Party On Your Blog #blogging #Bloggers

Opinionated Man:

Will there be a virtual keg? Well… someone had to ask! -OM
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Originally posted on Blondewritemore:

It’s my birthday this week and I am verybusy organising a virtual birthday party, which will be held on Saturday on my blog. I am hoping you all can make it.

Here are the benefits of organising this type of event:

1. No need to hire an expensive party venue. It’s held on your blog via a blog post.

2. No need to hire caterers for food or stay up late cooking party nibbles. The party food is virtual so partygoers just use their imagination at the virtual buffet table. You simply provide a photo of a lavish buffet spread to aid creative culinary thinking.

3. No need to hire a DJ for the music / dance floor. As its a virtual dance floor partygoers just use their imagination. Simply add a photo of some people dancing at a party to help bloggers / readers imagine how they would

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Just 17 more to go…..

Opinionated Man:

Posting where I can see it helps. Like you just did. I hope you reach your goal of 200 subscribers soon! -OM
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Originally posted on Motivation for today's REALITY:

I need only 17 more followers to reach my goal of 200.

I ask my current followers/readers what they think I should do to gain more followers to join this great community?


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Putting the stuffing into mushrooms

Opinionated Man:

What a beautiful table and stuffed mushrooms sound delicious! :) -OM
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Originally posted on Fiona's Favourites:

A while ago I told you about a dinner to honour the departure of a special friend:  I had great fun dressing the table with things old and new – each with their own story.  The runner a recent gift from the Baroness, the table cloth, one of my mother’s creations, and the placemats from her trousseau and the crystal glasses were another gift to my parents – for their 25th wedding anniversary in 1986.


It was a simple meal, as they often are, including the starter which was a stuffed mushroom.

Not at all difficult to prepare.  Select one large mushroom per person (or two or three if they are small).  Carefully remove the stalks and put the caps onto an oiled baking sheet.  The stuffing consisted of the chopped stalks, blue cheese (Stilton, ‎Gorgonzola or Roquefort) and butter, mixed together and distributed among the mushrooms.  Be generous because the mixture…

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Why I blog (Dungeon Prompt)

Opinionated Man:

I’ll admit I would be the one encouraging… not actually pulling that bus. :)
A very nice post and as always I appreciate the kind mention! -OM
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Originally posted on Traces of the Soul:

 © Clr'15 Our team pumped to raise money for a youth line. That's me on the left panting. © Clr’15
Our team pumped to raise money for a youth line. That’s me on the left panting.  We were fundraising for the Youth Help Line.

I first started blogging at CherSharesso I could start writing more;  I had started writing three books and never felt I was good enough to complete them so gave up.    I would read something by Margaret Atwood for example and think, “Ah, gee, I could never say this as perfect as she just did!! And she read my thoughts too!!”

So I started writing stories, very little poetry and shared a bit about life but I was not very committed to writing regularly.  Then, one day I saw a post at Herding Cats and read this post about people using the “R” word which I am very sensitive to as well. Phoebe Holmes is the writer of this blog, mother of four and she…

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Follow Your Heart

Opinionated Man:

We are keeping the sex talk on Sundays people! :) lol -OM
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Originally posted on Sincerely, Mesha:

This post is due to a recent conversation I had with someone. As my readers may know, I have a weekly Sunday post called Smutty Sundays. I decided to create it, because yes, I am human and we all think and talk about sex. I didn’t want to just have posts that involved sexual content on any ole day so I settled for one day of the week. I can appreciate that my sexual orientation does not sit well with everyone and that is fine. I try not to judge others on the way they live their life but I know that my life is judged constantly by others. On my Facebook timeline I see posts by religious people and everyone else who have their views and I just try not to let it get to me. I try not to take it personal but at the end of the day I…

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Opinionated Man:

Awesome news on the release of your novel! That has to be a great feeling! Congrats! -OM
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Originally posted on Restart urgently needed:

For all those who can’t wait to have my novel “Golden Valley Silver Flowers” in their hands, you can actually already buy a paperback here:Golden Valley Silver Flowers

It will be up on Amazon and stuff as well, but this will take a few days more.

This morning I figured out I have sold two copies already. Since I have a bet running that I won’t sell more than 50, I was already amazed about the first two :)

This book wouldn’t have existed without YOU. There would have been no reason to write if it wasn’t for such an audience like I have it here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I’ll bring up some quite lovely goodies for the first 10 followers who buy that novel, and a few special rewards for some others who are dear to me. I hope with that I can…

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SoCS – The Light in His Eyes

Opinionated Man:

Another entry for the SoCS prompt by Linda. These are a lot of fun and are a great way to get active with writing prompts. If you are interested check out some of these examples I have shared. If you like what you read go check out Linda’s blog! -OM
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Originally posted on inspiration in progress:

It wasn’t that Melissa didn’t like Teddy. It was the light in his eyes when he looked at her that she couldn’t abide. Half the time it made her feel as though she might be stuck with a man who followed her around like a pesky dog for the rest of her breathing days, and the other half of the time his glint-gaze gave her the creeps. She was afraid if she gave in and decided to sleep with him (finally) she might never wake up.

The one time she tried to end it it had been raining. She stood at the precipice of a puddle and he stood in it. She couldn’t help but wonder if his shoes were filled with water. How could she break up with a man with wet feet? Melissa may have been many things, but heartless wasn’t one of them.

So she decided to…

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Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Relatively speaking…

Opinionated Man:

Linda’s SoCS prompt is a great way to meet some community members, get those ideas flowing, and to have a great time. Read this entry to get an idea of what the prompts are like and if you enjoy it check out the link to Linda’s blog! -OM
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Originally posted on Diary of an Internet Nobody.:


Is it Saturday already? Then it must be time for Stream of Consciousness Saturday and today’s post is brought to you by Linda G Hill’s prompt, “light”.

Relatively speaking.

2055, Princeton, New Jersey.

“It’s not possible I tell you!”

“Why, just because you say so? I don’t accept that.”

The same argument that Michael had every time they reached this point in the experiment was about to start all over again and he was heartily fed up with it now.

“Even neutrinos cannot exceed the universal speed limit, at least not enough to travel into our potential future, I’ve told you time and time again.”

“Yeah, so you said,” Michael shook his head in frustration, “but I’ve already carried out multiple tests that prove otherwise. You’ll see, this time I’m going to break that damn barrier and then I’m going to be the talk of the scientific community.”

His companion…

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Opinionated Man:

Sounds like the daily routine of most of us. Searching the web for inspiration. :) -OM
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Originally posted on itsgoodtobecrazysometimes:

I am really struggling with writing over the last few days.

I am also sad, not depressed just sad

So I have decided that I am going to go through my emails, which I didn’t do yesterday to see if anyone elses writing inspires me. Of course what normally happens is I see a post I like so much I reblog it and then think damn it why the hell did I not write that, so if anyone has excellent ideas if I could steal them off you that would be great ;)

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Sand Painting At Union Square Park!

Check out this link for some great sand art! My sand art always turns out brown… -OM

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When Reading Gets To Be A Chore!

Opinionated Man:

You have hit on one of the major heartaches for publishing and self-publishing. Finding that audience or “reader group” IS what the battle is all about. Keep at it and shake off your discouragement. It is a new day. -OM
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Originally posted on The Main Focus:

I’ve always thought I was an upbeat and positive person, even in more challenging times. I have to admit that yesterday sort of sealed the deal for me. I was embarrassed by the lack of response to a book sale I had out of town. I went to my uncle’s hometown about an hour away. He is also a writer and author. I enjoyed the beautiful day, conversing with my uncle and getting new ideas. Those were the good things that happened yesterday.

I’ve noticed that people are too lazy to go into a bookstore to buy a book. With the modern technology of Internet, digital apps., Kindle and e-books, most people rely on online services for buying books. I’ve also noticed people do not even look at books nowadays. Therefore, their interest in reading becomes less and less.  Again, with the presence of Internet, we have become lazy in…

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Through the Years

Opinionated Man:

A nice poem. Sometimes I only wish there were a “yesterday’s bliss” to hold onto. -OM
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Originally posted on Michael's Origins:

Through the years

I’ve seen the fallen tears

Feeling alone -no one caring

Staring, searching, holding on to yesterday’s bliss

Merlot lips

I want to hold you in my arms…and tell you it’s alright

Eyes bright -once lit the nights

Holding hands by moonlit path

Late night movie dates

Opened the gates

Sun rays casting beams

Radiating your splendor

Pain or pleasure

You’re my treasure

Through the years

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Under Shawl 

Opinionated Man:

I liked the usage of “cathedral stone.” I hadn’t heard that phrase used like that before. Very strongly done. -OM
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Originally posted on INK AND QUILL:

ChiffonThe depth of my soul, buried beneath the cathedral stone, my breath shallow, the weight of my pain wrapped under shawl, my lips bleeding in lacey throw, unable to speak, My dues, I owe, cast undertow.

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