The Daily Life Challenge

Opinionated Man:

Now THAT is the kind of snow I am talking about!!! Great real life shots of New York! Believe it or not there are people (me) that have never been there so we appreciate you sharing! -OM
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Opinionated Man created a blog challenge for people to talk about day to day life in their locale. This seems especially challenging to me because:

1) What hasn’t been said about New York City? It’s legendary. There are lots of websites devoted to photographs of this place in all different eras. What can I really add?

2) Despite this, there’s not much outside of the mental health program and caring for Abue that constitutes “daily life” for me. This is due to the fluxing, frenetic nature of NYC, and the erratic nature of my personal lifestyle and choices.

3)Today hasn’t been the best for photography. We’ve had slush rain. But here goes:

We start our day stepping out of our dilapidated but mural-covered factory into the world:

Eric and our empty-for-now side street.

Winter may find you by waving hello with ominous white gauze in bare trees.

It would be…

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How I See Northern California

Opinionated Man:

Thank you for sharing some photos of Northern California with us! I was actually stationed in Cali for a time! I appreciate you taking part in the HR Challenge! -OM
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In response to, I am showing some pictures of what I see daily here in Northern California.  Having lived here for almost 18 years now, it’s enough city, sprinkled with some country, that makes it the ideal home for me.  Not to mention….NO SNOW.  Growing up in Upstate NY, I’m over the whole snowy winter business. Without further adieu…


Sunrise as I was leaving for work one morning.  The colors were so bright and warming.  I risked being late, just so I could snap a couple pictures.

  The next set of pictures are from Pena Adobe Park.  P.A. trailOur journey started here, on these steps, one early Saturday morning.PA 4 uphillWe climbed up, up and up this trail.

P.A. 1PA 3

We ended up with a gorgeous view of one small portion of the park.

Yesterday, leaving work after a grueling day, I saw a rainbow across the field.  It was the uplifting “sign”…

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To be viewed, liked or followed ?

Opinionated Man:

So do you write to be viewed, liked, or followed? -OM
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I started writing here couples of weeks ago and to be honest I’ve never thought considered being a blogger until I met one. A “blogger” ! Sounds good right?

Lost in translation and with no real knowledge or background with terms like “clicks”, “publicize”, “stats” “ads”, “upgrade” and “polls” I was like “Erm…….well…..why not ?? There’s always a first time for everything”, though I’ve never been neither excellent at doing something nor too lucky to have it effortlessly. I’m the turtle not the rabbit and now as the time goes by I’m kind of used and content with tussling.

I prefer calling the first and second posts unavailing to fruitless but again expectations is what ruins your life. So I just decided to write for me, myself and a bunch of friends. You may LOL at me calling them “wonders” but when I infrequently got those mails stating that someone followed…

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HarsH ReaLiTy Challenge

Opinionated Man:

Great photos of New Hampshire! Thanks for sharing them and for taking part in the HR Challenge! -OM
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Originally posted on Miss Understood:

In response to Jason’s invitation to share daily life around the world, I thought I’d take the opportunity to share some of the area that inspires me, beautiful New Hampshire.

Just outside my yard…


some scenic kayaking…


and the all-season the hiking I love so much…


I hope you enjoyed a piece of my Daily Life. Thanks for checking in.

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Around the Province…..(photos) Opinionated Man’s Daily Life Prompt Idea

Opinionated Man:

Did you steal my snow for the daily challenge or is that your own? ;) Thanks for taking part in the HR Prompt and for sending me the link! I enjoyed the pictures. -OM
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Originally posted on butchcountry67:

Okay so has a way cool idea of encouraging people to post a couple photo’s of their daily life, basically grab your cell phone or camera and grab some photos of the area you live in and then post them or send him an email and he will feature your blog post and pictures on his site, …how frickin cool is that! think about it, pictures from around the world, a brief glimpse into other places and cultures, all right there at your finger tips! it also reminds us that behind these screen names, there are real people with real lives, something many often forget.

So I am kind of straying a bit from his goal, since it is currently minus 35 outside and I am not going to freeze my ass off for a couple pictures, I will use last years pictures, the only changes between this winter…

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Right now -the best of places

Opinionated Man:

What great photos of Sweden! Thanks for taking part in the HR Challenge and for introducing us to your town of Trosa! -OM
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Originally posted on FärgaregårdsAnna:

This post is an answer to:

HarsH ReaLiTy Challenge! | HarsH ReaLiTy

Right now I live in the best of towns. The snow has left our area! Spring is on its way. Birds singing outside our windows and despite the rain and the wind that some days overdo it, we have a lot more sunlight than a couple of months ago.

This is a daily report from my town Trosa in Sweden. A small town with really (to much?) great ambitions. Just look at my painting i call “Skip Rio – Trosa is the place;)”.

Actually I transformed our watertower to Jesus Christ-statue in Rio. Our tower is not the least as big and beautiful as Rios landmark, but anyway.

This is how it really looks like a february evening on a walk in Trosa harbor.

Have a great day, everybody in your own…

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