Thoughts on Social Order

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I have never been called an Omega before. That is definitely interesting and I enjoyed the perspective on “humanity.” Nice read. -OM
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Started the evening stumped about what I wanted to add to the growing eclectic collection of posts I have going.  Not yet ready (or have a need) to add more to the story posts.  Poetry could possibly be wrung out of my tired mind, but I didn’t want to go through the effort of dredging for ideas.  So, I cruised facebook and here to see if something struck.

Yeah, I’ll say some thing struck.  Struck hard.  It was from two posts, actually.  One from Opinionated Man and one from The Complete Netizen.  Both of these writers have a lot to say, and often have very deep, meaningful, well thought posts.  The posts may not be the MOST fun thing to read, but if you take the time to parse through them, and the follow up comments, there is so much well stated information it is hard…

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Sugar Coated Reality

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Thanks for sharing this post and I liked the title! I drop by from time to time and give your stuff a read. You put a lot of thought into your articles, well done! -OM
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ba43982f15698f72c3c16c0b27c31809The reality of it all is exactly what we do not wish to see. The reality of the Better You is difficult, it takes willpower, it takes commitment, and it takes focus. What you have been doing is not working for you and needs to change, you know this. Above that you need to change and start telling yourself that you are not able to have everything you want. Up to this point the sugarcoated “it’s okay” and “I’ll just do extra laps” have been accepted, but no more! The line must be drawn here, no farther!

This is not about “fat shaming” it is about “health appreciating” and the fact that you are worth it! Anything else is saying, “Put your feet in the grave with a smile.” Being a size 0 is not the goal and frankly makes people look like a prisoner of…

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Aren’t reliving memories fun? Thanks for taking part in the post and for sharing the link with me! -OM
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Bon-Fires… Oh my! This is a precious memory of when I was a child. We lived in the country and my parents loved to stay home with us girls and build big huge bonfires!! The memory is wonderful and every time I smell a woodsy smoke smell I am taken back to the best years and fondest memories with my family.

Happy Meals- another great one! My mother loved stopping at McDonalds to get us happy meals after school. I remember her saying, “eat all your happy meal and you’ll get the toy.” Let’s just say I always ate my happy meal so I usually got the toy right away. God I miss this.

Married with Children and Roseanne- our favorite tv shows when I was a child. There was nothing like coming home from school and sitting with my parents and watching these shows. We laughed, we cried, and…

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It’s all feelings… of excitement

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That is a lot of love! Thank you! -OM
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What is this feeling, of getting your first ever follower??? Should i be scared or happy?


When i was in high school i was always trying…not hard enough but still trying to start up a blog (i have around 20 with forgotten passwords and super embarrassing website titles – oh the shame), but i never really knew what to write about. And being a teenager you don’t really have much to write about anyway…Not saying i’m old enough to do this now, but let’s face it, i have been through more than a few things in my life that i can write about (and there is no age limit on writing a blog!!!). Be it life lessons, love lessons, job experiences, or maybe the amazing things that are now happening to me. Isn’t it wonderful to write it out? It is like a diary…like a big…

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“Just Write” ?? Really?

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Always happy to provide what encouragement I can! I am glad you took the post in the right way. -OM
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I read a post tonight written by A Opinionated Man entitled Just Write.

Jason commented in his post the following  “I simply write when I feel like writing and I feel like writing all the time.”  As I read his words, I couldn’t help but think how much I like to write and feel like writing all the time too but the difference is that I am never sure what to write about that others might find interesting or enlightening.  Of course that is my lack of self-esteem speaking; or is it my ego that doesn’t want to be crushed if nobody likes what I write?  

“Just Write” says Jason. “Don’t think so hard about it”    Sounds like good advice to me!   There are many things I think about in the course of my days as I go about my daily activities, whether it be the  Bible study I…

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A basic Dosirakbento and thoughts on blogging

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“Why do I blog? And for whom?” The magic question! ;)

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Basic dosirak bento

A basic dosirakbento

A few days ago I was talking with a friend about my blog and she remarked that my recent blog posts have received a lot more likes than before. We tried to pinpoint the blog post where my “followers” and “likes” count suddenly started to go up, but couldn’t really decide when it happened. After that conversation, I actually went to have a look at my stats and saw that in July the numbers trebled from 522 (June) to 1465 views (July)!

But my stats are not the reason why I wanted to bring up the subject “thoughts on blogging”. Because during that same conversation I said something along the lines of “well, yes, I’m very happy that I have new followers and likes, but I do sometimes feel obliged to make sure I create nice and interesting looking lunches / blog posts”.  Her response was to ask…

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