Reference – A Whole Heap of Gratitude for You Dude

Opinionated Man:

Thank you for the great referral post! I really appreciate you taking the time! -OM
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Originally posted on 20/20 Hines Sight:

This is also part of the of the Blogging A to Z Challenge and yepper today’s Letter is ‘G’. This post is about Gratitudeand I have a bunch of it to give.

Very rarely do I have an opportunity and/or a need to express my gratitude toward someone, especially a stranger. But not really a stranger. A fellow blogger Opinionate Man (OM) over at HarsH ReaLiTy is offering to help fellow bloggers build their blogging audience. I didn’t jump on the offer. However when I did seek his help, I was pleasantly surprised.

OM took great care in finding bloggers, I would follow myself. I was excited to start reading posts from my new followers and literally spent the weekend reading their blogs (not doing homework) and the more I read the more excited I got because it was as though he was in my head. I have a wide range of interests and he honed right in…

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WordPress – If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

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I probably could have just reblogged this in the first place. -OM
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Originally posted on lindaghill:

It seems every week WordPress is changing something else. I’m still flabbergasted over clicking on my “posts” button and seeing them all in a reader-type list instead of a list where I can easily find twenty of them and edit them quickly in one click.

Then, was it last week? we had to start going into our dashboard to open a full screen with all the options (including being able to preview our post) in order to write something – instead of this “beep beep boop” crap I keep seeing.

Today, it seems, they’ve changed something else. The “Freshly Pressed” button is gone. Not that I often check the page, but where do I find it now?

Is there anyone out there who has found these changes an improvement? Or am I the only one who thinks they’re more of a pain in the ass?

Edit: My notifications box isn’t…

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Opinionated Man:

I will drink to that! Cheers! -OM
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Originally posted on Silver Threading:

2014-07-12 16.11.24

RELAX, Unwind, Slow down -

SAVOR the bitter sweetness.

CHILL out, be calm, GO!

2014-07-12 16.14.37

Happy Sunday!  ~Colleen!

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If I were a boy

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Thanks for sending me the link and the laugh! -OM
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Originally posted on BLOG FOR WHAT?:

How to begin.
My blog has been pretty inactive over the last few days, and there’s only myself to blame for that. I didn’t forget, I just didn’t know how to come up with a quirky blog post that wasn’t too heavy, yet thoughtful. So, like any other blogger, I looked for inspiration in the blogosphere and to my surprise, inspiration hit me like a pie in the face. So here I am, inspiration, time and a keyboard at hand. Blog post #2 is about to commence.

The very successful ‘Opinionated Man’ did a post on the choices he would make if he were a woman. So I thought, what if I do a remake of beyonce’s hit and give it my own twist?

If I were a boy, I’d do the following:

1. Never wear my pants low
This fashion of peeping a bit of your boxers is…

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What makes for great writing?

Opinionated Man:

I am glad you liked the post. I think if we are truly honest it is all the above. Whether you like your writing, whether people buy your words (book, post, or whatever), and if they are remembered. That last one is what people forget, great writing is remembered and repeated. That is what makes it great. Nice post and interesting thoughts. -OM
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Originally posted on The Confidant:

What makes your writing great?
Is it that someone reads it and says, “Great job.”
Is it that someone finally publishes it?
Is it that your spouse or family member or best friend in the whole wide world likes it and gives you the proverbial “pat on the back”?
Is it that someone buys your book?
Is it that you have ten thousand followers on social media?

What is it that makes someone’s writing great?

Is it the satisfaction you get when pen meets paper and you feel the creative juices flow?
Is it the romance (not love romance) you feel from the words on the screen or page?
Is it the deep satisfaction in knowing that you’ve poured your heart and soul into a piece and YOU feel satisfied?

What if no one reads it?
What if no one publishes it?
What if you get no pat on the back?

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The year in review

Opinionated Man:

I think this shows how great being Freshly Pressed can be for your website or blog. I think there is also NO REASON to be ashamed for being happy about your stats and accomplishments. Well done Doobster. -OM
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Originally posted on Mindful Digressions:

Happy birthday America. Happy anniversary Mindful Digressions.

Yes, it was around a year ago when I began posting on WordPress. My first post was titled “Why am I here,” and it explained why, after four years of blogging on another blog hosting site, I switched to WordPress.

So I thought, on my first anniversary on WordPress, I’d take a nostalgic look back at this past year. I realize this is a very self-indulgent post and most of you probably couldn’t care less about my year in review post.

So I will understand completely if you move along. Go ahead. Scoot. Get out of here. Make better use of your time. It’s the 4th of July, for crissake. It’s alright. No worries.

Now that I’m talking to myself, let me trumpet my accomplishments. In the year since I’ve been blogging on WordPress I have (as of 10 a.m. PT…

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Shitty Parents, Hot Cars, And Dead Kids

Opinionated Man:

Forgetting children in cars has become a common news article lately. Have an opinion on it? -OM
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Originally posted on Chronicle of a Wayward Son:

Did the title grab you? I hope so. It was meant to.

Ok, first I’m going to warn you that I’m likely to offend somebody or other with this post. I don’t really care. Second, I’m going to warn you that my language is probably not going to be as clean as it should be for a Christian. I also do not care. I’m baffled, pissed off, and just not understanding this topic:

Forgetting your toddler in a car long enough to kill him or her.

WTF? How fucking negligent do you have to be to actually do this? Yes, I’ve heard that it happens more often than we think by people who are otherwise very good parents but I still just do not get it. Do. Not. Get. It!

The Poster Child for Shitty Parenting

I was too busy at my highly stressful Home Depot job to remember my kid in the car I was too busy at my highly stressful Home Depot job to remember my…

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Let me have it

Opinionated Man:

Look everyone Doobster lost his gauntlet! Help him find it! -OM
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Originally posted on Mindful Digressions:

Earlier today I wrote a post about the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision. As of a few minutes ago it had generated about 24 comments, all but two of which were pretty much supportive of the opinions I expressed. Two, however, took issue with my post.

And that’s fine, I am all about diversity of opinion and freedom of expression. However, I am still confused about why people would support this Supreme Court decision and how it makes sense to them.

One comment suggested that my post did not display much knowledge of the opposing point of view. Well, I don’t believe it’s because I don’t have much knowledge of the opposing point of view. It’s because my post was an opinion piece intended to express my point of view. I did not try, as they always do on Fox News, to present a fair and balanced perspective on…

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What Blogging Is About: Dameannika 2.0

Opinionated Man:

As long as you are blogging for you, that is all that matters. All the best with your blogging! -OM
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Originally posted on dameannika:

I’ve been trying to hack the secrets of WordPress and blogging ever since I started this blog back in May.

I wanted to know how to get people to read my posts , how to gain followers, how to become a known name on the internet. I wrote things that I thought people would like to read or hear, refrained from making a post too long because then people wouldn’t want to read it, commented on other people’s blogs in hope that they’d come over and take a look at mine.

And then I realized, that’s stupid. Annika, why did you even create a blog in the first place?

I now realize that my mindset was to become known, to become famous, to write viral posts. And that was the wrong mindset to have. Even if I did create dameannika for the purpose of getting my thoughts out into the…

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What an Honor Today Was

Opinionated Man:

I am glad that people are taking part in the guest posting spots. Thanks for taking the time! -OM
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Originally posted on The Dragon's Lair:

Today was an honorably day for me. I was asked to be a guest blogger on which was overwhelming at first. I did not know what to write, so I listened to my heart and dug up five pieces *links will be provided* that would be funny, heartfelt, sad, reaching out, and even helpful. Not all rolled into one obviously. I think that would turn out really weird.

My first piece was my opinions about children and how they act currently. I know this is not the most popular subject because so many people see things in different ways. I want to say I truly respect everyone’s opinions, whether I agree with them or not. This was just my opinion and how I feel about the subject. Take a moment to check it out here.

My second piece dealt with my personal opinions about retail environments. I mean…

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Not the Pizza Guy

Opinionated Man:

I am 33 years old and just now found what I love to do… in writing. Hopefully you find your path soon as I know it is hard. Nice post! -OM
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Originally posted on Views of a Nobody:

Ok the title makes no sense if you have not played a Game called “WatchDogs”. The mission is called as such where a man, all be it a crazy murderer, quotes a phrase that I’ve I have heard before but this time I really stuck when he said it… Because he loves killing for a job.

“Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life”

How true… My only problem with this is finding the job I love.

We all get the talk from our parents, stick in at school, you don’t know how good you have it, this is your future. But only when were about 25 do we actually realise what they meant.

What they mean is, don’t end up like me hating everyday in a job that means nothing to you, where nothing of importance can be achieved only simply to…

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Offended by Harsh Reality

Opinionated Man:

It is good to read that SOME people have a sense of humor… even when I speak about their country. I wonder how the North Koreans and Chinese feel about me…
Thanks for the kind write-up and for making the effort to understand my blog. -OM
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Originally posted on Black Grey and White:

While the tittle provokes me to write about ‘how the harshness of reality effects minds’ or ‘bitter realities of life’, I really want to stick to what I wanted to write at first place. I want to free my mind from the harshness of realities.
Well, I guarantee that no one will get offended by this post.
I am a follower of Harsh Reality.

OM, the writer writes so well. The best quality that attracts me the most is; he keeps reader engaged from the first line of the post till the end. I ( who love to read to take away something knowledgeable from every piece of writing) ended up reading OM’s posts that are merely some posts addressing to some of his readers or ‘ex-followers’.
For people or (his haters?) who are thinking that it is some kind of publicity for HR, I want to say that…

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Time Limit

Opinionated Man:

I like it and I also don’t set a time limit on myself. I like to drink as well. -OM
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Originally posted on K Beezy Is Viral:

There’s absolutely no time limit on what I write

if there were, I wouldn’t write, I’d just fight everything that needs to come into the light

I like what Papoose said about being hated on because he’s nice

proof of truth, what he said took flight, it will always be right

I try my best to be a role model for the children

what I do is to lift and lead them higher than the roof in any building

I drink, smoke weed, and have sex

committing sins, not advising anyone to do what I do, you never know what’s next

this falsification of reality is deeply imbedded of the culture I grew up in known as my mentality

sex before marriage isn’t correct, but I made it my reality

all I can do is ask God to forgive me for my sins of lust

if I don’t pray to the most…

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Who Were You Dad?

Opinionated Man:

That is an impressive photo Penny! -OM
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Originally posted on Penny Lane's Thoughts:


This is a question I often ask.  I never knew the man.

My mother married 5 times.  Badly.  I knew 2 step-fathers, neither of which I ever wanted to call “Dad”.

What I do know about my dad is very sketchy.  His name was Roy.  A name that was passed down to my little brother.  I have one old, faded, black & white photo of him standing beside my mother.  They were both so young in that picture.  My mother looking up into my father’s eyes.  You could tell just from that single picture that she adored him.  Roy was quite tall.  In the picture he was head & shoulders above my mother who was 5’7”.  So he must have been over 6’ tall. He’s looking down at her, his hair falling down over his forehead a little bit.  

All I have regarding my father is information that was…

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Opinionated Man:

Go SyFy! -OM
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Originally posted on 5 Degrees Of Inspiration:


If anyone follows my Twitter, you by now know my love, nay OBSESSION with the new SyFy series Helix. I have started a new blog which will feature series commentary, interviews, and a little twist of my own. PLEASE direct any of your SyFy loving buddies not only to my blog, but to the series as well and THANK YOU in advance for your support!!

Spectral Helix 

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Walking on Eggshells

Opinionated Man:

Being “PC” is tiring and honestly I want to be like Chuck Norris when I grow up. -OM
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Originally posted on 20/20 Hines Sight:

There is another blogger, who I want to be like when I grow up — HarsH ReaLiTy. About a week or so ago, he made a post called, PC-ME and I got to thinking about this Political Correctness shennanigans again and a conversation I had a little bit ago with a coworker and my best male friend.

The question I posed is, “Have we gone too far with being Politically Correct?”

And they answered with a resounding, Yes. I completely agree. Society has taken Polictical Correctness to a level, I and many others believe, it wasn’t meant to go. People are just to damn sensitive nowadays. Once upon a time you could say what was on your mind without someone breaking down in tears or going to go tell their mommy and daddy or losing their jobs.

Now don’t get me wrong I don’t think anyone should say anything that is deliberately malicious, but…

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The Love Conundrum

Opinionated Man:

There were some great comments here! I got a laugh. -OM
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Originally posted on See, there's this thing called biology...:

green eyed
Love stinks. Bit of sarcasm here, but if it’s not painful you’re probably doing it wrong.
Being people, we like to focus on the magic, the moment, the way it makes us feel. We
forget all about the risk of rejection, the angst, the torment. Nobody falls in love
thinking “oh awesome, this is going to be breathtakingly painful,” but there is truth

In the context of charity, love of community, service, people are the same way. Often
we give because it makes us feel good. There is some sacrifice required, but mostly
it’s really about us. Helping others makes us feel good.

Where I live we have the charity down pat. The population is mostly retired and our
elders bring all that wisdom and experience into their volunteerism and service.
Combine that with very liberal politics and we have a social network so friendly,
it draws in those…

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The Why Am I Here Cafè…

Opinionated Man:

I love the Eagles. -OM
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Originally posted on 33andlostinlife:

The other day a friend lent me a copy of his book, The Why Are You Here Cafè, by John Strelecky. On the front cover, under the title, reads, “A new way of finding meaning in your life and your work.”

Generally I only buy self-help books. I don’t actually read them. But this one wasn’t so big, and with nothing else to do but search for places to live, I made a start. All in all the book took me about an hour or so to read, over two days.

Not wanting to make any spoilers for anyone who’s not read it, or plans on seeking it out (which I would encourage), it involves a guy at a crossroads in his life who ends up getting advice on life from the staff at The Why Are You Here Cafè. He learns all about the PFE (Purpose for Existing)…

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Lay a Little Love on leftylola

Opinionated Man:

I am always happy to hear of connections made through any of my projects. Particularly with Project O since it was my first large scale blogging expedition. Thanks for the post! -OM
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Originally posted on The Mirror:

Down, but not out. The Mark of a true champion.

Down, but not out. The mark of a true champion.

I broke into blogging with Opinionated Man’s “Project O” series of introduction posts on his HarsH ReaLiTy blog, back in September of 2013. I met many of my blogging friends there, and it was a brilliant contribution of his to the WordPress community.

One of my wonderful such blogging friends is leftylola, who’s battled a serious eating disorder for a large part of her life. LeftyL–a.k.a. Nikki of New Jersey, who was Project O #50 back on 13 September 2013, or thereabouts–has had a rough go of it in the recent past, but she’s no quitter. As she climbs her way back out of her own personal Pit of Despair, why don’t we all show her a little love to help her along her ascent?

“<” + “3″ = <3

You can leave some love for LL at her Not Dead Yet

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Overwhelmed and Underlively

Opinionated Man:

I keep telling people to eat Kimchi Chigae! It will clear those sinuses right up! :) Hope you feel better soon Linda! -OM
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Originally posted on lindaghill:

Underlively. I just made up a new word. But it’s exactly how I feel. I have a rotten summer cold with an itch between my throat and my ear that’s driving me nuts. You know, the one that makes you want to thread a handkerchief through your skull between your earholes and give your sinuses a shoeshine.

Between that and the kids staying home soon and running around for my mother, I’m too wiped to even answer my own comments here on WordPress. So I’ve decided to take a break. I’ll be back for the Friday SoCS prompt, but until I get a break from everything, cold included, I’m afraid the best I may come up with is a disjointed story on my fiction blog.

So take care everyone. Watch for the prompt on Friday, and I’ll see you hopefully on the flipside of this bug in my head –…

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Homeless Sweet Homeless

Opinionated Man:

Wishing you the best! -OM
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Originally posted on 33andlostinlife:

So I have now been homeless for a week. I am by no means on the streets, staying in a combination of with friends and in B&Bs. But I technically do not have a roof over my head, and certainly do not have a room of my own, in the Virginia Woolf sense of the word. While I move from place to place each night, Bish is residing in a cattery in Edgeware, and my stuff resides in storage in Hangar Lane.

This move has underlined the fact that I have far too much baggage – both literal and emotional. Despite dejunking twelve bin bags full of stuff to the charity shop in the course of the move, I have still managed to fill a 20-foot square storage cage with a load of crap. Once I find a place to move to, and take my stuff out of storage, some…

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The Journey Begins…

Opinionated Man:

I am happy to hear you are having a good time and I hope the experience is everything you are looking for in Korea! -OM
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Originally posted on pokerjen7's Blog:

Last night was officially the beginning of the Journey 2014 trip to Korea that I have been anticipating for more than half the year. While a few of us adoptees came in a day early, we were waiting for the rest of the group to come in until about 9:30 last night. During the day we ventured around town with a native Korean that works for the company that hosts this trip and took in some sights. One of the adoptees actually is more like a part of the staff and has been coming every year since 2007 when he originally took the trip.

They took us around Seoul, we hopped on the subway and walked some of the markets around town, saw the changing of the guards at a temple, went to City Hall and even imbibed on some street food and beer along the way. It was a…

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Prompt: HarsH ReaLiTy Flash Fiction Challenge Part 2 of 2 – Destroy your City

Opinionated Man:

I really appreciate that you took part in both challenges! Thanks for allowing me to re-blog them! -OM
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Originally posted on HalfTangible's Story Desk:

“Take the city you built in part 1 and destroy it in whatever manner you please.” -HarsH ReaLiTy


The frozen city’s only warning.

The ice that surrounded and encased the city began to shatter and break as the enemy’s magic willed. In the senate, hundreds of empty balconies snapped from their resting places and tumbled down, crushing and shattering the others. Decadent old men in scarlet robes began to blame each other for the disaster as ice buried and killed them. Those with sense tried to flee, only to be crushed in the city’s collapsing tunnels.

The warehouse district’s frozen ground fell apart beneath it, and all of the city’s supplies collapsed inward. Underneath the district lay a lake forgotten by time, where the supplies fell and the people froze. Supplies were ruined beyond repair and food would come to spoil, not that anyone would be alive…

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Fall of Fearno:HarsH ReaLiTy – Flash Fiction Challenge Part 2 of 2 – Destroy a City

Opinionated Man:

Those are great scenes captured in a few words. Very nicely written and I liked the photos as well. Thanks for taking part in both parts of the challenge and for sending me the link! -OM
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Originally posted on bohemiangypsy:


Fall of Fearno
Because even the most blissful environment needs order, the state of Emotion established the Laws of Trust. These Laws were instilled in the children of Fearno from birth. As the children matured and entered the educational system, the Laws of Trust became the central core of curriculum. However, this curriculum wasn’t made readily available to the “farming children” of Suppressyo and Denyo. It was assumed that because those citizens lived on the outskirts of Emotion, there was no immediate need to instill the Laws in their children.
At first the citizens of Suppressyo and Denyo just went along with the program. They were workers after all, and in all actuality didn’t have the time to notice the change in Emotion.
That was until Doubt and Envy decided to form a coup to change Suppressyo and Denyo into a diarchy where they reigned supreme. But the citizens of…

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Why I blog!

Opinionated Man:

We are all on our own personal journeys here and I think we all also wish to share without suffering criticism overly. Thank you for the visit to my blog and welcome to WordPress. I hope you find blogging as fulfilling and enjoyable as I have… for the most part. I hope you enjoy the reads. -OM
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Originally posted on gracemissylolasmom's Blog:

To blog or not to blog…

I had pondered for some time before I started my blog here on I chose to blog for my own introspection and reflection on my life’s events – past, present and future.

If I may seem to be “in the past”, that is where I find myself reflecting upon these days. I reflect, and contemplate my past actions, words, thoughts and deeds, because I feel it helps me understand where I came from and where I am headed.

I am also reflecting on my past, probably more so than I will in the future, in an attempt to let you’all learn about me and where and what I come from. My past shaped my present, and my present shapes my future.

I received recent feedback on my blog that I am “living too much in the past”; I disagree. I am not

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