Guest Post – Biblical Principles in Modern Legislation – Book by Reigh Simuzoshya, Ph.D.

Have you ever been involved in a dispute that could only be solved by legal action? By going to the law you exhibited confidence in the legal system as a grievance redress mechanism. Have you ever thought about where the foundation for most of our legal systems originated from? Most people are oblivious of the role the Bible has historically played in mapping out some of the world’s most enviable legal systems. A careful study of the Bible reveals that this book pulsates with laws similar to those undergirding most modern legal systems. This is because the Bible itself lies behind our history as human kind.
The justice, civil rights and human rights principles it espouses were established by God with mankind in mind. When God called out Israel from Egyptian bondage he referred to the new nation as “My first-born son.” By implication God was saying he had other nation-sons, by creation, besides Israel. Is it any wonder then that biblical principles have had a significant influence on the legal systems of other nations besides the nation of Israel? The ubiquitous claim of the equality of all people before the law upheld by most judicial systems of the world has its source in the biblical principle that all people are created equal. This equality is the foundation upon which most laws that protect human rights are established.
It was the Bible that stimulated the study of poetry, science and exploration. The book, Biblical Principles in Modern Legislation, is not an attempt to advocate the establishment of theocracies. Rather, it is intended to pique the interest of the reader to dig deeper into the history of our justice and legislative systems so that they can draw their own informed conclusion. The way biblical law comes alive in our tort and contractual laws; in penalties associated with theft of other people’s property; in punishing capital offenders and in the protection of those who are vulnerable in our midst attests to this truth. It is only logical that this foundation of our civilizations should be preserved. If we destroy it, on what shall our civilizations stand?
This book was only released two weeks ago, and can only be purchased from the publishers’ website:

Guest Post – The Trouble with Playing Cupid

Remember falling in love for the first time? The highs and lows? The butterflies in your tummy? Then that sweet, sweet relief when you finally got to be with the object of your affection? Feel that feeling all over again.. read The Trouble with Playing Cupid!   
Cupid CVR 2Fb

One New Year’s Eve, shy singer, December Brown drunkenly texts her talk show host pal, Trace Randall, about her long time crush on the aloof actor, Tom Elmswood. Thinking the two celebrities would make a cute couple, he unwisely decides to play matchmaker… in front of a live studio audience. 

Things start to go downhill when Tom admits he’s never even heard of December before. Now what seemed like a sure fire hit quickly becomes a flop. Will these two lonely hearts ever make a love connection or has this cupid’s arrow missed its mark? 

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Guest Post – Casual Sex is for The Shallow – Your Modern Day Mind Condom


Cover Page Casual Sex is For the Shallow 2Casual Sex is for the Shallow  is your modern day mind condom. Protect yourself before engaging in casual sex, by knowing and understanding that as a woman, sex is as much physical as it is emotional.  Women are often told about the physical implications of sleeping around but very little emphasis is placed on the emotional ones. The emotional ramifications can be just as devastating as the physical ones.

The title of my  ebook  is  just as misleading as casual sex. Casual sex is an act that is devoid of emotion as well as commitment, in my book I call it the “instant coffee” that some women try to  use to obtain a relationship or temporarily satisfy emotions of loneliness and incompleteness.  It is selfish, shallow, and superficial.

First of all, what is sex? Sex is either the penis or the vagina. What is sexual intercourse? Sexual intercourse means penetration of the vagina by the penis. Intercourse is a communion, exchange of thoughts, or feelings, connection. If penetration is  defined as an exchange of thoughts, feelings, and connection, then can having intercourse with another person really be casual?  I break down the term casual sex to its simplest meaning in my book to help women better understand what casual sex is as well as what it is not.

I  also discuss “Sexpectations,”  or sexual expectations. Expectations do not belong in casual sex. Sex is not the magical dance that turns a casual relationship into a committed one. The only expectation a woman should have is to make herself feel good. I talk about sex with your guy friend, or friends with benefits and why sleeping with them casually is not the best option for you.

Sex as a bargaining tool is another subject I discuss in my book. Using sex in exchange for love, power or anything intangible is not fair to you.  He can physically have sex with you, but you can’t physically touch power, or love.Sex cannot guarantee your emotional well being, in my book I note that,  Sex is not your cash cow for a steady dependable flow of emotions. Under this same topic I address the term pussy power. What is pussy power? Why is it misleading?

Don’t be a ‘Babbling Brook’ is a small section in my book  that helps women to filter what they say when they are casually dating someone and looking for a  long term relationship. I go over  the what, when, why and how not to’s, in regards  to sharing your sexaul history with someone that you casually know. Why shouldn’t he get what you gave to everyone else without a commitment?

Then  I  take a look at the  “Shallow womans story”, this is the narrative told in Hollywood. This is the side of casual sex that is easy to digest because it plays out like a movie, this shallow woman always has a happy ending. What does it mean to be shallow? Is being shallow a good thing? Is being able to disconnect from your emotions normal?

Finally, I briefly tell my story and the reasons why I started engaging in casual sex. Because I was sexually abused as a child I was able to disconnect from my emotions which made sleeping around a lot easier. Casual sex is about disconnecting, dissecting and dismembering sex, it is about the body parts not the person as whole.  Casual sex was my gateway to escorting/ prostitution. Why do it for free if I can get paid to do it? After sleeping around for such a long time, sex lost its enjoyment, it was a job, a chore and the offer of money made it tolerable.I began to question  my self-worth when I realized that I had lost count of all the men I had been with. Who would want a woman that has slept around with so many people? I  can say that I am blessed that I found someone who  loves me in my entirety  after I gave up the casual sex lifestyle. With this book I want to offer hope to women who are ,or were  sleeping around, and  are, or were escorting, there is  love, and happiness for you.

I wrote this book with almost a decade worth of experience living the casual sex lifestyle, Ive seen the good, the bad and the grey areas of casual sex. Casual sex was not the worst choice I made but it was not the best choice either. I wrote this book because I found myself surrounded by broken hearted women and if I wasn’t surrounded by them my sister was, or my friends were. So many women hurt over  casual sex, and what some man did to them; wanting, yearning, going crazy almost in an attempt to understand why, why not them? Why did this man choose to treat them this way and not someone else? Why had they had three or more sexual partners and no relationship? Why was he ignoring them? Why couldn’t they get over him?  I hope my book will help bring closure to those women who never get to  know why, or don’t understand how to answer these questions for themselves.

Casual Sex is for The Shallow is available for purchase  exclusively on Amazon.

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Guest Post – A nice piece of Wensleydale Cheese, please

Most of OM’s authors get invited on here to talk about their books. The blood that has poured from their fingers as they hammer frantically on their abused computer keyboards, the rivers of tears and sweat (yuk!) that have dripped from their faces as they reveal their tortured souls on screen: the agony and ecstasy of rejections, acceptances, and seeing their work in print… You are probably all bored to tears with that, so I’m here today to talk about cheese.

You see, I’m a fantasy author. Not a fantastic author, but a fantasy author. Stop panting there at the back, I didn’t mean *that* sort of fantasy either: OM doesn’t have that sort of thing on here. Or so I’ve been led to believe. You regular readers might know better. In fact, I’ve seen a lot of the posts on here, so maybe I should know better. Sorry, back to the subject.* I know it’s a bit of a confession, but there we are: my teenage daughter (in a fit of misplaced enthusiasm) set me up on one of those internet dating sites last year. I turned it on: ‘What do you do?’ it asked me. ‘Fantasy writer’ I typed in, making sure that I had spelt it properly since the site was run by Americans, and you can never be too careful with their spellcheckers. Down the page was a list of things not to talk about with the ladies you might meet: Fantasy was on top of the list, so I turned the thing off and have never been back. Honestly, what use was it to me? “What do you do?” someone would ask. “The site says I’m not supposed to tell you.” I’d sound like a notorious serial killer out on license with a new identity; or maybe a hired assassin, rather than an author no one has ever heard of.

Anyway, where was I supposed to be? Oh yes, cheese. I like cheese, and I’ve tried many of the varieties on offer. I’ve even tried the ‘Stinking Bishop’ variety that achieved notoriety when used in one of the brilliant Wallace and Gromit films. It didn’t float my boat, to be honest (although in fairness cheese is rarely used as a floatation device, even in these times of stringent economy). I keep several different varieties of cheese in the fridge. Blue Stilton, White Stilton with Lemon, Oakwood and, yes, Wensleydale. Probably the only good thing to come out of Yorkshire.***

Why? Well I’ve found, like many authors, that three in the morning is a time when I am visited by strange ideas – many of which become fiction. A bad dream about cats ended up in an anthology called ‘Felinity’ for Grimbold Books. A very strange dream about zombies dancing to ‘Johnny B Goode’ became a short story that won last years’ Northampton Literary Group Flash Fiction competition, sponsored by the University of Northampton. Three others have formed the basis of novels that have just been released (or in one case has had to be re released after the publisher absconded with all the monies). Most of the authors reading this will be nodding, and thinking about the discomfort they cause their partners by sitting up in bed at three in the morning (or four in the morning, if it was a long dream) and frantically scribbling notes on the pad they keep besides the bed. One of the best things about being single is that I can put on the lights properly to make notes, without fear of recriminations, abuse or a well-aimed pillow or elbow…

So the principle I want to share with you today is this: you have a dream, make notes, the dream serves as the basic inspiration for the book, or helps break the writer’s block, or provides the plot twist to free the hero from the frankly impossible situation the poor benighted author has just created for his/her Main Character before going to sleep in the knowledge that they aren’t the one about to get maimed/injured/killed in the next chapter: this is where the cheese comes in. With a judicious choice of the flavour/variety to be eaten late at night, the author can avail themselves of a choice of solutions. I find that a blue cheese, possibly because it is technically already rotting -that’s true by the way, Google it – helps provide dark and moody scenarios or stories. Zombies and the Undead are heavily featured here. Should you be after a scene in which the hero/heroine needs to smoulder to attract a partner or the Love Interest, than a smoked cheese works wonders, if eaten with herb flavoured crackers. I normally go for the stilton cheese with lemon rind if I need an action scene, as I find the lemon adds a sharpness to the dream sequence. Wensleydale ( a crumbly white cheese) is for those times I want to stand a character on a crumbling cliff top, or down a mine, or on an expose hillside, and need to help them escape.

I could go on, but there’s a risk this blog post could turn into a commercial for cheese, when really it’s supposed to be a commercial for me so I’d better stop there. But you get the idea, I’m sure. Ladies and Gentlemen, I offer you the essential literary aid that is cheese. A very present friend and helpmeet to the author in a hurry or a quandary, or suffering from the allegedly illusory writers’ block.

*Sorry, I do digress sometimes, it’s a bad habit I’m trying to break.**

**Like using footnotes.

*** I’m from Lancashire in England you see, and have an inherited prejudice against Yorkshire, the next County in the country.

Will Macmillan Jones is the author of the underground hit collection of fabulously funny fantasy, The Banned Underground ( The sixth book in the collection of stand alone stories has just been unveiled to a largely uninterested public on Amazon.
His first book for 5-8 year olds – Snort & Wobbles, and his first horror book The Showing are now available on Amazon. His website is

Have Frog, Will Travel Small (2)


First off I want to thank Jason for the opportunity to post on his awesome blog.

I’m a fairly new author, my first book was published in 2013, with book two released a few months later and my most recent release in July of this year. The ship I refer to in the title to this post makes an appearance in each of my three novels, though in the first book, QUESTOR, the ship is actually the spaceship named in the title. The ship which appears in the next two books is a much more simple sailing vessel which plays an important role in both novels, THE EYNAN and THE EYNAN 2: GARILEON – the book I want to promote today.




Having finally put the war with the Illurian Empire behind him, Jhond of Reeve sets out to discover what being the Eynan really means. Captain Amired leads Jhond and his mentor, friend and fellow mage, Ninian, back to the Isle of Truth to recover the rest of the artifacts. They whisk them to the safety of the Temple of the Magi. While there, Jhond decides to investigate the artifacts, finding some remarkable objects. They also find some unusual crystals, and both Jhond and Ninian experience visions through touching two of them.

Even though the visions are different, they each point to a problem on the edge of the northern icy wastes, specifically to the distant land of Garileon. Is it possible the visions are in fact linked? The only way to be sure is to follow where the visions lead—Ninian’s to a rare female mage, and Jhond’s to an ancient evil…


Ninian drew a tiny gem from his pocket and with a few choice magic words the jewelite lifted from his palm, brightened as it rose and soon the space was illuminated. Ninian recognized one of the underground rooms in the Temple of the Magi. Even with the illumination provided by the jewelite the corners of the room were still dark with an air of mystery. The stone blocks were in remarkable condition considering the age of the structure, which pre-dated the Withdrawal by at least ten centuries.

“I always felt something very powerful in this room,” Jhond said as he moved toward the back wall, hand outstretched as if searching for something.

“I know just what you mean but I was never able to find out what caused it.”

Jhond glanced over his shoulder and smiled. “I do now. There is a strong spell protecting this wall, something is hidden behind it.” Jhond closed his eyes and Ninian knew he was concentrating so he’d be able to push through. “This spell has been in place for a long time,” Jhond said, his voice tight, “And it’s still very powerful. No wonder it takes the power of the Eynan to break through.”

There was a bright flash and where once there had been what appeared to be a section of wall of stone blocks there was now a heavy wooden door.


The novel is available in both ebook and print versions:

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You can find more information about me and my books, including reviews and buy links for all my novels, by visiting my website:

Guest Author – I’m Taking a Fantastic Voyage. Won’t You Join Me?

An Introduction:

The following is my author bio as we say in the business. My publisher requested three but I’ll only burden you with one:

I was born on Valentine’s Day a long, long time ago in South Baltimore, Maryland, less than a mile from Fort McHenry and Federal Hill. I’m a very simple person. I love my life and am always striving to make it better for myself and my family.

I write, draw and still work full-time. I’ve been married for 20 years and together we have two sons, a daughter, three beautiful granddaughters and a nine year old Maine Coon cat named Columbus.

My first novel “Fireflies” was published with Ravenswood Publishing in the spring of 2013 and my second, “Hope From the Ocean,” was released in the spring of 2014 and is the prequel to “Fireflies.”

My next novel, “The Blue Diamond – The Razor’s Edge,” will be released on October 1st of this year and is the beginning of a whole new series called, “The Ivory Razor Adventures.” In July of this year, I entered a pitch contest for Pubslush ( and Booklogix and won second place. One of the prizes for second place was my own Pubslush campaign.

You can check it out here:


Pubslush is crowdfunding for books. I’ve taken advantage of this opportunity in order to attempt to raise funds so that I’m able to hire a marketing company to assist me with reaching the next level as an author. My Pubslush launches on September 1st. Wish me luck.

Before we move on to real guts of my guest post, I have to thank Jason for the opportunity to be able to reach so many viewers. I’m a novelist first and blogger second, so I don’t know if I could ever reach the level of success he has as a blogger. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to share with such a wide audience but I kept coming back to this mission statement if you will, so in order to share my authentic self, here it is. There are other variations of this out there in cyberspace but I tweaked and buffed this just for you.


The Kind of Writer I Want To Be

I’ve believed since I dedicated myself to this journey two years ago that I knew exactly what kind of writer I wanted to be. Since I wrote the first sentence of my first novel, that dedication hasn’t wavered. A simple little sentence started it all.

“Ennis found a bird.”

I’ve had no formal training in this profession but I’ve done a ton of research, logged countless hours writing and I’ve dug in my heels. I’m not going anywhere.

I write fast. I think fast and once I set my sights on a goal I rarely give up unless I’m personally not satisfied with my level of performance or the quality of work I’m doing. So far, I see no reason to quit. As long as I keep breathing, moving, growing and evolving as a person, I’ll never stop.

It is important to me to produce quality books. Since I am still learning every day what that means to me and how it relates to my writing, I believe I can only keep improving. I’ve always loved writing and although I spent most of my adult life working, raising children and just trying to keep my boat right side up, I chose to put my aspirations on the back burner and take care of my family. I do not regret it one little bit. Through that journey, I learned so much about myself and gained volumes of experience at just being a human being. I’m proud of whom I’ve finally grown up to be and I need to be proud of the work I do too.

It’s a long road from writing your first page, to publishing. You will be knocked back more times than you can imagine. You’ll be told over and over again that your book “just isn’t what we’re looking for at this time.” Roadblock upon roadblock will rise up in front of you but you have to keep pushing on. Family problems, money shortages, day job, responsibilities and oh, that little thing called sleep will feel like a ball and chain at times but no matter what, you can’t give up. If being a published author is truly your calling or at the very least, your goal, allowing anything to stop you is not an option—no matter how long it takes or what road you take to get there.

The most important thing to me is that I write what I want to read. I want to write words that feel like warm butter on a hot roll. Words that get inside of you and either make you squirm or rise up inside of you and escape with a smile. Words that stick in your head and come to mind when you least expect it. I want to write stories that when you close the book, you want more. The reason I know how important writing what I want to read is, is because I’ve tried writing stories that may fall into one of the hot selling genres and I couldn’t get through the first chapter. You’ll know you’re writing what you want to read, when closing your laptop feels like kicking a heroin addiction.

I don’t want to write about what everyone else is writing about. I don’t need to sit at the cool kids table to feel good about myself. I know there are lots of genres and I know which ones sell the most. No, I’m not crazy and of course I want to make money and be able to write full time but I have to do it in a way I feel good about inside. I have to do it on my own terms. I have to tell a good story with characters you want to meet and know, and talk to again and again. I believe at some point I’ll be able to put almost anything into words but it has to be my anything, not what’s hot at the moment and not just because I want to be with the in crowd. My readers are out there and as long as I keep looking, I’ll find them and they’ll find me.

I want to stand out. I have this crazy dream that my stories will one day be considered as some of the best ever. I’ll stand by that. I believe that and soon, I’ll live that.

Thank you,

P.S. Bartlett – I’m taking a fantastic voyage. Won’t you join me?