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That time I killed

Remember that time I killed you? I got tired of you hanging around. You were always there, hovering… Always judging me it seemed. How dare you look down on me with your inflated sense of righteousness. And then I got tired of the struggle. I released my anger with the opening of a Winchester Blade… Read More »

Half a Piece

There is half a piece of bread by my bed. A half eaten decision made at about 11:45 last night. It reminds me of a thought, half a thought because I can’t remember the rest. It seems a shame that somewhere hanging still is half a sentence. Breaking in half a paragraph that may have… Read More »

The Duel

A flash of steel to match my frustration lashes out at my opponent. The swipe passes before his mocking gaze, a gaze I strive to break but can’t. We slowly circle around one another. Around what we want and need as we seek the opening that will end this dance. I slowly move my blade… Read More »

Creativity in the Night

He pens his heart in the darkness and releases the light from within. Searching for the perfect words, he closes his eyes to the noise of this world and seeks a better one in literature. She holds her paintbrush like the artist that she is and traces the glancing rays of moonlight that sparkle upon… Read More »