Reference – Speaking To A Larger Audience

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I love stats! So thank you for sharing some of your numbers. I had hoped someone will. Maybe the next referral will share their graph as well! -OM
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I believe that, as bloggers, we all desire a larger audience for our work.  We are here for a reason, we have strong and beautiful voices, and we want to be heard!

If you are like me you do not know the ins and outs of SEO, which is one of the most important aspects of gaining a larger audience.  I came across a fellow blogger who just happens to be an expert in this area here on WordPress, Jason of A Opinionated Man and A Good Blog Is Hard To Find.  Jason’s writing is phenomenal, I faithfully follow both of his blogs and recommend you do the same!  So, when Jason recently began advertising his services I jumped on it!

When I contacted Jason I had 48 followers.  Within minutes of him beginning his work I had more views and comments than I ever had before!  It was 

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Reference – The most worked Organ in the body (THE HEART)

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A very nice referral post and I am always glad to help those that feel they have something for the world to hear. -OM
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I write because I love (My Heart) to write, I love (My Heart) to imagine the many smiles and silly giggles that may comes across someones face when they read a post from me. Interested in what I have to say. I love (My Heart) knowing that there is someone out there that will read my inspiration and have courage to live their best life today.

I love (My Heart) connecting with people! For me the connection speaks volumes “Hello, I see your work and I love it”  “It’s really nice to meet you” ” Your photography inspires me” “Your poetry literally transports me into a divine spiritual essence”  “Your writing is a stress relief for me and helps answers my questions” “Oh wow, I thought I was the only one that felt that way” and the list goes on and on.

The above quote beginning this post comes…

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Reference – BIG thanks to OM

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Thank you for the nice write! I am glad you are happy with the service and thank you for taking the time to write a referral post! -OM
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BIG thanks to Jason Cushman aka OM from

OM has been working with me for the past 72 hours to teach me some of the ropes as well as some useful tips regarding WordPress formatting and how to make the most of my site.
His services have increased my blog readers/followers tremendously!

If you’re new to blogging and WordPress, or just need some help building your site, OM is the expert to contact for help with growing your blogging audience. Any doubts? Check out his followers…I think his numbers speak to his knowledge of blogging and reaching target audiences.

If your curious and want to chat with him, follow this link to his post on Harsh Reality or contact him by email: Ask him to come and have a look at your site and see what he suggests. If you have faith in your own talents and belief in your blog, Jason can help…

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Reference – Doing It By The Numbers

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My first client and first review! Thanks! -OM

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Hands up who enjoys interacting and chatting, debating and dueling and all the fun activities you discover when you join the blogging world. [pause for a hand count] Ok those of you with your hands down I think that if you’re like me you started this as a venture to talk about things you were interested in, explore writing in various forms and to connect with others who enjoy the same things.  I love writing and always have but I have fallen hopelessly head over heals in love with blogging.  It’s crack baby – that rush when someone responds for the first time to a post, that OMG moment when you see [cue heavenly choir] you have ‘A Follower’ all of it is an affirmation that your work has value and interest to at least one other person.

faith in abilitiesThere has been a lot of debate about blogging for ‘Purity of…

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Business Update

I am pleased with the first two weeks of my new business. There are some things I am a little apprehensive about, particularly the part where I hire a CPA and lawyer, but there are very exciting things coming I believe. As of today I have completed 16 contracts and all have been satisfied I believe. That says something I think when you consider that most new startups normally have at least one complaint along the way. I try to be as straight forward as possible with what I am offering… namely that my service is a subscriber increase and that is it.

Starting this coming week I am increasing my prices for future customers. That seems quick, but the cost to labor ratio is a little off. This will hopefully fix that. If you are serious about promoting your WordPress based blog I can help you. I am also going to offer a few slots to people looking for larger contracts. I have a couple medium ranged ones right now, but if anyone is interested in a larger subscriber base for their book, project, business, or venture let me know.

If you look at my REFERRALS link you can see that the blogs I have helped so far have all been different. The important part here is that the only thing I touch is the reader on most of these blogs. A couple of clients had me change their template, but it is THEIR work that is attracting the following. I am not writing, commenting, or posting anything on these blogs and I am not offering reblogs into any kind of deal. These bloggers write on all different subject matters as well. I have already helped an artist, photography, writer, a few very strong Christians with a message, and an animal rights activist.

Every blog has something to offer, but it is finding the right people that want to view it, read it, and see it that is the hard part. That “work” is the portion I am willing to do. Or you can just write your heart away and let it drop into the ocean that is the WordPress reader. That isn’t the way to get noticed. I know many people look down on the methods I use, even some of my current clients did at one point, but what they now realize and what those other people don’t is that it IS all about the “single view.” Who that viewer is or whether they like what they read, it is about pushing for that view. That is why we write on social media instead of a notebook or journal. We are trying to see if anyone likes our work and our “work ethic” will often get in our own way when it comes to establishing ourselves in the very area we wish to be in. Don’t let it.

I see posts by bloggers that read “I get views, but no comments. I hate fake views” What are you doing to draw in the comments? Are you putting yourself out there or are you simply pressing publish and sending up a prayer that someone cares to look at that topic the minute you submitted your article. You can guarantee people see your work by going and finding your audience, even around a particular article. It does work, people that say it doesn’t do not know what they are talking about. Those same bloggers will then have a post a few down complaining about stats, spammers, and how google doesn’t send them traffic. Stop complaining bloggers and go find your own traffic. It really is that simple. 16/16, my record really speaks for itself.

Thank you to all the reblogs and my apologies to any comments I have missed. It has been a busy couple weeks!

Jason Cushman

-Opinionated Man