Heard the news about Harrison Ford.

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That is freaking cool. NICE POST! -OM
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Heard the news about Harrison Ford plane crash on March 5, 2015


Son, Ben Ford, says, “Dad is ok. Battered, but ok! He is every bit the man you would think he is.

I say

Harrison Ford.

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A Typical Day On A Drillship

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Thanks for sharing your daily on your drill ship Jill! Awesome stuff and really adds something new to the HR Challenge! I appreciate you taking part. -OM
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I decided to join in on Jasons’ challenge over at the Opinionated Mans blog. He’s collecting a pretty cool collection of posts from people all over the world. Everyone is posting about where they’re from and what it’s like there. I’ve really enjoyed hearing from everyone.

I really have 2 totally different places I could call home. I live in a small town in Texas, but I actually spend more time out here at work than I do there. So, this is really more my home, out here (at sea).

For at least half the year, I live onboard something like this ship I’m on right now. It’s about 228m long and 42m wide. We usually have between 165-180 people onboard (almost all men). There’s not a lot of space on these ships for living quarters, so almost everyone shares a room. I am lucky to only share with…

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A love for tofu

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Your lunches rock! -OM
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Tofu love

Hello to all new visitors! And of course to the regular ones ^*^

Quite a lot of people took the time to comment on yesterday’s post (in answer to HarsH ReaLiTy challenge) and I really appreciate that :-)

It was great fun to do something completely different to my usual blog posts and it also made my commute much more enjoyable by being more aware of my surroundings. Often I take it for granted that I live/work in this great city called London so it was good to realise that again. It was also really nice to look at the posts/photo’s from other bloggers who took up this challenge, so I can recommend having a browse! (see HarsH ReaLiTy)

So today’s post is what I usually blog about: the food in my lunchbox! :-)

I called it a love for tofu because that’s what’s happening at the moment…

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Well There’s Goes The Good Streak

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I hope you get it all sorted out! That sucks.:/ -OM
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Today I woke up to find a nice THICK sheet of snow everywhere. That’s right, Winter decided to have one last “hurrah” before finally leaving, and making space for Spring to have a go at its (in my opinion too brief) three month stay in the city. I mean its bad enough that I haven’t been able to get out of bed lately, but seeing the snow really just made me want to turn over and knock out.

But I of course pulled myself out of bed, very reluctantly, and went to work anyway.

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Daily Life in a Small Connecticut Town

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Hello Connecticut! Thank god for spell check. Thanks for sharing where Elsa is hiding! ;) -OM
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This post is inspired by this challenge by Opinionated Man.

Because I’m super paranoid, I don’t want to share the specific name of the town I live in.

So about Connecticut… I’m not even entirely sure where to begin.

It’s a common stereotype that everyone in Connecticut is extremely rich. It’s true that there are a few towns where rich people tend to live. But the truth is, Connecticut has one of the highest income inequalities in the nation (I think it may even be the highest)!

Sure some places in CT get lots of attention: you may have heard of Hartford, Danbury, New Haven, or Greenwich. My town is not one of those towns.

I live in a tiny town with no schools and no shopping malls. There is no entertainment to be had here, for that we go to the next town over (and even then there…

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