Thank you!

As I come closer to my first blogging goal ever I feel the need to say thank you to everyone that has continued to read my random posts. Your support and continued interest is what makes HarsH ReaLiTy what it is. I have put in countless hours since I created this blog last January and although it hasn’t “paid off” in the ways I may have dreamed… it has provided encouragement in ways I never thought of.

One goal around the corner. The next goal going in the oven. And that is the grind people.


“I don’t blog for an Audience”

I get tired of hearing this sentence from bloggers. If you aren’t interested in gathering a following or having others read your work GOOD FOR YOU! Why is it you feel that it is necessary to parade that ideology on every post you can find that talks about “building a blog or an audience?” How many articles have you read on how to successfully build a blog and how many of those articles have you seen at least one commenter that feels the need to clarify that they “write for themselves?” Good for you… now how about you go write in that corner over there since you are so proud of the fact that you don’t care if anyone else sees your post!

Many of us here on WordPress are writers and we ARE seeking critiques of our work or eyes on our articles. There is nothing wrong with that at all. Don’t get discouraged or put off by people that loudly trumpet in your face that “they aren’t after the numbers or the views.” If you want to focus on that and then in turn feel proud of the fact that you have accomplished a “goal” then do so! Be as proud as you feel like! Simply ignore the “noise” around you that will try and tell you that your outlook is wrong. They are your goals, your outlooks, and it is your blog. Screw everyone else.


Doing For Others

No one has to explain to me how busy a person can be and how one can become so focused on their personal goals that the needs of others are ignored. I have the ultimate tunnel vision when it comes to chasing my dreams and I will run over happy bunny rabbits in pursuit of that dream. Still, we must remember that sometimes a small helping hand is all another person needs to make it through the day. While we are on cruise control another person is in the highest gear simply trying to make it up a small hill.

Doing for others just because it is the right thing to do is a lost art. A lost cause. If there isn’t something in it for the “doer” then there is no point to the “doing” these days. I find that to be a sad reality as I see bloggers actively hamstringing each other and refusing to offer even the slightest hint of support to others. It is all about me, my website, my blog, my audience, my goals, and my dreams. Everyone else can be damned!

I do not wake up wanting to be motivational to others. I don’t set out to be an inspiration. I honestly can’t stand people that feel they need to carry the largest fucking cross they can find just so everyone will ohhh and ahhh over their feat. Praise… praise is the fool’s gold of the masses. Have you ever met that one helpful person that is amazing when they want to be, but the minute the “praise stops” they suddenly have better things to do? I have had people make snide remarks that I help other bloggers only for the praise and recognition. Those jabs underline what I am saying in this post, that people are cynical bastards that have killed the simple act of “doing for others” for no other reason than because it is the right thing to do.

That to me is worth lamenting, that to me is worth reflection, and that to me is why I care.

We need not be opponents in this game of life. Everyone has an extra hand.



You have my thoughts today Canada. Who the hell shoots a reservist soldier guarding a memorial? A MEMORIAL!!! Seriously? What a cowardly piece of shit.