Perfect Moments

Perfect moments, given flight.

Dare I hope? I might, I might.

Trample me, come trample me.

Trample my beating heart.

Come to me, do not flee.

Our journey I hope to start.

Making moments while moments make me.

Is it meant to be?

i hope i hope, a single wish.

this chance, this moment, I will not miss.



Nominate A Blogger

I don’t participate in the “awards” that circulate because I don’t have the time. I do think they are a great way of promoting not only your blog, but other bloggers as well. When people suggest your blog it carries a little more weight than when you toot your own horn.

Feel free to use this thread to promote a fellow blogger. Maybe tell us what they blog about and share their link? Everyone loves to find great blogs to add to their readers so if you know of one that isn’t as well known share their blog with us and tell us why it is great!

All bloggers are welcome.