Bloggers are Sleeping Giants

Bloggers are sleeping giants. Why do you shut off your glory and pride from the world? Building walls out of fear of condemnation. Do you not realize you are judged simply for walking from point A to point B? What matters then if you skip in motion and perhaps sing a meaningless song? Foolish is the one that believes by remaining silent they do the world a favor. We darken this earth more and more with our tall fences.

I glimpse flashes of brilliance on blogs daily. Writers busy writing to the wind and yet I feel their hearts yearning for a voice. A place to share or possibly a cause to care about, look down idiot you are standing on gold. In each moment we must decide how to present ourselves in this colorless plain of existence we call the interweb. Remove your mask and display your own countenance that marks you as an individual.

Cut loose the anchor that weighs down your tongue bloggers. Waken the giant within and fearlessly share what you care to say. For if you do not voice your own concerns who else will trumpet your cause? Will you count on Mr. and Mrs. Random to present those issues you feel so strongly about? No… we will lend our own voice and hope our light blinds the world for a small moment. Because in that moment of blindness humanity will truly listen.

-Opinionated Man

I hate small talk

I am not much for small talk. Anyone that corresponds with me through email knows this about me by now. I will generally avoid most questions about myself and will only answer what needs to be responded to. It isn’t so much that I think I am special or I have some identity to hide… I just don’t talk with humans very well.

I used “with” on purpose there. I can talk “to” people just fine… but I grow easily bored and distracted if I must actually interact. I will often times stare into space until they give up… Maybe that is rude. I hate being around large groups of “new people” and will generally find a way to excuse myself from such a gathering. You know sorting your sock drawer is important… right ladies?

There is very little value in small talk unless you seriously like someone, are going to date them, or are about to go to court against them. Then small talk can be useful… perhaps that is the cynic in me. Regardless, I often wonder if my lack of “communication” back is a hindrance to any real “social bond” that might be had over social media. It would be a shame if that were so, but it would also not surprise me.

I have always made friends easily, networked easily, and been able to pull social attention to myself. Like my blog, I get tired of that limelight quickly and will generally find ways to deflect that focus elsewhere. Look an abortion post…

We do what we must to survive on a day to day basis. I am just glad I don’t have more quirks or I might never function in a normal society. Maybe society is the one that is abnormal and I am simply human.


Black Belts, Eagle Scouts, and Ninjas

I equate a black belt to being in the same category as an eagle scout. I do not know Karate, yes… let’s just let the shock wear off for a second… … … all done?

There is no martial arts form practiced by me other than the art of bottle opening. I have that form down. Still, I of course have an opinion on martial arts even though I don’t take it.

When I was young my parents took us to a Karate Dojo in town to see if we were interested. I felt out of place. Why you ask? Well I seem to recall the Sensei’s name being Rick (my imagination wants to add the last name White) and he was very much NOT Asian. Call me racist, but unless you are Chuck Norris I don’t buy it.

I was walking past a dojo just tonight, they seem to catch my eye, and inside was an older Caucasian woman with a black belt on. I will admit it made me a little angry. Granted… perhaps this woman has the necessary skills to wear such a coveted mark of achievement, but I doubt it. I highly doubt it. When I see a black belt around the waist of a human I see a potential badass, or at least I want to believe it. You are a walking ninja out of costume to me and that belt is just as important as an Eagle Scout badge. It means you can dragon punch the shit out of Godzilla and maybe even do some Street Fighter moves.

I am ranting a little bit, but that is because I don’t know kung-fu, karate, or judo. I therefore view people that do know these forms, like my brother-in-law, in the highest regard. If you don’t even look the part though… that is an instant negative mark in my book. At least look like you can break a board with your mind ok?

Sorry Rick White… I won’t be attending your dojo.

-Opinionated Man

Hate Me… if you must

Hate me if you must world for saying the things that others are thinking. I will accept the condemnation of man for judging man. He deserves to be judged.

Scream at me and order my silence if you like. I will not stop sharing my thoughts until my fingers are broken and my keyboard is shattered before my eyes. Will I shed a tear at that point? No, I will smile with the knowledge that I wrote something the world actually cared about.

You may hate me, I accept your hate. That is the price we writers pay when we weep our thoughts onto blank pages begging for attention. Do we share because we care, because we must, or because we feel obligated to? Who cares? As long as honest thoughts are spread true freedom can be realized.


Three Things I Try Not to Watch

There are three types of movies that I try to avoid watching. I dislike movies in which torture is highlighted, movies about slavery or people being forced against their will, and movies about Jesus and especially about the crucifixion. I have never watched “The Passion”, I made it twenty minutes into 12 Years a Slave, and I dislike watching films like Hostel (even though I saw it). Allow me to explain my distaste for these different categories.

I refuse to watch movies about Christ and “overly dramatized” pieces on what his final days were like. I have never seen the popular movie “The Passion” and I see very little purpose in the making of these films. I highly doubt they were intended to “spread the word” and were instead used for shock and awe affect. I hate when people create something just to do it, with no personal attachment whatsoever to the subject. That to me just reeks of desperation for attention. Further, what else needs to be shown about the crucifixion? Why do people keep making these stupid movies? Conversions… please don’t make me laugh.

I made it 20 minutes into 12 Years a Slave. I found the first 20 or so minutes to be average quality and the reason I cut off the movie was due to the torture scene when he gets drugged and captured. Now some people might say “well you should force yourself to watch it. The very fact you turned away lets you know how important seeing this movie is!” Um… excuse me? How is my discomfort by the subject indicative of any hidden guilt or need for personal growth? I never owned slaves and slavery was an evilness that consumed the whole world, not just America. It still goes on to this day. While I understand the need to study and understand the past, I am not sure what purpose films like this serve. If anything I see the potential for greater anger from both whites and blacks from simply observing the story. That probably depends on where you watch this movie, but I imagine watching a movie on Korean comfort women taken by Japan during World War II. If half the theater were Japanese and the other half Korean would that not be a recipe for violence? What is the difference from these movies? For those saying “well OM you are being unfair” I challenge you to read some of the posts and articles by blacks and whites that did NOT like the movie. They are far more aggressive in their words.

I don’t like torture scenes. It makes me feel uncomfortable and queasy. My greatest fear is to be held against my will and tortured, or to have this done to my loved ones. That is part of the reason I refuse to travel to Mexico, I don’t intend to be the next tourist wearing a tire. There are crazy people in this world and some talented ones as well. The talented humans made these movies… I suppose. The crazy people would be the “John” next to you laughing his ass off while a girl is cut up graphically on a large screen. Think that guy isn’t just a little bit off?