Writing through the tired

I write through the tired. Connecting words to sentences of thought. I hold my breath so that my musings don’t float away.

I feel the sunset of my eyes, but there is no rest. No sleep for those that do and do. Writing through the tired, I press foward like the literary soldier I am.

Could I pen a thought when no thoughts will come? When I am so tired that I hardly recognize what I wrote the next day? Might a stranger instead be guiding my fingers as they sprint across the keyboard. They tire me with their incessant need for action and yet inaction exhausts me even more.

My glass house stands empty. The first time it has been so. Empty rooms reflect an empty mind. I hear a lullaby nearby, but I know it is a lie. There is no music without words. There are only empty rooms and a moon.



Are You A Literary Snob?

How many of you will honestly admit if you are a literary snob? Do you look down on bad writing? Do you ever consider “why” the writing may be bad or do you instead immediately chalk it up to human laziness and move on?

Many people are very stingy with their space and what more important space is there than their blog space. Unless your writing is impeccable people generally won’t share your work. They have to feel it is at least equal or better than what they can personally do. That isn’t a bad thing and setting a high bar for yourself, what you read, and what you share is admirable in many ways.

There is a reason I don’t follow this line of thinking though. English is my second language technically and I took speech therapy as a child to learn how to pronounce TH, CH, and SH in the English language. Koreans don’t have those sounds and they are completely foreign to us… hence the accents. Because of my “second class” feeling in regards to not only this language, but also this culture and the people here, I developed an image of myself. That image was never a writer and I never once presented that ability to the world until very late in life. Suffocating who you are because you are ashamed of your handicaps is no way to live. It is no way to dream.

I share posts and blogs willingly even when the writing isn’t perfect. Even when there are grammatical errors or punctuation sins all over the board. Honestly who am I to judge? My punctuation and grammar are two of my weakest writing skills. I consider them handicaps in many ways rather than actual skills. I appreciate that people are pushing themselves to do something that they enjoy, even if their pen is still being honed. We are all here for our own reasons and whether those reasons are to practice to make perfect or just to release words into the air they are all the same to me. They are all building blocks towards something. I have had people and even teachers attempt to beat me down. They belittled my writing and told me to “pick a different hobby.” I know how horrible that feels and I would never attempt to make anyone feel the way I felt back then.

I am snobbish about many things in life. I am not snobbish when it comes to writing. I do not read people’s work and think “man that is horrible,” unless it is obvious laziness is the dividing factor. I find it amusing when people are literary snobs and have nothing to be proud of themselves. Where do such people get off? I guess we all have our quirks. Being a literary snob is just not one of mine.



Blog Spotlight: Harsh Reality

Opinionated Man:

That wasn’t necessary, but I appreciate the shoutout John. You are too kind bud. -OM
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Originally posted on The View From My Recliner:

First of all this is not an April Fools Joke.  I came across Jason when I first started blogging.  Actually it was he would found me.  This is the third blog I write and Jason has been there from the beginning.  Jason is a hard worker and works his tail off to promote his blog and others, and trust me – he doesn’t need my help in promoting him.  But what kind of true feature would this be, if I did not include him.  So this is just my way of paying homage to a good friend.  In this feature, I said that I would feature blogs that either have supported me and interacted with this blog or that I really enjoy reading.  Well with Jason – he hits on both counts.  I thank him for all the support he has given me, and I truly look forward to his posts. …

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Stop Sending Me Your Bloody Blogs Post I’m Not Interested

Opinionated Man:

It never gets old does it Don? LoL, at least we can laugh together bud. -OM
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Today I received a rather amusing comment from one of my soon to be ex readers …

donkey-pb-105719-DonCharisma.org-1024LE“Stop sending me your bloody blogs post I’m not interested” – ezztatic


Plus a quote just for you –

Stupid is as stupid does. Forrest Gump

Their comment can be found here – http://doncharisma.org/2015/04/01/you-can-only-have-bliss-if-you-dont-chase-it/#comment-133917

Just :D really … new bloggers are funny, but always seems to be somebody else’s fault apart from their own …

Fact is stranger than fiction they say … or “You couldn’t make this shit up” …

ANYWHO – No hard feelings on my side, so here’s a virtual hug if you’re having a bad day ;) Shall I blog some kittens for you, would that make you feel better ?


Don Charisma

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