People should give thought to their email titles. For instance, if your email starts with forgiveness or God it better have some pretty catchy words after that or I delete it. I suppose I might read an email titled “God I hate your blog.” But see that would just be amusing and I’ve gotten those…

My two websites

I don’t know if everyone knows about my small WordPress blog, but I do write one. There is a link in the menu at the top or you can visit I wouldn’t subscribe to that blog by email. It sends out a ton of emails and I promote some books there too. I try…


Today My Fish Died

Dorian died today. He was the last fish we owned and I found him floating at the bottom of the bowl. I wasn’t sure if he had really passed away because lately he has begun to “pretend to die” daily… I assumed he was just looking for an extra meal till he didn’t respond to…

So. Life

I began writing a book today and will see it through to completion. Regardless if it is a bad book. I have set myself for a moment when two paths are present. I’d love to write for a living, but I won’t make money the same way other people do online. It just isn’t in…



-OM 44.1 8/3/2016



-OM 44.1 8/3/2016


Publishing, Books, Dreams, and Goals

I enjoy blogging because it is so informal and loose. I have a huge appreciation for the “short” or the “short write,” and I feel I write them very well. It is fun to quickly spill your thoughts and not have to wait for permission to share them. I have a lot of admiration for…