Tear Drops

Tear drops on an open flame burst into final life. A single second of satisfaction for a lifetime spent in creation. Born of a quickly evaporating thought, you are the product of emotion. And with a blink of action you are gone. A tear drop on open flame.

-Opinionated Man

She wore the sun

She walked in the room and upon her body she wore the sun. The room paused for breath as one, we contemplated perfect beauty. I moved towards you, past the not so hidden glances of want from forgotten foes. Forgotten in a moment, the moment our hands touched. And locking fingers we coupled that action with desired affect as we stared at one another. The emotion is nameless as is the song we danced to past reality and reality’s eyes. They searched desperately after us in sorrow at being left out on some hidden secret. There are no secrets here though, as we peeled back our thoughts like our clothes lying forgotten on the floor. We made love beside a buried sun and a hidden moon above.

-Opinionated Man

Echo Me

How sad the voice sounds when echoed back from emptiness. A validation that your words were not heard and instead clattered down the well of humanity hitting the walls on the way down. I pen a thought in the night so that I remember the deed with the coming sun. The blessed light does not erase the shadows of doubt that I was able to scrape together on fallen wood. I create a sailboat from my unpublished drafts and send them drifting down the stream. They collide with a myriad of other boats at journey’s end… thoughts left to silently die by me. And turning away from my failures I look up as the rain begins to fall. The echo of droplets hitting puddles beneath my feet compound the reality of the moment. A reality I embrace with my last breath.


Poseidon’s Fury

Be still my heart and rest. What has awakened you? Tis only the crashing of waves that you hear. They match the rhythm of the heart and the fury that is present there. Even while basking in paradise there is an oasis of resentment that feeds my soul. It vanishes before my probing thoughts and dances away from my examination. How frustrating it is to lose control of your own thoughts and yet I do each time I close my eyes to the reality of this world… until reality awakens me. I curse her name as she shakes my shoulder and presents the same Sun in the sky.


Midnight Poet

The words look different under the light of the moon. Perhaps it is the lack of light that prevents the pages from shining haunting images of inadequacy. It matters not that the same scene is now portrayed by glowing screens and vibrating things. What now pulls at strings of obligation that carry me like a puppet through life? It does not take a smart man to have an opinion about everything, but perhaps some intelligence is necessary to articulate a thought. Lack of vocabulary should never silence a voice, for a simple phrase can provide a person freedom. I take heart in that simplicity.


Midnight Lies

You sing a song of promises across a plain of satin sheet. Gusts of luring ideas melted into hidden suggestions come splashing against my face. There is no sudden awakening, your sweet lips have always given birth to both charm and harm. But how I love them still.

They say a kiss can tell a tale, but the simple sight of you creates fantasies within me. I yearn for an ending without a page, but midnight lies give me hope that there is yet to come. Your fingers tease a sweet sensation, as they stroll along my spine.

Only a hug though, as innocent a touch as touching can be.

Midnight Lies to cover the lies of the day.

What a game we play.