The Dance

The moon shines like the sun. Like you once liked it. I can still see the silver rays as they glance off your black hair. It shimmers in the night as each strand searches to catch up with us in our dance. We dance still, our hands locked as tightly as our eyes. We love…


The Joust

The ground shakes as if the earth is giving birth to twin earthquakes. Two men clothed in iron race upon horseback towards each other with similar goal. A prize that only one can possibly win. Lances with shining tips of justice are leveled with steady hands as the combatants draw near. The watching crowd inhales together and exhales…


Random House

Our rooms are painted with emotion as we live our life within them. We play our parts well under sun and stars. No script is needed as our hearts spar daily with one another. So passionate is the act our shadows join in the dance. They smile maniacally back at us as they observe the…


Boxing Lives

We box lives daily and fit people into perfect squares. If they don’t fit, we make them fit by forcing their proportions to our desire. Boxing lives we kill life without a thought. Carelessly we destroy dreams and hopes because to allow another to overshadow us is a depressing thought. We find depression waiting under…



I walk past them all. Smiling, laughing, showing me what I have missed in life. What I am still missing now. They avoid my presence like a plague and do not even have the courtesy to acknowledge their disdain for me. What could be worse than to not matter to the world? Perhaps if that…


Could I do without?

Could I do without? I doubt. I doubt. But like a morning train of thought they come. A new resolve, another step. A second chance with each new day. My eyes awaken to shattering rays. They shatter the doubt from the night. Another chance. I might. J.C.C.



Sometimes I hate you OM. This fake persona that I have created that takes up my time. You are my creation, I get that, but you also were something of an afterthought. An afterthought, ouch, I have never been called that before. Is it odd that I can now safely call myself that? We are…