How sad

How sad is a tear drop that never falls. It glistens in the sun for all to see, for all to witness your pain. Pride comes before the fall, but what if pride never found his home here. We shutter windows shut to block out the world, but it is never as easy as closing ones eyes. Missing one moment and you simply gain a hundred. How sad.



I reblog to spread a thought. A smile, a frown, a funny noun. Sharing to share , to show others that we care. That their words have been read, might even been said. In the coldest part of the night when the definition of loneliness is written. Your words carried me through. And because of that I reblog them in the hope that they might mean something to someone else.


Morning Bright

Morning bright, goodbye the night.

Never slept, but sleep has fled.

Do I see clearly or am I clearly seen.

I ponder a thought as I gently lean.

Walking a crooked life to match a crooked life.

I am a man that walks the night.


Melting Lives

A single snowflake lays in a field. Alone he waits for death and somehow contemplates the irony of it all. Who the hell ever heard of a single snow flake falling?

He thanks his maker still that he fell facing up. It would have been a shame to slowly melt away his life facing down towards the ground, possibly watching his life passing forth life to another. Lucky blade of grass. Who the hell made you so genetically superior that you reap the benefit of my death?

But instead of wasting his single tear on despair. He swallows emotion for the moment, the way a frozen heart only can. He looks to the sky, to what he assumes is where his maker is. For had he not fallen from the sky? Whichever brightly shining bulb of light had conjured him, even for what is more and more feeling like only mere minutes, he still gives thanks. And as he feels his heart begin to melt he begins to find understanding in death and ultimately some peace.

-Opinionated Man


For my Wife -

How perfect a moment is when it is lived with you. We love our love the way we know how. Others murmur, they come and they go. They pass likes shades in the night, as we sit together upon our canoe of love. Floating… we float past our cares and our sorrows. The past can be seen in the dark water below, look up my dear. See the stars as they twinkle and shine a future so open. So real. If you would but take this hand and trust me. We step.



I woke up racist today

I woke up racist today and everyone was their race’s issue. Mentally I attacked everyone, verbally… not so much. Everyone was far larger than me and me does not like to get hit. My bad mood will pass and tomorrow I will be a pacifist once more. But today I woke up racist.