The Moment Of Truth

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A call for book bloggers and reviewers. If you are interested please check out this post and help the author out. :) -OM
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You’ll find plenty of idioms and catch phrases like this one in my new novel, “The Art of Raising Hell.” I wanted the narrator to be known for his one-liners and favorite sayings. After all, when you spice up the conversation, it gives it more flavor, right? Sorry, I just had to throw that one in there too.

woodstock sebastian

But it is the moment of truth for me. It’s that short span of time in between finishing my novel and having it unleashed into the world for reviewers and critics to analyze, dissect and regurgitate. That calm before the storm, that deep breath before the plunge… Alright, enough is enough. I’ll stop.

I see why many writers consider each novel their own children. You do bring them into the world, watch them grow from simple ideas into elaborate stories and then release them into the wild for others to enjoy. It’s…

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Twitter Purge

I have to do another twitter purge. I try to follow those that follow me on any social media outlet. I hate people that fake follow you on twitter because there is a “follow limit” and that messes your account up. That is so annoying!

I am removing everyone that fake followed my Twitter account.




Out Of Pain, Beauty is Born

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Very nice writing. I felt your post. Well done! -OM
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Out of pain, beauty is born. My creativity springs not from a place of happiness, of bright lights and shiny bubbles but from gut wrenching pain which engulfs me to the core.
To rise out of this pit of darkness, I must direct my pain somewhere, and somehow, I find comfort in putting pen to paper.
As the tip of my pen touches the lines, letter by letter, my pain is transferred from my body to the physical realm, like molecules diffusing in the atmosphere attaching themselves physically but unseen by the naked eye.
Bit by bit, the pain subsides, leaving only a dull ache where a sharp, hot pain once resided.
It doesn’t leave completely but it’s a start, progress in the right direction.
If I keep at it, I tell myself, I may not only see the light, but feel it, maybe lighting up some of the darkness…

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Is It Even a Love Story

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This sounds like one of those shows my wife likes to watch. :) -OM
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As she sat in bed crying he began to tell her it wasn’t her it was him. A heart broken twelve year old girl dumped over a text by her first kiss and first love
Fast forward a year, back together now thirteen once again young in love. He realized it was a mistake and wanted her back.
Five months later, she dumps him the first day of eighth grade.
Maturing slowly but still 13. She found someone else, leaving him heart broken.
Five months later he tries again to get her back. A small part of her fell for him but she knew to say in her current relationship.
Freshmen year she gets dumped two weeks in and spent the entire year lost, alone, and torn to pieces.
Sophomore year the two are still distant and don’t talk at all. She meets another boy the summer before school and…

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Chainsaw Comics Presents “Crazy”

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I really like the cover a lot! It is very expressive! :) -OM
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Did I ever tell you about the time I went to get the mail and got hauled off to Bellevue against my will?(Damn,we Thelemites HATE doing stuff against our Wills.) Well even if I didn’t you can read a comic about it in the third Chainsaw Comics anthology, which is now available.

The theme of the book is “Crazy”. It’s not strictly a first person account collection the way the You’re Crazy anthology Eric & I both appeared in was, though that’s what I went with. From the page:

“The third Chainsaw Comics anthology features a variety of perspectives around the theme “crazy” from over 25 underground artists, including notable artists such as Jason Marcy, Emi Gennis, Dino Caruso, Sam Szabo, and Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz. Styles range from realistic to minimalistic, autobiographical to supernatural, and everything in between. Chainsaw Comics stands as a leading name in quality, all ages web comics…

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