Midnight Madness.

Opinionated Man:

Thanks for the daily photos for the challenge! -OM
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The poetry between her and I,
the gods approve, mere mortals growl.

The poetry between her and I,
mortal words do unspeakable injustice.


The poetry between her and I,
Midnight madness.

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Dear Trolls

Posting my address, phone number, and personal info online does not scare me. In fact all that info is on my platforms already. You seem to live a sad life for all your “fame.” The very fact you have so much time to play with my image and write letters to authorities and social media companies to have my accounts shut down is amusing honestly. Just like those sad individuals that like to send threatening emails. This has nothing to do with blogging. Your attacks on my character and life are so personal it can be only personal from your end. I hope you get some help and find god. Jesus loves you.

-Opinionated Man

Jason Cushman


Random Photos of a Rainy Day

Opinionated Man:

Great daily shots for the challenge! -OM
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I hope everyone’s Thursday is going well. As I’m bored to death waiting for the neighbor to come fix and adjust the sprinklers at the rental property, I’d like to share these random photos I took a few days ago for two different challenges: The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge and The Harsh Reality Daily Random Photo Challenge. That challenge looked easy so I gave it a go.

The mountains are enveloped in a dense layer of clouds

So this picture was taken a couple days ago when a storm was on its way. From the picture, you can see the fogginess of the mountains in the background. It was about five minutes after we arrived at the park that it began misting.

My agitated shot. That's what you get mom for making me walk right before a storm

I was annoyed in this photo because one, I just ran home from work to avoid the incoming storm. Then my mom made me go out and walk because she thinks I don’t exercise enough. The other…

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Pingbacks and Awards

Although I don’t participate in the “awards” that are passed around I do appreciate anyone that mentions this blog in a positive or negative way. I try to visit all the pages that link to this blog, but I do miss some due to time. Thank you again to anyone that shares any of my work on any platform.