The year in review

Opinionated Man:

I think this shows how great being Freshly Pressed can be for your website or blog. I think there is also NO REASON to be ashamed for being happy about your stats and accomplishments. Well done Doobster. -OM
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Originally posted on Mindful Digressions:

Happy birthday America. Happy anniversary Mindful Digressions.

Yes, it was around a year ago when I began posting on WordPress. My first post was titled “Why am I here,” and it explained why, after four years of blogging on another blog hosting site, I switched to WordPress.

So I thought, on my first anniversary on WordPress, I’d take a nostalgic look back at this past year. I realize this is a very self-indulgent post and most of you probably couldn’t care less about my year in review post.

So I will understand completely if you move along. Go ahead. Scoot. Get out of here. Make better use of your time. It’s the 4th of July, for crissake. It’s alright. No worries.

Now that I’m talking to myself, let me trumpet my accomplishments. In the year since I’ve been blogging on WordPress I have (as of 10 a.m. PT…

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