The Glass House – My Writing Process


I briefly shared last year about my glass house and my writing process. I generally don’t read other people’s “writing process posts” so I won’t be offended if anyone skips this one. Many people have asked how I write so often and where I get my ideas from. If you care to believe this post, I’ll explain.

I developed my Glass House in junior high school after learning about the technique from a teacher. It is loosely based on either a Chinese or Japanese trick of remembrance in which you associate objects in your “house” with words of memory in order to file multiple things away at once. Most people just use a notebook or they save an idea for a post in an email, but I tend to think of posts constantly through the day and often can’t be bothered to actually physically write them down. Thus I created my Glass House and within it my realm of remembrance.

I am sure you have all forgotten “that one post” you were sure was going to be a viral hit. It is frustrating later on when you are actually sitting down to write and can’t remember that great idea that is teasing the edge of your brain cells. I hate forgetting things and have learned that “actively remembering” is far different than “trying to remember something.” You actually learn this in school at some point, that repetition and either word or phrase association are awesome tools for studying. I use these same techniques with my writing.

My Glass House is impressive. It is impressive because no one else but I can see it and I love that fact. A mansion of my mind and within it are all the rooms that I could ever need or make use of. I may come back to some of those rooms in a later post, but the one used the most is my study.

I don’t have a writing desk in my real home… sad to say, so in my mind I have the perfect place of solace that doesn’t exist in my daily world. There is a Cuban cigar that sits in a golden ashtray that never stops burning, I close my eyes even now and can smell the sweet tobacco. Behind the desk is a file cabinet and this is my most prized possession. Within it I file away all my ideas of the day so that I can readily grab them for posting later on. It is an old cabinet and bears no special marks of symbolism upon it. Instead it sits and waits, much like my mind does when sifting through my imagination. What is worth filing and what is worth forgetting? Those questions are the pleasure of my day and I enjoy sifting through my thoughts. I find it therapeutic.

Humans are busy creatures and today’s society lives a fast pace life. Many people feel that their daily lives are not worth mentioning on their blogs and they forget the fact that a blog is a window into personal habits. We read blogs because of that, because in that rawness we can find a connection with someone that is perhaps struggling as we are or even simply thinks as we do. That is why I blog my life freely and without shame. From the window of my Glass House the world is so clear, so simple.

I see life outside waiting to be penned.

Jason Cushman

-Opinionated Man

Note: If you have a writing process you would like to share feel free!

28 thoughts on “The Glass House – My Writing Process

  1. I write when I feel compelled, so I’m always reaching for something to write with . Yet with my studies…which I’ve strayed from…I have to remain focused on them <3

    Thank you for the incredible stroll !!! ;)

    Great pic!!!


  2. I usually write after being out amongst people, going about my normal day, and something sparks my brain to write about. Mostly my observations of how oblivious people are to life. Or something someone says will spark a thought, so I write it down immediately or jot a note to go back later and write it down. A feeling or memory can do that too. Maybe that’s a Glass House? I have found a lot of creativity lately, I hope it lasts. In a society like ours, it shouldn’t be hard to find something on which to write!


  3. I am sticking to my notepads tucked away in the side pocket of my car. I figure if I use the glass house idea there is no way I can throw stones at other less intelligent folk such as family court judges. I love throwing stones way too much to put anything in a glass house. lol


  4. This is wonderfully written! I also have my own personal Glass House and I find it very useful as well! Thank you for sharing, and thank you for the absolutely lovely details and writing.


  5. Thanks so much for sharing! I need to create a glass house myelf – I’m always forgetting things that I might like to write about, and this might definitely help me out!


  6. I was in something that equates to your glass house the other day. Good news: mine is made of something sturdier than glass. Bad news: I ran a red light while I was there.
    No, I didn’t have an accident. But I think the lesson in this must be people who hang out in glass houses shouldn’t drive cars. Or something.
    And that’s a slice of my life.
    Hell, I don’t need a blog! I have your comment boxes! Haha!
    Okay, going to bed now.


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