Guest Post – The You Vs Me of our Society

If you had to choose between fame and fortune or curing the world of cancer but no one would know that you had what would you choose? Honestly. Think this one through now. You and your family could have an easier life with all of the things that your heart’s desire or you could save the lives of millions but they would never know that you had.

The noble and moral thing for our world as a whole would be to save the millions, but our society puts an emphasis on the individual. Our world is one where the man who pushes the weaker man aside has a better life in the long run. We reward those who are criminals and we criminalize those who are not financially capable of defending themselves.

It is not wrong to want better for yourself or for your family. It is not an evil choice. It is what we are emphasizing today. We idolize the people who have everything in their lives and we long to join them in so many ways. Our world has lost touch with its humanity though. We no longer have neighbors that we bake cookies for and watch out for. We keep our noses buried in our technology and create a barrier from those around us. We further distance ourselves by pushing others behind us.

I miss living in a world where my children can play free from fear. I miss the idea of not locking my doors at night. I worry about our future and I wonder what role I am playing in it as well. Our social media has taken our connections away. We talk at each other instead of to one another. I see people out in a restaurant staring at their phones. What is important is being hidden from our sights. You see it on the internet every day with trolls and hate. We do not respect each other. We live in a world of 1s and 0s that is full of disdain and belittlement. People take offense and spout out vulgarities to tear into the heart of people they have never met before. Who are you talking to? What pain do they face every day? What problems fill their lives? We have stopped caring about others and it is taking a toll on all of us.

Do well for those that depend on you, but care about those who have no connection to you too. We need to respect each other more and live for our children’s society. So many people are broken and hurting and I don’t want my children to grow up in a world where being happy is an abnormality. If you have a cause don’t let it be a “be”cause, because a cause should be something you truly feel deeply about and not something to fill your schedule or give you a feeling of importance. We all have our own worlds but that doesn’t mean that our worlds can’t touch.

Thank You for reading.


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43 thoughts on “Guest Post – The You Vs Me of our Society

  1. After seeing how horrible a disease cancer is from my mother having had it-cure cancer, all the way. I can think of several people I’d heal in an instant if I could…I wouldn’t wish suffering like that on my worst enemy.

    Screw having people know about it…I’d actually rather they didn’t because its not *about* me, it’s about God (because that’s where it would be coming from, right? That’s my belief) and the people His healing would touch.
    My wish and whatever the cure was made up of (medicine? supernatural?) would be the “how”, but He’d be the “who”. If that makes sense.


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  4. I think you’ve very eloquently put into words what our society has gone through.

    Of course I would cure cancer.

    I think sometimes people get so hung up on things that don’t really matter, things they’ve been conditioned to think matter, that they forget we are here because of and for the strength of our species.

    I could go on about this, but it’s nice to see someone take the time to articulate it. Thanks. :)


    • Thank you very much. I can get lost in thought at times and it’s nice to have a place to project them. I’ve enjoyed the responses and to see others who feel as I do as well.


  5. Reblogged this on "You must NEVER let a manuscript do nothing but eat its head off in a drawer." WRITINGSCAPE, v2.0 and commented:
    This post says everything I’ve felt for a long time. I really miss the days when we all talked to each other over a good beverage instead of at each other with keyboards clicking in the background (which means we’re really not listening, no matter how you spin it). I hate this era of “earning respect in order to get it” because that’s plain ass-backwards. Lost touch with our humanity… that’s exactly what we’ve done.


  6. As I sat by for a year and watched cancer take a strong man and turn him into a 130 lb shell, there is no doubt what I would do. This would definitely be a hard decision for a person that has not had a family member or loved one die from this horrid disease. Interesting enough though I believe even before losing my father to colorectal cancer, I would choose the same. Money isn’t everything. Yes it can sure bring lots of fun, excitement and wonderful things. But, it cant keep the sick from passing when there isn’t a cure. Still its fun to imagine what I would do with a large sum of money. Great blog, great way to make people think!

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    • I am so very sorry for the pain you and your loved one are enduring right now. Suffering from illness is so much harder than people some understand. It tests you physically, emotionally, it eats at your hope. You are in my thoughts. Thank you for your comment and I will hope for you.

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  7. This is a great example of constructive discussion and critical thinking. We all just need to persist with this movement of questioning our own society – where’s the fun in living by the norm in every aspect of our lives? Thanks for the post!

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    • Thank you for your comment. I totally agree. The day we stop questioning is the day we die. Our ability to pursue thought and seek knowledge is what makes us so special.


  8. I would cure cancer. I was diagnosed by cancer several years and it was one of the most painful and devastating experience in my life, then I learned to stay healthy and stay positive and enjoy playing my piano with my musical band group!

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    • I’m so glad that you are doing better and making the best of your life. Being sick is a terrible thing to have to deal with. Not only for the person who is sick but for all of the people who care about them as well. Thank you for sharing.


  9. Reaching out is only as difficult as we as individuals make it. People have been educated or conditioned to believe in the last 10-20 years that the individual is more important for a reason. Working as a group, cohesiveness, singleness of mind and purpose is harder to control than an individual. The media’s hand is elbow deep in this and so is the educational system. There are things we were taught that we are no longer taught as a society. My blog is titled “Because I can…” Because you can as an individual do so much more to bring people and communities together. Stop relying on the government to do it for us, we need to go back to self-reliance and power through group effort and how we vote. With real purpose and conscience.


  10. I have to disagree. What the media portrays as America is only what makes news, and as someone once said, “Bad news sells newspapers.” But, there is an undercurrent in society, one that I think is really the silent majority. I can only speak for certain of where I live, but I think it holds for most of America.

    When people are in trouble, or need, I see neighbors (in the broad sense) come together to help. Financially, with goods, and even to drop what they are doing and lend a helping hand. Maybe we don’t do it like we did in the past, but society isn’t what it was in the 50’s either. I’d like to point out some of how people are still thinking of others, just from my own experiences:

    – Wounded Warrior Project (and others) helping those who risk their lives for us
    – Free Cycle, the altruistic version of Craig’s List
    – Organ donors (are you one?); bone marrow donors; walking for cancer, autism, and many other diseases
    – Doctors without borders
    – Peace Corps (still around)
    – SAR groups (Search and Rescue) volunteers helping out in disasters
    – Red Cross
    – Several years ago we had the remnants of a hurricane come through wiping out power, knocking down trees. The utility company took over a week to respond, but neighbors cut trees away from power lines, removed trees from roads and properties, patched up people’s homes, did grocery shopping for those who couldn’t get out. I’m sure this has happened near everyone here.
    – Toys for Tots, bringing the spirit of Christmas to those who can’t afford it

    And far too many other examples to mention here. I’m sure everyone could add something. Yes, people are still helping people, reaching out when needed. American’s help out here and in other countries, even helping our enemies when disaster strikes. No, things aren’t like the were, but neither are the times.

    Jesus made one mistake in his teaching, he told his disciples, “there is no greater love than when a man lays down his life for a neighbor”. The truth is, there is no greater love than when one helps a stranger, or a foe. Go thou now and do likewise.

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    • Thank you for your post. I agree that there are those who do indeed seek to help others. My main point is the societal portrayal through media including internet. I am a volunteer with AFSP myself and I know how important it is to help others and to reach out. I simply want to elucidate what it means to truly be human and what is more important for all of us. I enjoy the discussion.


    • …I’ll add local food banks and churches, as well as homeless and/or animal shelters. All five of my cats are “rescues”…I’ll never buy a pet when I can rescue one!

      I figure “neighbor” includes everyone, know them or not. But then, I grew up in a smallish town where people *did* all know each other…I kind of miss that.


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