Guest Post – The Truth About Kids and Dogs

Raising kids is almost exactly like raising pets. So you don’t believe me? Oh and YOU are offended? One line in and you are already making assumptions about my entire post. Thanks!

So kids are like pets. You have that adorable baby at the hospital. She is soft and sweet and the cutest thing you have ever seen. You hold her close and she nuzzles into your neck and you can’t stop grinning over this teeny little human. You get your sweet little bundle all buckled in the car seat and then you head for home. Once you get home you get her bed all ready in your own room because you know the first few weeks are going to be hard ones. Maybe you have even chosen to keep them in the bed with you. You’ve got baby all wrapped and cozy. So the first few weeks are pretty much just eat and sleep and cleaning the poo. So much fun.

You pick out your adorable puppy from the litter. You lift him up and you just know that he is the one. You rub your face into the nape of his neck and he barks in approval. You get him in his carrier and you take your new family member to his house. At home you get his bed ready and take him to it. You want to make sure that he gets familiar with it. You probably have his bed in your own room because you know how hard it’s going to be for the first few weeks. He’s a bit more mobile than that newborn but it’s pretty much just eat, sleep, and poo for the first little while.

Your sweet daughter is older now and you’re doing your best to teach her what she can and cannot do. You buy the child safety gates and try to keep her out of the rooms that she doesn’t need to be in. You try to tell her to stay out of the cabinets and not to eat the plants. When you talk to her she looks at you with those bewildered eyes like you’re speaking gibberish. You pick her up and coo at her sweetly.

Puppy is getting into everything. He’s a bundle of energy. You’ve put up gates and shut doors to keep him from chewing on cords and furniture. You try to teach him where he can go and that he shouldn’t eat the non-edibles and he looks at you like he’s won the puppy lottery. He barks and rolls around your feet and you bend down and tickle his furry belly making sure that you get that leg-kicking spot. Puppy training includes the fun of taking him outside every few hours so you don’t have any puppy presents in the floor. Furry babies just love leaving presents! So it’s outside, outside, outside, did we already go outside?

Potty training! Parents can’t wait until they can get the baby out of those horrid diapers. Every parent knows the mess that is diaper jelly. Diaper jelly? Yes, diaper jelly, the overnight gift that happens when a diaper explodes into gelatinous mounds of goo from an overabundance of liquid or if you will baby pee. So it is time to potty train. This means taking her to the potty every few hours. Don’t put your hand in there! Potty, to the potty, potty again, yes, again.

Now that I think of it you were right though, kids are nothing like pets. Not a thing alike.


Thanks for reading.

Susie Reece find me at my personal blog site

15 thoughts on “Guest Post – The Truth About Kids and Dogs

  1. I’ve said for a long time that kids are like training dogs. I also say that training horses is much like training dogs. So does it logically follow that raising kids is like training horses?


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