Guest Post – Ladies: It’s Time for an Evaluation

It’s time to look in the mirror – the mirror of history – and reassess the female behavior.

Throughout history, women have always been seen as a symbol of purity, the representation of goodness, and beauty – the incorruptible creature. They were trusted with the upbringing of the young boys who were destined to rule the nation. If women were not respected, they would not have been given such a high esteem in the eyes of men.

Hence when a woman was caught in immoral behavior such as prostitution, the loss of her virtuous nature (virginity), and adultery, they were highly condemned and punished by men. I’m not justifying the measures taken during these times, but I can certainly understand their mentality. For what they saw was the corruption of an incorruptible being, this is the origin of the double standard that is still present amongst the sexes in modern-day.

Thus, if women were seen as the epitome of purity and goodness, men were the corrupt beings – the ones who dwell within evil.

It is no wonder that poets, writers, painters, and artists of all kinds were highly infatuated with the female gender. For they were walking pieces of art and as such needed to be taken care of and men needed to become worthy of their attention. Men had to go to great lengths in order to become worthy of a lady.

Of course, equality was very much lacking in those times. And the need for women to be treated equality in any environment was a much-needed reform.

The role of women in history cannot be undermined and their struggle for equality has had its ups and downs. In over 100 years, a lot has changed in our society and the biggest leaps in social changes have probably occurred in the last 50 – 60 years.

Even though the women’s rights movement started in 1848, it isn’t until after World War I that we start seeing a real change in the role of women. While most men were abroad fighting, women took their spots in the workforce proving that they’re just as capable as men to perform any task at hand. The movements were very successful in achieving more equality, almost equal pay, and less discrimination. Nonetheless, there’s still a long way to go before women are seen as equals in all nations and cultures.

However, I’m certain that if the women that led those movements saw women today, they’d be utterly disappointment and embarrassed.

So, in a society were the modern-day woman is more educated and has more opportunities than her predecessors, why is it that men have lost the respect for women?

The younger the generation of women today, the more disappointing they behave.

Equality does not mean downgrading yourself to the point of losing all self-respect for yourself and allowing others to walk all over you.

The reason why I say this is because as women’s rights started to gain more momentum a new movement surfaced – feminism. Feminism took equality to a new level. Instead of encouraging men to treat women equally and not discriminate, it fostered the believe that women could do anything a man could and they didn’t need men in order to survive – while the latter is true, the former isn’t fully true: both men and women are biologically different, each sex is designed to have certain advantages over the other in certain activities, but that does not mean one is superior than the other. However Feminism, in a way, feminism promoted the discrimination of women towards men, fostering ideas like one could do whatever she wanted even if society didn’t approve – if men could get away with it, why couldn’t women?

The effect of this mentality has been the loss of respect men have for women. Men no longer need to prove themselves worthy of a lady because they’re now throwing themselves to their feet. Women – the incorruptible creature – is now the corrupted being. Thus by women acting like men, men have no need to respect women, and consequently, the message transmitted is that women don’t need to be given more positions of power because they won’t bring anything new to the table and they’re as dirty as men are – or even worse.

So, ladies, next time to want to throw yourself at a man or behave like them, just remember that you’re not doing anyone any good, you’re harming your image and chances for success. Let men see how valuable and amazing you are and make them work for your approval not the other way around.


Thanks OM for letting me post in your site. My name is Lex Solo and I blog at Lex Solo’s Political Rantings – come and discuss politics with me. This post was originally posted in my blog.

21 thoughts on “Guest Post – Ladies: It’s Time for an Evaluation

  1. I don’t think your premise that women were historically universally respected as symbols of purity, beauty, etc. is accurate. Women have often been portrayed/blamed as temptresses, even when the women were not doing anything alluring. Violence against women, including rape, has been used as a weapon of war and as a way for men to exercise power over women for millennia. Women are often blamed for being raped and some African and Asian countries even insist that the remedy to rape is for the woman to marry the rapist. Some cultures even persist in the practice of female genital mutilation. While here in the US, the disrespecting of women is not as blatant, there is a lot of blaming and denigrating that occurs that has nothing to do with feminism and how women see themselves and everything to do with men blaming their own bad behavior on women instead of taking responsibility for their own thoughts and actions.


    • That’s a specter of the issue I did not address, and you are very right about everything you’re saying. My target in this post was directed to societies in more developed nations, in which education is usually higher than it is in developing nations.
      It is a completely different discussion and analysis that needs to be done in that regard. Nonetheless, I do appreciate the comment and will try to address in the next post I write about Women in my blog. Thank you.


  2. Thanks for your post! I would just like to point out that the feminist movement is one that started a long time ago and advocates simply for the equality of the sexes. It’s goal is not to place one sex over another or encourage women to live without men. Equality and marriage or relationships aren’t mutually exclusive. Though I respect your opinions in this piece, I disagree and I don’t think that women should have the burden of maintaining all that is good in our society. We are only human just as men are and we fall victim to sin and temptation. I would encourage you to read The Feminine Mystique or any feminist “bible” to learn more about the movement instead of the misconstrued version that you are mentioning.


    • I don’t disagree with you in the theory of it, but not in the practice. Speaking with several scholars that consider themselves feminists or woman rights advocates, there is a clear divide between the two. Woman rights fights for equality but acknowledges the fact that men and women are different. Feminism believes women can do EVERYTHING a man can do – some feminists will go to the extent of saying men aren’t needed. In a way, feminism has radicalized to the point of serving as a justification for the behavior you see now a days.
      As to your point of “women should have the burden of maintaining all that is good in our society”, I never said that. Women have been viewed as a symbol of purity, goodness, and virtue, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t human and can’t make mistakes. What I do have an issue is when women chose to downgrade themselves to the level of losing all self-respect for themselves under the excuse of “equality”. That is my real issue with the feminist movement.

      Thanks for the comment.


  3. I agree with almost all of your assertions.

    “However, I’m certain that if the women that led those movements saw women today, they’d be utterly disappointment and embarrassed.”
    I completely agree. I am a high school teacher, and have seen the decline of young ladies’ self-respect and self-esteem. smh

    It seems as though the behavior of each new generation of women is more deplorable than the last. You, yourself, recognize this pattern, as you mention such in paragraph 11 and 12. However, you come to some illogical conclusions beginning in paragraph 13.

    Feminism and feminists are not responsible for the current state of affairs with regard to young women’s behavior. The Oxford Dictionary defines feminism as the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. Certainly you are not suggesting that young women who behave in such unladylike fashion are today’s feminists or that they are a result of yesterday’s feminism? No!

    No self-respecting feminist would call herself or her friends b*tches and h*es such as the young ladies in my classes. Some of today’s young women are the antithesis of feminism and in fact, want nothing to do with the moniker ‘feminist’.

    There is definitely something underlying this generation of women’s behavior. And, some outcomes of feminism were pretty crappy. However, I just do not believe that there is a causal effect going on between feminism, feminists, and the reprehensible behavior to which I believe you are referring.

    Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion.



    • Hi Victoria, Thanks for commenting! My apologies for the delay, I was without signals in the mountains.

      While you bring up some great points and in theory you might be right about the definition of feminism, I’m using the more “modern” definition of the term.

      For one thing is to say you want equality in the all the sense of the word, but another thing is to justify moral decadence with the excuse of “if men do it, so can I!” and statements such as this one come from avid feminists.

      Talking with several scholars on both ends, they explained to me how feminism and women’s right have taken two completely different routes. Woman rights fights for equality but acknowledges the fact that men and women are different. Feminism believes women can do EVERYTHING a man can do – some feminists will go to the extent of saying men aren’t needed. In a way, feminism has radicalized to the point of serving as a justification for the behavior you see now a days.

      Maybe a self-respecting feminist won’t call her friends b*tches or h*es. But the ideology itself has been wrongly interpreted by the younger generations and the media constantly choosing to portray the worst of the worst (aka Miley Cyrus) as role models to younger girls. So, by growing up with this influence, it’s almost inevitable for girls to have to self-respect for themselves and their friends.

      I hope this clarifies the confusion. Again, thanks for commenting.


      • Yes, thank you for the clarification. I have to agree with you. It is a sad day when young women would rather humiliate themselves than praise themselves. And an even sadder day in which being called b*tches and h*es is preferable to feminist, a modern feminist anyway. Wrong interpretation, indeed! btw, there is NEVER an excuse for moral decadence. And feminist or not, every lady knows that 😉. Thank you again. Victoria


  4. A very interesting take indeed! What this reminds of – is an open letter sent by Sinead O’Connor to Miley Cyrus on how – what she (Miley) thought was empowerment (being barely clothed etc) was actually anything but – and how she was actually being used as a tool, to make money for those who controlled her, albeit very covertly. Worth a read!


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