Just a Blogger

I am just a blogger. Just like you all. I am no different than any of you actually and have no more power than anyone else that uses WordPress. I do not own a company. I am not a publisher. I am not an editor. I am not a rich man nor do I have the funds to invest in your product. I do what I can to give back to the bloggers here on WordPress, but I am only a single individual. I run this blog alone and do not have a team like some larger blogs do. I hate teams actually… because I generally dislike people.

I welcome all the new bloggers that have visited and are coming by recently to give my writing a read. Thank you for taking the time to check out my small corner of WordPress. I offer whatever support I can to you all, but just keep in mind what I have said above.

I am just another blogger.

-Opinionated Man

67 thoughts on “Just a Blogger

  1. Reblogged this on The Good Lifestyler and commented:
    You are one of the blogs that I check every time I have the chance. I love your content because of how diverse – yet somehow linked – it all is. Your writing style is another great aspect of the blog and it really works for the subjects you write about :D


  2. We all have our spot in the world it is what makes us unique.
    There are many reasons for blogs it’s good to see you have the determination to share yours
    Have a great day


  3. I think it is fun to follow you OM. Never know if you will make me laugh,think,giggle or groan with the gems you produce daily. Never dull so even when I do not comment, I am usually lurking somewhere. Though I do admit to sloughing off this past week or so while I recover.


  4. Golly gee. Poof! There goes my fantasies. I was kind of leaning towards you being a demi-god or something awesome like that. That is okay though I still like you. I just have to find someone else to fantasize about now…. lol


  5. You are a great blogger I love ur work, iv just started blogging myself so pls do follow me, any advice wud be appreciated. But I say, ur work is great. I always be on my toes on what ur going to write nx. keep it going


  6. I can’t stand it when people say, “I’m just. . .” or “I’m only. . .” No one is just anything. You’re a blogger with an awesome personality, great content, an opinion you’re not afraid to express, a giving heart, and I’m sure some other stuff I missed who JUST so happens to be on WP.


  7. You are an excellent blogger – no just about it. As for teams humpf I don’t see anything that great about them – well there was a reason that I played tennis and singles at that. Should have come with a label – Does Not Play Well With Others.


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