What Blogging Is About: Dameannika 2.0

Opinionated Man:

As long as you are blogging for you, that is all that matters. All the best with your blogging! -OM
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Originally posted on dameannika:

I’ve been trying to hack the secrets of WordPress and blogging ever since I started this blog back in May.

I wanted to know how to get people to read my posts , how to gain followers, how to become a known name on the internet. I wrote things that I thought people would like to read or hear, refrained from making a post too long because then people wouldn’t want to read it, commented on other people’s blogs in hope that they’d come over and take a look at mine.

And then I realized, that’s stupid. Annika, why did you even create a blog in the first place?

I now realize that my mindset was to become known, to become famous, to write viral posts. And that was the wrong mindset to have. Even if I did create dameannika for the purpose of getting my thoughts out into the…

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