The Last Supper


It is the perfect picture. In my mind I see the image still. An evening that seemed to last forever, but sadly had to end. With the capturing of an image a time stamp was applied. Making that moment real, evidence that it happened.

An enormous chandelier hung from the ceiling. It dripped diamonds of assorted sizes and from them glistened the images of the guest below. Their fancy attire and equally fancy characters create a ferris wheel of entertainment for the evening to come. A giant table with a snow white tablecloth sat underneath the chandelier and on it an assortment of covered trays and bowls. My head begins to feel fuzzy from the aromas of food before me.

But then I see it. Sitting as if forgotten. One single snickers bar sitting in between two trays.

How had it gotten there? Who would have left a perfectly good snickers bar in between two trays like that? That is crazy. I ponder this mystery even as I ease may hand towards it.

Suddenly a hand comes into my view and snatches my glorious snickers bar. I look up in horror as one of the guest eats my snickers bar. He then grins at me and gives me the thumbs up… THE THUMBS UP!

I go upstairs and get my shotgun.

Goodnight WordPress,


21 thoughts on “The Last Supper

  1. lol!! A snickers Bar?!! Maybe for a Mars Bar, but a Snickers? *Snickers*


    Also – It’s terrific when you add pictures to your posts!

    Next Step: Addition of Bieber music so you can get your fix somewhere else and I can get that track off your Fast Service post!


  2. When I read the first 2 paragraph, I was thinking that you are telling a story of something serious or sad …and then the 3rd paragraph…hahaha, that was crazy and funny! And I hate your blog (ironically) because I cannot stop reading and I cannot write my own blog anymore. :-D


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