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Look everyone Doobster lost his gauntlet! Help him find it! -OM
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Earlier today I wrote a post about the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision. As of a few minutes ago it had generated about 24 comments, all but two of which were pretty much supportive of the opinions I expressed. Two, however, took issue with my post.

And that’s fine, I am all about diversity of opinion and freedom of expression. However, I am still confused about why people would support this Supreme Court decision and how it makes sense to them.

One comment suggested that my post did not display much knowledge of the opposing point of view. Well, I don’t believe it’s because I don’t have much knowledge of the opposing point of view. It’s because my post was an opinion piece intended to express my point of view. I did not try, as they always do on Fox News, to present a fair and balanced perspective on…

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