Guest Bloggers – Blog for HarsH ReaLiTy?


I have had many requests and have decided to open up the board. I don’t do this because I feel obligated, but rather to give the “room” a breath of fresh air. Possibly bring in some new opinions. Please re-blog this post so that others might also see it since this will be the one time this year I will host guest authors, writers, and bloggers.

I am looking for specifics this time so if you fit a category please send me an email if you are interested in hosting your work here. This is obviously for self-promotion purposes and I will allow you to add links and backlinks to your websites. I will say one more time that hosting guest writers actually drops my views so if this becomes difficult or people become annoying I will just stop. Because it isn’t worth the stress.

This is open to people 18 and up please.

I am looking for 10 artists or photographers that would like to post some of their artwork. Again, you may add links to your website and ALL RIGHTS are still yours. I will not use your work in a future book or for any reason other than allowing people that visit my website to view it. I feel like a lawyer. All work must be your own.

I am looking for around 20 bloggers that would like to write opinionated pieces. When I say opinionated I do not necessarily mean argumentative, but I am not looking for posts that hop all around a topic without taking a stance. If you are interested send me a blog post with a sample that you think would fit in here and we’ll go from there. You may publish a piece you have already written if you really feel like it, but again all work must be your own and I encourage you to write new posts for this.

Food bloggers are welcome here and I have always loved cooking. If I could get some food bloggers to share their recipes with us that would be nice. 10 or so would be awesome.

10 Fashion bloggers. I know I have some that follow me, maybe even a large group. It would be rude to leave you all out, but we will have to discuss what type of “photos” would be allowed and ALL MATERIEL on this website must be copyrighted. Don’t “borrow” and post things here please! This is to all bloggers that take part.

Bloggers that are interested in posting here please take note of a few things before whimsically deciding to write on my website. I have a lot of people that don’t care for the topics I choose to write on and they in turn have decided to also dislike my audience. Other bloggers have been trolled due to their affiliation with my blog. It might happen to you and there really isn’t much anyone can do about it unless certain lines are crossed. This is all to say that if you write as a guest blogger here you should be warned that you might catch some heat.

I really want to stress that anyone who wishes to join can, but please be over the age of 18. I am a father and a husband, I don’t need that kind of drama. I realize there are MANY bloggers under the age of 18 that write very well. Speak to me when you get of age though if HR is still around.

I know this is sounding very official, but I have done this before. I am looking for bloggers that are willing to submit up to 5 posts a piece. I will then schedule them for publishing. The bloggers will be obligated to edit their own post and this will be the bar for posting here. I won’t publish unedited materiel or articles that just don’t make sense. You may host your views here even if they differ from mine, but I am looking for articles with sustenance for reading pleasure. Perhaps views on a culture or your culture that the world might not know about. A cause or something you view as being important that you want to share. Maybe a family memory or personal issue. If you have never guest posted before the way it works is simple. If you and I agree that you would make a good fit to post here I will send you an invite to your WordPress email account. You will need one to access and once you are in you will be able to create a post much like doing so through your own account. Once you are done you will “publish” the post and it will be held in pending until I am ready to schedule it. For those of you that are wanting to host pictures I will allow you in as an “author” and we will discuss how to set your posts in pending until I approve them. I will allow 4 guest authors in at a time.

Once you have done your 5 posts, for some this might take an hour if they already have them prepared and others it might take a few days, I will then remove your access. Once the post appears comments will go directly to your email account. It will be much like having a post on your blog, except hosted on mine.

I will leave these posts up at least through this year and they will be posted in the “Guest Blogs link.”

Again, if you could re-blog this I would appreciate it. I hope some interesting bloggers sign up.

Note: I edited the title to Blog from writers.

Jason Cushman

-Opinionated Man

159 thoughts on “Guest Bloggers – Blog for HarsH ReaLiTy?

  1. Hello my friend! I want to say that this article is amazing, nice written and
    come with approximately all significant infos.
    I’d like to see more posts like this .


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  3. Hey HarsH ReaLiTy,

    I’d love to guest blog but I write diversely ie food, poetry, fashion, social critique. Let me know if you’re interested.

    Ms Laki


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    Opinionated Man is looking for guest bloggers! (including food bloggers)

    Grab your chance and take up the opportunity to share your opinions, thoughts and food to a huge group of readers :-)


  5. I’d love to do a piece on the American Health Care System and how our current PM is actively working towards killing our universal healthcare system with a GP co payment of $7.

    Outrageous. He’ll get voted out next election. (If he doesn’t get thrown out beforehand)

    Also, I’m annoyed with the recent decision made by the SCOTUS. Also annoyed with the lack of accuracy in subsequent reporting.

    Also, I recently brought cottee’s lime cordial, because it was on sale and tastes like cockroaches smell. I might sue for y $2.30 back.

    And why does it cost $40 to by a 41 x 41 couch cushion when we have to replace the insert twice a year cause it’s cheap poly fill. #NothingsQualityAnymore

    Why did they alter the ending in the movie from the book ‘My Sisters Keeper’. Someone should go to jail for that. #Deceptacons.

    Also, I hate the world cup, and the hypocrisy surrounding the investment in it, when so many people live in poverty in their country. Also men, women and children are sexually trafficked during the event on an exponential scale.

    Thanks for that. *Aggrivation release* I’ll come back next week and vent some more.


  6. Would you be interested in the content from my rather embryotic blog? How long do we have for 5 posts ie. a post a week/month?? (I’m new to blogging but up for a challenge).


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  8. I’m getting over the harsh reality of living in a foreign country, speaking 4 languages, and juggling work for money and my passion, which is food and writing. I’m a wannabe writer, who is still haunted by the comment by my poetry teacher. “Your writing is too mature for your age.” What do you think she meant? I have no idea….I was a kid trapped in an old lady and now I feel like a ‘westerner’ strapped in a Korean body. Is it one of the side effects of speaking many languages?
    What a fascinating blog! Keep on writing! Thank you


        • There are a number of bloggers ahead of you already so if you were to send me an email and “enter your name” you would have time to get your articles prepared prior to being your turn. :) Send me an email if you are interested. Each blogger can do up to 5 posts, but I am looking for those bloggers to “try” and have those posts prepared at the time I give them access to my blog. They can then post their 5 as “drafts” so I can then approve and schedule. This allows me to let other bloggers in to schedule their posts as well, if that makes sense.


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    Harsh Reality is offering to host a handful of GUEST Bloggers, Take advantage of the promotional opportunities this presents. A few good articles could take your floundering blog , and make it HAPPY!


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    Since I tend to be controversial at times, I’m interested, but don’t know if I have 5 controversial blogs in me at the same time. Opinionated Man suggested reblogging this for others that might be interested. I’ve already stepped into 2 controversial issues today, so I’m taking a break to work on my novel.


  11. Hey OM,
    reblogged it to the

    with the following message:
    “It is time for Guest Blogging!
    Opinionated Man challenged and invited guest bloggers to join.
    Harsh Reality is a blog sized as a small city, around 30 000 followers, so if you really want to get noticed, there’s your chance. :D

    Check the blog, the OM and guess what?

    You might be lucky! :D

    Come on, what are you waiting for?! It’s a one time opportunity! :D”

    I would like to offer my services as a clown hater, fiction writer and a harsh reality survivor with a bunch of stories to be told.

    But you choose, OM. :D

    Thanks for giving the opportunity for the fellow bloggers in your city and suburban areas. :D



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    It is time for Guest Blogging!
    Opinionated Man challenged and invited guest bloggers to join.
    Harsh Reality is a blog sized as a small city, around 30 000 followers, so if you really want to get noticed, there’s your chance. :D

    Check the blog, the OM and guess what?

    You might be lucky! :D

    Come on, what are you waiting for?! It’s a one time opportunity! :D


  13. This is such a wonderful idea and I am sending you an email. Reblogged on with the comment: HarsH ReaLITy is offering bloggers the opportunity to guest blog on their site. Check out the criteria, send an email, and wait to see if you are chosen. This is an amazing opportunity to reach out to a variety of audiences and get your voice heard.

    If there was the option I would reblog it on all three blogs but it is not letting me. So I chose my music blog.
    My other blogs are and


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    HarsH ReaLITy is offering bloggers the opportunity to guest blog on their site. Check out the criteria, send an email, and wait to see if you are chosen. This is an amazing opportunity to reach out to a variety of audiences and get your voice heard.


  15. Hi HRH (OM),
    I would love to take part but I’m kind of busy at the moment. Everyone has their own views about music. It could be interesting.


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    Reblogged this to Sit down, relax, & read. I’d like to post one of my blogs on your website, though I’m not really sure if it would deserve merit since it’s been such a long time that I’ve written & the last blog that I posted only received two likes. Haha. But I’m considering it though, I might just be a scared though. lol.

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    Ok, this is cool. Read and think about it, people! As much as I love to be a guest blogger, I’m not having that much confidence in my grasp of English, my choice of words and my nonsensical grammar that might make Jason’s blog the target of trolls. Still, I encourage anyone who’ll be interested to consider. I trust that it’ll be fun and rewarding!

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    I did it – it’s fun! If you fit the criteria you should definitely GO FOR IT!
    An amazing experience to feel be able to share your work with many many different people. But yeah – don’t be stupid or be an IDIOT! :P

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