Guest Post – It’s Not Personal – It’s Life

What do you mean you don’t like my dress? You don’t like me?
I have to do the report over again? You don’t think I am a good worker?
Mommy, my eggs are too runny! You think I am a bad mom?
The girl at checkout did not even acknowledge me…what did I do?
These are quite simple scenarios but ones that happen nonetheless. We find ourselves taking life so personal, too personal, personally. It is a vanity thing really. We tend to put ourselves into situations that don’t belong to us. We may exist in the moment but then highjack the moment as our own.
That checkout girl may be having a bad day and is taking is out on you but it is NOT about you.
Runny eggs does not a bad mom make. The kid will eat them or learn to cook his own damn eggs.
You have to rewrite a report? Just do it to the required specifications or realize the person asking is probably an idiot himself and enjoys making others life a living hell.
You get a fashion critique from a friend? You either look better in whatever it is than the person critiquing would or you should honestly change…YOUR CLOTHES NOT YOU.
Come out of the dark corner you are sulking in, take the proverbial thumb from your mouth, suck it up and move on.

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14 thoughts on “Guest Post – It’s Not Personal – It’s Life

  1. I agree with this to a certain extent. Often we as human beings take things personally that have nothing to do with us, creating issues that don’t exist. But it’s a bit black and white to suggest that It’s sulky,vain behaviour to take a certain situation/person/action personally, because sometimes it is. Sometimes the girl behind the counter “is” a mean bitch or a fake friend trying to make you feel shit about yourself through a comment regarding clothes. As for rewriting a report there’s really only 2 ways that can go..your report wasn’t up to scratch or as you said the person making you rewrite is a dick lol Either way it’s natural to take it personally as you’re either disappointed it wasn’t good enough or you’re wondering why said person is treating you unfairly. The mum being a bad parent because the eggs were runny is an extreme one haha I’d say that’s more like a statement from a drama queen or a woman wracked with anxiety and depression. To feel such little self worth to believe such a thing, is much more than taking something personally.

    Also some people are much more perceptive than others. Their strong intuition or awareness of body language, tone of voice etc. allows them to pick up on what others might not. Of course regardless of what others say or do it’s much healthier to pay no heed nor allow it to affect you, but there are so so many factors in where this is difficult or seemingly impossible to some. When we are small we develop core values that are triggered by circumstances throughout life. A young girl/boy that was consistently berated but in a manipulative way may be left with such a fragile self esteem that being ignored by a checkout operator will instantly register with that core value that she’s been ignored for a negative reason because it’s her fight or flight reaction. Such people even seek out situations where this is confirmed for them to feel the familiarity of that core value belief. Sometimes unwittingly.
    If a feeling is genuine to you it’s personal. Someone else telling you it’s vain, sulky or any other reference to being the wrong/undesired reaction is speaking from their own personal viewpoint as they do so. The whole world is a dark corner if you only shine your light at the obvious glow of your feet. On a more awesome note Happy Friday bloggers!


  2. YES! Thank you so much! I need to show lots of people this post because I know to many babies who are really hurt when the cashier looks at them funny. I mean I get it, when I’m having a bad day I might accidentally think that people are mean to me because of me, but after a while I look back and realize that their day was probably just crappy and they needed to vent. It’s all fine, people shouldn’t be so easily offended! Thanks again for this post!


  3. Been there but I’ve gotten better and don’t take those personally anymore :) Unless of course I love the dress on me and then I can’t get the words of the other person out of my head.


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