Guest Post – Be Yourself…Carry On

If you have never been to you should go there soon. If you have visited before you have seen me in pretty clothes, in high heels, on the river in my kayak, being healthy, hanging with the family and may have witnessed me being cerebral.

There is another side to this “life in general”. I smoke, drink, cuss, ride a motorcycle and make no apologies for my forthrightness.

Why do I share this with you today? Well, because we all see in others what they want us to see. Of course that can only last for so long before the facade is washed away by the reality of who someone really is.

The previous paragraph matters to me greatly. I have a long held belief that one should always be honest about who they are. Why anyone tries to hide behind something fake is beyond me. There will always be a fine line cast on how someone feels about you based on how they perceive you. So why not show your true colors and appreciate your true friends who are your friends because they believe in who you are?

I can tell you that there are people in my life who truly love or hate me…with a passion on both fronts. The most prominent reason is my upfront and honest demeanor. Some people can handle it while others loathe it. It is very seldom that I have someone in my life who merely tolerates me. Nor do I merely tolerate others.

I opened this article in such a way as to show you that, even without consciousness,  we tend to hide a portion of ourselves from the world. And by having a public blog and only presenting the most attractive side of myself I was doing just that. Will my smoking, drinking, cussing and motorcycle riding deter you from reading further and in the future?  I will tell you that you will not often find me writing on such subjects but have it on good faith that those things are still a part of who I am.

By just being yourself and presenting your true self to the world you save yourself from hypocrisy and the burden of walking around cloaked in a facade that will crumble.

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