Bloggers read if you want

I debated writing this. Not because I want to be stingy with knowledge, but rather because I wondered if anyone cared. But a few have asked so I will say it here once and be done.

Someone, a few ones, asked how I gained so many followers so quickly. I am not a sales guy, this is not an ad, I just felt like sharing.  The reason I feel like sharing is because I see so many great blogs out there, waiting to be discovered. People, great things aren’t discovered or found they are put out there! See that Search bar next to the feed? All that stands in your way between you and your future viewers is effort. No one says you have to read their whole blog, just go out and read a post and like it. See if the gesture is returned. If you want fifty, a hundred, even a hundred thousand followers it is up to you. Sure you can spend money, but that only takes you so far.

Keep writing, that is the best advice. Keep writing and engage other bloggers, if you are seeking opinions on your work your opinions are waiting just out there.


71 thoughts on “Bloggers read if you want

  1. But what’s more important? To share your ideas , thoughts and passion with a few who read and interact , or have a million followers who have never really read your content, rather just follow to get a follower ( isn’t this just like two people shouting at each other with neither really heRing the message?)


  2. You can never say what someone else will find interesting. Our only course is to keep on interesting ourselves first and to comment when we find someone else interesting too.


  3. I’m fairly new to blogging and didn’t even know what it was a couple of years ago. I joined WordPress back in July 2013 and I still struggle with knowing how it works and to know what to do to be a successful blogger. Yes I have wrote posts and published them but not much has happened really. After reading this simple bit of advice, it is made a bit clearer now. Thanks for this simple bit of advice. :-)


  4. Appreciate your blog! Numbers are built with sweat equity! No magic. Life in blog-land is like life-everywhere, effort and energy applied consistently, and personally, yields results. I don’t personally look for tens or hundreds of thousands of followers, but I cherish those that do! And the imaginations and feelings and experiences that are shared are so-o-o-o-o much more valuable than just being a number!


  5. Great advice. I have always found that my best level of personal interaction on my own blog comes when I have the time and can engage in other peoples blogs!

    I’m blessed enough to have a rather forgiving bunch who don;t hold things against me too badly when I disappear for 8 weeks at a time!

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  6. Damn it! Now I’m conflicted. Damn you to hell, OM! You’ve just kicked my OCD into gear and now I’m up all night with a moral dilemma.

    Do I comment on this post and like it because of the value it holds or because I’m trying to get more exposure?! What to do?!

    (…hand wringing continues as I hit “post” knowing that both are true so it doesn’t really matter)

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  7. Your last sentence is very ‘if you build it, it will come’. Good advice, its almost the kind that is obvious. You know if you want to loose weight you have to work out, there is no shortcut. Its like what our moms used to say, ‘treat others the way you want to be treated’ great post!


  8. That really is the secret sauce up there. Since I have been so busy getting our house packed up and ready to go on the market (we will be officially living in CO this time next week) my blog writing and ability to like/comment has dropped off significantly. Thus traffic to MY blog has tanked. I’m down to my weekly photo post and that is getting only a few hits.

    Granted I’m still a newbie blog – but what you posted above and in your archived articles (the 30/30/30 formula) are just about spot on.


  9. Yes. Wise post. If you don’t like it, don’t click/read. I don’t see any bashing here. You are great blogger. :) I keep reading no matter what.


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