I feel like quitting this blog every week.

I feel like quitting this blog every week. It is a lot of work, I don’t get paid for it, and I am chasing a dream that only I truly believe in. That only I understand.

I get the frustrations from other bloggers and most of my posts are meant as “pushes” to motivate those readers that care to read them. I get discourged easily, as one susceptible to depression I feed off “moments” to push me to the next moment. It is a very human condition and I envy bloggers that continue to push themselves even when they receive little support. I could not imagine still blogging, even for as short as this website has been born, without some type of external motivation. As much as people assume I gain “so much support” from the WordPress community, in truth it is mostly fluff and means nothing. The only person that truly supports my efforts are myself.

My blogging goals are what keep me pushing through to the next day. Without goal marks or expectations I would have grown bored with this platform. I love that I directly impact my numbers and it is the largest thrill for me to see that manipulation directly happen. It is my encouragement and motivation all rolled into one. You will find though that other people won’t understand your goals. They won’t understand your dream and even when you provide proof of accomplishment they will gloss over it. You will have to decide whose opinion means more in these instances.

When I disappear for more than 24 hours it is normally due to me challenging myself not to post, not to respond to comments, and to shut myself completely off. It is near impossible to do and every electronic device I own has some type of connection to my blog. I am always listening to the pulse of my website and that is what helps me to create such a “presence.” It is very hard to deactivate that mentality.

It can become discouraging when you read derogatory posts about your blog, methods of blogging, or even about you in general. That is what you accept upon yourself when you become an audience writer OR powerblogger. I accept that and this is not a whine. Still… it can get old reading the attacks and lies being spread about you. How easy it can be to label someone the enemy.

If you are serious about writing for an audience I wish you the best with it. It can be gratifying, exciting, and completely frustrating. Find a balance and understand that you will go through some of the same growing pains that the rest of us go through. I feel like quitting every week, but I don’t because I won’t allow anyone to push me away from doing something I enjoy.

Screw them, I will keep doing me.

-Opinionated Man

183 thoughts on “I feel like quitting this blog every week.

  1. OM, I have started a few blogs now and to be honest I don’t really ever have that feeling of quitting. I know we are different people , but we do have depression in common. When I get depressed I know that that is a physiological change that I don’t control and so even at my worst I don’t confuse the crazy going on in my head with me or my work. Or it may damage your work eventually if the negative association to that work becomes a habit – do you see what I mean here?

    My advice? (Not that you asked), stop. Eat cookies. Let the depression subside. Get back to work.

    As for understanding your goals, if they are good enough, I don’t think anyone should. You think when the Wright Brothers were discussing flight people were not shaking their heads in embarrassment for them? Or the inventors of Google? The minute someone says to me ‘Oh I get what you’re doing!’ that’s when I start looking into what I’m doing that’s wrong! Clearly my goals are not big or exciting enough.

    Derogatory posts? Lies? Attacks? From who OM? Your wife?… No? Oh some loser you will never meet in your life? THEY have that much control over you? But seriously?

    We’ve been here already you and I. And this is a long – ass comment! Why? because i know from your posts you are an intelligent, focussed man. So stop switching that button off.

    Accepting meaningless guff into your home or computer space or brain – that is a choice YOU make.

    YOU are making the choice to use the precious hours you have left on his earth to read enervating rubbish.

    You know very well that if you were not blogging successfully there would be no trolls knocking at your door! That there are should be a point of celebration. Ain’t nobody waking up a bum in central park to troll them! Miley Cyrus yes. Will Smith and his wife. Yes. Angelina Jolie, yes. It’s irrelevant whether you personally like these people for sake of this argument – but guess what they have in common? They are winding someone up with their success! This is good. I’m not saying don’t listen to critique, but it should come from a trusted source not a rubbish one.

    Sermon over…

    Except…don’t be too quick to dismiss most of the WordPress community’s support as fluff. There are some good people in this community who don’t speak the language of fluff (i.e Follow me! Follow me!) and actually mean what they say.

    Keep doing you and believe that overused phrase, don’t just say it. :)


  2. Here is the thing about being a writer: people will either love your work or hate your work. The reality is not everyone belongs in your audience. You write to people who have a need to hear what you have to say, and the people who don’t, well, they can keep moving. I was a journalist for a while, and trust me when I say people have nothing better to do than slam you. In all honesty though, we wouldn’t grow as writers without the haters. I remember a teacher once told me, “The fact that people are angry enough to remark is a great thing.” She said this to me after I wrote an article that made quite a stir. At first, I didn’t understand why I should be happy that people were angry, but then I learned what she meant. If my words are powerful enough to rouse anger, happiness, inspiration, or any type of reaction, I have succeeded. I have started a discussion, and that’s what we want as writers.

    As writers, we set ourselves up for criticism. This is part of the process. In fact, we have to learn to embrace it. Sure, some words hurt; but, we have the power to use words to fight back. Of course, that’s if we feel the need. That’s the great thing as well. We can decide whether we want to engage with the haters.

    Obviously, you are doing something right. You wouldn’t have the following you do if you weren’t. Plus, you give other people the chance to post their views on your site whether you agree with the topic or not. This is great for many bloggers who want a chance to build a following. Not many writers are willing to share their space. So with that being said, I say you keep going.

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  3. You are chasing your heart beat…without it you would surely long for someone to share your passion with. See you shared it with me and I know you are there.


  4. I think that in not quitting blogging and writing this post, you just validated the very reason why you do it. And you reminded me of the reasons why I should do it, and anything else I love…because I love it. You blog caught my eye on a day when that kind of honesty and commitment to what you love was quite encouraging and needed. Thank you for your post. Your words were powerful today.


  5. I discovered your blog yesterday. Every entry made me laugh or think about life. I realized I actually want to be like you on how you express yourself through words. You have inspired me and I’m sure you’ve inspired other people as well. Keep it up as long as you still feel the passion for writing. No matter what happens we will support you :)


  6. Wow, very thought provoking post. I can totally relate. I see so many people having success and wish I could have that. But at the end of the day I just have to keep doing it for me… And a few readers I’ve picked up along the way. I put so much pressure on myself that sometimes I just can’t focus enough to get a review done and posted, thus resulting in more pressure. Glad to know I’m not the only one who feels like quitting sometimes. Looking forward to reading more of your posts :)


  7. Yes, keep doing you! I’m new to the blogging world, and I started my blog only a few days ago. I was wondering today if I should continue it, and after reading this I gained more motivation to keep it going! Thank you for being an inspiration. (:


  8. ” Find a balance and understand that you will go through some of the same growing pains that the rest of us go through.”…. Funny you said that ’cause I have been mentally workin’ on a post about that and the balance of Blog and Life. Great post!


    • I am by no means a blogging Juggernaut. But I do have two businesses and I know exactly what an audience is like. It often takes 140% effort to please people, and 99.8% effort to piss them off beyond repair. Sometimes the frustration is unbearable. But the victories are worth the hell. Another quote? Okay! … “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” – Winston Churchill ;)


  9. I love coming by your blog every change I get :D …. I do think I know how you feel, but keep it going if you can… You are touching those you probably don’t know about… inspiring, and making people think…. and actually think of WHY they feel the way they do… that’s a BIG deal… It isn’t taught so much in school these days… Hang in there… :D Very few people get by my blogs or comment. I do have a few hard core friends who try to let me know they are still there, but since I can’t get on as much lately, I think some think I’ve dropped right off the radar or fallen in a hole… LOL You’ve got a great blog! Just remember that!


  10. Keep up the good fight, the world needs opinions to be heard on a platform that doesn’t involve violent actions. You never know who is listening/reading and being inspired. Ultimately I believe it’s worth it. I don’t have enough readers who are jealous of me, so I guess you are doing something right.


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