Blogging is Work

I believe I left “fun” a long time ago. I am sure some people are groaning right now because they feel that blogging should always be fun. That depends on your goals and what you hope to accomplish. I compare it to sports really. You can either “play for fun’ or you can play to win. I have always played to win.

“If you’re not first, you’re last!” Is one of my favorite lines from Ricky Bobby. I know that it isn’t meant to be taken seriously… but hate me world because I do. I really do. I hate being second because I was always second in life. My sister was the A student, I was the C student… on a good day.

It is funny to be recognized as “dedicated and motivated” since those words were never part of my working resume growing up. They were often replaced with the character traits “find an easier road” and “is this really important?” Give me a goal though that I can see, can touch; can feel is close and I will strive for it. That is what blogging gives me. That next level, that next number, that next step I am always taking is what drives me each day to pour the time I do into this blog.

Blogging is work. But it is finally work that I love to do.


28 thoughts on “Blogging is Work

  1. Ah that Ricky Bobby quote is a favorite. That’s how I feel. I was the kid and am the adult that if it looks like you’re going to beat me in a foot race, I will trip you. :twisted:

    Agreed blogging is hard work but I have to keep it fun for myself. The moment it’s no longer fun is the moment I stop.

    I’m glad you’ve found that you love it. :)


  2. I’m still playing for fun! Blogging for work?! Crap. No way!

    The dedication and hard work you have applied to your blog is evident. I think you are addicted. The one time you were going to take a month off you couldn’t resist and came running back within the first 10 days?

    I could be wrong, my memory is lax!


  3. I think it should be fun for the people reading it, but it shouldn’t always be fun for the blogist (a term I invented). Blogging takes hard work, I’ve seen some great posts on some blogs but the blog itself never took off.

    If you don’t put the effort into writing it, what’s the point in doing it at all? My favourite quote which I relate to is, “you are never going to change the world with words, if you don’t try”.


  4. Yeah blogging is fun but it isn’t always for that factor alone.. Before I even started blogging (since I am a newjack) I asked myself when its no longer primarily about “fun”, do I have the patience to keep writing when there’s no guarantee this will provide me a good cash flow? And Until now, I can’t answer my own question. Any brutal advice?


    • Sure. The days you feel like stopping, post twice as much. When people tell you to stop, post twice as much. Set yourself goals and marks, even when the blogging world tells you that is stupid and gathering an audience is disingenuous. People hate what they can’t do.


      • I’m very impressed on how realistic you are because I hate hypocrisy.I’m glad I saw your articles. I’m confident with my writing but to convey is somewhat my trouble. I know it’s advisable to just focus on one subject (as most writers advice.) I can’t seem to do that yet.The best I can do for now, is observe which of the stuff I post gets more LIKES and maybe that’s where I should focus.

        Thank you :)

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