A Writer and his Thoughts

I never thought I would keep this blog this long. Some have asked me why I do it. Why give out advice for free, why spend the time helping people, and why am I basically… writing for free. My wife has been nudging me towards looking for better work in the IT field. Become a programmer or developer. I want to be a writer.

Some people have asked (realize when I say “some people” it is because I am lazy) what my plans are. They assume I have a plan and I have read a small portion of the comments. One person I think wrote that I did Project O so I could steal everyone’s answers and write a book. Or something to that affect. I tried and I sold only one copy and that was to my mom… I guess you all weren’t that interesting. Some people are just idiots. That time I said some people because I wanted to.

The harsh reality of life. We contemplate these things at night. Sipping our cheap $9 merlot and typing away our sorrows at 1 am because we just got off a “swing shift” if you can even call it that. But this isn’t a complaint. And honestly I would rather not get a bunch of “hang in there old boy… you can do it.” Unless you are wearing a hat, chewing a cigar, and look like Gatsby save the old boy stuff.

I don’t feel like doing things the way others do things. You ever feel like you know what you want but of course it is the “getting there” that is the problem? Fucking brass ring is just swinging in the air… just teasing the shit out of you. This isn’t some light in the tunnel analogy, it is reality. It is wanting a goal and knowing that one day you will get that goal. One day you’ll turn around and be able to say “I told you so” because you know what? Saying “I told you so” feels fucking great!

Jason Chandler Cushman

Opinionated Man

34 thoughts on “A Writer and his Thoughts

  1. Out of curiosity, what is it that you want to write? I see a bit of a mash on your blog with poetry, fiction, some nonfiction and well as your opinion pieces. Is the type of writing you want to ultimately do fiction, poetry, and/or nonfiction? If it is than it might be helpful to start another blog that’s dedicated soley to that. You could even move your writing challenges there. That way your creative writing has its own space and your opinionated writing has its own space. Just an unsolicited suggestion.


  2. I think there’s an overarching return on investment for anyone who writes and shares intellectual property via blogging. And that is simply that we are reaching out to others for the sake of expanding our social circles… or “tribes” if you will. I know it may sound a bit corny, but I really do believe that, despite monetary return, fame, acknowledgement, opportunity or whatever, we are at some level social beings that tend to crave a home, support, family, friends and most of all not to be lonely. Having a place to share things that define us as individuals offers others a chance to find us and exchange experiences. That’s something we tend to enjoy. So it’s stands to reason that we can be okay with ‘doing things the way *we* want’ on a platform like this. And as for success along the way, one only needs to define what success really means. And for me success is in feeling good about what I’m doing. For me success is in the joyfulness of something. I find that passion and joy tends to lead to other aspects of happiness, like more work, money, and increased social connections. I had an exceptionally rough few years years and am just now enjoying reconnecting with people in my real and virtual world. Knowing there are cool, unique and interesting people like you out here makes it interesting and worth it. Seeing other people learn, grow, and pursue their dreams is inspiring. And lastly in this overgrown-comment-of-mine, I find if I’m enjoying what I do, but am stuck, there’s usually reasons for it. The fun and challenge in that is learning what those reasons are. :)


    • After a year and a half of this and the rewards and workload that comes with it I have formed “my” idea of what success is. That would be writing for a living in some fashion. I have been pushing to get there, but am probably looking in the wrong spots. At this point writing and blogging, as you know I separate the two, is just a hobby. Perhaps it will be my profession one day. Or else I’ll be employee 109…


  3. I, personally, think you are something of a philanthropist at heart. Yes, you could probably be happy doing IT work. but this seems to be your real passion. Just my very humble opinion.


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  5. A lot of people are flocking into the IT industry just because of the wealth of opportunities that one can find there. It’s sad though that some people’s dreams, and imho, real potential aren’t realized because of that. Glad you’re sticking to yours because your proverbial pen (or keyboard in this digital age) still proves mightier than those technological “swords”. :D

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