3 Random Thoughts

Random thought #1 – Drive through etiquette. This is important and the very safety of the universe may depend on your understanding of this concept. If you are ordering in front of a certain person writing this blog right now while eating his burger… and you have to name off 5 or more items you don’t want on your burger do the WORLD a favor and just tell them the couple things you ACTUALLY WANT ON IT!

Random thought #2 – Dear Colorado, I am tempted to go down to the county office and pretend to not have a driver’s license just to see what is on your stupid test. You have the worst drivers I have EVER seen and this is a guy that has lived in Memphis, TN and been to Seoul, South Korea multiple times. I have never been more scared of drivers in my life than in Korea, but Colorado you are pushing it. I am guessing there are only 10 questions on your test and one of them is “what is your name?”

Random thought #3 – There is a manager at the Sonic burger place I go to on my way to work that is perhaps the most upbeat, positive, AWESOME fast food manager I have ever seen. I wonder constantly why this guy is working there and not managing a big corporation team or owning his own business. It saddens me to think that his optimism and potential may never be realized, since more often than not the “good employees” are overlooked.

I saw my sunset today… beautiful.


13 thoughts on “3 Random Thoughts

  1. Is Colorado really that bad? May have to watch out! And there is nothing like being behind someone on drive through that orders seven large waters and nothing else. LOL (oh the joys of working at Starbucks)


  2. Try Jamaica! They are so relaxed, happy and fast! There is a lot of honking and a lot of pointing involved in driving there. Add in the terrain and people walking all over the place. .. so much fun!


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