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My Adoption Story: Part 3

Seoul never sleeps. It is still the Summer of 2000, but we are waiting to depart back home to the United States. I called my mom and she said a few of my friends wanted to meet me at our house after I arrived if that was ok. They were hesitant, the grape vine of information must have let them know something possibly traumatic had happened to their friend while in Korea. Suspicions should not be hindered from the fantastic, I was obviously a North Korean spy now.

We are sitting in my dining room. My family and a few of my friends are here, I hand out a few gifts. I don’t really remember too much from this period, it is kind of like a dream that someone told me about that I then feel like is my own. I probably could remember more, I probably don’t really want to. I do know that while in Korea I developed a love for the spirits. In Korea you just need to be able to crawl to the bar and say “Soju!” and the God of soju appears. I was eighteen at the time, took first grade twice to learn English for those counting, so drinking sounded like a remarkably great idea. I recall guzzling a pint of rum, post finding out my big news, then proceeding to spread my breakfast, lunch, and dinner all over Pusan. Yes, drinking was definitely for me. Now let’s go to college…


The Daily Opinion – Purest Bloggers

There is a point of contention between some bloggers about purity of method when it comes to blogging. Do you hope to connect only with those that “love” your work and through those connections do you hope to build an audience only of like minded people? Or are you like some bloggers (me) that would rather see their work in front of a million faces and hope that a percentage of connections comes from it?


Wannabe Saints and Angels

I see wannabe saints everywhere. People are so quick to say “well if I had this or that I would do this or that.” It is very easy to speculate about what we would do if we had someone else’s wealth, position in life, or abilities but for the most part that speculation is all fluff. Humans are selfish creatures and are even more so when it comes to things they have created themselves.

I wonder how many of you would share your blog if you were me. I seriously wonder that. There are so many that will say “well of course I would give back to the bloggers,” but the reality is that you become protective of your space. You like things a certain way, posts are made in a certain order, and seeing another author’s name on your website isn’t all it is hyped up to be. It truly isn’t. What if you invite a guest blogger that is a better writer than you? Oh noes! Suddenly you feel threatened by a blogger that doesn’t even know they are a threat! Sounds ridiculous right? It is a bit more complex than people think because they aren’t making the same decisions you have to make.

I personally am not threatened by or intimidated by other writers, authors, or bloggers. I know I am not the best writer and as I have repeatedly said I am still learning. I am also still at around a 6.5 out of 10 in writing skill and that is ONLY counting style, if you add in grammar and punctuation my score drops down to a 5. Thank Buddha for spellcheck!

I follow two other “powerbloggers” that fit my description. One is the publicblogger. He has a fabulous website and also has VERY strong writers on his “team.” Now I personally don’t know how he runs his website, what he does with his authors, if he has guest authors or permanent staff, if he is one person or a lot of people, but I do know that he would probably understand what I am saying. It is a hard thing to lend your space out and even harder when you feel it might “not be worth the trouble.” But then you have this small voice in the back of your head, or at least I do, that says caring about other bloggers pays back in the end. I truly believe that and that is why I do what I do. It may not be the best blogging method, but it is the best this working Dad can do…



They will always have something to say. They will try to compare and contrast your actions to their own lines of thought. Similarities between lives become instant points of contention because we as humans take different things to heart from each situation. One person focuses in on the pain, another praises the presence of God, and still the third mumbles that at least the devil wasn’t involved this time. Separate points of view focused on the same scene, we all reach for the white elephant and feel different portions in the night.

Do we live a single life only to try and impress our lessons upon another? Is each step walked in hope that an opportunity will present itself to give a lesson instead of merely living our lives? I see doctors and professors in every direction, desperately they seek a student to teach each day. We scream at the wind without concern of sound because our action is just that… an action. There is no will for reception from them.


My Adoption Story: Part 7

I hope you readers will forgive me; it may seem a bit tedious my splitting these posts up, but I am literally writing these and publishing them as I go. It is how I roll… deal with it.

I can barely contain my excitement. This is apparent, because I have elevated myself to a “fully capable Korean,” and have decided that I should travel to Korea alone. Once there I am going to meet a friend from school who is going to take me to a bus to meet up with my best friend Rob and his mom.

Now, keeping in mind I had only been to Korea once two years previous, I was not as sure of myself as I was putting on. But as this was the beginning of my epic journey, and with the same arrogance of the prodigal son, I gave my parents a quick hug, grabbed my money and bags, and jumped on the plane to Korea. This was my final roll; my final card, I was all in or all out.

It is a real eye opening experience when you get off the plane in an Asian country, particular a city as large as Seoul, South Korea, and all you see is Asians. This is especially true if you are from the United States. This might sound strange coming from a Korean, but I don’t particularly like to be surrounded by tons of people like me. I also don’t like to be touched, which poses a particularly frustrating problem when I am in a club, at a ballgame, or in this case in an Airport. Somehow I made it through the airport and to the exit, I have no clue how I did that considering I read but do NOT understand the Korean language. My Korean oral vocabulary is at about a two year old level. I do know how to order multiple beers, however.

I am on the bus to meet Rob, it is night time and I have been traveling for God knows how many hours. I am not tired; I am amped up like a junkie actually. It is amazing how excitement can make you ignore such human needs like sleep. I get off the bus in a small town outside of Seoul; I am the only one to get off. That was a bit strange to me, now that I recall, because the bus had been pretty full. As I sit anxiously waiting for the inevitable ninja attack, an old man approaches me and immediately lets loose with a storm of Korean sentences. I of course tell the old man that I am OK, in English, and to please back off as I know for a fact that old people can be crazy too. Luckily things do not escalate, I am tired and have no idea what the guy is saying, because Rob shows up and I get in the car quickly.

Relief, I remember feeling a huge sense of relief once I was in the car with Rob. It finally felt like the road was ahead, so to speak. Rob let me know that we would be staying with his grandparents in the country, but that his mom would be taking me to Pusan in a couple days. Everything finally felt like it was coming together and I could not have been happier at the moment.


Dreams that Melt

They seep from above and seek one last breath. Their fingers of desire are shattered by the closing of reality’s lid. And screaming they fall into despair, the eternal knowledge of dreams that melt.-OM

Morning Sun

I meet my fears daily. They stand upon the deck with me, I feel their hands upon my shoulder. Their added weight does not comfort me, it in fact causes me to lean slightly to the left and may cause future harm to my knees. I think I will ask my doctor about that.

The coming sun does not portray a singular shadow upon my unswept deck. Instead I see a crowd behind me. I turn my head, there is no one there. Their voices are clear in the morning air, we pause in debate and watch a duck fly by looking for the lake a block over. It captures our attention for a moment and we forget our prescribed parts in this play. Reality quickly fixes this momentary lapse in attention.

I look down and see their eyes upon me. My eyes. A new day begins.


Bloggers read if you want

I debated writing this. Not because I want to be stingy with knowledge, but rather because I wondered if anyone cared. But a few have asked so I will say it here once and be done.

Someone, a few ones, asked how I gained so many followers so quickly. I am not a sales guy, this is not an ad, I just felt like sharing.  The reason I feel like sharing is because I see so many great blogs out there, waiting to be discovered. People, great things aren’t discovered or found they are put out there! See that Search bar next to the feed? All that stands in your way between you and your future viewers is effort. No one says you have to read their whole blog, just go out and read a post and like it. See if the gesture is returned. If you want fifty, a hundred, even a hundred thousand followers it is up to you. Sure you can spend money, but that only takes you so far.

Keep writing, that is the best advice. Keep writing and engage other bloggers, if you are seeking opinions on your work your opinions are waiting just out there.



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