The Daily Opinion – The Death Penalty


So who here feels sympathy for this guy?

I don’t intentionally skip comments

Just so people know… I don’t intentionally skip comments. Even if you are checking time stamps… I hope people realize I do make an attempt to respond to all comments on this website. No matter how ignorant, foolish, mundane, odd, humorous, random, scary, or terrifying. I appreciate anyone that leaves me a comment, remark, or threat and thank you.

-Opinionated Man

My Adoption Story: Part 3

Seoul never sleeps. It is still the Summer of 2000, but we are waiting to depart back home to the United States. I called my mom and she said a few of my friends wanted to meet me at our house after I arrived if that was ok. They were hesitant, the grape vine of information must have let them know something possibly traumatic had happened to their friend while in Korea. Suspicions should not be hindered from the fantastic, I was obviously a North Korean spy now.

We are sitting in my dining room. My family and a few of my friends are here, I hand out a few gifts. I don’t really remember too much from this period, it is kind of like a dream that someone told me about that I then feel like is my own. I probably could remember more, I probably don’t really want to. I do know that while in Korea I developed a love for the spirits. In Korea you just need to be able to crawl to the bar and say “Soju!” and the God of soju appears. I was eighteen at the time, took first grade twice to learn English for those counting, so drinking sounded like a remarkably great idea. I recall guzzling a pint of rum, post finding out my big news, then proceeding to spread my breakfast, lunch, and dinner all over Pusan. Yes, drinking was definitely for me. Now let’s go to college…


The Daily Opinion – Purest Bloggers

There is a point of contention between some bloggers about purity of method when it comes to blogging. Do you hope to connect only with those that “love” your work and through those connections do you hope to build an audience only of like minded people? Or are you like some bloggers (me) that would rather see their work in front of a million faces and hope that a percentage of connections comes from it?


Addictive Me

We constantly sway with our desires. Deciding one day that something is great and the next that it is unnecessary. A life of lines and dividing needs. What is truly necessary and where does the dream end? Being forced to see reality is hard because whose reality are we truly living?

I have made a lot of decisions in my life, broken promises, and created new ones in the next breath. That just has to be life… and just the way life is. Sometimes it is tough not to “reflect” too closely on those past trials because to overly do so can wear on a person’s self-esteem. There are times though at night, when we count numbers and weigh our dreams against the reality of bills, that we begin to understand the truth. Reality is the next step and choosing to focus on the future should always be more important.

I have goals and dreams, but unfortunately those may not be the same path as reality. But it will still be my life and for that it is worth doing. It is worth living. I have almost died a few times and I appreciate my life because of it. I believe it places our future actions in a different perspective.

Note: My website is on an off season right now. I will respond to emails, comments, and tweets in waves but I won’t be posting much the next few months. Yep, months. I have some things to take care of and I am sure you all do as well. I wish you the best WordPress. Stay safe.

I’ll update OM’sJ though.

Jason C. Cushman

-Opinionated Man