Where is the Pride Asians?

Asian parents, where is your pride? If your child looks Asian, has small eyes, why are you making them feel less than perfect? When did we start wanting larger eyes? You realize that bugs fly easily into people’s eyes that are larger right? And didn’t you get the memo that God granted unto Asians “natural shades” which come in the form of our nicely slanted eyelids? Grow some pride!

This article bothers me on so many levels. That I know it is somewhat true really pains me, because I know Korean parents can be like this. Asian parents in general are very hard-edged when it comes to telling their kids what they “think” is wrong with them. I have seen Asian mothers and female relatives gang up on other women and break their spirit with condescending remarks. “You are fat, your eyes are small, your skin is too dark, your feet are fat… the list goes on and on. You thought Asian parents were just hard on their kids about grades? Please, even I know they are hard on their children for just about everything, and I don’t even have Korean parents.

This is not to say other nationalities can’t be just as cruel towards their children. I am sure it goes on around the world. What I can speak for from my experience is from the Asian perspective. I wrote about kids having their eyes cut a while back, not on this blog actually. It is sad to me that a child, person, or grownup might not be proud of the way they look. I can remember all too well as a kid crying in my bed asking God why he made me Asian instead of white, black, or other. The internal struggles of a person growing up are hard enough without finding doubt within your own home to validate what you “think” is wrong with you. Even I must remind myself of this hard lesson; jokes can hurt as much as offensive barbs. We would do well to remember that we get only one chance to live life. Why live that life wishing you were someone else? Sounds like a waste of a wish to me.


34 thoughts on “Where is the Pride Asians?

  1. I love this, You should always be proud and confident with the way you are. I’m black and was born with small eyes thanks to my Grandads Asian background and I love it. Cherish and embrace your beauty I say :)


  2. These days everyone is at it, media have brainwashed people into thinking they need to change to be accepted or beautiful.. White people use fake tan, black people use bleaching creams and weave, fat people want liposuction, skinny people get breast implants.. It’s never ending. I’m pretty happy to just be me, like it or lump it!!


  3. I agree! I’m also Asian and I feel like my father is always pointing out things about me he dislikes. When I go to reunions you bet my aunts are all surrounding me saying, “You need an Asian man! Why you with a Mexican man? That’s so bad!” Lol


  4. Ahh yes, both my cousins in Korea have gotten a lot of surgery done, and when I was living in Korea with my aunt, constant nagging; it’s a way of showing love but it can really make someone second guess themselves. I think my parents were young, came to America with no money, and their focus was to give my brother and I a better opportunity. I did lack a lot of moral support from my parents, and they never grew up in America so the struggles I had to deal with, they didn’t really know. I just know that my kids will get a lot of support from me, and have pride in himself/herself as well as pride the heritage of whatever their background will be.

    Thanks for the article !


    • Yea, I have heard and read on that as well. It is bad when people can’t be pleased with how they are. I can understand dieting and wanting to be in shape. It is the surgery aspect of it that gets me. Cutting and changing.


  5. True… When I was living in China, all my Chinese brethren went gaga over my big, Indian eyes… In India, or South Asia, my eyes are considered small!!


  6. I love my Asian friends, little eyes and all <3 I've noticed people are cutting and altering themselves like a suit that does not fit. Bigger or smaller boobs. Slicing your toes off so you can wear fancy shoes. Just like back in China when they bound women's feet to look sexy or make sure they couldn't run away (just guessing on that one). You can change the color and shape of your eyes with lasers now! You can turn brown eyes blue. Have you noticed how odd older people with the lots of money to waste to alter themselves look? Like plastic wrap stretched over a skeleton. But you know people have been slicing and dicing themselves, adding pictures, scars, bits of other stuff to their body for thousands and thousands of years. Looks like nothin has changed much after all. Progress? naaaa


  7. I completely understand. I was chubby as a kid so my relatives constantly teased me, calling me piggy. They were joking, but like you said, jokes can be as hurtful as offensive barbs.

    Thankfully, puberty was nice to me, so the jokes stopped.


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