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Writers that are bloggers are a different species. My observation is that there are many contributing factors to making a good blogger. I would argue that the goal of a blogging writer is to publish posts that push a reader to want to browse and read more. It isn’t necessarily to write a single article that goes viral or to create social disruption. I think the motivation for writing a blog is to see if you can interest a complete stranger to read more of your work.

You will see many posts on what makes a good blog. This is not such a post. I gave up writing those a long time ago because a “good blog” is whatever the blogger wishes it to be. I have rarely met an ambitious writer though that doesn’t want to get more publicity. We write on WordPress because we feel that we have something worth sharing. Some come here possibly to practice, but even more than that we seek validation and criticism for our writing style.

I own and run two blogs that feature articles written on completely random topics. I do not run a “theme” for my sites because I don’t enjoy writing only one form. I push myself and challenge my own small skill to produce something new each time I write. It is the thrill of completion and the hope that someone might enjoy reading it that drives me on to the next article. I love to write and I appreciate it even more when my words are read. I am sure I am not alone in this regard. Many writers out there probably feel the same way.


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  1. I write what I feel like writing and hopefully, others will like it, too. Of course, I feel a bit of high when somebody lets me know he or she has read it, but in the end, I’d rather have one reader who is genuinely interested in what I say than see my number of visitors go up but I never know if they stay to even read it. I do have a theme, but it’s really mainly “Things that interest me,” so it can actually be a very broad theme, he he


  2. Great post and this particular line is 50% of why I blog: “I think the motivation for writing a blog is to see if you can interest a complete stranger to read more of your work.” That is pure truth.

    The other 50% of why I blog is that writing (and other forms of creative expression that I use) is what quiets the maelstrom of turbulent thought in my head. When I am writing, I am able to focus and slow down the Pachinko Machine of ideas that is my brain.

    Sometimes, others seem to connect to what I have to say and that’s just icing on the proverbial cake :)


  3. Hi OM! How did you know? I agree with you completely. This is a very intuitive post. It is so fulfilling to have someone read a piece I’ve written,then view other pieces, and oftentimes eventually follow my blogs. It is so motivating to stir perfect strangers in such a way, that they want to read more. Good bloggers manage to achieve this. I say to you…mission accomplished! :)

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  4. I just wrote a post about my experiences at WordCamp Seattle (I’ll provide the link in a few minutes) and instantly it drew tons of people in. Also it probably helped that I talked about how Putin was used in one of the seminars hehe. But yes I do agree with you OM. My passion is writing so when I have something really good I want to share, I write it pronto.

    – James


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  7. Your opinion makes lots of sense here. I have limited myself by always looking for what makes me happy or, at least, peaceful during my day. I’ve always loved writing and blogging is a wonderful outlet. If someone found what I write to be interesting and cares enough to comment, I’m very pleased. And I like to keep the conversation going and cease it before it gets stale.


  8. I think feeling the waters and trying to figure out what is fabulous and what is not so great and what definitely what blogging helps with – which is all part and parcel of being a writer isn’t it? Well I am just wording your article differently now right!! But yeah – I guess viral would be a head start on having folk peruse your work and hopefully find other reads they enjoy and that is always a good thing.
    For so many reasons and they may be a lot different for everyone – but the crux is – if it is not a diary you are keeping – then you ARE hoping for SOMETHING – you may not have figured out what that something is yet even – but – you are here for some or other reason I think.


  9. Despite being a trained journalist, who writes news stories almost on a daily basis, I still feel the need to read, to be read, and to write a lot. And that’s what drove me to blogging and I am so glad many people have similar feelings as mine. Yours are nice posts OM!


  10. I think you hit the nail on the head. To have people read your post is in some way similar to being published. I started to attempt to get a presence but have found that I really enjoy the freedom of experimentation that blogging allows. I have gone way out of my comfort zone with poetry, haiku and even photography and a bit of fiction thrown in. Every day I think about doing something further with my manuscript but play around with blog words instead.


  11. I’ve started blogging to practice and improve my writing skills, it’s just a bonus if anyone reads my work let alone like it. I was worried that my blog doesn’t have a theme but I don’t want to be limited by myself on what I can post. It’s good to know there are other bloggers out there with similar motivations. Keep up the good blogging!


  12. What i believe that you’re always writing for just one person, that is yourself. All else, all other readers are just extra fun that comes along with putting your writing out there. That’s the connection we make with others and that’s the beautiful thing about being on the Internet.


  13. I love the way you define “a good blog” here. To me a good blog is one that is satisfying to its authors.

    I’ve given up the privacy paranoia (it died hard, but I had to let it go). I’d love to send a piece viral sometime, but that’s not why I blog. What I am really trying to figure out is how to get people to talk back to me in the form of votes and comments. That’s tough to do. I do have themes from my blogs. One is devoted to writing. The other has a wider focus that can encompass pretty much anything to do with popular culture or social issues. I focused them that way because those are the things I tend to talk about with friends and colleagues.

    I also blog to improve my writing skills. Writing something every day really helps. Two months of it has improved my revision skills and word economy.


  14. Viral scares me. I’m too private and paranoid for that.. I love to write, and I think writing about whatever tickles my fancy is good enough. The more I write, the better I become. But viral, scares all the shit out of me. Lol.. ijs



  15. Are you kidding!?! That’s EXACTLY what I want. All I need is one article that will propel me to instant fame, and maybe even a little fortune.

    But wait!! It’ll have to be put on the back burner. Right now, I’m being paged for cooperative play on Call of Duty…


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