There is a Reader out There for You

I have said countless times there is a reader out there for EVERYONE. Authors and writers that wish to be published need to realize that you can stay true to your writing style and still find an audience. There is someone out there that likes the crazy shit you write about, I swear! You have to find them, that takes some effort, but the great part is that this effort pays off because you will continue to find people with similar interests.

You can be successful. This is not a cheesy self-motivational post, to hell with that crap, but in all reality you can sell as many books or ebooks as you are willing to peddle. You just have to get off your ass and do it. How did you find my website? How can people find yours? You can self-promote your ass off from the comfort of your lazyboy recliner and that is the beauty of social media.

You don’t need to pay some schmuck to tell you how to promote yourself. Open your mouth, move those damn fingers, do the part that SHOULD be the most fun. Selling your hard work! Be proud of it and if people look down on you then get a damn ladder and look down on them. There is a Reader out there for you. Go find them.


90 thoughts on “There is a Reader out There for You

  1. Such inspirational, awesome, truly AWESOME post Opinionated Man :D
    Yap, you definitely deserve that nomination (and being on top of Holistic Wayfarer, ahah)

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  2. Reblogged this on The World of Andy Lawson and commented:
    Writers, even though they tend to work in solitude, should be, IMO, tigers. Go find your preys, go get your readers, capture your book buyers. Be wild, be strong, and be ambitious. Jason said it right when he said “there’s a reader for everyone.”

    Go get ‘em, TIGERS!
    “if people look down on you then get a damn ladder and look down on them. There is a Reader out there for you. Go find them.”


  3. Haha… Loved the get a ladder and look down on them part… So true.. Thank you for posting so many helpful posts on how to find readers. They have helped me find a lot of people who love the things i write. Regards. :)


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  5. Thanks for this! I was so desperate for readers that at one point I caught myself using the free internet at a local coffee shop in order to pose as someone I didn’t know visiting my blog! Needless to say I put the kibosh to that behavior and have since taken instead to three hours of nightly prayer, and small animal sacrifices on every other Saturday in hopes of getting some real readers. If it works I will let you know.

    The President and Founder

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  6. You don’t know how perfect it was to see this post this morning. I’ve been struggling lately. Wondering…”I’m not hearing any feedback. I’m not sure anyone is even reading this garbage I write. Maybe it’s just time to stop wasting my efforts…” Thanks for the pick-me-up! I really needed it!

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  7. This post is probably the kick in the butt that I needed to get motivated. I’ve also tried to adjust things to how I think other people will like it instead of being myself, being unique. Now I just need to find more people who like what I have to say. Thanks :-D

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  8. I’m just realizing this myself. I used to adjust the blogs I wrote with the idea that more people would read my stuff. The truth is that if people don’t like the things I’m talking about, they will not like it. Period. It doesn’t matter how much I adjust my writings. If they’re not interested, they’re just not interested. For the people that do like it, it’s more than fair to stay true to yourself when you write. This is what attracted them to you in the first place. And reassures not only the readers but also you a writer that you truly stand behind the things you write. – Thank you for this post.

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  9. About two lifetimes ago, I was a salesman and like every salesman I studied sales. From that dark corner of my past a phrase has stuck with me: “Nothing happens until somebody sells something.” Seems to me that the first reader you have to sell is yourself.
    Self actualization quote, “I ain’t much ,babe, but I’m all I’ve got.”
    Be happy with yourself, don’t add stuff that isn’t there in what you write and you’ll find readers. Sales again, you gotta really believe in what you sell or you will never sell anything…back to: “Noting happens…blah, blah.”


  10. Reblogged this on Thoughts of Kat Canfield and commented:
    This post hit me today; I needed to hear it. This is the hardest thing for me to do is to promote myself. Well, perhaps it is time to get up and tell everyone, “I wrote a book, it is great, and I want everyone to read it.” There, Opinionated Man, how is that?


  11. i do this because i’m bored. and its cheap. doesn’t require a license.
    i don’t care if i’m read or not. so there! boredom trumps caring any day.
    roll this up and smoke it!!

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    • I just now noticed comments didn’t go through on this post, but it also allows me the opportunity to ask how your new job with Huffington is going? I’ll stop by your blog as well, but maybe you can’t speak as freely there about it. :)


  12. I seriously needed to read this today! See, I get inspired to scribble something down a few times, and everyone jumps on it, telling me to start a blog. “Start a blog and you can make money!” They prey on my helpless situation and desperate need to make money. So, I’ve started at least half a dozen blogs, and wasn’t able to stick with a single one of them, because I was blogging about what others TOLD me to, in order to make money. My creativity shrivels after a while of trying to force myself to bring forth what I hope others want to see. I actually did not find you. You found ME, and I’ve been reading every one of your posts since then (they come to my Inbox), and have been feeling quite intimidated.
    Thank you for this…. because I’ve recently started still ANOTHER blog, trying again to find a well that does not dry up in under a week.

    Wishing you well…..


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