Some HarsH ReaLiTy

I offer some HarsH ReaLiTy to bloggers that feel “stuck” with their blogs.

Your blog will never be found.

Your writing is not the reason why people don’t comment or visit.

Your topics aren’t as offensive as you think they are.

Far less people care about what you are writing on than you think. Don’t let fear keep you from writing on an issue.

There is no “WordPress fact police” that goes around checking the validity of posts. If there were such a thing… 99% of WordPress would be shut down.

Changing your theme every month won’t get you views and will possibly annoy the shit out of your current audience.

Your tagline and username don’t have to be perfect, trendy, or even make sense to get followers.

Constantly posting will only get you so many views. If you threw newspapers from a plane they would STILL only be read by the people that care to read

If you depend on your family and friends for views and comments, your blog will be as empty as a Saturday night party with no alcohol.

If you could tap a million shoulders from the comfort of your room and ask them to read your work, why wouldn’t you? That is what the follow button will do for you. Common sense will tell you to find people writing about similar topics and issues.

People that dream of an audience but won’t actually work to find followers must just like to complain. They will still bemoan the fact that other people are successful. Sometimes people just need excuses for why they are failing, even if they are lies. Whatever makes you sleep well at night right?

The other side of the coin is this…

WordPress is the largest blogging platform in the world. There is someone that likes the same stuff as you and reads the same books. You simply have to find them. They may not even be the same “type” of blogger as you or write on the same subjects. That doesn’t mean that the food blogger doesn’t like poetry or the artist over there doesn’t read fiction and creative writing on their free time. If you limit the potential audience you can reach you will simply limit your own blog and expectations.

I know there are many here that want to be authors. Hell, I want to be an author too one day. There are also many bloggers that sell their own products or are in the business of making business for themselves. I find that to be an awesome thing and it inspires me to see other entrepreneurs really going after their dreams. That is why I write these posts, for the people that have “something” to offer and are only looking for a fair exchange for the value of their work.

There are people out there that want to meet you and your website. They want your product. You have to find them first! Many won’t actively search for things, even if all they need to do is type it in the Google search bar. Instead they will create something, a website or a product, and then they will recline back in their chair and “wait” for people to show up. A blog is not a brick and mortar store and even if it were all of our blogs would blend into an apartment complex style background and no one would be recognized. Our websites would never be seen for the potential that “one click” could provide. This is why I preach over and over that people must interact and find others that want to view, read, or purchase their products. So many great writers, so many great books and posts, and they are all bound by the common factor of being hidden behind a wall.

There are readers, browsers, writers, clickers, bloggers, artist, and many other different types of people present here on WordPress. We are NOT all here for the same reason. Be here for your own reason and don’t worry about what others are doing. That sounds odd since this whole post is directed to others and not to myself, but that is the role I have taken upon myself in terms of “giving back” to WordPress and the people that visit my website. There was a day when I would have killed for such helpful words myself. I can only hope that someone out there finds my advice motivational.


126 thoughts on “Some HarsH ReaLiTy

  1. Thanks! Took a while to get here to the bottom of your comments page to simply thank you, but I scrolled and scrolled and here I am. Thank you for letting me know that I am basically doing the right thing. Perhaps I need to comment on more of the blogs that I follow, but there are only so many hours in the day, and my main duties are to my family and to maintaining my own mental (and physical) health. Honestly, I’m terrible about exercising and getting outside for my vitamin D (aka skin cancer) fix. The key for me is to not become totally overwhelmed. There are so, so many great blogs out there. Really it’s amazing the creativity, passion, and compassion people have, as well as the pain and suffering calling out for relief, for a kind word.


  2. Thanks for posting this (and for the follow – it got me looking! ha!) I’m really happy for all this info as I’m a “newbie” at blogging, some things I’d figured out but it’s great to have it confirmed. I like “shooting straight” (though I hope with age I’ve mellowed enough to add a bit of padding here and there) so I’ll stick around and follow too in the hope of more “crumbs of knowledge” ha!


  3. I agree, I don’t blog so much for other people, I do it for myself. If I can help someone by going through or shedding light on a similar experience than I’ve done my job. I like your straight-to-the-point ways. I’m like that too and I don’t understand people who aren’t.


  4. I had this long thing prepared, like I always do, but I ditched it. I have this one thing to say. I went through a whole lot before I had anything Freshly Pressed. I don’t know that I even agree that article was my best. But, a ton of WP readers seemed to think so. Not like I’m saying, “sell out”, because that’s not at all what I did. I was probably writing more from the heart than ever. The difference is that I wasn’t writing for me or even people like me. I was just writing for people. Anyone, everyone, come one and all.

    I’m no WP rockstar with Freshly Pressed articles all of the time and guest writing for a ton of other blogs. But, I’ll tell everyone this one thing. A whole different world opens up when there isn’t an invented “target audience”.


  5. Nobody but those on the Internet know that I blog. I don’t participate in Facebook or Twitter, only Path (does ANYBODY know what that is?). So I don’t often complain about my blog. I’ve followed at least a piece of your advice, Jason, and my followers have increased :)


  6. Love this. Thank you for following Earthlights and…I am not being sycophantic, here but I follow because I like what I have read. Here’s to keeping our feet on the ground, and our heads in the clouds from time to time. Because we all need to dream occasionally to let a little light into the murk. All the best.


  7. While I wish it was as easy as posting some self-important content and waiting for the flood of internet adulation I was fortunate to come into this blogging gig with the knowledge that participation, awareness and networking are all essential to success; if you define success as people reading, commenting on, sharing and following your blog, that is.
    Although it has been a good deal of effort to get my blog up, running and noticed by someone other than my girlfriend it has been gratifying, rewarding and kind of a rush. I enjoy the process.
    You have posted some valuable information her OM and I look forward to more of it. Thanks!


  8. After reading your article, I can see what I’ve been doing wrong. I’m new at blogging and at being an author. I self-published three months ago and I’ve been blogging, tweeting, googling, and so on…I do feel like I’ve been hidden behind a wall, waiting for someone to visit me. I have a very small group of followers. I need to find bloggers with similar interests as mine. I have a lot to learn.
    Thanks for the advice,


  9. That may be so,but I enjoy the latitude of writing for me,my cues,thoughts,etc.
    If I’m not satisfied w/my content everyone(or rather,anyone) else is moot.
    I already am what I’m going to be when I grow up. This writing thing is just gravy on mashed potatoes


  10. This is what I would call a super post, OM. You went over the top.

    Yes, bloggers that are owned by individuals should be there because the owner needs to express his or herself. Worrying about what others want or will think is senseless.


  11. I like it.
    I just write whatever I want to write, be it politics, funny things, put up a video, whatever comes to mind that day. Worst part, I tend not to edit my post or re-read them. I just write what I love and fuck it.
    Actually seems quite some people are reading it to my surprise, but that was never the goal though. I rarely go to statistics, I do like to read the people that follow me and those that don´t , why? because I like what they write about, it´s a bunch of diversity out there that can make me laugh, think, learn, e.t.c. Nice Post.


  12. To be very honest, after reading your articles about blogging, some ideas just got absorbed even before I knew it. Because that wasn’t what I did when I started. Now I am glad, thanks to you, that I have found some kindred spirits (by searching of course) , mostly related to photography, which I search for and learnt a trick or two from them.


  13. Glad you followed my blog, otherwise I wouldn’t have found a kindred spirit. You offend people via this page and I like to shock and offend in life so what a match! Hope you found something to love on my blog, it’s my passion…Awesome words by the way, I know I’m always pleasantly inspired and surprised by the variety of people that read my lyrics. Thanks again ~ Annabel


      • You’re welcome, as always. I really think it’s the perfect post, coming from you. I have followed your blog for some time and every time I comment, you reply with kind words. I think you just might be the hardest working blogger on WordPress and I admire you for it.

        I am looking to boost my own readership, in lieu of my book release, but I haven’t been very successful. It’s really hard not to take this personally. I am to the point that I agonize over my posts and hope that each one will spark a great deal of interest. Thanks to your advice, I am just going to write and post. I am going to try to interact more, and I’m going to enjoy blogging again. :D


        • I appreciate that. I know some bloggers that work harder, but I throw in as much time as I can spare into my blogs. As for the posts, that really is something that people gradually will learn and move past. We all want to write perfect posts, viral posts, engaging articles and all that but the reality is that most people won’t read something closely enough to even appreciate perfection. Also, for bloggers like me, even the “prefect posts” get buried unless I wanted to let it sit at the top of my page for a week. Where is the fun in that? Blogging and wriitng to write I think can form a very real connection with an audience. They get to see the “raw” you, not the edited and processed you. :)


  14. Being true to yourself and your followers goes a long way as well. I feel like all of the things I see about enhancing your blog, and gaining traffic is complete common sense. The only thing that separates the successful bloggers from the unsuccessful is hard work. Reaping the fruits of your labor is key.


  15. That really stood out to me, “Your topics aren’t as offensive as you think they are.”

    I like to think of it as nerves, and thinking of others (perhaps overly much) when in fact it probably is a form of fear which keeps me from writing on certain issues.

    Got a laugh out of the “fact police!”

    I do find your advice motivational. More than simply for views or followers or for selling a book or some artwork. It is about getting sociable and taking the initiative to meet people for the first time, and strike up a conversation. For me, this is like a practice ground for making wider connections in this big world around us.


  16. :) I love that you have pointed out that it doesn’t necessarily come down to what you write (because who can write the perfect piece every time? What does that even look like?) but how you go about finding followers. It’s very inspiring, because it’s achievable. Thanks so much for this post!


    • :) I am glad you feel that way. It is the truth. Anyone that says otherwise is simply fooling themselves. The truth is that there are plenty of poor readers in this world that will read just about anything. You don’t have to write well to have an audience. Look at me. lol…


    • I’d like to think my pieces of writing are damn near perfect, but then again I am kind of conceited some days (the other days I’m struggling with insecurity and consider my writing as crap) hehe…but I also find it amazing how many followers some blogs have….very inspiring indeed! 😊


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