Why I Blog

I have seen these posts and I will admit I always snickered a bit when reading them. I always thought “well I am glad they clarified why they are doing something they like to do…” I am such a hypocrite because I am about to write one myself. It has been a long time coming.

When I began HarsH ReaLiTy in January I stated that I was here to share my writing and to get feedback on my style. I was not lying at the time and that really is still my answer. I am not here to read and I do not log into WordPress with the purpose of browsing blogs. I log in to write and write and write. I have said before that there are many different people on WP for their own purposes, some are here to blog, others to read, some to browse, and others just to kill time during work. All those different reasons combine into a community thriving with potential readers and followers as well as an equal amount of writers. Two “writers” might not ever visit each other’s blogs because guess what? They are busy writing, not reading and commenting. To deny the fact that some blogs might be better than others is to be willingly obtuse. There are differing degrees of blogs much like there are different levels of skill for authors.

I do not think I am a high level writer. I do think I am unique and that I have something to offer that others do not. Luckily I have just enough skill and a large enough vocabulary that I am able to disguise my lack of grammar and composition behind well placed phrases and key words of humor. I am also grateful that most of my readers are understanding, forgiving, and accept the fact that I am not an established author. I believe blogging can be anything you wish it to be. Currently I use it to relieve stress, rant, to talk about random world views, and recently I have decided to share my flash fiction attempt. I love the instant gratification and for a person that is easily depressed it helps to receive such encouragement to keep trying and keep writing. A journal doesn’t give great feedback.

I do accept “fair” criticism, as hard as that may be to believe. I read every comment on my blog and I do try and work on the faults people find. I won’t turn the other cheek or roll over if I feel an attack is unfair, I never have and never will live like that. I think people should be allowed to defend themselves without being seen as the “bully” because they happen to have more followers. I think people also need to remember that my blunt writing style carries over into the comment section as well. I am never mad when commenting, but I will admit I may be annoyed. I did not come on WordPress to engage in arguments, debates, or to battle trolls. I may take the good advice of many of you and just start moderating such garbage.

I decided when I began this blog that I would share some photos of my children and would also talk about my family on this blog. They are my life and thus it would be silly not to include them in a blog about me. I also made a promise that as soon as someone spoke in a derogatory manner about them that I would remove their photos and stop posting them. That ship has sailed, sadly, but I will not stop posting and writing about my daily life, which obviously includes my family. They are more important than blogging.

I blog as practice because the best way to get better at something is to keep doing it. I write daily, I dream about writing, and I wake up in the morning ready to write. It is possibly the only thing I have ever been good at and I hope that one day I will be “great” at it.

I blog because I love to write.

-Opinionated Man


142 thoughts on “Why I Blog

  1. I was inspired by this post to say something myself (even I’m not a very communicative person – and I’m struggling with my English as well.). Also, I’m absolute beginner in this blogging stuff. I’m (like you) here to write, not so much to read other blogs and exchanging thoughts about (because of luck of time for writing, not because of luck of interests). But I’m glad I took a time and read yours. Thank you very much for following me, and also for encouraging and advising beginners and other bloggers. It is a very noble thing to do. And all I dare to say about your poetry is – keep on playing a beautiful music.

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    • I too am happy you decided to stop by and give my blog a browse. :) I am still learning to write poetry, but hopefully one day I’ll get there. I appreciate the kind words!


  2. I really liked this post. I think I write for similar reasons although I have decided to not share photos of my child because I know I wouldn’t respond well (in the replying comment or mentally) to someone making a derogatory comment about him – even if it is just for fun on their part. So I think you’re really brave to say screw you, they are my life and I’m going to be proud to share them. I look forward to reading more of your posts – oh, and thanks for the follow :-)

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