Where is the Pride Asians?

Asian parents, where is your pride? If your child looks Asian, has small eyes, why are you making them feel less than perfect? When did we start wanting larger eyes? You realize that bugs fly easily into people’s eyes that are larger right? And didn’t you get the memo that God granted unto Asians “natural shades” which come in the form of our nicely slanted eyelids? Grow some pride!

This article bothers me on so many levels. That I know it is somewhat true really pains me, because I know Korean parents can be like this. Asian parents in general are very hard-edged when it comes to telling their kids what they “think” is wrong with them. I have seen Asian mothers and female relatives gang up on other women and break their spirit with condescending remarks. “You are fat, your eyes are small, your skin is too dark, your feet are fat… the list goes on and on. You thought Asian parents were just hard on their kids about grades? Please, even I know they are hard on their children for just about everything, and I don’t even have Korean parents.

This is not to say other nationalities can’t be just as cruel towards their children. I am sure it goes on around the world. What I can speak for from my experience is from the Asian perspective. I wrote about kids having their eyes cut a while back, not on this blog actually. It is sad to me that a child, person, or grownup might not be proud of the way they look. I can remember all too well as a kid crying in my bed asking God why he made me Asian instead of white, black, or other. The internal struggles of a person growing up are hard enough without finding doubt within your own home to validate what you “think” is wrong with you. Even I must remind myself of this hard lesson; jokes can hurt as much as offensive barbs. We would do well to remember that we get only one chance to live life. Why live that life wishing you were someone else? Sounds like a waste of a wish to me.


The God Killer

You stand proud and sure of your own worth. The knowledge and intellect that you have you use for your own understanding. You seek answers even when answers are given. Always curious, nothing is safe from your scrutiny. You argue and laugh seemingly without mercy. You list your reasons and you hold to your convictions. You do not need man, woman, or child telling you what to believe. Dusty books and literature hold no meaning. There is no truth but the one that you uncover. You have heard man’s thoughts, let them hear yours. You are the God Killer.


Three Part – 5.23.2014

I do not even behold her physical image at the first glance, simply a reflection is all that is needed to take passion’s hold. The smell of her French perfume infuses the lust within and with extended finger coaxes forth the rage inside of me. Movements captured forever within a capturing mind, she becomes my prisoner before chains have even clasped her wrists. Delicacy tantalizes the mind forcing transition’s movement in this tale we are about to write. We dance past the necessities of mere mortals and I feel certain you will accept your place upon appropriate pedestal as I take you. Gently now… come quietly into the night and force not my trembling hands to meet in wanted permanent clutch. Not just yet.

Remorse is for those with compassion, instead we meet The Urge. He sits beside me at the bar and whispers words of encouragement and comradery. Another drink to try and quench the fire that still burns hot. I sweat within my skin, not from nerves but from the realization of a dream. And what do you do now that your dream has been fulfilled? Does one return as normal to the everyday robotic life of those that have never lived a fantasy? Thoughts with sugar, taken with two shots of Grey Goose, shaved lemon, stirred with ice and served by a smile that gives life to a fresh want. I ponder dreams mixed with memories as I smile and know in my heart… the reality has just begun.

Darkness comes and then there is a light. It stands before me in greeting and I rush forward with surprising urge. Mere inches away I feel a pull, there are dark chains connected to my back. They keep me from advancing towards the warmth. I suddenly feel them begin to pull me back into the darkness. There is a wrongness that is not worded, but I somehow feel knowledge gained that something is not right. One chain dangles before me and begins to shake with invitation, I grab at it with desperate hands. As I begin to yank upon my possible lifeline I look up at a familiar face, she glows with radiance and  resolve as she stares down upon me. Understanding comes with violent punch upon my soul as the pieces come together of what has happened. I feel a release of pressure and watch as she drops her end of the chain, my last hope, with a dispassionate gesture. The one below allows me plenty of time to understand that her action is the last in my life, as the tale’s last word is penned with my wordless cry.

-Opinionated Man


Winternight freeze my soul. Solidify it against the compassion that seeks to infest my heart. Harden my demeanor in the days to come.

I stare across a sea of frozen blades of grass. They crack and pop with the realization of their humanity. Their screams join the sounds of growth that surrounds them, pictures of life amongst the graves of the dying. Crystalized limbs reflect the light of heaven and shine a beacon into the face of God. To make him aware that though we may die with the coming sun, we were here once and we mattered. Remember us.


A Connection in my Pants

I feel a connection in my pants. It comes in the form of a vibration and a sudden awareness of interest. Where do the unsuspecting eyes currently dwell? My pants know. With their awakening comes a rebirth of personal satisfaction. Waves upon waves of limelight roll ashore in the form of green envy. And as the man walks upon the beach he feels yet again another connection through his cell phone resting within his pocket. It is his leash to the world, even when he simply wishes to disconnect.


The Lost Journals: The Introduction – Pg. 1

While auctioning off a house in Memphis, Tennessee last year state officials found an old safe in an attic. Upon opening it they discovered seven very well preserved journals that had been handwritten and obviously cared for by the owner. These items were given to the family of the estate. They sold the “worthless articles” to a small bookstore in midtown Memphis called Burkes Bookstore.

A young man went to that store in the early years of 2000, a store he would frequent often to escape the troubles… nightmares of the world that left him alone as soon as he stepped through that door. The dusty air of peace would settle around him and he would feel at home. It was there he learned of these books and eventually came to own them for himself.

All of this amazingly enough is not the greatest part of the journey of these journals. The best part of the story came when a reader’s eyes, the pupils of that boy, took the time to actually consume the contents of those bound treasures.

It is here the true story began.


This is my blog book I am offering to the readers of my blog. The whole story can be found at the following link http://aopinionatedman.com/category/flash-fiction-novel-the-lost-journals/ I hope you enjoy the story. All content is owned and copyrighted. You may re-blog, pingback, or share the contents but please give credit to the author and this website. Thank you, -OM

Page 1 OM 12/16/2013

HarsH ReaLiTy February Newsletter

Dear Employees,

Upper management has come up with a list of concerns over the past couple weeks. We realize that sharing an environment is hard on everyone, but we are particularly sensitive to the minorities in our company. This would of course be Opinionated Man in every situation as he holds every “card” in the “feel sorry for me” pack.

We will bullet point these so that all current employees can better digest these totalitarian rules. Future bloggers that join HR’s ranks may want to ensure none of these conflict with their own morals.

  • Whoever keeps turning the Men’s Restroom sign upside down stop it! It takes real energy to turn that back around. We have a strong suspicion as to the culprit (culprits) and giggling has been recorded in the halls. We Are Watching.
  • Coffee is a benefit people. Management has noticed certain women smuggling packs of coffee out like cocaine. Also we would again like to emphasis that alcohol is not allowed on the work premises unless it is medically prescribed, as in OM’s case. Rules are rules.
  • We have noticed some segregation going on during lunch time. In an effort to force cultural diversity we have decided to implement a “meet another race day!” We have also decided to allow open discussion on these days; no PC restrictions are to be enforced. Let’s go meet some cultures people!
  • Management has been concerned by the overly friendly nature that has started to infest our halls. Hugging, exchanges of kindness, and any form of charity are now prohibited. We hope this will drive employees to better manage their time. Friendship is overrated. Progress reports are always your friend!
  • Employees the Lower Basement (AKA The Dungeon) is now off limits. This area is being used as our new think tank. The screams from within are willing participants. Please smoke outside.
  • We encourage all employees to sign up for this year’s softball team! Those losers at Beautiful Reality, BR next door, won’t know what hit them! Can we please have all participants learn the team chant this time… the correct one? This means you Linda.
  • In an effort to show our appreciation for all of your hard work this year’s Christmas party has been moved to a better location. Instead of having it on the boring 4th floor, we will be moving it to the 5th floor!!! Anything can happen!!!
  • Whoever keeps parking their BMW in two spaces… just to show off your rims STOP IT! How do you even own a BMW and work here…. We may need to speak to payroll.

-Opinionated Man

Not a Corporate Blogger

I think this information gets lost on my website or in transition from being read to the human brain. Regardless, I feel the need to again let people know I am NOT a Corporate Blogger. I think many people that visit this website assume that it is not humanly possible that one person runs this website alone. Therefore, I must be a Corporate Blogger who then must write within the confines of the politically correct arena. WRONG.

I only wish I were a blogger for a major corporation, although as I quickly found out I am not the best “mouth piece” for a company. In fact, I could honestly see myself on CNN for writing some stupid tweet that goes viral about pandas or something equally dumb. That reminds me of that PR agent that wrote that ignorant twitter message about going to Africa.

I am not a company blogger and I hold no rules over my head. That bothers many, scares some off from following me, and keeps many from commenting. I understand that, I accept that, and I appreciate that actually. I intentionally scare off followers whenever I can to alleviate the workload. There, I admitted it.

I am rude, abrupt, and many times crass in my replies to people. I will even tell you if I think what you said was stupid. Many bloggers will look down on that and make statements such as “popular bloggers should accept all comments and in turn deliver only politically correct responses.” I am sure glad I don’t follow their rules… because that is just STUPID.

-Opinionated Man

In Loving Memory

Her name was Kitty. She was an elderly woman at my church and that is all I knew to start off, other than the fact that suddenly I had been “tasked” with fixing random stuff at this old woman’s apartment. I believe that if you had asked me on the first day going to Kitty’s house what my feelings were they would have been a perfect mixture of dread and loathing. Dread because I had no idea what this lady was about to ask me to do, and loathing because I had so many other more important things that a fifteen year old could be doing.

I never knew her story till later on, after she had gained my friendship. Sad that I think of it that way, her gaining my friendship, when in the end I couldn’t have been more honored to have hers instead. I remember the first day arriving at her place, it was the only time I ever had her pick me up, it was the scariest ride of my life. If a fifteen year old is scared in the car then the car ride is definitely freaking scary. I remember being so close to fire hydrants that I just closed my eyes and waited for the car to either stop or crash. She never wrecked though… amazingly enough. It did not fortify my faith in the elderly driving, however.

Kitty had a best friend, her dog Sunny. Sunny was a Chow and he was gorgeous. Called Sunny because of his fluffy yellow coat, he was an energetic dog and I could tell that the bond between owner and pet was much more than social. They had a pact, a friendship that was stronger than it probably should have been. I say that because later on I found out why this friendship was so close, Kitty had no one else in her life. Her story was another reason for me to hate “some” organized religion. The callous nature in which her former best friends had treated her made me want to go to their nursing home and break every shuffle board stick there.

Kitty had grown up in a Protestant church (I am using Protestant here because I am not sure of the denomination) for most of her life. For some reason, I have forgotten the exact cause, she decided to search for something else. The odd part is that she searched for a new religion late in life after she was well passed the ages in which discovery should be important or happening. She was at a mature enough age that she should have already decided how she felt about most things life had thrown at her, instead she was facing new challenges and questions every day. When Kitty found my Orthodox Church she was embraced by the parishioners there, as is our custom. What we later found out was that all of Kitty’s lifelong friends from her old church immediately shunned her when she left. They cut her off like a cancer cell.

This was not some sixteen year old girl going through a high school drama episode. I might have begun to understand that, at least to a degree, no this was something far crueler in my eyes. Who cares where someone goes on one day of the week as long as your voices are going in the same direction. True, I do see a difference in other people’s churches and mine and other people’s god and mine own, but that does not mean that I discriminate against those people in regards to friendship. This was a truly sad moment in my own religious journey, as I learned just how important people feel about some issues in life. Those people felt so indifferent to her that they did not even show up at her funeral some years later, a funeral I was proud to be a pallbearer at.

In loving memory.


Guest Post – When You Need Drugs!

Us mentally ill folks can be very vulnerable to the promises of living life without taking medications. Let’s face it who the heck wants to think they are going to have to take drugs for the rest of your life? I can honestly say I was one of those people who thought my bipolar disorder could be managed without drugs.

I was so wrong I almost ruined my life because of it. I stopped taking my medications and I ended up in the hospital for 6 weeks. I nearly died in the wilderness in Idaho. Lost in the midst of a manic episode turned into a bad disoriented ride. All because I thought I could go without medications.

I cannot stress enough how important staying with a proper medication regimen is. Anyone who tells you they have the solution to a route with no medication probably has no idea what they are talking about. Of course there are some people who have gotten better without psychiatric medications, but those people are few and far between.

If you are properly diagnosed with bipolar disorder and you fall in the bell shape curve with the illness (not barely bipolar), you probably will need medications the rest of your life. Other mental disorders vary and you should really work with your physician to decide on appropriate treatment.

I can hear the “Psychiatric Drugs are Bad for You” people rise up and scream that I am wrong and medications are just dangerous and bad for you. I recently listened to a radio station out of Portland, Oregon where they interviewed a psychiatrist from England who was a big proponent of no psych drugs. After one hour of hearing what she had to say, I was beginning to question my own psychiatrist. It took me an overnight of sleeping to come back to my senses. This is after I have already had enough experiences to know better.

This is what I mean by vulnerable. We want so much to be “normal” that the promise of being normal without drugs is just too tempting. But take it from me and some other bloggers out there (Birth of a New Brain) we need the drugs to live healthy, happy and productive lives!

If I had a chronic physical illness and was prescribed medications I would not hesitate to take those drugs. I really believe those who support no drugs for various mental disorders might think differently if we were talking about brain disorders instead of mental illnesses. I don’t know why we cannot accept the fact that our brain might get a disease. Can’t prove it completely yet, but I have faith that one day they will.

The next time someone tempts you about not taking your prescribed drugs remember how life was like before you found medications. We don’t live in a perfect world so the meds are going to have side effects. But the question you should always ask is, “Do the benefits outweigh the risks?” In my case I know the answer to that question.


Amy blogs at Shedding Light On Mental Illness @ http://www.amygamble.worpress.com





Guest Post – Should Mentally Ill Have Guns?

Well I can start right off the bat by saying I am personally not a proponent of guns of any kind. I don’t like them and hate the idea that when they are in the wrong hands people lose their lives. But at the same time, I don’t think it is right for me to judge all the people out there who enjoy hunting or target shooting. Assuming they are law abiding citizens without severe mental illness.

This is where I draw the line about gun possession. I whole-heartedly am against people with severe mental illness owning guns and/or having access to guns. It is just plain common sense to not allow people with compromised mental capacity (even if only temporarily) to have a deadly weapon in their hand.

But there are problems with keeping guns away from those with mental illness. First of all, the lawmakers have to decide how to do this without including anyone who ever sought treatment for a mental illness. It is a broad category and not all mental illnesses are created equal. I don’t think people with some mild form of anxiety should be kept from their second amendment right if this is what they choose. At the same time, who can really argue that a person with severe depression and suicidal thoughts needs a gun?

There are 45 state laws on the books already that make it against the law to own or possess a firearm if a person has been “adjudicated as a mental defective or has been committed to a mental institution.” You can find the information at the National Conference of State Legislatures. And so far these laws have not prevented the mass killings from taking place. This is because as with any law there are flaws in the system.

Here are several issues that make passing additional laws very difficult. First of all, there is no mandatory reporting to the FBI database required if a person is committed to a mental institution. Second, the lawmakers can’t come to a compromise and create a law that both parties can agree upon. Third, all the mass killers who have had mental problems purchased their guns legally. Fourth, there are veterans coming home from the war who have carried guns for our country. Some now have severe mental health issues, like posttraumatic stress disorder. If they seek treatment and are hospitalized they could get kicked out of the military, thus losing their career. Certain attention to these issues may cause some people not to seek treatment.

As much as I want to see some action to keep guns out of the hands of people with severe mental illness, I also want to make sure people are not getting singled out and identified in some big government database where healthcare privacy no longer matters. This is clearly a case where it is easy to blame the politicians for not creating legislature that can pass both houses, but a closer look really shows how complex the problem has become.

At the end of the day, someone is going to have to step in and make trade off decisions. The issue seems very cut and dry but has many layers of complexity to it. I just hope and pray there is not another mass killing tragedy that could be prevented. Everyone becomes a potential victim when that happens because people have to point the finger at someone. Unfortunately, those with mental illness bare the brunt of the anger and public outcry.

If you have a severe mental illness do the right thing and give up your firearm if you have one. It’s just not worth the risk.

Amy blogs at “Shedding Light on Mental Illness.” http://www.amygamble.wordpress.com

A Blogging Writer

Writers that are bloggers are a different species. My observation is that there are many contributing factors to making a good blogger. I would argue that the goal of a blogging writer is to publish posts that push a reader to want to browse and read more. It isn’t necessarily to write a single article that goes viral or to create social disruption. I think the motivation for writing a blog is to see if you can interest a complete stranger to read more of your work.

You will see many posts on what makes a good blog. This is not such a post. I gave up writing those a long time ago because a “good blog” is whatever the blogger wishes it to be. I have rarely met an ambitious writer though that doesn’t want to get more publicity. We write on WordPress because we feel that we have something worth sharing. Some come here possibly to practice, but even more than that we seek validation and criticism for our writing style.

I own and run two blogs that feature articles written on completely random topics. I do not run a “theme” for my sites because I don’t enjoy writing only one form. I push myself and challenge my own small skill to produce something new each time I write. It is the thrill of completion and the hope that someone might enjoy reading it that drives me on to the next article. I love to write and I appreciate it even more when my words are read. I am sure I am not alone in this regard. Many writers out there probably feel the same way.


Guest Posting on HarsH ReaLiTy

I hope that people take time to consider before whimsically signing up to write a few guest posts here on my blog. As much as I enjoy seeing the sharing of differing opinions, I hope that people solidify their resolve before entering these doors.

I do not play “babysitter” on this blog. I rarely will interject when I see a debate or heated argument going on because we should ALL be adults here. If you aren’t mature enough for the discussions on this website then go to a softer blog. If you can’t handle someone telling you “Hey! Fuck off! This is my opinion!” then you don’t belong here. You never did.

I welcome still anyone that wishes to take a turn at the wheel. I don’t do this often so I am glad that some people are taking me up on my offer. I still have a waiting list for those of you that have already submitted emails to me. I appreciate the patience.

To people interested in writing or sharing some posts on HarsH ReaLiTy. I urge you to read some of the guest posts and more importantly the conversations in the comment sections. I have worked hard to gather an audience here that pulls no punches, even with me. Actually I would say especially with me. I never set out to seek a groupie fan club, but instead an opinionated crowd willing and eager to share their own views. Even if they contradict your own.

Thanks again,


Yorr Tightle Is Missspeled

I have horrible grammar and punctuation, but luckily there are programs that can help with that issue. What can’t be helped is human laziness.

One of the biggest turnoffs from a post is a title that is misspelled. Seriously, how hard is it to run that title through spellcheck with the rest of your post? I realize many people write the titles separately and sometimes directly into WordPress, thus bypassing the crucial step of proofreading, but that is still not an excuse for a title being wrong for days. Especially when there are comments and we know you are forced to revisit that post constantly!

If you want readers start with showing pride in your work. Proofread and spellcheck please… especially the TITLE! You don’t have to write well to gain an audience, but your audience will appreciate you not showing your ass constantly by being a lazy blogger.


I Can Read a Woman’s Mind

Obviously I can. I never understand why women flip so quickly from being verbal about what they want and then switching off like a light bulb.

Current Example: Giving Massages. This Ain’t Massage Envy! I can’t read your mind and know what muscles hurt. There are 1,234 muscles in the human back (actually I have no clue how many muscles are in the human back… I couldn’t find it on the first page of Google search and just gave up… just gave up) and no road maps on this side of your world to tell me where to put my hands of magic ok?

Men on the other hand are quick to tell you where to go right? Left… right… down even? Yes, we know where we want things and it doesn’t take us long to guide you there. But women go from being very verbal about the chores we missed and the things we did wrong on our long, bumpy, rocky, still rocky road we call marriage. Interesting how that works.

My reply is usually “well baby I can’t read your mind tell me where to go, I am not a massage therapist ok? I could be playing candy crush… just saying…”

To which we either roll over like perfect synchronized skaters OR she yells “who the hell is Candy?”


-Opinionated Man


Guest Post – Lessons Learned from Gaming – Perseverance (in Parenting)

You get to Bowser’s castle at the end of the world and a fireball kills you. Then one of those skeleton dudes comes back to life as you run by and you die again. You reach the boss and you die once, twice, then have to use a continue and go through it all again. If you are a gamer, you know this is a typical day in the life.

Parenting is kind of like playing a game.

First off, anyone who survives those nine months before baby is born- mother or partner- you deserve an achievement- 50 gamer points for you! It is definitely an often rough and seemingly never-ending time.

But then your baby is born- yay!

One of the best moments in life- like reaching the end of those tutorial levels in Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation and not having to hear Werner bitch about every little thing anymore.

That moment times a million.

However, like a game after the tutorial, things get harder.

Babies cry, poop, spit up, and have no way of communicating what exactly they need from you.

Think Terranigma when Ark cannot speak with the plants and animals. It’s sad and confusing, but you figure things out eventually.

The trick in taking care of a baby is perseverance. You may feed your little bundle of joy, change the diaper, and think it’s nap time- right on schedule.

Not exactly always that easy.

Baby might have gas, might want a pacifier, might want to be held before she falls asleep, or all of the above.

Or none.

You go through the cycle of the basic solutions to baby’s possible needs (this is a lesson I am still in the process of learning). And maybe you metaphorically die and fail to soothe baby.

So you try to feed baby, check the diaper, try the pacifier, try rocking or holding baby until she falls asleep, etc. Go through the cycle a couple of times. Or you can be like a noob and consult a walkthrough- aka parenting websites or Google searches.

It’s okay- everyone does it at least once in their life.

The main thing to remember is to never give up (in this situation and life in general) because you only have one life in reality with no respawns or continues. And if something doesn’t work one way, try a different approach.


For more awesome blogs, visit http://victoriaslebron.wordpress.com

Big thanks to OM for allowing me to guest blog.

Guest Post – Trash Talking and Online Multiplayer

I am not that person who owns all the new games and consoles right when they release- unless it is a game I really really want. Although my wife and I got into Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, we had not been planning on getting CoD: Ghosts for a while. But Ghosts came to my love as a gift from her dad so I decided to play it the other day while the baby was napping and have not been able to quit it.

I was not amused by several “conversations” held in the lobby between two of the matches. One line was “I’d rather be a faggot than fat.” Until the match started these two continued the battle of calling each other “fat” and “faggot”. I hate the word faggot in the context it is used today. As I type it, I kind of cringe inside.

Fag is a bunch of sticks or a cigarette, not a word that should be used as a hateful slur against a guy.

The funny thing about this whole thing is that on Black Ops 2, I barely heard any trash talking, unless it was from some stupid kid who shouldn’t have been playing and dropping f-bombs anyway. I guess the real trash talkers only play what is hot and popular at the time.

I’m not on a campaign to stop cyber bullying even though it is a big problem today, but I wish there was a better way to moderate the online realm and deal with cyber terrorists accordingly.

I go online to play against others and test my skill versus that of others- not to listen to some asshole call me a stupid, fat bitch and make it his goal to verbally harass me in an attempt to ruin my day.


Read other awesome posts and rants at http://victoriaslebron.wordpress.com.

Check out a more fiction side at http://thesrtarchives.wordpress.com.

And big thanks for OM for letting me guest blog!

Guest Post – Feminism Sets Sail

If Feminism means to provide equality and a well-functioning society that upholds and protects all citizens – then call me a Feminist.

I called myself a Christian – until I learned what concepts were at the core ideology. A manmade concept twisted and warped by the power hungry, selfish greed of mankind. I believe in the sovereignty of an Almighty Father, I disagree with concepts commonly taught.

Whether I like it or not, referring to myself as ‘Christian’ means I accept the ideology as taught today (by mankind)….Just because I have my own definition of WHAT Christianity is, simply stating ‘I AM not THAT kind of Christian’ doesn’t mean that what represents Christian Ideology in the name of an Almighty God….will change, because I SAY IT IS DIFFERENT to what is portrayed.

What associations are you making for yourself?

I called myself a Feminist – until I learned the core ideology. Whether the initial agenda of Feminism was what some say, or not…is an article of its own…but evil has a way of permeating and deceiving even the most faithful, honest and astute hearted, to infiltrate under the guise of good. Wolves in sheep’s clothing.

We know three waves exist -
But what about a fourth wave?

Feminism, as we wish it to be does not exist – becoming vaguer still as we begin to define it according to our FEELINGS (like we seem to define everything these days) …and expect the label to become what WE say it is …but WHO is in charge here…the wish or the ideology? The opinion or the fact. What are we looking at?

Fourth wave ideology: We bring you opportunity (your ‘rights’) – to have no consequences for your actions (‘Freedom’). Choose us or nothing (you have no choice – we are in charge)… All the power is in your hands… Do with it what you will – even if it is detrimental to yourself and others. ‘Ultimate freedom’ cloaked in good will toward mankind. We offer you the world – if you bow down and adore us.

Within the propaganda we have fed you over decades -
Feminism brings you the future of your liberation – no consequence and freedom:

The ‘Me’ Generation -

A societal dynamic that epitomises:

Pride, selfishness, greed, conceit, gluttony, disrespect (for self and all else) anxiety, delinquency, impatience, disunity, infanticide, promiscuity, suicide, narcissism, substance abuse, spousal abuse, system abuse, social abuse, – all the things we claim to be fighting against. Anything goes and all is acceptable under Feminist reign. Our hands are tied behind our back …because if we disagree we are traitors or haters. Our views do not count. We are thoughtless and harming the GOOD it does – creating what?

‘Equality and a right to believe and live the life you wish?’– All we see is hate for what does not adhere to authority…a bit (LOT) like Religion?

We believe everything we are fed … We have been TOLD we are good to support these ideologies. We gave away freedom when we bought into supporting corruption… Not a humanitarian movement – (or spiritual enlightenment) – a power hungry monster to rule and turn our society into what it needs it to be to destroy all good within it. To have control.

This is a cycle – bad people in Christianity, Patriarchy, and Feminism. Bad spreads – it corrupts truth. Bad voices rally the most votes…They tell us what we WANT to hear – don’t they? ‘Patriarchy’ never WAS the problem – so destroying it will not solve the problem. THE problem is that the GOOD people KEEP getting split in unity by the bad people…by some or other segregating ideology that SEEMS to make sense on the surface. ‘If it seems too good to be true – it usually is’…we just move from one to the next never questioning the intention.

We want to believe stuff…I know – I do that. Now I may just be an idiot (and that is all good)…I would rather be called an Idiot then relate myself to ideologies that claim to be something they are not.

Wish to know more?

Why Feminism should not be judged by what it says on the cover? An easy to read and enthralling new release: ‘The Mirror- Welcome to the Evil Sisterhood’ by MICHAEL M. MCCONAUGHEY

Time we all held up The Mirror, and had a good long look at who we trust to lead us.

Mr MCCONAUGHEY’S book is a great eye-opener to begin the journey to unravelling the Feminist mind-set and Ideology, with the implications and ramifications it is beginning to manifest. Told first hand, with quoted facts and logic, in a way that is easy to digest so as to reach all levels of reader, still intelligently and wittily written. A fast paced and evocative read – revealing the corruption and deception within the Feminist movement.

If you are an open minded Feminist (or not) – In search of equality and justice -

You NEED this information and knowledge of what is going on in the name/label you place yourself under.

Simply stating ‘I AM not THAT kind of Feminist’ doesn’t mean that what represents Feminist Ideology in the name of equality – will change to meet your definition.

We must identify what is at the helm of ALL Ideology -

If half the crew members on a ship cry mutiny…that ship will go where they take it. If there is evil at the helm – that can not bode well.
Do you sink the ship even with good people left on board?
You got to try get the good people off right?

Don’t just step on-board or stay on board because it looks good – as if it will be setting course for beautiful shores… look to the helm. This book reveals WHO and WHAT steers the course of Feminism.

Post Script: I am unable to cover everything that can be discussed regarding this topic – hence why this scandalous, and perspective altering book has been written: The Mirror – Welcome to the Evil Sisterhood’By MICHAEL M. MCCONAUGHEY. Available at THESE outlets.

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Guest Post – “We call it ‘baby-bonding’ time.”

I heard through the chatterbox at work some conversation that floated around the store while I was on baby leave. There were a select few people who could not understand why I was given three months off for baby leave because I was not the one giving birth. My wife had carried our daughter for nine months and although I had a slight case of secondhand pregnancy, I obviously did not endure what my wife did. Nevertheless we endured and our daughter was born. Happy ending and happy beginning.


My name is on my daughter’s birth certificate (thank you great state of California). I am listed as Parent B, or as some may jokingly note, the father. Because of this fact, I was entitled to baby leave by the company I work for. And, despite what all those idiots may think or say, my baby bonding time was an earned right.


My situation, however, was a better scenario than that of most working dads. In the military, expectant fathers are given ten days of baby bonding time as guaranteed leave. Sure, they can try to ask for more than that but some do not get that luxury because of deployments or other reasons.


Moms, on the other hand, get over a month. Yes, moms need that time to heal and get back into shape for work- understandable. No argument or complaint there. I just think it would be more fair to the dads to get at least a little more time to spend with their newborn baby, A month may seem short versus a lifetime but a lot happens to a baby in a month.


Dads have to deal with hormonal pregnant women who are often crazy in their pregnancy. They make late night trips to Walmart and Taco Bell when those unexpected cravings hit. They may not be growing a human being but they have to endure a lot. So, let’s give them a break and more time to bond with their babies.


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Guest Post – Love

Love is an interesting and amazing thing. Although love is always there, sometimes it catches you off-guard more or manages to take your breath away for a few seconds longer. Spending time with my daughter today, love blindsided me for a moment. She smiles every day now and very often. She even giggles sometimes, too. She loves when we act silly- it always brings out the biggest of her smiles.

Seeing her smiling and happy today, it just hit me. I fell a little bit more in love with this little girl and I couldn’t understand why anyone would not love and treasure a child. There is no way to describe being able to watch them grow and develop features and mannerisms. I love our tiny human more than life itself. And loving her makes me love my wife even more.

I never wanted children- I didn’t even want to get married. And yet, here I am, one year married and with an adorable four-month-old who loves me regardless of whether my blood and DNA are inside her. She already takes after me with the way she sleeps and that alone means the world to me, as odd as it sounds.

I have met plenty of people that tell me how their children came as an accident or how they were not planning on being a parent when they became one. I see parents who treat their children like less than anything for no good reason at all. And then there are people like my wife and I who want a baby but cannot get one the “natural” way. We are extremely lucky it happened on the first try. What makes “normal” couples more rightful than the rest of us to have children?

How many lesbian and gay couples do you hear about abandoning or abusing their children?

DNA does not make a family. Love does.


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Guest Post – The Lesbian Agenda

“You don’t like men, do you? I can tell by the way you act.”

I almost wanted to laugh in her face.

She was an older woman, probably late forties. In high school, she had been a skinny cheerleader and an outspoken badass. Age brought her children and weight gain but that pretty girl mentallity remained.

This woman assumed I harbored ill feelings towards her boyfriend at the time. I had a habit of not speaking to those I did not know well or worked with. The memory reminds me of an article I read once about a coach at a school who claimed his lesbian boss fired him for being too straight.



I will not be one to say it sounds completely ridiculous- it is possible. Sadly, some gays and lesbians are not the most ethical/moralistic inclined people like some of their straight counterparts. Bad people are bad people. Judgemental people will judge and racist with spread racism.

In the article some of the comments mentioned how horrible lesbians were because they hated men – or something to that affect.

That is a stereotype people.

I don’t hate men. I don’t appreciate it when some blatantly try to flirt with me at work but that’s it. If I hated men I would probably never mention that were I straight, I would be married to Channing Tatum.

But back to the subject at hand.

There are a lot of stories in the news of straights wrong gays for being gay and now gays wronging straights for being straight. How about we just discipline the people who wrong another human being by simply being discriminatory or prejudice?

If someone is wronged, then okay, portray that story. Don’t make this about a gay or straight agenda. I personally have no agenda. I just want the same rights I would have had I married and loved a man instead of a woman.

I just want to be considered an equal- is that too much to ask?



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Stop whining feminists

I am so tired of hearing feminists whine about stupid stuff. Patriarchy and how they hate generalizations. For instance, you can’t even say “men are stronger than women” anymore without some moron jumping up and down and saying “I know a woman that is stronger than a man!” I swear this world is becoming more stupid each day. We have to preface our statements to ensure “no one gets offended” and we can’t say “you guys” anymore if there is even one woman present?

I could care less about what most feminists rant on and on about. I haven’t seen any feminists at our last Asian Pride rally waving their flags. But you guys are all for equality right? How about realizing that EVERYONE in this world has struggles. Telling me to “shut my eyes if I don’t realize the dangers of patriarchy” is stupid. How about you all OPEN YOUR EYES and realize everyone is struggling. Men, women, Asians, White people, Blacks, Mexicans, EVERYONE HAS STRUGGLES! I don’t need to wave fifty banners around to be accepted by society.

Fuck that! I have small arms.