Give Me Weather or Give Me Death?

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They should let me do the weather. Now that would be amusing! -OM
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I wonder what the good folks at think I am looking for when I visit their website.

I would like to tell them that I am frequently looking for the ten day forecast. It’s really interesting in the winter here in Houston, as you could have a day at 30 degrees or one at 70. In the long, hot summer, there is really no point in looking, other than to see if you can expect your child’s swim meet to be delayed by rain.

On occasion, I am looking for the hourly forecast so that I can see if it will be raining at 3:30 in the afternoon. Then I will have to pick up my child from school instead of forcing her to walk.

A few times a year, I will even be looking at another city’s forecast to determine what to pack for an upcoming trip. Lucky…

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Are You Taking The Last Piece Of Pizza?

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Thanks for taking part in the challenge. This is my first reblog since the spin! -OM
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I was urged to watch a video. I delayed it because I was busy. The jobs of today use my time up. I said I would watch it. Actions speak louder than words.

I think about the future. What will the world be like when we hand it over to our children.

I HOPE and listen, to see if I can DO something to make it better.

With a teenage daughter making decisions about what she wishes to do as an independent adult, many topics come up in our conversations.

What are the YOUTH concerned about for their future?

The normal things still:

The economy.
Having reasonable comfort – a safe life.
Reward and satisfying ventures.

This blog focuses on society and the issues we find in our relationships and within ourselves – our day to day existence, trying to keep our heads above the water and survive with some sanity left…

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What is Poetry?

What is poetry to me? Poetry is the ability to capture the moment in words. To provide a description so strong you can taste it, feel it, and your emotions react as such. The power of imagery is the mace of Poetry and she wields it with the strength of the writer. I believe poetry can be written by anyone. The simplest of words placed with the care of a Japanese stone garden can create remarkable art. The influence of the poem is measured by a full spectrum of attributes and it is thus very hard to compare and contrast one poem to another. It is like comparing art, for who can truly say what the artist intended but that person themselves.

My attraction to poetry is centered on the fact that a poem is written for me first. If I understand the lines and the meaning behind them that is all that matters. Your enjoyment is secondary. But if I succeed in my goal I should be able to take you places with me. Every time I write a poem I slit my proverbial wrist and pour my soul onto the page in hopes that a single feeling is felt. Whatever feeling that might be.


The Cameraman

He watches the world confined within a small box.

But when he goes home he dreams of circles.

He spends his time around the rich and famous.

None of them know his name.

He eats the same food as the stars and even drinks bottled water.

When he steps through his door he is simply tenant 130.

No one cares about his life but Sylvester.

And sitting in his La-Z-Boy he pictures the camera still.

Only the life being captured is his and people actually care.


The Dock

I see them passing by. Different colors, sizes, holding occupants from different places and off to see some new adventure. It is like a reel of life playing before my eyes.

The emotion that wells forth is a longing, a fleeting fancy of jealousy. It is the same notion I get when I hear and then witness a plane passing overhead. I want to be there on that plane.

It is not a depressive want for escape from my life, for I would want my wife and daughters to see the world with me, it is instead an inner urge to never feel settled. It is a wonder I am so complacent on a daily basis for I feel this nomadic tedency to strike camp and see what is out there…just over there one more horizon away. It is hard to shake this feeling when it occurs, maybe one day soon we will fold our tents and see the next city on our list. Hopefully somewhere with an ocean view and endless inspirations for pages yet to be written.


The Breeze

It matters not your surroundings you can hear her voice. It must be a woman, a man never sounded so sweet. She whispers even as she calls whatever sweet lullaby it is that she sings.

You can hear it with clarity in the mountains, where music’s purity can be witnessed unhindered. The song of the breeze can still be caught between man made stone mountains, but it may take the gift of the blind to hear it.

In my backyard there is a large garden bordered by a fence that probably soon needs to be repaired. A few trees line the fence and together they help create a barrier from the zooming sounds of human automobiles that vibrate from the street beyond. It is an amusing balance between a peaceful calm and the desperate pull of society’s daily life. Even now I can hear some birds chattering in idle curiosity about it.

Have you taken a moment to hear the breeze? Maybe it was that perfect time when the wind was busy with an agenda, the people were scarce around you, and you had the chance to breathe alone… To shatter the single care or thought trying to develop and instead to hear the breeze and listen to her wisdom.



Jealousy is an ugly emotion. It is unpredictable and many times lacks rational. A rich kid can be jealous of a poor kid’s possession and that is just an elementary example. Humans for the most part experience flashes of jealousy that come and go like a tornado. They generally dissolve like an ice cube over time, but on those rare occasions where the beast morphs into a monster… those are never good times. Never a sound decision was made during this period in a person’s life, because your life is no longer about you. It is about somebody else. Some individual, whether related or not, is eating your life because you are allowing it. I hate people eating my food, our forks joust like knights on a field of battle littered with the corpses of fallen vegetables and perfectly cooked meats… That was random.


One Eye Closed

He walks around with one eye closed. He shuts out half the light of the world, and in turn embraces half the darkness. A balance is found and within that peace he is allowed to live his life.

His open eye sees the smiles and welcoming gestures from those around him. The closed eye witnesses the sneers, snickers, and the gossip that flows from his path like water in the wake of a boat. Half a cup of contentment is the serving for the day to battle the distractions of the world.

His body bears marks and bruises left from unfortunate steps in the wrong direction. It is the price that is paid when you walk around half blind. Better to bear wounds of the body than to suffer assaults of the mind. With this knowledge in hand he eagerly walks forward. His heart holds its breath as the man closes both eyes and embraces fate.



What is it that flies the moon lit sky. I see it darting in between branches as quick as a blink. It pauses for a moment, graceful wings reflecting shards of misguided light. In that instance I feel it look at me. A connection is made, a promise given, a lie is said. And then like a flash of memory it is gone, barely kissing a twig as it clips the air in flight.

I stand for a moment and inhale the moment.


Ten Reasons I am NOT Afraid of You!

  1. You keep saying “Bro, we…” and we are the only ones out here. Am I stepping on your other friends?
  2. After every insult you take a step backwards. Where are you dancing off to?
  3. You allowed your woman to pick this fight for you. We can definitely tell who wears the pants in this relationship.
  4. You just waved an imaginary wand at me…
  5. You asked your friend to hold your man purse so you could “handle your business.” A man purse… really???
  6. Your favorite sport in the Winter Olympics is figure skating.
  7.  You keep telling me how big you are over social media. Anyone that makes such repeated claims online must have a serious self-esteem issue that is naturally born from being a runt.
  8.  Your attacks on me read like a video game. “I am going to dragon punch, lizard trip, tiger slash, and panda hug you to death!”
  9. You keep referring to your time in the Star Fleet. Which fleet was that again?
  10. You just told me you are a level 85 Druid. On second thought… I am scared of you.

-Opinionated Man

The Percentage Post Pt.1

I know everyone hates generalizations so I was really happy when I came across this article in the International Society of Percentage Purists. I had no clue there was such a group! All percentages, facts, and direct quotes can be credited to the ISPP for this article. Thanks ISPP!

  1. Scientists are now 90% sure that extraterrestrial life exists. They are also 90% sure that E.T. is on his way here. I found a new percentage that 90% of the scientists in this field actually think aliens might already be here. It is amazing how many 90%s one can find in one article.
  2. Males are losing their intelligence on average at a 2.5% depreciation rate annually. This is “OK” if you ask me because it is nature’s way of weeding out the less intelligent. Natural selection is a bitch.
  3. When going to a new destination I get lost 75% of the time. I ask for help 0% of the time. I need 0% interaction from the wife during these troubling times.
  4. To the fake soldiers and fake veterans, yes they exist. 50% of the “war heroes” you meet probably did far less then they say. This is not to say there aren’t real kick ass soldiers out there. I myself served but never heard a shot fired in anger during my time in. I did however rescue those captured marines in that village armed with only a knife and a composite bow. Any similarity to the movie Rambo is mere coincidence.
  5. Condoms work 99% of the time. I find it amazing that there is only a 1% accident rate when we know for a fact that more than 1% of the world’s population is stupid. That actually makes condoms pretty freaking awesome.
  6. I believe 93% of the mountains I have seen in my life are fake. They never moved and I never seemed to get closer to them.
  7. Women will argue with 50% of the things men say and have a 13% laziness factor when it comes to vigilance in this matter. Men will WANT to argue with 99.9% of the things women say, but our 99.9% laziness factor in relationships is a real burden on our motivation.
  8. 78.3% of the blog posts you read will be bullshit. They will still be more interesting than real news most of the time.
  9. People that meet Asians guess the wrong nationality 145% of the time. The reason it is over 100% is because you ALL carry the leftover points from the moron that asked me which boat I came on. I flew here asshole!
  10. I will offend 100% of the people I meet at least once in my life. If you honestly think you have never offended those close to you I hate to be there when the lawyer shows up with those “unexpected” papers. “Honey what happened to us???”


When I die

Shed not a tear for me world when I die. For I swear it will be the most amusing joke ever. So humorous will that event be that your face will be wet from the tears of laughter from above. A thunderous applause at an ending deserved? And what actor would not revel in the moment of glory that such a spectacle would have to present. I would not that is for sure, so take not my eden world and allow me my eve. When I die it will be to the sound of laughter and applause. What other ending would be more fitting?


Social Media and Youthful Advantage

The young have such an advantage these days when it comes to marketing and social media. They have loads of energy, little of the life stresses that adults have, and their borderless sense of imagination allows them to accomplish things “impossible” in the minds of experts. It truly is a blessing to be young and driven in this day of mass media.

I read many blogs and I can often tell if the speaker is young of age, as well as of heart. Their written expressions and lyrical dreams are often hindered by their own lack of vision. Right now is when they should be building their media empires, while they have the energy, tenacity, and stamina to do it. If I was 18 again and social media were what it is today, I would own the internet. I would have a million people under a common banner, ready to wave it with all the youthful vigor I lack today. I often reflect upon what type of “blogger” I might have been at such a young age. It would have been interesting to say the least.

If you are young and lack many obligations and you have the drive to be an author, a writer, or a journalist of some sort start now to begin to build your credibility. There is a free audience waiting for people to touch their shoulder. You do not have to wait for people to tell you that you are worthy before speaking to them.


Something Different

We must turn our thoughts to common course and find similar path to dealing with enemies. Quietly may we slumber in the night, yet with the coming day problems troop in upon fresh feet. Where may respite be found from the continuous torrent of the world’s problems and issues? Our voices rise in anger, a mob’s demeanor is found quickly, as singular cause is raised upon banner’s head. And as we march forth, resolve strengthened by a rise in numbers, we take comfort in knowing we are not alone. The steady stamp of feet in time with our own forges a bond not found within familial ties. Unity may not have such lofty words as “nation and country” to aid it, but rather has been fastened with the strength found in the word “humanity.” Let those that share not our same ideals of goodness and righteousness fall from the light and embrace their own path. For surely such a path might lead nowhere else but towards the darkened abyss. And as they scream their never-ending screams of agony and regret, we shall smile and reflect upon the justice done for those three above.

-Opinionated Man

Don’t be Afraid to Bury Posts!

Don’t be afraid of burying your posts. I have many posts, such as my Women Are Crazy Article, that had close to 2000 likes and over 3,000 comments. It doesn’t matter where that article is, if it is good it will get found. I see some bloggers that are obviously “hovering” their posts, at least the ones they think are better than the others. If you are that concerned here is the tip for the day. Work on your layout. Have differing “top post widgets” going and work on your categories. Why not have a “top post category” that you then host as a separate link on a custom menu? Obviously right? LoL… ok I am being a jerk at this point. At any rate, it can be done and on free templates. Do it and keep writing.


The Opinionated Man, A Modern Legend: An Insider Look, Part 1

I had the pleasure of interviewing the man who has raised the standard of blogging for many and established himself as a prodigious presence in Cyberspace. By the end of its first month, HarsH ReaLiTy had drawn 300 followers. It rocketed to 5000 followers in March, only to double them by April. Join me in the throne room of the Wizard of Oz and see he’s no hoax. A first-impression snapshot of his site might have you believe someone high-handed is writing away to test your reaction. But read on, and you find reason and substance – even an honesty that touches.

1. You launched the new year with your identity as OM, but when did you start dreaming up the blog and why? Most bloggers pen their first posts and hope for the best. Seems that at this stage you had more than hope. Would you provide us a broad background on your enterprise, and something of your blueprint and any goals you’d set?

I originally launched this blog as a place to simply write a journal. I had previously hosted a blog on Google Blogger, but never had more than 20 followers over a three-year period and rarely wrote on it. This blog was at first a personal window, but then after a few days on WordPress I saw the potential to get free traffic and critique of my work. So I created my business model and ran with it. I have been winging it ever since. I rarely let ideas sit around and my ADHD demands I keep “doing.” I think my lifestyle, my attention span, and my need for quick action and response actually serve me well with blogging as it never leaves me bored. The day I become bored is the day I will close my blog and move on.

1a. Would you explain the business plan in quick strokes?

My business plan is basically a law of 33.3%. I try and split my time evenly between the three areas that I think make a blog successful. Posting, interaction, and going out to find followers. People who focus solely on only one area quickly become stagnant and normally cannot figure out why.

2. In the post on the ten things you learned in five years of marriage, you wrote: “Dream big… why not?  Set reachable goals, but want for better. We have and it has made us reach better.” What are some viable goals you set in your marriage and, relevant to our topic, are you accustomed to setting goals in other areas, short-term or long? Would you elaborate?

I got married about the time I exited the Air Force so there were some hard days ahead that were not planned and therefore unexpected. This also served to show me the importance of having a game plan no matter how loose it might be. My plans were simple after marriage, to have a house within two years and a bigger one with the number of family members we plan on having within five years of that. We accomplished our goal of buying a home within two years even though we went through a bankruptcy. Going through that was a hard experience, but I have had some hard times in my life and they simply add character. They also show if you are capable or not. We proved capable and moved on and within two years of the bankruptcy bought our first home and our first car together, and haven’t looked back. We now both have very good jobs in IT and every year we assess our new goals and also recognize our accomplishments. People who breeze past what they have done in life normally end it without feeling any sense of satisfaction. We should all take a second and really contemplate what we have done…hence why these interviews are actually a good tool for me.

3. Where does dreaming come from? Starts somewhere. Alexander the Great didn’t wake up one day and decide he was going to subdue the Persian Empire. He grew up watching his father Phillip II build Macedonia into an indomitable military might and put nation after nation under his feet. What event, person, or inspiration in your life planted the seeds of ambition?

Dreaming is a hard topic for me so I will differentiate. My mind instantly locks up at the word dreaming. I have fought dreams for 13 years now. They are not my friend. As for dreams of glory or ambition, my inspirations come from writers and a few historical figures. Aaron Burr, the great American traitor is a fascinating figure that I am akin to in many ways. I am also always inspired by the works of Voltaire, Poe, Feist, Jordan, and W.E.B. Griffin. The list really shows I love a wide variety of genres in literature and can appreciate a good read from anyone.

4. Any role models in excellence either when you were young or now?

The only role model I ever had was my father. He is a priest and a physician, the smartest man I have ever known, the most humble spirit I have ever encountered, and the most giving man who shows that giving comes more than just through money. I aspire to be like him in so many ways that it would only seem like a son’s bias if I wrote them. It is not – he truly is a person I would promote for the world to see if I could.

Holistic Wayfarer
A Holistic Journey

The Opinionated Man, A Modern Legend: An Insider Look, Part 2

So I’ve been tracing OM’s meteor ascent in the blogging world to his roots. While he would not shy in acknowledging himself a success, OM would rather not stand under the banner of GREATNESS. Interestingly, he has enough readers who consider him great. What is the difference, when observer response largely defines both success and greatness? I’ve noticed something as curious and wonderful as the rise of idols and heroes themselves: the audience. Beyond the envy that eminence tempts, notable achievement stirs in us the gratification of praise. Though I take CS Lewis (my own hero) shamefully out of context, his truth stands: We delight to praise what we enjoy because the praise not merely expresses but completes the enjoyment; it is its appointed consummation…the delight is incomplete till it is expressed. We root for champions because they actualize not only their dream, but ours. It can be done. They show us the stretch of human potential. OM’s honesty about the hard places he has fought through and still finds himself in at times brings him up close. He’s one of us.

5. Did your adoption, the surrounding circumstances, or the difficult childhood days you breathed racism end up shaping you as a particularly driven individual or OM the blogger? Do you think you’d be a less passionate person if you hadn’t had to lean into resistant forces in your youth?

I would definitely not be the man I am today if my past had been any different. The road blocks and trials you encounter through youth strengthen you and batter you at the same time. The reason people become battered adults is because as we mature we become set in our ways. We thus are less malleable to new ways or views and find it hard to look past the same difficult circumstances we encountered as children. It really does become ingrained in you, regardless of what social stigma we are referring to – good or bad.

6. What has pulled you through your deepest despair?

That is a tough one and a continual quest. As a depressive I still have my days. What has pulled me through? Failure at trying, seeing that trying was a bad idea, moving on, having a loving wife who believes in me, and having two sets of bright eyes waiting for me to show them the world. I hope that list grows.

7. What are some books or favorite authors who have inspired you above mediocrity in other pursuits and in blogging?

The book Outliers is great for people in understanding that greatness is rarely achieved through chance. If you aren’t born with a “leg up” you simply have to put more “legs” in. Deal with it, stop whining, invest the time, and you can really achieve whatever you wish. Blogging just happens to be something I am good at, but it is also giving me a platform to practice my writing. I rarely edit more than once or twice when I post and I type over 100 wpm, so that allows me to really spit out posts quickly. Since my mind rarely stops I think I provide people a steady mental flow from someone they have never met and who is unlike anyone they currently know. That is what blogging provides, windows into personalities we might never encounter.

8. What is your philosophy of regret? Any major regrets? How have you turned them for good?

Regret deserves reflection, but I do not dwell on regret. I don’t dwell on the past either, which is why I move on from broken relationships quickly and normally tango away from new ones if I can. As you can see regrets quickly tie into relationships for me, because it instantly shoots my mind to my adoption and my hate for my birth mother. Dormant hate is my only regret, but I live with it.

9. How much thought do you give to the brevity of life? If all you had left was six months this side of heaven, how might that affect your current blogging?

I actually wrote up an obituary as a literary exercise you can read here and people got really offended even though there was never any deception. I was quick in replies so it was never a fake death, but people really get touchy on the issue of death. I really don’t like these questions as I have almost died a number of times and know she is waiting just one room over [death]. I would probably shut down my blog and spend that six months with my family – no I know that is what I would do. There wouldn’t be anything important on the internet at that point, unless it was searching for a cure or a spaceship.

10. What do you think makes a great man? Do you think you’re as good a man as you are a blogger?

A great man does something worth remembering. A good man does something great for someone other than himself. I aspire to be both at least once, but we are all bad men sometimes. I have daughters so I am aware of the possibility of being any “type” of man. In terms of protecting my family, I will be the villain if I must and I would burn the world five times over for my wife and kids.

11. Greatness always comes at a price. Sacrifice is part of the profile. Where has it cost you to become the OM presence in cyberspace? It’s very hard, if not impossible, to invest adequately in family and other precious relationships and obligations when – to be honest – we’re writing and talking with readers ’round the clock. Can you speak of your juggling act? And how many hours of sleep do you average a night?

Sleep is a dance for me. Sometimes it goes well, other times it doesn’t. I really can’t give you an average and with the fact that I work 11-hour graveyard shifts, I don’t sleep during the night anyways. That has helped me gain a European and Asian audience, if anyone was curious to the benefit. It actually helps immensely in broadening your global scope. I am also very happy to have a job I can blog at. That allows me to have a strong presence on my website during work and still come home to family. People are capable of doing much more than they think. We rarely want to see what our limits are. I like testing my limits, it motivates me to see what else I can accomplish. Painting might be next on my agenda.

12. Is there any closing insight or feeling you’d like to add to the discussion on greatness?

I do not think I am great and I think my blog is simply the flavor of the month. The thing about human interest is that it is always fleeting. This is why my blogging model actually focuses fully on gaining new viewership and not relying on return visits. By this time next year there will be another “OM” who will make me look like an “om.”

Holistic Wayfarer
A Holistic Journey

I am their God

I watch over them at night. The sleeping and the still awake. They are all equally oblivious to my presence. Do they walk with their heads down to ignore the rain, or perhaps because they feel the weight of my eyes upon them.

I could stop a heart with a stretch of a finger. The finality of an insignificant motion… how sweet is the realization of death. The bitterness that comes from knowing I carry such power, and yet I do not turn away from it. I embrace the moment.

I am their God. They know me even if they do not know my name. I am a sound, a thought, a prayer. To contain my essence in a word is a disservice to my own creation.

And still below the ants toil at their daily labor. They are as singular in their world as I am in my thoughts about them. I marvel at their life.

-Opinionated Man


I could caress your mind with thoughts of desire. Drop your concerns beside our forgotten garments. They lie to greet us in the morning.

Lay back and open yourself to the possibility of us. Do you feel it there? It pulses with a lust of its own. Trouble yourself not with overexertion. That’s it, ease yourself into relaxation.

Passions be damned, we have reached a level far beyond mundane language. We separate only for a moment… to enjoy the moment. You are there. I pull you back to reality with an earnest thrust for attention.

We do not make love. Sex.

-Opinionated Man

Authors – Stop Bitching!

I am sick of seeing authors bitching about self-publishing and the influx of indie writers. I do not consider myself an indie writer since I have not published a novel, so I am not personally offended. It is very lame though to blame others for your failures.

“The writing scene has changed so much. So many garbage writers… a real author can’t even get noticed anymore!” That is your own fault for being lazy and for thinking “my writing is so good people will just come to me.” Those days are over, sorry they just are, and now writers must do something they have never been “forced” to do. They are now required to ENGAGE THEIR READERS to keep them! Oh the horror! We apologize that we now force you to show a little personality to solidify our loyalty.

I read a lot of posts by authors and even indie authors complaining about having to promote themselves. “I just want to write” is often said, but what they really mean is “I just want to go viral, make a lot of sales, and not have to do anything…” It doesn’t work that way, but you can keep sitting there watching the door for the visitors you are so sure will show up! They aren’t coming though, why should they you aren’t offering them any reason to read your website!

The bottom line really is that we all realize the writing scene has changed from back in the 90s. Stop writing about it and definitely stop bitching about it. Instead try networking and working for sells like everyone else has to. Break the mold and always be in the “audience gathering” mindset if you are serious about making money off your book. If you aren’t in the business of… business, then just do your thing, but don’t complain about it when no one buys your novel. To complain is not really the issue, to blame others for your failure is the handicap I see many authors missing.


Emotional Me

My emotions follow a cycle much like a woman’s. This is not due to a coming period, however, but is instead directly related to the cycles of my addictions. I have an addictive personality and also have my share of addictions in this world. As many of my readers know I love to drink. While it would be easy for me to pass off my writing as a result of an unhindered alcoholic courage… that would be a lie. My writing is not fueled by alcohol, but it will lend inspiration from time to time. My other addictions though aren’t the point of this post.

When I was young I was told time and time again by English teachers that I needed to “adapt” my writing style. The issue was my aggressive tone, which to be fair at the time I did not recognize that aspect of my writing. I am not foolish, I realize how my writing sounds now and it sounds like the way I talk. This would explain the lack of friends I suppose, but in all reality they really have nothing to do with each other. It is unimportant.

I don’t consider myself an emotional person. There are indeed some things I care strongly about and many of those issues should now be apparent to my regular readers. If they aren’t that means I have not truly shown what I care about in this world and that in turn is a sad thought. I hope no one can make this claim.

It isn’t about offending people really. Oh sure, the tagline that everyone seems to get all excited about. The tagline really translates to “we offend everyone eventually… so prepared to be offended at least once here.” That is the raw form of what I mean by “My goal is to offend everyone… etc. etc.” but one must read that in context. If that reader has the ability. I believe many new followers imagine that I scream and yell at my computer and possibly pound the keyboard. Well it is an American laptop so it does deserve a beating every now and then.

I once wrote that one of the most amazing things said to me by a writer was “if you aren’t going to insert your opinion don’t bother writing it. It probably has been said before.” I hold fast to this mantra because I agree with it. I absolutely hate reading a post and getting to the end and having NO IDEA where the writer stands. Make that the first sentence! “I hate Opinionated Man.” There it is! Now we know what you are talking about!!!

I rarely say I am “sorry” to anyone online. Why? Do you know how amusing it is to read a “high charged article” and then get to the comment section and ALL you see is a sorry fest? “I am sorry!” “No Really! I am the one that is sorry dear!” Well… that is one sorry post isn’t it?


Powerblogger – A Lonely Life

They will villainize your name and place upon your head an unwanted crown. Friends will turn out to be enemies, but they will all wear smiles of greeting. A kind word is no longer a measurement for sincerity. It doesn’t matter if you are caring or uncaring in the end you will loath the need to decide. Regardless of that decision your opinion in the end won’t matter because they will transform you into a label of their choosing. An “example” is far easier to criticize and a label has no feelings to hurt.

Grandiose terms will be lauded upon you and their combined weight will still your writing hand. A shame to be silenced by the faceless, but when you are a powerblogger no one has a face. Everyone is after something, but what color coin will it be today? Theories and suggestions as to how one acquires similar status are given, mostly farfetched ideas and lies. The foolish think themselves smart when debating with other fools. All the while they stand in the rain and in turn they blame you… the powerblogger.


Letters wasted and with them a thought. Dead before given life due to Japanese technological betrayal. How sweet is the caress of your sword oh dear island afar. Where have you sent my inner feelings spiraling into the gigasphere. No funeral held nor eyes to morn the burial of a thought. Still your page will remain within till inspiration is once again caught.


Puddle of Dreams

I cry tears of pain and sorrow. They gather in a pool at my feet and cause my eyes to stare into the depths for answers. Small waves chop the surface as my eyes keep up a steady pattern of fallen dreams. Inside the pool I see my reflection. He speaks to me, rages at me, he is me. The image is a creation of my past and is a mixture of all the emotions I have given witness to over the years.

You sit there like an anchor, weighing me down so that my feet are immobile. You cause me to contemplate my regrets and amplify the pain from my failures. This goes on until I realize how small you really are. You are a puddle, not a lake or an ocean. You are not the Mississippi, the Amazon, or the Nile. You are a personal anchor and thus small, but because you bear my face you place greater weight upon my shoulders. I realize the only way to be rid of you is to simply step over you.

I step forward.