You aren’t anonymous on the internet

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Even new bloggers get trolls, but I for one liked the strong response. Welcome to WordPress! -OM
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Originally posted on The Inevitable Future:

After sharing my first post I’ve gotten some really great feedback from friends and family. I’d like to thank those of you that have been so supportive. It’s no secret that I’m shy and aren’t exceptionally comfortable with putting myself out there. This was a big step and I knew it would open up a can of worms to cyberbullying. Typically I’d just ignore it, but said user commented again after I didn’t respond and trash talked my boyfriend. While he’s more than capable of defending himself, he doesn’t blog and has no interest in the blogger sphere. As stated in a previous post, I will always stand up for the people I love. I’d hate to be a hypocrite like “LiarLiar14″ said. And yes this is ironic since I’m now using them as an example. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to show how to apply one of those…

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I have a request for all you Bloggers out there…

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Sending real letters is a lost art of courtesy. A very nice post. -OM
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Originally posted on postalpaperphile:


So my Nan, the woman who raised me had a huge operation today, a total Gastrectomy to remove the giant tumour that had been growing in her stomach for ages. Cancer is such a nasty thing, but the medical advances these days are truly amazing.

After a near 7 hours of surgery she is out and in the critical care unit, where she will stay for a week or so and then move to another ward for 1-2 months to start her recovery. She’s awake and doing well which is a  huge relief as in reality it is quite a scary operation with tons of risk. She hates hospitals with a passion! haha and now she has to stay in one for ages!

Well I was wondering if any of you nice people out there want to send her a get well card, a nice little note wishing her well…

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The Daily Opinion – Friendship

What type of boundaries do you create between friendships? Should there be lines between best friends? Is someone truly your “closest friend” if there are things you won’t say to them?

Why I Love Talking about Abortion

I am beginning to love the topic of abortion to be honest. Last year I posted a few articles and got some very strong responses back. Even from some people I considered “friends.” This year I have already posted several articles and I am growing fond of the topic. I lose more followers from writing on this subject than any other (even my articles on woman), but that won’t ever stop me from sharing my views.

I have had good and bad “discussions” about abortion with people on all sides of the fence. Some were even sitting on the fence while speaking to me. If a person says “I don’t think a fetus is a baby so abortion doesn’t bother me” I can accept that. It is the people that try to justify abortion to me or change my “mind” that piss me off. You can have your stance, you can blog about it on your blog, but when a comment comes on this blog with any of the reasons I consider ignorant I will normally respond aggressively back. It is a highly charged topic from both sides. however, telling me that it is a woman’s decision will REALLY piss me off. Since when did the life of a child become anything less than a human decision? When women can reproduce without the need of men, then it can be a personal decision. And guess what? Even then the governing bodies of this world, the same MEN AND WOMEN that rule us all, will still regulate what you do. Because it is called murder when you “get rid of something” you no longer want and it has a beating heart.

I really get tired of the rape, incest, and adolescent pregnancy excuse. That is such a small percentage and I have even stated that in matters of rape or incest I can “accept” that hard decisions are made and have even said I can “accept” that it happens if done before 12 weeks. Does that mean I agree with abortion being done casually and not only in cases of extreme emergency? No, I still don’t, but no one should have to live with a mistake. Be responsible at least in dealing with your irresponsibility and handle your business immediately! Why do I even have an opinion? Because we all get an opinion in this life, as is our right as humans. This is definitely directed to the ignorant comment “males should mind their own reproductive responsibilities.”

When I had my first child we didn’t have a ton of money and technically I was still young. I still wanted to have fun and we endured a couple years of financial struggle as we learned what being a parent was. As an adoptee I just want you all to know that using the excuse “we just didn’t have the money for a child” is wrong. Unless you are living in your car You are a liar and I hope you find sleeping hard at night. You can take these words to heart as well birth mother.

Why is it that we must sit here and argue about why it is “right” to kill a baby? When it is acceptable??? Doesn’t it strike anyone else as extremely crass and morbid? I reposted the yahoo article on fetuses being burned with medical waste for energy and I had several people point out I was ignoring the issue of abortion. The right to a proper burial has been a “big deal” to humans since man understood death… so the uproar over the bodies of aborted fetuses being used to fuel a hospital’s power really isn’t unwarranted. I also find these comments amusing because I don’t believe the commenters cared at all about abortion, they were simply trying to downplay the article for being about a frivolous matter. The joke really is on them, because the people that actually READ my website know I am against abortion. I have written about it far too much for there ever to be an unclear line.

Maybe this article will help.

-Opinionated Man

You Took Too Long To Reply To My Comment, I’m Unfollowing You

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You are doing fine and your numbers are growing fast! Impressive! Maybe I should get lessons from you… We all go through these stages. Sometimes in different order.-OM
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Originally posted on Don Charisma:

I seriously cannot believe the level of morons that I have to deal with … I’ve been processing up to 500 comments a day, I’m running a backlog now of around 60-70 … I’m replying to comments on the little orange box, and attacking the queue from the top and the bottom … I even posted about the fact I was struggling with it … Danny been helping me too !


I can’t even be bothered to copy and paste the comment, it’s somewhere on my about or home page, but reads essentially :

“You took too long to reply to my comment I’m unfollowing you”

To which I replied something like :

“Petty, but each to their own”

I mean come on, it’s probably been a couple of days. I’ve had people take a month or more to reply to comments I’ve left on…

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Killing Sunshine

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I really like this poem and I am a little jealous I didn’t think of the title… -OM
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Originally posted on Sparks of Insanity:

I want to take down the rising sun,
And fall, in league with the dark of night.
Grinning with a loaded gun,
I want to shoot something, I want to fight.

There’s no rhyme or reason, just the fun.
It doesn’t need to be “right”.
I want to see a ray of sunshine run,
Pistol grip in hand, held tight.

I want to show it the barrel of my gun,
And reveal the frailty of its might.
Can’t stop until it’s gone, dead, done,
I’m going to murder me some light.

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Binghamton Poetry Project

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These poems are all very good, but I liked “Moonlight” the best I think. -OM
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Originally posted on Top of JC's Mind:

In this post , I wrote about participating in The Binghamton Poetry Project and my first ever slam(ish) poem. This evening, we will have our poetry reading for all the different workshops, children, teens, and two adult groups, and the distribution of our anthology. Yay, publishing credit!

I have three poems in the anthology, but we will only read two poems apiece. I will first read “Moonlight,” because it is the poem that bought me to the Project in the first place.  Last April for National Poetry Month, our local public radio station WSKG had an edition of Bill Jaker’s book-themed show “Off the Page” devoted to local poets, one of whom was Nicole Santalucia, founder of The Binghamton Poetry Project. Nicole is a native of this area and had returned here to pursue a PhD at Binghamton University. She read some of her own poems and talked about starting…

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How You Fit Into My Prophetic Dream

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Someone cut it close! Thanks for taking part in the Dream Prompt! -OM
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Originally posted on A Holistic Journey:

I flew a lot in my dreams when I was a kid. It would start a bit slowly, sometimes where I rowed the air with my arms while swinging forward on a pillow to build momentum. Even now I could feel the exhilaration of taking off, sailing above land. This one particular dream was different, though. Vivid with a heaviness of meaning.

Up in the air was a booth with wide oblong belts for sale. Turns out each one had 666 stitched on. Everyone was required to buy and wear one. To refuse could mean death.

I refused.

I said it was because Jesus enabled me to fly that I wouldn’t dishonor Him. In the next moment, I found myself soaring higher than I thought possible. I perched atop a fence that scraped the sky and beheld the city below.

Fast-forward about a decade. I wished the fight between Mom…

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I am a Big Fat Liar

I came across a blogger writing about public speaking and how she had gone with her speech group to do some impromptu park appearance. I commented that I was impressed and I would be terrified doing anything of the sort. It reminds me of a time… A time when I was a big fat liar…

It was my sophomore year in college and we had to give a speech in a History course I was taking. I hate giving speeches. Something has always gone wrong and I have always been plagued with having to give them in school. I hate being the center of attention in large gatherings and nothing could be more torturous than being in front of a freaking classroom. So the day of the speech came and I took my paper, courage, and mini flask and went to class. Now I want to point out here that the few shots of whisky had before class had nothing to do with me forgetting my speech. I just completely blanked. You see I rarely went to this particular class (again I am lying, I rarely went to any class period) and so every face staring back at me looked far too… interested in me. I completely bombed. I think the speech went something like “The Romans were a people… in Italy. Only it wasn’t called Italy at the time… … Thank you!” And that about did it.

Afterwards, having spent the remainder of the class pretending I had invisible powers, I sheepishly approached the old professor. I explained to him that my English wasn’t very good and I may have been a little “glossy” over the details as to how long I had been in the country. I then offered to write any length of paper in exchange for the F I was about to get. I can’t be certain, but I may have stuttered and mispronounced a few words along the way. He agreed and I ended up getting a B+. I am a big fat liar. There, I feel so much better now.


Dream a little dream

Opinionated Man:

I don’t know about the flying naked part… but I am a little jealous of the Title. I like it. -OM
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Originally posted on Mindful Digressions:

What a relief to wake up and realize you don’t in fact have a performance of a Russian production of “Waiting for Godot” on Friday that you forgot about, hadn’t prepared for, and lost the script for.

This is a quote from something my son posted on his Facebook page. Sound at least somewhat familiar? Have you ever had a similar dream where you’re totally unprepared for something…a test, a performance, a deliverable of some sort?

It’s not uncommon for many of us to have dreams like this. In fact, it’s probably one of the more common dream themes, and for many of us, myself included, it comes in the form of a recurring dream.

Recurring dreams are those that we experience repeatedly over a long period. Some sources say that up to 70% of females and 65% of males experience recurring dreams. Generally, there is little variation…

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Waves And Skyscrapers

Opinionated Man:

If I saw that wave coming I would grab an umbrella. -OM
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Originally posted on Adam's Blog:

I have a recurring dream, which started as a nightmare, but as I became more and more familiar with it, it became a welcome part of my sleeping life. As each moment replays itself in my mind’s eye, I become more and more accepting of its harsh nature. In this dream, waves larger than skyscrapers rush themselves past the shore, and absorb the skyline in one fell swoop. The crushing wave slowly makes its way towards me, and I have no hope to escape its path of destruction. The first time I had the dream, I was overcome with terror, but each time I am revisited by this specter of a vision, I become less and less frightened. Now I am peaceful and calm. The wave comes closer, closer still. I am sprayed with ice cold mist as it draws even closer. Just as it’s about to absorb me, I…

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Blogger Beat-Down #22

Opinionated Man:

I like the way the posts are put together. It really makes it entertaining reading! -OM
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Originally posted on Thee Incendiary Witchboard:

Property of Thee Incendiary Witchboard

Property of Thee Incendiary Witchboard


You might have noticed that we’ve been on and on about writing. That’s for two reasons. The first is because we’re adding these post to our blog slowly, to make sure they don’t need to be fixed and we need them as reminders to motivate us to write more. While we’re doing that, we’ve fixed some stuff on the site and added other menus and categories. We’ll be updating the about page soon too, until we’re happy with it. Happier

Easter Sunday was pretty rude over the weekend. It made it’s way into my apartment and stayed for a while, in the form of movies and reports about events. We like to milk topics for all they’re worth but that was ridiculous and it just didn’t stop! That’s what it did! That’s all it does! It’s just as shocking as watching something play with…

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I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night.

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Thanks for taking the time to share your dream post and take part in the prompt! -OM
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Originally posted on Pop For the Unpopular:

So it’s another radio nightmare…sort of. I was trying to deejay a show with one of my old radio cohorts, my friend Abbi who calls me “Punk Rock Mom.” Apparently I had been away from doing radio for some time and I didn’t know that they had changed everything in the studio. The music was being programmed in the same manner as the HAL 9000 computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Anyway, when we started playing music, all it was was ducks quacking. Abbi assured me that was what everyone wanted to hear. I attributed this to the fact that there was a mallard couple sitting in our little man-made backyard pond yesterday – just sitting there like they were ready to start a nest. I should’ve taken a photo. Not sure if Mr. and Mrs. M knew that there are two dogs on the premises weighing 76 and 96 pounds…

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Daily Prompt: A Dream of Many Lives

Opinionated Man:

Thanks for taking part and for sharing a dream! -OM
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Originally posted on HemmingPlay:


“The only things that matter in this life are effort and simplicity,” the monk told me, sitting on an ancient stone wall made of massive, moss-covered rocks.

At least, it seemed to be me, but something was very different.

I was different. A completely different me, but still me. The funny thing was, I didn’t seem to care.

I was eating the only meal I’d had that day. There was a deep pool of clear water beside the wall. I could see to the bottom, where there were two tools someone had lost, or discarded. I reached down with water up to my shoulder and retrieved one and laid it dripping on the flat top of the wall. That’s when he came to sit beside me.

I was exhausted but exhilarated at the same time. I don’t know what I was eating, but it was hot and good. I…

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I know things…

Hey! I know things. I don’t only have opinions. I didn’t attend the Intergalactic Academy of Women for nothing and it is very hard to go there! Elvis and Tupac are there now!

Pfff… tell me I don’t know things. I know stuff. Did you know that a black widow will kill a brown recluse if you put them in a jar together? I know because we did it as kids. Did you know that if you take three right turns you will always end up in the right place?

I would like you all to know that everything I write about on this website is highly researched through sample surveys of an internal methodology. It is very scientific… you wouldn’t get it.

Note: In terms of my articles on women I feel I am serving humanity.


The Daily Opinion – Dreams

Care to share the most interesting dream you remember? If you write a post and send me the link I will reblog it. Please have it in before Sunday evening thanks!


Hypocritical Me

Hypocritical Me, Hypocritical You. Hypocritical them over there… and definitely that one right there.

Who is not hypocritical at least once a day in some fashion.

I am amused each time someone calls me this.

Hypocritical? Yes, of course. I am human. Who is not?

Beep, beep made in China robot. Me spam you.

Beep, beep professional journalist with team of editors. (You can’t write that because of the May 15, 2001 post Bob).

Beep, beep the person that cares.

I don’t care if it happens because that is life. You believe one thing one day and something totally different the next. You hate whiners and yet you win a gold medal in whining each year at the Whine Olympics. It is what we do as people. So yea… calling me a hypocrite… ok. I am one. Got a new one?


New Personal Policy

I am now going to block bloggers that do nothing more than try to bait me. You know who you are. The people that write post after post with my name in it hoping to get my attention so you can then scream about what a bully I am, you people that do this are pathetic. Can’t create your own audience so you instead try to take mine by showing me to be some kind of Sith Lord.

It never ceases to amaze me how many babies are on Don’t you kids have to get permission from your parents before making a blog? I swear…

Note: I will now block bloggers, facebook pages, and twitter accounts of those sad individuals that have made it their blogging goal to goad me into fights.


Christina Grimmie

I really like Christina and have watched her videos for a long time now. I also think it is awesome when Youtube artists set their “reputation” on the line and go on TV show contests like she did. It shows a fearlessness that is to be respected because it is easy to stick in your comfort zone and not venture out. I have not been keeping up with this season of The Voice, but I wish you the best Christina! I am a fan!


Would I shoot the sun?

Would I shoot the sun if I knew it would doom the world? Could such a drastic decision be made by this hand?

I close my eyes and raise the hand that holds death. My grip is sure as I caress the trigger with my need for action. The speeding bullet from the chamber is sent with my best wishes. I hope that it will matter in the end.

Do we ignore the moment in fear of offending the easily offended? Or do we live the day for ourselves and allow the world that same courtesy.

I really like Eminem’s music video “When I’m gone.” It reflects my current struggles with social media, this blog, and the balance of conflict with my home life. I understand Eminem’s words when talks of his struggle with trying to succeed for his family and what that personal sacrifice sometimes brings. Perhaps finding that “median” is a continuous battle.