You aren’t anonymous on the internet

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Even new bloggers get trolls, but I for one liked the strong response. Welcome to WordPress! -OM
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After sharing my first post I’ve gotten some really great feedback from friends and family. I’d like to thank those of you that have been so supportive. It’s no secret that I’m shy and aren’t exceptionally comfortable with putting myself out there. This was a big step and I knew it would open up a can of worms to cyberbullying. Typically I’d just ignore it, but said user commented again after I didn’t respond and trash talked my boyfriend. While he’s more than capable of defending himself, he doesn’t blog and has no interest in the blogger sphere. As stated in a previous post, I will always stand up for the people I love. I’d hate to be a hypocrite like “LiarLiar14″ said. And yes this is ironic since I’m now using them as an example. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to show how to apply one of those…

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I have a request for all you Bloggers out there…

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Sending real letters is a lost art of courtesy. A very nice post. -OM
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So my Nan, the woman who raised me had a huge operation today, a total Gastrectomy to remove the giant tumour that had been growing in her stomach for ages. Cancer is such a nasty thing, but the medical advances these days are truly amazing.

After a near 7 hours of surgery she is out and in the critical care unit, where she will stay for a week or so and then move to another ward for 1-2 months to start her recovery. She’s awake and doing well which is a  huge relief as in reality it is quite a scary operation with tons of risk. She hates hospitals with a passion! haha and now she has to stay in one for ages!

Well I was wondering if any of you nice people out there want to send her a get well card, a nice little note wishing her well…

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The Daily Opinion – Friendship

What type of boundaries do you create between friendships? Should there be lines between best friends? Is someone truly your “closest friend” if there are things you won’t say to them?

You Took Too Long To Reply To My Comment, I’m Unfollowing You

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You are doing fine and your numbers are growing fast! Impressive! Maybe I should get lessons from you… We all go through these stages. Sometimes in different order.-OM
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I seriously cannot believe the level of morons that I have to deal with … I’ve been processing up to 500 comments a day, I’m running a backlog now of around 60-70 … I’m replying to comments on the little orange box, and attacking the queue from the top and the bottom … I even posted about the fact I was struggling with it … Danny been helping me too !


I can’t even be bothered to copy and paste the comment, it’s somewhere on my about or home page, but reads essentially :

“You took too long to reply to my comment I’m unfollowing you”

To which I replied something like :

“Petty, but each to their own”

I mean come on, it’s probably been a couple of days. I’ve had people take a month or more to reply to comments I’ve left on…

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