29 thoughts on “Prayers for Flight 370

  1. Check out ‘plead the blood of Jesus’ on google or other search. When you need God’s grace, mercy and intervention sooo much…understand? The songs, esp old hymns about the power of His blood aren’t kidding! God bless you.


    • It IS weird so it frightens us, makes us unsure. That said, God knows where this plane, its’ passengers and crew are. Because He is omniscient and so much more, it is not a mystery to Him. He knows all things and is in control. Lord, I thank you for hearing our prayers for the families and friends as well as those with this aircraft. Lord, we trust you to use this situation for Your glory and for the good of all. That’s really hard for us to understand, especially when things don’t have a ‘happy’ ending. Help us to trust and continue to pray. Lord, I pray for an answer for those who wait. I plead the blood of Christ over all those involved and ask you to comfort them. Help us to be faithful and wait on You Lord. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen


    • Hi OM….
      so…. a religious studies major – now that is very interesting! A while ago we were at dinner at that was our waiter’s major – and he was so interesting…. which matched an interesting major….


  2. Was traveling internationally when this story broke, was hard to not think about it as I boarded the plane home at Malpensa. The odds of something bad happening don’t justify staying home and not experiencing life to the fullest, but it’s something that’s on the wary travelers mind.


    • Sometimes-often- in a crises things don’t look good. This situation plays over and over in my mind and heart. As someone else said, keep seeing reports, but appears to be all theory right now. We do serve the one true God who is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent! Praise Him! Lord we know YOU KNOW where there are and all that is happening. I pray You will stay close to them and comfort them, their families and friends. Father, I pray Your perfect will and justice be done, nothing less, nothing more. In the name of Jesus Christ we pray Lord. Amen. TGBG


    • I know you mean calmgirl06- and I feel that way too -and I also REALLY enjoyed the prayer by Cw (PTL)

      – but was wondering why Cw does not have an active link??? quite anon!!


    • Today my husband and I received answers to two prayers for different requests. Joyful and helpful to remember it’s taken a while to receive those answers. My heart grieves for those on Flt 370 and those waiting for answers. Father God, You are faithful. We thank you knowing You do have answers and will work all things out for the good of those who love you and are called according to your purpose! Lord, I pray peace for those with the plane and their loved ones. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen


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